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Rawhide is an American Western TV series which ran from January 9, 1959 until December 7, 1965, with a total of 217 episodes across 8 seasons. It aired on CBS network in black-and-white and starred Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood.

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
122January 9, 1959 (1959-01-09)June 26, 1959 (1959-06-26)
232September 18, 1959 (1959-09-18)June 17, 1960 (1960-06-17)
330September 30, 1960 (1960-09-30)June 16, 1961 (1961-06-16)
430September 29, 1961 (1961-09-29)May 18, 1962 (1962-05-18)
529September 28, 1962 (1962-09-28)May 24, 1963 (1963-05-24)
631September 26, 1963 (1963-09-26)May 14, 1964 (1964-05-14)
730September 25, 1964 (1964-09-25)May 21, 1965 (1965-05-21)
813September 14, 1965 (1965-09-14)December 7, 1965 (1965-12-07)

Episode list[edit]

Season 1 (1959)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
11"Incident of the Tumbleweed"Richard WhorfCurtis Kenyon (story), Fred Freiberger (teleplay)January 9, 1959 (1959-01-09)
Gil and Rowdy volunteer to finish the delivery of a prison wagon containing seven dangerous prisoners to Fort Craig for trial.
22"Incident at Alabaster Plain"Richard WhorfDavid SwiftJanuary 16, 1959 (1959-01-16)
Rowdy finds a close friend from the army is getting married, but a visit from the bride's stepbrother causes complications.
33"Incident with an Executioner"Charles Marquis WarrenJames EdmistonJanuary 23, 1959 (1959-01-23)
The drovers rescue several passengers from a stagecoach that overturns and discover that a gunman known as "The Executioner" is following them with unknown intentions.
44"Incident of the Widowed Dove"Ted PostDavid LangJanuary 30, 1959 (1959-01-30)
While partying in a small town, Rowdy attempts to help a woman with a dangerous husband – the town marshal.
55"Incident on the Edge of Madness"Andrew V. McLaglenHerbert Little Jr., David VictorFebruary 6, 1959 (1959-02-06)
The drovers are approached by a Colonel looking for men to join his Confederacy of Panama. Gil must act to prevent losing his cowhands.
66"Incident of the Power and the Plow"Andrew V. McLaglenFred FreibergerFebruary 13, 1959 (1959-02-13)
Gil enters into a dispute between a landowner and Comanche settlers – on the side of the Comanches.
77"Incident at Barker Springs"Charles Marquis WarrenLes CrutchfieldFebruary 20, 1959 (1959-02-20)
Gil takes on two brothers as cowhands – a retired gunfighter and his masked kid brother who is determined to follow in his footsteps which leads to trouble in the small town of Barker Springs whose residents live in fear of a local rancher who dominates by killing those who oppose him.
88"Incident West of Lano"Charles Marquis WarrenBuckley AngellFebruary 27, 1959 (1959-02-27)
Gil and Rowdy help four stranded women with a broken wagon, allowing them to accompany the trail herd to the next town. On the way, they reach a river crossing and enter into a dispute over who will cross first with some traders approaching from the other side.
99"Incident of the Town in Terror"Ted PostOliver CrawfordMarch 6, 1959 (1959-03-06)
A suspected case of anthrax affects the trail herd, including Rowdy, preventing Gil from advancing the herd past a town where the residents fear being infected by the killer disease.
1010"Incident of the Golden Calf"Jesse HibbsEndre BohemMarch 13, 1959 (1959-03-13)
Gil takes on a wandering preacher who has been run out of a town following a gold strike. Several cowhands become anxious to learn the name of the town.
1111"Incident of the Coyote Weed"Jesse HibbsDavid LangMarch 20, 1959 (1959-03-20)
The trail herd comes under threat after a dead man is found hanging from a tree branded with a Mexican bandit's initial.
1212"Incident of the Chubasco"Buzz KulikAl C. WardApril 3, 1959 (1959-04-03)
Gil recruits some extra hands to help drive the herd across a difficult plateau only to discover that one of the new men is hiding another man's wife in his wagon. Soon her husband shows up, with 40 men, intent on reclaiming her at any cost.
1313"Incident of the Curious Street"Ted PostN.B. Stone Jr. (story/teleplay), Earl Baldwin (teleplay)April 10, 1959 (1959-04-10)
Gil and Rowdy wander into a deserted mining town only to find a pair of female stagecoach passengers being held hostage by two men.
1414"Incident of the Dog Days"George ShermanSamuel A. PeeplesApril 17, 1959 (1959-04-17)
Gil is determined to drive the trail across a wide stretch of dry plains, leading to low morale and heightened tensions between the cowhands.
1515"Incident of the Calico Gun"Jesse HibbsWinston MillerApril 24, 1959 (1959-04-24)
Gil allows a young lady to travel with the drive after the apparent loss of her family, unaware that she is part of an outlaw outfit preparing to steal the next payroll when it is delivered to the drovers.
