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The following is a list of characters in Red Dead Redemption and its episodic DLC, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. For the most part of Red Dead Redemption, and all of Undead Nightmare, the player controls John Marston, an ex-criminal, and one time member of a band of outlaws who is being blackmailed by the government to hunt down the men he rode with.

Playable characters[edit]

John Marston[edit]

People don't forget. Nothing gets forgiven.

John Marston

John Marston was sent to an orphanage when he was 8 years old after the death of both his mother and father. At the age of 17 he ran away and joined a gang led by a man named Dutch Van der Linde who taught John how to read, write, and shoot. Also within Van der Linde's gang, John met Abigail, a prostitute who traveled with them and whom John would later marry. John explains that the gang was like a family to him and struggled for more than just making money; they stole from the rich and powerful to give to the needy, sick, and poor, though he admits that they were far from saintly. However, during a bank robbery, Marston was shot and left to die by his companions, leaving him resolved to abandon his life of crime and reform. With his wife, Abigail, and son, Jack, Marston bought a ranch to live peacefully. Three years later, however, the Bureau of Investigation command him to act as bounty hunter and apprehend his former outlaw friends. To add motivation and ensure his loyalty, the agents kidnap his family and hold them hostage, promising their release upon the completion of John's obligations.

In Undead Nightmare, John finds that the world is plagued by a virus that brings the dead back to life with a taste for flesh. After killing an undead Uncle and tying up the infected Jack and Abigail, John rides to Blackwater, in search for a doctor.

John Marston is voiced by Rob Wiethoff.[1]

Jack Marston[edit]

John "Jack" Marston Jr. is the only son of John and Abigail Marston. Jack spent his childhood in the gang with John and Abigail until the family fled and settled on a ranch. Jack and Abigail would later be held as collateral by Edgar Ross, agent of a United States government organization to ensure that John would hunt down his former partners-in-crime. Following the death of Dutch, the Marston family is reunited at the ranch and life returns to normal. Determined to be a better father to his son, John began teaching Jack the skills that he would need as a rancher. It was during this time that Jack learned how to hunt, skin animals, and control herds of cattle. The relationship between father and son, strained at first, slowly began to improve. Some time later, Edgar Ross leads a detachment of US Army soldiers to kill John Marston. Uncle is killed during the first engagement, and John leads his family to the barn where he forces Jack and Abigail to leave and flee on horseback. When they return to their ranch they find the corpse of John, having given his life to ensure the safety of his wife and son.

Three years later, Abigail has since died and Jack is seen standing next to the graves of his mother and father. Jack has all of the skills of his father as well as his possessions (weapons, money, horses, items) and has similar honor and fame levels. After receiving a tip to the whereabouts of Edgar Ross, who had retired shortly after the murder of John, Jack sets off to where Ross is said to be living. He speaks with Mrs. Ross, claiming to have an important message for Edgar. She informs Jack that Edgar and his brother are across the San Luis River, fishing and hunting. Jack tracks down Edgar's brother, who tells Jack that Edgar is further down the river, shooting at ducks. Finding Edgar, Jack informs him of who he is and the two have a brief conversation. Edgar squares off against Jack, and the two draw on each other. Jack kills Edgar and avenges his father, but also sets off down the path his father desperately wanted him to avoid.

In Undead Nightmare, Jack is infected by an undead Abigail Marston and tied up in the Marston household while his father, John searches for a cure to the undead plague. At the end of the game, Jack and his mother are cured of the disease and reunited with John.

Jack Marston is voiced by Josh Blaylock.[1]


Bonnie MacFarlane[edit]

Bonnie MacFarlane, a 29-year-old woman, owns a large ranch in the province of New Austin with her father Drew MacFarlane. It is stated that she has six brothers. All but one have died by the time John meets Bonnie. The surviving brother left the ranch for New York, where he became a banker - much to Bonnie's disgust. Bonnie is not married, and has not accepted any suitors. Bonnie is quite tough, a good shot, and is quite capable on horseback and tending herds of cattle. Bonnie found and met John after he was wounded by Bill Williamson and left for dead. Bonnie paid for the local doctor to tend to John's injury and gives him a place to stay while he recovered.[2] John was grateful for her saving his life, and repaid her by helping out on the ranch.

