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This is a list of Recopa Sudamericana winning football managers. The Recopa Sudamericana is an annual football contest played between the previous season's Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana winners. The first final was played in 1989 over two legs between Uruguayan team Nacional and Argentina's Racing; Nacional won 4–1 under the guidance of Héctor Núñez.

As of 2009, Argentinian managers have been the most successful, winning six tournaments in total, followed by Brazilians with five wins and Uruguayans with four titles. On only four occasions was the tournament won by foreign managers—Croatian Mirko Jozić led Chilean side Colo-Colo to victory in 1992, Uruguayan Jorge Fossati led LDU Quito to win in 2009 and his compatriot Luis Cubilla won the tournament with Paraguayan club Olimpia in 1991 and 2003.

Jozić is the only manager from outside South America to have won the competition. Olimpia, Colo-Colo, and LDU Quito are the only winning sides that has never won the trophy with a national manager. Luis Cubilla, Telê Santana and Alfio Basile are the only managers to have won the competition twice. Santana and Basile did so in consecutive years.

By year[edit]

Telê Santana won back-to-back titles with São Paulo in 1993 and 1994.
Luiz Felipe Scolari won the Cup with Grêmio in 1996.
Final Winning manager Club Ref(s)
1989  URU Núñez, HéctorHéctor Núñez  URU Nacional [1]
1990  ARG Aimar, CarlosCarlos Aimar  ARG Boca Juniors [1]
1991  URU Cubilla, LuisLuis Cubilla  PAR Olimpia [1]
1992  CRO Jozić, MirkoMirko Jozić  CHI Colo-Colo [1]
1993  BRA Santana, TelêTelê Santana  BRA São Paulo [1]
1994  BRA Santana, TelêTelê Santana  BRA São Paulo [1]
1995  ARG Ángel Brindisi, MiguelMiguel Ángel Brindisi  ARG Independiente [1]
1996  BRA Felipe Scolari, LuizLuiz Felipe Scolari  BRA Grêmio [1]
1997  ARG Piazza, OsvaldoOsvaldo Piazza  ARG Vélez Sarsfield [1]
1998  BRA Culpi, LevirLevir Culpi  BRA Cruzeiro [1]
2003  URU Cubilla, LuisLuis Cubilla  PAR Olimpia [1]
2004  PER Ternero, FreddyFreddy Ternero  PER Cienciano [1]
2005  ARG Basile, AlfioAlfio Basile  ARG Boca Juniors [1]
2006  ARG Basile, AlfioAlfio Basile  ARG Boca Juniors [1]
2007  BRA Gallo, AlexandreAlexandre Gallo  BRA Internacional [1]
2008  ARG Ischia, CarlosCarlos Ischia  ARG Boca Juniors [1]
2009  URU Fossati, JorgeJorge Fossati  ECU LDU Quito [1]
2010  ARG Bauza, EdgardoEdgardo Bauza  ECU LDU Quito [1]
2011  BRA Júnior, DorivalDorival Júnior  BRA Internacional [1]
2012  BRA Ramalho, MuricyMuricy Ramalho  BRA Santos [1]
2013  BRA , TiteTite  BRA Corinthians [1]
2014  BRA Culpi, LevirLevir Culpi  BRA Atlético Mineiro [1]
2015  ARG Gallardo, MarceloMarcelo Gallardo  ARG River Plate [1]

By nationality[edit]

This table lists the total number of titles won by managers of each nationality.

Nationality Number
of wins
 Brazil 9
 Argentina 7
 Uruguay 4
 Paraguay 1
 Peru 1
 Croatia 1


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