1616"Incident of the Misplaced Indians"Jesse HibbsDavid Victor, Herbert Little Jr.May 1, 1959 (1959-05-01)
Rowdy discovers a house with two dead Delaware Indians lying outside showing no obvious signs of how they died. Indoors, a woman appears to be in shock and unable to speak, so Gil arranges to escort her to a nearby fort.
1717"Incident of Fear in the Streets"Andrew V. McLaglenFred FreibergerMay 8, 1959 (1959-05-08)
Gil and Rowdy ride into a town looking for a doctor after scout, Pete, is injured. They quickly discover that the town's citizens are being held hostage by a father seeking to hang those responsible for lynching his son.
1818"Incident Below the Brazos"Jack ArnoldHerbert PurdomMay 15, 1959 (1959-05-15)
The trail herd's horses break free and stampede during a lightning storm, killing a farmer. His death prompts a range war between the drovers and local farmers set out to exact revenge.
1919"Incident of the Dry Drive"Andrew V. McLaglenJohn DunkelMay 22, 1959 (1959-05-22)
A disgruntled old rancher and ex-trail boss refuses to let Gil water his thirsty cattle on his land, knowing they will die of thirst before they reach a suitable source of water to supply the full herd.
2020"Incident of the Judas Trap"Jesse HibbsDavid LangJune 5, 1959 (1959-06-05)
When wolves start attacking the herd Gil needs the help of an unpleasant wolfer.
2121"Incident in No Man's Land"Jack ArnoldLawrence L. Goldman (story), Buckley Angell (teleplay)June 12, 1959 (1959-06-12)
When explosions start unsettling the herd, Gil and Rowdy investigate the source. They soon discover a quarry being worked by chain gangs.
2222"Incident of a Burst of Evil"George ShermanBuckley AngellJune 26, 1959 (1959-06-26)
After finding a wild-looking man following the cattle drive, the drovers learn that a band of Comancheros plan on attacking the herd.

Season 2 (1959–60)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
231"Incident of the Day of the Dead"Stuart HeislerDavid Victor, Herbert Little Jr.September 18, 1959 (1959-09-18)
Rowdy is brought to a family with troubles to break a dangerous horse.
242"Incident of the Roman Candles"Stuart HeislerJan WintersSeptember 25, 1959 (1959-09-25)
The drovers find a young boy firing fireworks in the middle of the prairie claiming to be on his way to an uncle after his parents were killed by Indians.
253"Incident at Dangerfield Dip"Robert D. WebbHerbert Purdom (story), Fred Freiberger (teleplay)October 2, 1959 (1959-10-02)
The drovers find a baby boy on the prairie shortly after a gun-shot woman runs into their camp and dies. Further on up the trail Gil picks up a small herd of seemingly abandoned cattle, unwittingly affecting his own herd with tick-borne "Spanish Fever". They need dipping urgently or will die.
264"Incident of the Shambling Man"Andrew V. McLaglenCharles Larson (story/teleplay), Fred Freiberger (teleplay)October 9, 1959 (1959-10-09)
The drovers run across an elderly man who experiences flashbacks to his days as a boxer making him uncontrollably violent.
275"Incident at Jacob's Well"Jack ArnoldRobert ShermanOctober 16, 1959 (1959-10-16)
The drovers come across a small farming settlement suffering from a severe water shortage.
286"Incident of the 13th Man"Jesse HibbsEndre Bohem (story), Fred Freiberger (teleplay)October 23, 1959 (1959-10-23)
Rowdy and Wishbone are pressured into jury duty while looking for a dentist in a town.
297"Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse"Stuart HeislerJoseph Vogel (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)October 30, 1959 (1959-10-30)
When a prairie fire threatens the herd the drovers look for a river to cross for safety. Gil's search takes him to a smokehouse where he learns the army is hunting for outlaws.
308"Incident of the Haunted Hills"Jesse HibbsOliver Crawford (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)November 6, 1959 (1959-11-06)
The herd is desperately in need of water. Gil is forced to seek out a lake in the "Haunted Hills" which are known to be the home to the Paneequa tribe, a group of Indians who despise the white man.
319"Incident of the Stalking Death"Harmon JonesLouis Vittes (story/teleplay), Oliver Crawford (story)November 13, 1959 (1959-11-13)
The drovers hunt a puma which threatens the herd but is also known to kill people.
3210"Incident of the Valley in Shadow"Harmon JonesBuckley AngellNovember 20, 1959 (1959-11-20)
After being wounded by an arrow, Gil is taken to a Cheyenne camp to recover.
3311"Incident of the Blue Fire"Charles Marquis WarrenJohn DunkelDecember 11, 1959 (1959-12-11)
Lightning storms threaten to drive the herd into a massive stampede. As Gil fights to keep the herd calm, tensions mount between the drovers.