After the capture of Bill Williamson's strategist and apparent second-in-command, Norman Deek, Bonnie is kidnapped and held for a prisoner exchange. John, along with Marshall Leigh Johnson and his two deputies, took their prisoner to the declared exchange point and, after a large shootout, manage to save Bonnie before she strangled to death by hanging. After the Marston family is reunited, John and Abigail arrive at the MacFarlane's ranch to give corn to the Macfarlane's after theirs had been eaten by weevils. Abigail is jokingly suspicious of John and Bonnie, and mentions how Bonnie's eyes lit up when she saw John. As John and Abigail leave the ranch, Bonnie is visibly saddened. Throughout the game, it is strongly hinted that Bonnie has some feelings towards John. Later, after the player gains control of Jack, some of the local chatter at the MacFarlane's ranch alludes that Bonnie has finally gotten married.

In Undead Nightmare, Bonnie makes a brief appearance when John liberates the Ranch from an undead attack. She believes her father has locked a group of zombies in the barn for a day, but in fact has become a zombie. John kills the undead Drew and returns to Bonnie to say goodbye.

Bonnie MacFarlane is voiced by Kimberly Irion.[1]

Abigail Marston[edit]

Wife of John Marston and mother of Jack, Abigail Marston was originally a prostitute that accompanied Dutch Van der Linde's gang; she eventually married John and gave birth to Jack and an unnamed daughter, who was either stillborn or died shortly after birth. After the event that caused John to leave the band of outlaws, Abigail, John, and Jack settled on a small ranch and attempted to lead a normal, honest life. Abigail and Jack were taken by Edgar Ross and his organization to ensure the "assistance" of John Marston in the apprehensions or slayings of his old gang. Abigail says that she and Jack were treated well during their time as hostages, but one agent did attempt to either molest or rape her; however, Abigail claims that she took care of that herself. After the betrayal of Edgar Ross and the murders of John and Uncle, Abigail and Jack returned to the ranch. Abigail only survived her husband by three years; the cause of her death is unknown but it is hinted she died of tuberculosis.

In Undead Nightmare, Abigail is bitten by an undead Uncle and becomes a zombie. Shortly after, she does the same to Jack. John ties them both up in the house until the end of the game, when the undead plague has been lifted, Abigail and Jack are reunited with John.

Abigail Marston is voiced by Sophia Marzocchi.[1]

Leigh Johnson[edit]

Marshal Leigh Johnson is 51-year-old and the head of the local police force of Armadillo. He is an aged and cautious man and is assisted by his two idiotic deputies, Jonah and Eli. John Marston first comes into contact with Marshal Johnson following Marston's arrival in Armadillo. Marston asks the Marshal for help in raiding Fort Mercer and capturing Bill Williamson. Johnson is at first unwilling to help John, claiming Williamson is out of his jurisdiction, and citing too many problems, including drunken gangs, cattle rustlers and a group of criminals murdering settlers in the hills, to allocate time to hunt Williamson. Marston assists Marshal Johnson in dealing with the various problems the Marshal spoke of, and Johnson then agrees to help capture Williamson. Marshal Johnson and his deputies are the first to enter Fort Mercer following Marston's Trojan Horse strategy ambush. Marshal Johnson is not seen again afterwards but a newspaper in 1914 reveals that he retired as Marshal of Armadillo and that Jonah took over the position. When asked where he would go, he claimed that he wanted to get "as far away from Armadillo as possible".

In Undead Nightmare, Marshal Johnson appears briefly, tasking Marston to locate his missing deputies, Jonah and Eli.

Marshal Johnson is voiced by Anthony De Longis.[1]

Jonah and Eli[edit]

Jonah and Eli are the deputies of Marshal Leigh Johnson. Jonah is initially hostile towards John, confusing him for one of Bill Williamson's gang. He is described as dimwitted, unkempt, and belligerent. Eli is portrayed as being the friendlier of the two, but is shown to be gullible and somewhat slow-witted, also suffering from a lazy eye. They are last seen kicking a captured member of Williamson's gang following the assault on Fort Mercer. In the year 1914, when Jack Marston avenges his father, Jonah presumably becomes the marshal of Armadillo after former Marshal Leigh Johnson's retirement.

