List of Religious Cultural Monuments of Albania

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The List of Religious Cultural Monuments of Albania (Albanian: Objekte fetare me statusin Monument Kulture) refers to a monument in Albania which has been recognized by the Government of Albania and Ministry of Culture as a religious national heritage monument and one which is seen as of top importance to the religious culture of the nation. These cultural monuments include places of worship, including mosques, churches and monasteries. As of 2010, there were 201 places of worship that have been designated as Religious Cultural Monuments.[1]

List of places of worship designated as Religious Cultural Monuments of Albania[edit]

Berat County[edit]

Name Location
Dormition Cathedral Berat
Holy Trinity Church Berat
St. Michael's Church Berat
St. Mary of Blachernae's Church Berat
St. Theodore's Church Berat
King Mosque Berat
Red Mosque Berat
White Mosque Berat
Bachelors' Mosque Berat
Lead Mosque Berat
Hysen Pasha Mosque Berat
Telelka Mosque Berat
Halveti Teqe Berat
Rüfai Teqe Berat
Annunciation Church Kozarë
St. Demetrius' Church Drobonik
St. Mary's Church Mbreshtan
St. Nicholas' Church Perondi
St. Demetrius' Church Poliçan

Dibër County[edit]

Name Location
Allajbegi's Mosque Burim
Kuvend of Dukagjin Dukagjin
Halveti Teqe Herebel
St. Saviour's Church Herebel
St. Saviour's Church Kërçisht
Teqe of Martanesh Martanesh

Durrës County[edit]

Name Location
Church of Gjuricë Durrës
Fatih Mosque Durrës
Basilica of Saint Michael Arapaj
St. Anthony Church Cape of Rodon
Bazaar Mosque Krujë
Church ruins Krujë
Teqe of Dollme Krujë
St. Mary Church Shën Mëri

Elbasan County[edit]

Name Location
Basilica on Tepe's Hill Elbasan
King Mosque Elbasan
Namazgah Elbasan
Naziresha Mosque Elbasan
St. Mary's Church Elbasan
Church ruins, Belsh Belsh
Church ruins, Bixëllenjë Elbasan
Grabovë Church Grabovë
Church ruins, Mamël Mamël
Annunciation Church, Mjekës Mjekës
Clock Mosque, Peqin Peqin
Church ruins, Selvias Selvias
St. Nicholas' Church, Shelcan Shelcan
St. Jovan Vladimir's Church, Shijon Shijon
Qafthanë Church Urakë
Qafthanë Cave Church Urakë
St. Paraskevi's Church Vallesh

Fier County[edit]

Gjirokastër County[edit]

In Gjirokastër:

In Përmet:

In other towns:

Korçë County[edit]

In Korçë:

In Moscopole (Voskopojë):

In other towns:

Kukës County[edit]

Name Location
Kisha e ancitit Breg-Lum

Lezhë County[edit]

Name Location
Fort Mosque Lezhë
St. Nicholas' Church Lezhë
St. Paraskevi's Church Balldren
St. Stephen's Church Blinisht
St. Alexander's Church Bokion
St. Michael's Church Menshat
St. Veneranda's Church Pllanë
Rubik Monastery Church Rubik

Shkodër County[edit]

Name Location
Lead Mosque Shkodër
Sanctuary Shkodër
Drisht Castle Church Drisht
St. John's Church Linaj
Church ruins Mazrek
Shirgj Monastery Obot
St. Mark's Church Vau i Dejës

Tirana County[edit]

Name Location
Et'hem Bey Mosque Tirana
Kapllan Pasha Tomb Tirana
Sheh Dyrri Teqe Tirana
St. Paraskevi's Church Kavajë
Bride's Tomb Mullet
St. Mary's Church Surrel
Tirana Mosaic Tirana

Vlorë County[edit]

In Vlorë:

In Himarë:

In Dhërmi:

In Vuno:

In other towns:


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