3412"Incident at Spanish Rock"Harmon JonesClair Huffaker (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)December 18, 1959 (1959-12-18)
Men representing President Diaz of Mexico want to take one of Gil's men, the son of their biggest enemy, into custody.
3513"Incident of the Druid Curse"Jesse HibbsAlva Hudson (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)January 8, 1960 (1960-01-08)
The drovers meet a father and daughter searching the Texan prairie for signs that a druid civilization once lived there.
3614"Incident at Red River Station"Gene Fowler Jr.Charles LarsonJanuary 15, 1960 (1960-01-15)
After finding a dead man, Gil and Rowdy go in search of a doctor, fearing they may have caught smallpox.
3715"Incident of the Devil and His Due"Harmon JonesSamuel Newman, Louis VittesJanuary 22, 1960 (1960-01-22)
Accused of a murder, Gil aims to prove his innocence.
3816"Incident of the Wanted Painter"Harmon JonesCharles LarsonJanuary 29, 1960 (1960-01-29)
When a painter is found wounded on the prairie, a painting of a town called Lampton where a man is due to be hanged becomes a much wanted item.
3917"Incident of the Tinker's Dam"Gene Fowler Jr.Jan WintersFebruary 5, 1960 (1960-02-05)
Wishbone's brother, T.J., comes to the drover's camp, but he is being pursued by Indians.
4018"Incident of the Night Horse"Joseph KaneJohn DunkelFebruary 19, 1960 (1960-02-19)
An old acquaintance demands Gil's help to capture a mustang before the herd will be allowed through a pass.
4119"Incident of the Sharpshooter"Jesse HibbsWinston MillerFebruary 26, 1960 (1960-02-26)
An escaped outlaw assumes a new identity as a lawyer shortly before meeting the drovers.
4220"Incident of the Dust Flower"Ted PostWinston MillerMarch 4, 1960 (1960-03-04)
The drovers meet an old Irishman and his middle-aged daughter. Her desire to find a husband soon becomes obvious.
4321"Incident at Sulphur Creek"Harmon JonesSloan Nibley (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)March 11, 1960 (1960-03-11)
After Comanche Indians search the drover camp for stolen horses the drover's horses also go missing.
4422"Incident of the Champagne Bottles"Joseph KaneCurtis Kenyon (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)March 18, 1960 (1960-03-18)
The drovers meet some travellers with a wagon load of fragile cargo.
4523"Incident of the Stargazer"Harmon JonesJan Winters (story), Ted Gardner (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)April 1, 1960 (1960-04-01)
Trail scout, Pete, escorts a woman home where she believes the man claiming to be her husband is an imposter.
4624"Incident of the Dancing Death"William F. ClaxtonDallas Gaultois (story), James Edmiston (story), Buckley Angell (teleplay)April 8, 1960 (1960-04-08)
The drovers experience trouble when gypsies visit their camp.
4725"Incident of the Arana Sacar"Joseph KaneCharles Marquis Warren (story), Buckley Angell (teleplay)April 22, 1960 (1960-04-22)
After weeks of droving without a break tensions are high. A man comes into camp offering whiskey at a local trade store.
4826"Incident of the Deserter"Gerd OswaldBuckley Angell (story), Jessica Benson (story), Louis Vittes (story/teleplay)April 29, 1960 (1960-04-29)
Suffering with a bad back, Wishbone arrives in a mining town to recuperate. There he finds reasons to consider leaving the trail drive and settle down for good.
4927"Incident of the 100 Amulets"Stuart HeislerLawrence Menkin (story), Fred Freiberger (story/teleplay), Louis Vittes (teleplay)May 6, 1960 (1960-05-06)
Hey Soos, trail wrangler, goes to visit his mother, only to receive a violent reception and claims that his mother is a witch who has cursed the town.
5028"Incident of the Murder Steer"Joseph KaneJohn DunkelMay 13, 1960 (1960-05-13)
When a cowhand shows up dead near a steer branded "murder", recruited from a town where three men have also been killed, the drovers begin to worry.
5129"Incident of the Music Maker"R.G. SpringsteenHendrik Vollaerts (story), Charles Larson (teleplay)May 20, 1960 (1960-05-20)
After helping a Swissman skilled at repairing things, Gil falls ill with fever.
5230"Incident of the Silent Web"Joseph KaneWinston Miller, Charles B. SmithJune 3, 1960 (1960-06-03)
Two convicts on the run, two murders on the prairie, and a young girl who is unable to speak lead the drovers into a confusing set of events.
5331"Incident of the Last Chance"Ted PostWinston MillerJune 10, 1960 (1960-06-10)
A young couple join the trail drovers after their wagon is struck by lightning.
5432"Incident in the Garden of Eden"Joseph KaneIrwin Gielgud (story), Louis Vittes (story/teleplay)June 17, 1960 (1960-06-17)
Rowdy attempts to buy 150 head of cattle from an English family to top up the trail herd, but the transaction proves to be less than ideal.