In Undead Nightmare, Marshal Johnson tasks John Marston with finding Jonah and Eli, who have both been gone for several hours. After arriving at the General Store, Marston encounters the store owner, Herbert Moon, who proceeds to be attacked and killed by the undead. Marston discovers an undead Eli consuming Jonah in a nearby field, and kills them both.

Jonah and Eli are voiced by Brad Carter and Frank Noon, respectively.[1]

Landon Ricketts[edit]

A legendary gunslinger, Landon Ricketts eventually comes to resent his fame and the constant challenges of gunslingers who wish to make their name by gunning Landon down. He leaves the United States and settles into the small town of Chuparosa, Mexico and quickly becomes the local's "savior" by protecting them. Having just arrived in the town, John Marston is accosted by locals who want his boots. Seeing no other option, John quickly guns them down. Ricketts is impressed by John's skill, but knows that he can teach him to be even better. Marston greatly increases his skill under the tutelage of Ricketts and the two quickly become allies, if not friends. Together they rescue the kidnapped rebel Luisa Fortuna and engage in various missions on behalf of the locals. After rescuing some prisoners who were to be executed by Colonel Allende, John and Ricketts part ways and do not see each other again. After Jack defeats Edgar Ross, it is stated in the newspaper that Ricketts had returned to the United States and eventually died peacefully in his sleep of old age which was his wish earlier in the game.

In Undead Nightmare, Ricketts is holding off the undead at Casa Madrugada near single-handedly with no obvious difficulty due to his capabilities with weaponry. When John encounters him Ricketts describes all the sights he has seen in his life and how none of them compare to the situation now. He suggests trying to find some way of drawing the undead into one spot to make them easier to kill, also stating he needs more dynamite. John goes out to find ingredients for the Undead Bait (introduced earlier in the game) and more dynamite. John later returns to Casa Madrugada, where Ricketts combines the two items to create Boom Bait, which John can then use through the game.

Landon Ricketts is voiced by Ross Hagen.[1]

Abraham Reyes[edit]

Abraham Reyes is 27 years old and he is the revolutionary rebel leader fighting Colonel Allende and the dysfunctional Mexican government. Reyes' charisma makes him very popular among his men and Luisa believes that she and Abraham are engaged; however, Reyes can never get her name right and states that he "could never marry a peasant". He speaks often about his various sexual conquests. He also says every woman he seduces thinks she is his fiancée, most likely because he uses such a line to bed them. Although several of his supporters, particularly Luisa, believe him to be a 'man of the people,' Reyes is actually motivated almost purely by greed and hunger for power. He is self-centred and hypocritical, and shows every sign of being just as bad as the men he opposes.

After being captured by Allende's forces, John Marston manages to rescue him after fighting his way through an ambush. Reyes himself comes to the rescue of John later in the game, after John is betrayed by Allende. Eventually Reyes' rebel forces attempt to topple Allende's provincial government and storm his villa, only for him to be captured and rescued once again by Luisa and John, the former of whom is killed during the rescue. The villa is soon taken over and John and Reyes chase after Allende and Williamson's armed carriage before disabling it and killing Allende and Williamson. Reyes soon overthrows Mexican president Ignacio Sánchez and becomes president himself, promising a fair and great democracy, though by 1914 he himself is considered a tyrant dictator and has become the kind of ruler he formerly overthrew.

In Undead Nightmare, Reyes is the main antagonist, having stolen an ancient Aztec mask, causing the undead plague. Marston shoots and kills the undead Reyes in his presidential villa in Escalera.

Abraham Reyes is voiced by Josh Segarra.[1]

Luisa Fortuna[edit]

Luisa Fortuna is a 19-year-old Mexican teacher who also acts as a leading member of Abraham Reyes' rebel forces. Though she believes that she and Abraham are in love and soon to be married, Abraham reveals that he does not love her (he also never gets her name right, usually calling her "Laura") and that Luisa is just delusional. John first meets her when he and Landon Ricketts rescue her from the army and set her free. John soon helps her in more fights against the army, most notably in helping her kill Captain Vicente De Santa. During the final attack on Allende's villa, Luisa is killed by the Mexican Army when she attempts to rescue Reyes. Despite her dying to save him, Abraham still cannot get her name right.

Luisa Fortuna is voiced by Francesca Galeas.[1]

The setting for this sequence borrows from a short story by Katherine Anne Porter called Flowering Judas, in which a young woman named Laura (perhaps this is the reason for Reyes's confusion) falls in love with a shallow, boastful revolutionary.