Season 3 (1960–61)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
551"Incident at Rojo Canyon"Ted PostBudd Bankson, Steve RainesSeptember 30, 1960 (1960-09-30)
A group of Confederate soldiers, unaware that the civil war has ended, prepare to stop the trail herd advancing through territory it was ordered to hold.
562"Incident of the Challenge"Charles Marquis WarrenCharles Marquis Warren (story), Charles Larson (teleplay)October 14, 1960 (1960-10-14)
Six days without water, Gil is in desperate need of water for the herd, while a Mexican friend tries to fulfil a prophecy.
573"Incident at Dragoon Crossing"Ted PostJohn DunkelOctober 21, 1960 (1960-10-21)
Gil is determined to move the herd through rough terrain but becomes feverish. He places another trail boss in charge during his absence.
584"Incident of the Night Visitor"R.G. SpringsteenJohn DunkelNovember 4, 1960 (1960-11-04)
A young boy sneaks into camp one night in search of his father that he knows has the initials "G.F.".
595"Incident of the Slavemaster"Ted PostClayton Fox (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)November 11, 1960 (1960-11-11)
When the drovers learn that a plantation owner is using prisoner Union soldiers from the war as slaves a rescue plan is required.
606"Incident on the Road to Yesterday"R.G. SpringsteenJan Winters, Winston MillerNovember 18, 1960 (1960-11-18)
An ex-outlaw trying to repay those he robbed 10 years ago returns to his home town to turn himself into the law only to find he is accused of murder.
617"Incident at Superstition Prairie"Stuart HeislerWilton SchillerDecember 2, 1960 (1960-12-02)
Wishbone helps an old Comanche Indian who has been left to die in a cave, violating the customs of his tribe.
628"Incident at Poco Tiempo"Ted PostBuckley AngellDecember 9, 1960 (1960-12-09)
Rowdy and Quince travel with two nuns secretly carrying money robbed from a bank by outlaws holding their priest hostage.
639"Incident of the Captive"Stuart HeislerTed GardnerDecember 16, 1960 (1960-12-16)
When Mushy's mother arrives intent on taking her son back home the drovers plan a way that will allow him to stay.
6410"Incident of the Buffalo Soldier"Ted PostJohn DunkelJanuary 6, 1961 (1961-01-06)
Rowdy helps track a fugitive cavalryman after he kills another soldier during a brawl.
6511"Incident of the Broken Word"R.G. SpringsteenLouis VittesJanuary 20, 1961 (1961-01-20)
Gil grows suspicious of a rancher he is buying cattle from after one of his drovers is accused of murder.
6612"Incident at the Top of the World"Ted PostPeggy Shaw (story/teleplay), Lou Shaw (story/teleplay), Louis Vittes (teleplay)January 27, 1961 (1961-01-27)
As the trail herd races fast to stay ahead of a Texas Norther, Gil recruits a convalescent civil war veteran as a drover though not without risks.
6713"Incident Near the Promised Land"Ted PostWilton Schiller (story), John Dunkel (teleplay)February 3, 1961 (1961-02-03)
The trail herd arrives at Sedalia, but an economic crisis has made the value of beef worthless.
6814"Incident of the Big Blowout"George TempletonJohn DunkelFebruary 10, 1961 (1961-02-10)
At the end of the trail, the drovers head into Sedalia to celebrate.
6915"Incident of the Fish out of Water"Ted PostAlbert AleyFebruary 17, 1961 (1961-02-17)
Gil travels home to Philadelphia to visit his daughters who are under the care of this sister.
7016"Incident on the Road Back"George TempletonLouis VittesFebruary 24, 1961 (1961-02-24)
On the way back to Texas to pay cattle owners, Gil is accused of stealing a horse.
7117"Incident of the New Start"Jus AddissEndre Bohem (story), Charles Larson (teleplay)March 10, 1961 (1961-03-10)
After accepting a new herd to drive, Gil is forced to assume the role of ramrod when a cattle owner insists of being trail boss.
7218"Incident of the Running Iron"Harmon JonesJohn Dunkel1960 (1960)
When Quince is accused of rebranding cattle and sentenced to hang, Gil must investigate to uncover the true rustlers.
7319"Incident Near Gloomy River"R.G. SpringsteenJohn DunkelMarch 17, 1961 (1961-03-17)
When a water hole is found dried up, a drover finds his nearby home burned down and the creek dammed by a neighbouring rancher.
7420"Incident of the Boomerang"Allen ReisnerMichael Pate (story), Charles Larson (teleplay)March 24, 1961 (1961-03-24)
The drovers team up with a small herd drive headed for Australia as they move through Comanche territory.
7521"Incident of His Brother's Keeper"Ted PostBuckley AngellMarch 31, 1961 (1961-03-31)
While waiting for a telegraph, Nolan is asked to escort a crippled man's wife to a dance where things become complicated.