Nigel West Dickens[edit]

Nigel West Dickens is a 65-year-old elixir salesman who claims to have invented a "scientific" potion and cure to all ailments. However, the potion is fake and he is merely a conman who tricks peasants into buying his drink with theatricality (although, intriguingly, the liquid does indeed enhance John's shooting ability). When John first meets him, Dickens was left to die on the side of the road by some of his angry customers and John had to help him get back to Armadillo to get cured. Afterwards, Dickens promised to help John get into Fort Mercer to kill Bill Williamson, but John first had to get funds for the assault by helping Dickens sell his product and win some horse races. During the assault, Dickens sneaks John and his Gatling gun into the Fort inside of his wagon and he then warns the team that a back up squadron was arriving at the Fort after the initial fight. When Marston announces that he is heading for Mexico to pursue Bill Williamson, Dickens is present to wave him goodbye and says that he was going to head for Peking, however, John encounters Dickens later on in Blackwater where he was being arrested for narcotics distribution. John helps Dickens one final time and convinces Edgar Ross to release him, for which Dickens claims to be "eternally grateful".

In Undead Nightmare, West Dickens is selling Elixir in Fort Mercer, claiming it is a cure for the zombie plague. It is really Undead bait and tells you to get 4 violet snowdrops and 4 Desert sages. Later, he tells you to get the parts by Riley's charge. Dickens then instructs John Marston to head to Mexico. In order to do so, John Marston must disguise himself as a U.S. Army soldier by assuming the attire of the U.S. Army.

Nigel West Dickens is voiced by Don Creech.[1]


Simply known as "Irish", he is a "friend" of Nigel West Dickens and this presents John Marston to get him a Gatling gun. Marston meets Irish after saving him from his two friends who tried to drown him for trying to steal their horses. Irish tells Marston that for saving his life, he must now return the favor by getting him a Gatling gun. After completing various jobs for him, Marston gets the gun, and uses it to attack Fort Mercer. Despite the fact that Irish promised he would help in the attack, he arrives "late" and misses all the action. To compensate, Irish offers to sneak John into Mexico to look for Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella, since he supposedly had many friends there. However, it's revealed that he had angered those friends (who turned out to be a gang of Banditos), prompting them to try to kill him and John while they crossed the Rio Grande. They eventually make it into Mexico and Irish rides off alone to go into another drinking binge in Mexico, and he is not seen again until he is presumably the Irish man found dead in Thieves' Landing in 1914 after he accidentally commits suicide when his pistol discharges in a outhouse.

Irish is voiced by K. Harrison Sweeney.[1]

Seth Briars[edit]

Seth Briars is a treasure hunter and grave robber who, with former companion Moses Forth, found a map detailing a vast treasure. Moses, however, betrayed Seth and stole half of the map. Seth begins to exhume graves, in an effort to discover where Moses concealed the stolen half of the map. Seth is unkempt and sickly-looking, with rotted teeth and missing clumps of his hair. He admits that he hasn't bathed for months. It is implied through conversation that Seth may be a necrophiliac as well as suffering from schizophrenia. John Marston agrees to aid Seth in locating the treasure, in return to Seth helping him gain entry to Fort Mercer. Seth agrees, but upon locating the treasure in the abandoned mansion of ghost town Tumbleweed, it is discovered the treasure map led to a glass eye. Despite this, Seth holds his promise and helps John assault Fort Mercer, providing a distraction and aiding in the combat. In a newspaper article in 1914, it's revealed that Seth found a real treasure and became wealthy, returning to his family to live a life of luxury.

In Undead Nightmare, Seth is seen playing cards with the undead Moses. In the final scene of the game he steals the Aztec mask, causing the undead, including the recently deceased John Marston, to rise once more.

Seth Briars is voiced by Kevin Gilkmann.[1]

Drew MacFarlane[edit]

Drew McFarlane is the father of Bonnie MacFarlane and a father of seven children, five of whom are dead and buried at Coots Chapel. Bonnie mentions that her last brother went off to Manhattan to work as a businessman. Drew MacFarlane is an older man who has lived his life on the ranch under harsh conditions but never once considered moving from his life there. He is an active man who despite his age still participates in dire farm work, since he believes that "any true ranch owner ought to be able to work as if he were a ranch hand". After John Marston was shot by Bill Williamson, his daughter Bonnie and his ranch hand Amos rescued John and took him to Drew's ranch to get recovered. Drew paid $15 for John's medical bills and in exchange John worked at MacFarlane's ranch for a while to pay off the debt, culminating with John rescuing Drew's horses from a fire at the ranch's barn started by Williamson's men. Drew makes his final story appearance when a reformed John and his son Jack arrive at MacFarlane's Ranch to buy some cattle for their own ranch at Beecher's Hope.

In Undead Nightmare, Drew is infected by the undead horde while trying to defend his ranch. Bonnie tells John Marston that he's been rounding up undead into the barn, but hasn't been seen since. After Marston investigates the barn he discovers the undead Drew MacFarlane and kills him.

Drew MacFarlane is voiced by Chuck Kelley.[1]

Harold MacDougal[edit]

Professor Harold MacDougal is a 43-year-old anthropology professor at Yale University stationed in Blackwater. MacDougal is studying the Native American population whilst on a sabbatical from his alma mater. It is assumed to be a forced sabbatical due to his continued drug addiction. Despite being a self-proclaimed intellectual, he is shown to be ignorant, maintaining the outdated belief of the genetic superiority of white men over Native Americans. This is further strengthened when he is shown to be visibly shocked at discovering that blood cells taken from a Native, which he studies under a microscope, are no different from blood cells taken from a white man. He claims this completely contradicts the last book he wrote on the subject. He is an ally of Edgar Ross, and carries out several studies on the behavior of the Native Americans who work for Dutch Van Der Linde. John Marston enlists the help of MacDougal, and his Native American assistant/informant Nastas, in tracking down Dutch Van Der Linde and his gang, who are hiding in the mountains of Tall Trees, in the Native American fort of Cochinay. Nastas is shot and killed during an ambush and MacDougal becomes increasingly paranoid. Dutch Van Der Linde assaults the hotel MacDougal is staying in, in an attempt to kill him. John helps him escape Blackwater and escorts him to the train station at Manzanita Trading Post, where he returns to Yale. In 1914, it's revealed that after a cocaine binge, he started a riot in Yale and was subsequently fired.

In Undead Nightmare, MacDougal is attacked and infected by the undead Nastas. The player has the choice to then kill him, or hogtie him.

Harold MacDougal is voiced by Joe Ochman.[1]


Nastas is a Native American who is disgusted by the fact that his tribesmen have joined Dutch Van Der Linde's gang. Nastas was born on a reservation and received an education. He works as an informant for the Bureau of Investigation and tips off government officials about the activities of Van Der Linde's gang. He is first seen after setting up a meeting between Edgar Ross and Dutch Van Der Linde. However, the meeting is discovered to be an ambush, in which he is tied to a chair, beaten and shot in the leg. John Marston and Archer Fordham manage to free Nastas and escape, killing numerous members of Van Der Linde's gang. Nastas is taken to Harold MacDougal, who helps him heal from his injuries. He later works with the professor to try to ease the relationship between the Natives and the white men. Nastas dislikes MacDougal's opinions of Native Americans as in inferior species and thinks that "for a wise man, (MacDougal) is a very stupid man". During a meeting with members of Van Der Linde's gang, Nastas, John, and MacDougal are ambushed. During the confrontation, Nastas is shot in the head by one of Dutch's gang and killed. John, in retaliation, guns down the killer and his cohorts and escorts MacDougal to safety.

In Undead Nightmare, Nastas is seen attacking and infecting Harold MacDougal in Blackwater.

Nastas is voiced by Benjamin Byron Davis.[1]


"Uncle" is a meandering, work-shy old man who has apparently known the Marston family for quite some time. It is hinted in some bits of dialogue that John and Uncle knew each other from his old outlaw days. John and his family only call him by "Uncle", though he told his son Jack that he is not really related to them by blood. John Marston also states to Jack that Uncle is "older than he can remember." John's family left Uncle to tend for the ranch, but despite Uncle's efforts, he did not prove to be that great at the job, allowing the farm to fall into disrepair and the cattle to die of illness. John is mildly contemptuous of him, regularly threatening to shoot him and once describing him as being "as useful as a lawyer at a lynching." Uncle was the one to warn John of the coming army soldiers led by Edgar Ross, and helped to defend his home alongside John and Jack. It was here that he was fatally wounded as he tried to fight off the vast number of enemies. He was buried atop the ridge at Beecher's Hope, just a short distance from the grave of John. His grave marker provides no birth year and his epitaph only reads "Impossible to forget."