7622"Incident in the Middle of Nowhere"R.G. SpringsteenLouis Vittes (story/teleplay), Howard Rigsby (story)April 7, 1961 (1961-04-07)
Gil and Rowdy go in search of water and a route for the herd to take through some mountains, but they are warned off by some Indians.
7723"Incident of the Phantom Bugler"George TempletonLouis Vittes (story/teleplay), Buckley Angell (story)April 14, 1961 (1961-04-14)
When a Judge and his son-in-law demand a toll for the herd to cross a river, Gil discovers a set of family conflicts.
7824"Incident of the Lost Idol"Ted PostAlbert AleyApril 28, 1961 (1961-04-28)
The drovers meet a brother and sister with a sick mother, but soon learn their father is a fugitive with a price on his head.
7925"Incident of the Running Man"Jus AddissDavid LangMay 5, 1961 (1961-05-05)
Rowdy goes on the run accused of killing three deputies after learning of a plot that outlaws plan to attack a fort and take over the territory.
8026"Incident of the Painted Lady"Harmon JonesJohn DunkelMay 12, 1961 (1961-05-12)
Gil goes in search of a trail boss who stole $15,000 from some Missouri ranchers who are demanding repayment of the debt from his herd.
8127"Incident Before Black Pass"Ted PostArthur Rowe (story/teleplay), Don Moore (story/teleplay), Louis Vittes (teleplay)May 19, 1961 (1961-05-19)
Rowdy and Nolan are held hostage by Kiowa Indians. For their return the drovers must conceal a fugitive chief from the cavalry.
8228"Incident of the Blackstorms"R.G. SpringsteenSheb Wooley (story), Tony Habeeb (story), Jan Winters (teleplay)May 26, 1961 (1961-05-26)
Nolan and Mushy are drawn into helping an outlaw see his son and reclaim his former life.
8329"Incident of the Night on the Town"Anton LeaderChris Miller (story), Eric Fleming (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)May 2, 1961 (1961-05-02)
Gil receives a lawsuit, accused of herding 750 cattle which were stolen by the rancher he drives them for.
8430"Incident of the Wager on Payday"R.G. SpringsteenLouis VittesMay 16, 1961 (1961-05-16)
Rowdy goes after two outlaws who steal the cashbox from the drover's chuck wagon, but with no other witnesses he appears to be the thief.

Season 4 (1961–62)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
851"Rio Salado"Ted PostJohn DunkelSeptember 29, 1961 (1961-09-29)
Rowdy Yates' father seeks his son's help to kill a Mexican bandit.
862"The Sendoff"George B. TempletonJohn DunkelOctober 2, 1961 (1961-10-02)
873"The Long Shakedown"Justus AddissAlbert AleyOctober 13, 1961 (1961-10-13)
884"Judgement at Hondo Seco"Perry LaffertyJohn Dunkel (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)October 20, 1961 (1961-10-20)
895"The Lost Tribe"George B. TempletonJohn DunkelOctober 27, 1961 (1961-10-27)
906"The Inside Man"George B. TempletonAlbert AleyNovember 3, 1961 (1961-11-03)
917"The Black Sheep"Tony LeaderJack Curtis (story), Charles Larson (teleplay)November 10, 1961 (1961-11-10)
928"The Prairie Elephant"Robert L. FriendWalter Wagner (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)October 16, 1961 (1961-10-16)
939"The Little Fishes"Justus AddissCharles LarsonOctober 24, 1961 (1961-10-24)
9410"The Blue Spy"Sobey MartinWarren Douglas (story), Tom Seller (teleplay)December 8, 1961 (1961-12-08)
9511"The Gentleman's Gentleman"Sobey MartinJ.E. SelbyDecember 15, 1961 (1961-12-15)
9612"Twenty-Five Santa Clauses"Robert L. FriendCharles LarsonDecember 22, 1961 (1961-12-22)
9713"The Long Court"Jesse HibbsAlbert AleyJanuary 5, 1962 (1962-01-05)
9814"The Captain's Wife"Tay GarnettJohn DunkelJanuary 12, 1962 (1962-01-12)
9915"The Peddler"Laslo BenedekCharles LarsonJanuary 19, 1962 (1962-01-19)
10016"The Woman Trap"George B. TempletonBuckley AngellJanuary 26, 1962 (1962-01-26)