Uncle also appears in Undead Nightmare, in which he becomes a zombie and is gunned down by John after infecting his family.

Uncle is voiced by Spider Madison.[1]


Rufus is the Marston family dog. John bought him as a tracking dog to accompany him on hunts. John uses Rufus when he takes Jack out to learn how to hunt and skin Elk. Rufus also helps John locate Jack after he disobeys his father to attempt to hunt a grizzly bear by himself.

Rufus also appears in Undead Nightmare. When hogtying an undead Abigail, an undead Jack can be seen chasing him.


Edgar Ross[edit]

Edgar Ross is 51 years old and an agent of an American research service called The Bureau of Investigation as well as the game's main antagonist. Ross is cynical, greedy and unscrupulous as a federal agent, but is highly professional, keeping himself calm and organized in the most dire situations and even when taunted or insulted by John. Despite his underhanded techniques, Ross' intentions are somewhat honest, since he truly believes that the West has to be federalized for the safety of its population, even if "dirty" and even Machiavellian techniques are necessary.

Ross, along with his protégé Archer Fordham, kidnapped John Marston's family to force him to hunt down his former comrades Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella and Dutch Van Der Linde. After John killed Bill Williamson and captured or killed Javier Escuella, he is ordered by Ross to head over to Blackwater to deal with his former leader, Dutch Van der Linde. At this point, Ross' role in the game becomes bigger, since he and Fordham help John in several attempts to capture or kill Dutch, culminating in an assault on Dutch's base in Cochinay, where Dutch commits suicide after facing off with John.

After Dutch's death, Ross returns John and his family to the Marston Ranch in Beecher's Hope and allows him to live peacefully for a while. However, deciding to go back on his promise, Ross and a platoon of soldiers, state marshals and federal agents raid the Marston farm, ultimately killing John. Three years later, John's son, Jack Marston, embarks on a mission to find Ross (who at that point had retired from the Bureau), to take revenge. Jack discovers that Ross had gone on a hunting trip to Mexico and finds him hunting ducks at the edge of the San Luis River. After a brief confrontation, Jack challenges Ross to a duel in which Jack is ultimately victorious, killing Ross and fulfilling Ross' own dire statement that "everybody will eventually pay for what they have done".

Edgar Ross is voiced by Jim Bentley.[1]

William "Bill" Williamson[edit]

William "Bill" Williamson is an antagonist of the game. He was part of the same gang as other characters; John Marston and Javier Escuella, under the command of Dutch Van Der Linde. During a bank robbery in 1906, John was shot and left to die by Williamson. 5 years later, John would come back to New Austin to look for Williamson at his base in Fort Mercer in order to carry out his assigned mission, but after trying to reason with Williamson he was once again shot and left for dead. Soon after, John, along with his allies, Marshall Leigh Johnson, Eli, Jonah, Nigel West Dickens, Seth Briars and Irish attacked Fort Mercer. Despite killing droves of his men, Williamson escaped Marston and managed to take refuge in Mexico with his former gang mate, Javier Escuella. John would soon turn to look to the province of Mexico, where he learned that Williamson was holed up and began to work with both the military government and the rebels to find Williamson. After capturing or killing Javier Escuella, John helped the rebels storm Allende's villa, where Williamson was also holed up, however Allende and Bill attempt to escape in an armored carriage, though it is eventually stopped by Reyes and John. Allende subsequently attempts to exchange Bill for his freedom but is shot and killed. After witnessing Allende's death, Bill pretends to surrender himself before lunging for Allende's pistol and getting shot in return by John.

Bill Williamson is voiced by Steve J. Palmer.[1]

Javier Escuella[edit]

Javier Escuella was part of Dutch Van der Linde's gang and a close friend of John Marston's before the gang left him for dead during a failed robbery. According to John, he was the youngest, most idealistic and most charming of Dutch's gang, yet was at the same time "a creep when around women". After Dutch went crazy, Javier was the one who took it worst and became withdrawn, cynical and bitter.

Javier was once a revolutionary, fighting in the first Mexican revolution, but was forced to flee to the United States after the revolution failed. Out of all the members of Dutch's gang, Javier is the one who was the closest to John, being the only one who regretted leaving John behind at the failed robbery on the Blackwater ferry, where they left him for dead. After the dissolution of Dutch's gang, Javier moved back to Mexico and began to work as an assassin for the provincial government of Colonel Agustín Allende, eventually taking in Bill Williamson after he flees to Mexico when John comes after him. When John and Reyes' Rebels raid El Presidio they locate Javier, who attempts to escape, after which John can either kill or capture him. If captured, Javier is later tried and hanged according to newspaper clippings and conversations among NPCs in the game.

Javier Escuella is voiced by Antonio Jaramillo.[1]

Dutch Van Der Linde[edit]

Dutch Van Der Linde is an antagonist of the game. He was the leader of a notorious gang of outlaws formed by himself, Bill Williamson, John Marston and Javier Escuella and an antagonist of the game. He was an idealistic bandit with anarchist leanings, believing that the current system of capitalism was corrupt and unfair and that if enough damage was done to its foundations through criminal activity, it could be destroyed. However, after many years of trying and failing to do this, Dutch became bitter and psychotic, concluding that people themselves were corrupt and unfair by their own nature and that (due to his own conviction that inner nature cannot be fought) the only way to end corruption and injustice was to end humanity.

The gang dissolved after Dutch descended into insanity and Dutch himself went into hiding in Tall Trees, where he eventually formed a large gang made of young, angry Native Americans, who followed him under the promise that upon destroying civilization they could take back their land. Dutch's new gang began to wreak havoc in West Elizabeth, robbing banks and killing several people, which eventually caused the Bureau of Investigation to begin a manhunt for him. Under coercion from the Bureau, John Marston begins to work with Edgar Ross and Archer Fordham to kill Dutch, eventually raiding his fortress in Cochinay. After a long shootout and a chase through the Cochinay's cave system, John corners Dutch at the edge of a cliff. Dropping his gun, Dutch melancholically laments that he spent his life fighting for nothing and tells John that "their time has passed" before committing suicide by falling backwards off the cliff.

Dutch Van Der Linde is voiced by Benjamin Byran Davis.[1]

Colonel Agustín Allende[edit]

Colonel Agustín Allende is the governor of the province of Nuevo Paraiso in Mexico, which he rules as a feudal lord. He serves as an enforcer for Mexican president, General Ignacio Sánchez. In the words of Abraham Reyes, Allende in his youth was an idealist but he later became a vicious cynic with a love of torture and sexual abuse. When John first meets him, Allende promises John he will deliver Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella to him if he helps in defeating the rebels. However, after John rescues rebel leader Abraham Reyes from El Presidio as a favor to his friend Luisa Fortuna, Allende betrays John and tells De Santa and Espinoza to kill him in a set-up at Chuparosa. The set-up fails when Reyes and his men arrive and save John, starting a firefight in the town, which concludes with the defeat of a military brigade and the death of Espinoza. Later, the rebels launch an assault against Allende's mansion, which was housing Bill Williamson since. As it turns out, Allende had been providing shelter and relief for Williamson all along. John and Reyes pursue Allende and Williamson in their armored carriage as they try to escape the mansion, but the carriage is eventually disabled. Allende attempts to exchange Williamson for his freedom but is ignored and subsequently killed by Reyes.

Agustin Allende is voiced by Gary Carlos Cervantes.[1]

Captain Vincente De Santa[edit]

Captain Vincente De Santa is one of Colonel Agustín Allende's main allies as well one of his most fanatical followers. Ambitious and unscrupulous, De Santa obeys every order Allende gives him but is also keen to delegate, rarely fighting his own battles or doing any dirty work by himself. De Santa is heavily implied to be homosexual and supposedly has an affair with Allende's butler, Quique Montemayor.

John Marston finds De Santa when he comes to see Colonel Allende. De Santa promises that if John helped on several missions on behalf of the Mexican military, they will help find Javier Escuella and Bill Williamson. However, after Marston saves rebel leader Abraham Reyes' life on behalf of his friend Luisa Fortuna, Allende betrays him and has De Santa set-up an ambush in Chuparosa where they would capture and kill Marston. Before De Santa can have John executed, he is rescued by Reyes and his troops, who fight off the army. Soon after, De Santa is instructed with capturing several rebels in El Sepulcro cemetery, where is in turn attacked and captured by Marston and the rebels. After torturing him for information, Marston is told to choose whether he kills De Santa personally or allow the rebels to execute him. Either way, De Santa does not survive the Battle of El Sepulcro.