10117"The Boss's Daughter"Sobey MartinAlbert AleyFebruary 2, 1962 (1962-02-02)
10218"The Deserter's Patrol"Andrew V. McLaglenLouis VittesFebruary 9, 1962 (1962-02-09)
10319"The Greedy Town"Murray GoldenLew Lantz (story), Tom Seller (teleplay)February 16, 1962 (1962-02-16)
10420"Grandma's Money"Sobey MartinSonia Chernus (story), J.E. Selby (teleplay)February 23, 1962 (1962-02-23)
10521"The Pitchwagon"Sobey MartinWilton Schiller (story/teleplay), Lou Morheim (teleplay)March 2, 1962 (1962-03-02)
10622"The Hostage Child"Harmon JonesBronson HowitzerMarch 9, 1962 (1962-03-09)
10723"The Immigrants"Tay GarnettElliott ArnoldMarch 16, 1962 (1962-03-16)
10824"The Child-Woman"Murray GoldenCarey Wilbur (story), Elliott Arnold (teleplay)March 23, 1962 (1962-03-23)
10925"A Woman's Place"Justus AddissEric Fleming, Chris MillerMarch 30, 1962 (1962-03-30)
11026"Reunion"Sobey MartinElliott ArnoldApril 6, 1962 (1962-04-06)
11127"House of the Hunter"Tay GarnettLouis VittesApril 20, 1962 (1962-04-20)
11228"Gold Fever"James P. YarbroughSid Harris (story), J.E. Selby (teleplay)May 4, 1962 (1962-05-04)
11329"The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"George B. TempletonEndre Bohem (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)May 11, 1962 (1962-05-11)
11430"Abilene"Tony LeaderCharles Larson (story/teleplay), Elliot Arnold (teleplay)May 18, 1962 (1962-05-18)

Season 5 (1962–63)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1151"Incident of the Hunter"Thomas CarrD.D. BeauchampSeptember 28, 1962 (1962-09-28)
1162"Incident of the Portrait"Ted PostWilliam Blinn, Michael GleasonOctober 5, 1962 (1962-10-05)
1173"Incident at Cactus Wells"Christian NybyAlbert AleyOctober 12, 1962 (1962-10-12)
1184"Incident of the Prodigal Son"Christian NybyRichard FielderOctober 19, 1962 (1962-10-19)
1195"Incident of the Four Horsemen"Thomas CarrCharles LarsonOctober 26, 1962 (1962-10-26)
1206"Incident of the Lost Woman"Thomas CarrWard HawkinsNovember 2, 1962 (1962-11-02)
1217"Incident of the Dogfaces"Don McDougallGene L. CoonNovember 9, 1962 (1962-11-09)
1228"Incident of the Wolvers"Thomas CassWilliam L. StuartNovember 16, 1962 (1962-11-16)
1239"Incident at Sugar Creek"Christian NybyFred FreibergerNovember 23, 1962 (1962-11-23)
12410"Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom"Don McDougallTom Seller (story), William Driskill (story), Winston Miller (teleplay)November 30, 1962 (1962-11-30)
12511"Incident of the Querencias"Thomas CarrJoseph PetraccaDecember 7, 1962 (1962-12-07)
12612"Incident at Quivira"Christian NybyRalphael HayesDecember 14, 1962 (1962-12-14)
12713"Incident of Decision"Don McDougallJohn DunkelDecember 28, 1962 (1962-12-28)
12814"Incident of the Buryin' Man"Thomas CarrJack TurleyJanuary 4, 1963 (1963-01-04)
12915"Incident of the Trail's End"Don McDougallEd AdamsonJanuary 11, 1963 (1963-01-11)
13016"Incident at Spider Rock"Thomas CarrAl C. WardJanuary 18, 1963 (1963-01-18)
13117"Incident of the Mountain Man"Don McDougallRichard FielderJanuary 25, 1963 (1963-01-25)
13218"Incident at Crooked Hat"Don McDougallJoseph PetraccaFebruary 1, 1963 (1963-02-01)
13319"Incident of Judgment Day"Thomas CarrRichard Landau (story/teleplay), Paul King (teleplay)February 3, 1963 (1963-02-03)
13420"Incident of the Gallows Tree"Christian NybyWilliam L. Stuart (story), Albert Aley (teleplay)February 22, 1963 (1963-02-22)
13521"Incident of the Married Widow"Thomas CarrCharles Gray (story), Kathleen Freeman (story), Paul King (teleplay)March 1, 1963 (1963-03-01)
13622"Incident of the Pale Rider"Christian NybyDean RiesnerMarch 15, 1963 (1963-03-15)
13723"Incident of the Comanchero"Thomas CarrAl C. WardMarch 22, 1963 (1963-03-22)
13824"Incident of the Clown"Don McDougallCharles LarsonMarch 29, 1963 (1963-03-29)