Vincente De Santa is voiced by Hector Luis Bustamante.[1]

In Undead Nightmare, it is possible to fight off an undead DeSanta during the mission "Mother Superior Blues".

Captain Espinoza[edit]

Captain Espinoza is one of the leaders of the Mexican Army. He is one of the most brutal men in the army, but is also the bravest since unlike De Santa and Allende he actually participates in battles and leads many of them. He is also the only one of them who truly believes that the rebels must be exterminated to save Mexico and does not act out of greed. John meets him during the Battle of Tesoro Azul, where Espinoza leads the attack against a rebel village. John later aids Espinoza during the battle of Torquemada and in the protection of a munitions train heading from Chuparosa to a military base in Manteca Falls. After John rescues rebel leader Abraham Reyes from the military as a favor to his friend, Luisa Fortuna, Allende betrays John by having Espinoza and De Santa lure him to a trap in Chuparosa by promising to deliver Javier Escuella and Bill Williamson. During the set-up, John is rescued from execution by Reyes and his rebels and a battle breaks out, during which John kills Espinoza at the Chuparosa town hall.

Captain Espinoza is voiced by David Anzuelo.[1]

Archer Fordham[edit]

'Archer Fordham is a federal agent and the partner/protégé of Edgar Ross. He helps Ross in kidnapping John Marston's family to pressure John into capturing or killing his former gang mates. Unlike Ross, who is more sardonic and uncaring about official business, Fordham is much more serious and takes his job and his missions with a more dire attitude. Unlike Ross, who constantly enjoys teasing John about his situation, Fordham is much more blunt and threatening about what could happen to John if he fails to carry out his job. Archer aids Ross in several of the missions he carries out to kill Dutch Van Der Linde, including his participation in the final attack on Dutch's fort. Fordham is, oddly, not present during the assault on the Marston ranch. He is often mistaken for Isaac McKinnon, a minor NPC and marshal who is present and is seen alongside Ross. Fordham's absence in this crucial point in the game is never explained.

Archer Fordham is voiced by David Wilson Barnes.[1]

American Army Captain[edit]

The American Army Captain is an officer in the U.S. Army unit that assists Archer, John, and Edgar Ross on the assault on Dutch's fort. During the battle, he and John can share a conversation in which he admits he hates working for Ross and doesn't trust him. Nonetheless, he leads the assault on the Marston ranch at the end of the game under the orders of Agent Ross during which he can be killed during Marston's last stand. Regardless of whether Marston kills him or not he does not appear in the game after this, leaving his fate unknown if he survived Marston's last stand.

Norman Deek[edit]

Norman Deek is the second-in-command of Bill Williamson. He is first encountered at the beginning of the game in which he shoots John Marston after he attempts to kill Williamson. He is next encountered in the mission in which he leads the assault to kill Marston's posse at Mercer Station. He is later seen leading an attack against Marshal Johnson and his posse during which he is shot and captured by Marston to be used for interrogation. A few days later, Bonnie MacFarlane is kidnapped by Williamson's gang and they offer to set her free as long as Norman is returned to them. During the exchange, it is revealed that the deal was a trap to kill the sheriffs and the gang opens fire on them during which Deek is shot and killed in the crossfire.

Norman Deek is voiced by James Carroll.[1]

Outlaw on Horse[edit]

The Outlaw on Horse is a high-ranked member of Williamson's gang who first appears at the beginning of the game in which he is seen protecting Bill Williamson from John Marston alongside Norman Deek. He is next seen after Deek is arrested in which he speaks for the first (and only) time in the game during which he informs John, Drew MacFarlane, and Marshal Johnson that the gang had kidnapped Bonnie and want to exchange her for Norman. He is, however, not present during the exchange. Later in the game, he allows Nigel West Dickens to attempt to sell his product in Fort Mercer after being convinced by Seth only to be gunned down by John Marston after the sale is revealed to be a ruse to attack the fort.

The Outlaw on Horse is voiced by Brian Allen.[1]

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