13925"Incident of the Black Ace"Thomas CarrDean RiesnerApril 12, 1963 (1963-04-12)
14026"Incident of the Hostages"Don McDougallCharles LarsonApril 19, 1963 (1963-04-19)
14127"Incident of the White Eyes"Christian NybyPaul King (story), Edward J. Lakso (teleplay), Shimon Wincelberg (teleplay)May 3, 1963 (1963-05-03)
14228"Incident at Rio Doloroso"Thomas CarrPaul KingMay 10, 1963 (1963-05-10)
14329"Incident at Alkali Sink"Don McDougallThomas ThompsonMay 24, 1963 (1963-05-24)

Season 6 (1963–64)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1441"Incident of the Red Wind"Thomas CarrDean ReisnerSeptember 26, 1963 (1963-09-26)
1452"Incident of Iron Bull"Christian NybyCarey WilburOctober 3, 1963 (1963-10-03)
1463"Incident at El Crucero"Earl BellamyCharles LarsonOctober 10, 1963 (1963-10-10)
1474"Incident of the Travellin' Man"Ted PostPaul KingOctober 17, 1963 (1963-10-17)
1485"Incident at Paradise"Thomas CarrCharles LarsonOctober 24, 1963 (1963-10-24)
1496"Incident at Farragut Pass"Thomas CarrJack TurleyOctober 31, 1963 (1963-10-31)
1507"Incident at Two Graves"Harry HarrisAl C. Ward (story/teleplay), Samuel Roeca (teleplay)November 7, 1963 (1963-11-07)
1518"Incident of the Rawhiders"Ted PostJay Simms (story/teleplay), Jack Turley (teleplay)November 14, 1963 (1963-11-14)
1529"Incident of the Prophecy"Thomas CarrSamuel RoecaNovember 21, 1963 (1963-11-21)
15310"Incident at Confidence Creek"Harry HarrisJack TurleyNovember 28, 1963 (1963-11-28)
15411"Incident of the Death Dancer"Thomas CarrDean RiesnerDecember 5, 1963 (1963-12-05)
15512"Incident of the Wild Deuces"Harry HarrisPreston Wood (story/teleplay), Jack Turley (teleplay)December 12, 1963 (1963-12-12)
15613"Incident of the Geisha"Ted PostCharles LarsonDecember 19, 1963 (1963-12-19)
15714"Incident at Ten Trees"Ted PostA.I. BezzeridesJanuary 2, 1964 (1964-01-02)
15815"Incident of the Rusty Shotgun"Ted PostRobert M. Stevens (story), Paul King (teleplay)January 9, 1964 (1964-01-09)
15916"Incident of Midnight Cave"Thomas CarrBarry Trivers (story/teleplay), Samuel Roeca (teleplay)January 16, 1964 (1964-01-16)
16017"Incident of the Dowery Dundee"Ted PostSamuel Roeca (story/teleplay), Joy Dexter (teleplay)January 23, 1964 (1964-01-23)
16118"Incident at Gila Flats"Thomas CarrSamuel Roeca (story/teleplay), Paul King (teleplay)January 30, 1964 (1964-01-30)
16219"Incident of the Pied Piper"Harry HarrisAlbert Aley (story/teleplay), Samuel Roeca (teleplay)February 6, 1964 (1964-02-06)
16320"Incident of the Swindler"Thomas CarrJack Turley (story/teleplay), John Hawkins (teleplay)February 20, 1964 (1964-02-20)
16421"Incident of the Wanderer"Christian NybyCarey WilburFebruary 27, 1964 (1964-02-27)
16522"Incident at Zebulon"Christian NybyDean RiesnerMarch 5, 1964 (1964-03-05)
16623"Incident at Hourglass"Christian NybyJohn HawkinsMarch 12, 1964 (1964-03-12)
16724"Incident of the Odyssey"Thmas CarrSamuel Roeca (story/teleplay), Sheldon Stark (teleplay)March 26, 1964 (1964-03-26)
16825"Incident of the Banker"Christian NybyChris MillerApril 2, 1964 (1964-04-02)
16926"Incident of El Toro"Thomas CarrSamuel LarsonApril 9, 1964 (1964-04-09)
17027"Incident at Deadhorse – Part 1"Thomas CarrPaul KingApril 16, 1964 (1964-04-16)
17128"Incident at Deadhorse – Part 2"Thomas CarrPaul KingApril 23, 1964 (1964-04-23)
17229"Incident of the Gilded Goddess"Christian NybyDon BrinkleyApril 30, 1964 (1964-04-30)
17330"Incident at Seven Fingers"Christian NybyJohn Hawkins (story/teleplay), John Dunkel (teleplay)May 7, 1964 (1964-05-07)
17431"Incident of the Peyote Cup"Thomas CarrDick NelsonMay 14, 1964 (1964-05-14)

Season 7 (1964–65)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1751"The Race"Bernard McEveetyRobert LewinSeptember 25, 1964 (1964-09-25)
1762"The Enormous Fist"Bernard L. KowalskiSam RossOctober 2, 1964 (1964-10-02)
1773"Piney"Philip LeacockClyde WareOctober 9, 1964 (1964-10-09)
1784"The Lost Herd"Vincent McEveetyArchie L. TeglandOctober 16, 1964 (1964-10-16)
1795"A Man Called Mushy"Michael O'HerlihyJohn MantleyOctober 23, 1964 (1964-10-23)
1806"Canliss"Jack ArnoldStirling SilliphantOctober 30, 1964 (1964-10-30)
1817"Damon's Road – Part 1"Michael O'HerlihyRichard Carr, Robert LewinNovember 13, 1964 (1964-11-13)
1828"Damon's Road – Part 2"Michael O'HerlihyRichard Carr, Robert LewinNovember 20, 1964 (1964-11-20)
1839"The Backshooter"Herschel DaughertyRichard CarrNovember 27, 1964 (1964-11-27)
18410"Corporal Dasovik"Bernard L. KowalskiLionel L. SiegelDecember 4, 1964 (1964-12-04)
18511"The Photographer"Vincent McEveetyClyde WareDecember 11, 1964 (1964-12-11)
18612"No Dogs or Drovers"Vincent McEveetySam Ross, Cliff GouldDecember 18, 1964 (1964-12-18)
18713"The Meeting"Michael O'HerlihyRobert LewinJanuary 1, 1965 (1965-01-01)
18814"The Book"Bernard L. KowalskiCliff GouldJanuary 8, 1965 (1965-01-08)
18915"Josh"Herschel DaughertyRobert E. ThompsonJanuary 15, 1965 (1965-01-15)
19016"A Time for Waiting"Charles RondeauSy SalkowitzJanuary 22, 1965 (1965-01-22)
19117"A Moment in the Sun"Bernard GirardBernard GirardJanuary 29, 1965 (1965-01-29)
19218"Texas Fever"Harmon JonesJohn DunkelFebruary 5, 1965 (1965-02-05)
19319"Blood Harvest"Justus AddissWalter BlackFebruary 12, 1965 (1965-02-12)
19420"The Violent Land"Harmon JonesBuckley AngellMarch 5, 1965 (1965-03-05)
19521"The Winter Soldier"Justus AddissJohn DunkelMarch 12, 1965 (1965-03-12)
19622"Prairie Fire"Jesse HibbsElliott Arnold (story/teleplay), Louis Vittes (teleplay)March 19, 1965 (1965-03-19)
19723"Retreat"James GoldstoneJohn DunkelMarch 26, 1965 (1965-03-26)
19824"The Empty Sleeve"Justus AddissEndre Bohem (story), Louis Vittes (teleplay)April 2, 1965 (1965-04-02)
19925"The Last Order"Robert L. FriendTom SellerApril 9, 1965 (1965-04-09)
20026"Mrs. Harmon"Michael O'HerlihyJohn MantleyApril 16, 1965 (1965-04-16)
20127"The Calf Women"Tony LeaderLouis Vittes, Buckley AngellApril 30, 1965 (1965-04-30)
20228"The Spanish Camp"Harmon JonesJohn DunkelMay 7, 1965 (1965-05-07)
20329"El Hombre Bravo"Philip LeacockHerman GrovesMay 14, 1965 (1965-05-14)
20430"The Gray Rock Hotel"Stuart RosenbergJack CurtisMay 21, 1965 (1965-05-21)

Season 8 (1965)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
2051"Encounter at Boot Hill"Sutton RoleyAnthony SpinnerSeptember 14, 1965 (1965-09-14)
2062"Ride a Crooked Mile"Justus AddissN.B. Stone (story/teleplay), Herman Miller (teleplay)September 21, 1965 (1965-09-21)
2073"Six Weeks to Bent Fork"Thomas CarrMort R. LewisSeptember 28, 1965 (1965-09-28)
2084"Walk into Terror"Thomas CarrJoanna Thompson (teleplay), Jerry Adelman (story/teleplay)October 5, 1965 (1965-10-05)
2095"Escort to Doom"Alan CroslandWalter BlackOctober 12, 1965 (1965-10-12)
2106"Hostage for Hanging"Herman HoffmanWalter BlackOctober 19, 1965 (1965-10-19)
2117"The Vasquez Woman"Bernard McEveetyBoris Ingster, Louis VittesOctober 26, 1965 (1965-10-26)
2128"Clash at Broken Bluff"Charles LarsonLouis Vittes (story/teleplay), Ed Adamson (story)November 2, 1965 (1965-11-02)
2139"The Pursuit"Justus AddissJohn DunkelNovember 9, 1965 (1965-11-09)
21410"Duel at Daybreak"Sutton RoleyRobert Bloomfield (story/teleplay), Herman Miller (teleplay)November 16, 1965 (1965-11-16)
21511"Brush War at Buford"Thomas CarrMort R. LewisNovember 23, 1965 (1965-11-23)
21612"The Testing Post"Gerd OswaldJohn Hawkins, Ward HawkinsNovember 30, 1965 (1965-11-30)
21713"Crossing at White Feather"Richard WhorfRobert BloomfieldDecember 7, 1965 (1965-12-07)

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