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This is a list of Renaissance fairs and other Medieval-themed fairs worldwide.

Medieval Fair Horb am Neckar (South Germany) 2019

North America[edit]

United States[edit]

Included below are the permanent-site fairs in the United States which are either notably long running, which regularly have had at least a two-week or better run; and have had at least a five years continuing run. Generally, U.S. renaissance fairs are open weekends-only during the periods indicated. States are listed first and dates are codified to facilitate searching by state and by date.

Name State Local site & buildings type Setting info Year opened Area & other info Annual season Attendance reported Reference/external link
Age of Chivalry Festival Nevada Sunset Park; semi-permanent site Five Renaissance villages; 1994 4 stages (10b) mid October (one weekend) 40,000 LV Ren Fair
Alabama Renaissance Faire Alabama Wilson Park, Florence, Al Fountain on the Green 1987 2 stages (10b) 4th Weekend of October 35,000 Al Ren Faire
Arizona Renaissance Festival Arizona Gold Canyon; permanent site Village of Fairhaven; 1989 50 acres; 16 stages (02a) early February – early April (eight weekends) 265,000 (2004 season) Arizona RenFest
Bay Area Renaissance Festival Florida Withlacoochee River Park; new site Village of Fittleworth during the reign of Henry VIII and Katherine Parr, Germanic mercenaries, Celts, some fantasy elements 1979 260 acres, pet friendly (02b) mid-February – early April (seven weekends) 80,000 (in 1990s) Bay Area RenFest
Brevard Renaissance Fair Florida Wickham Park, Florida, 2500 Parkway Dr, Melbourne; non-permanent site Shire of Wickham; 2014 20 acres; nine stages (02c) Mid – January and first weekend of February (three weekends) 25,000 (season) Brevard Renaissance Fair
Bristol Renaissance Faire Wisconsin Bristol; permanent site 1574 Bristol, England; Tudor, some fantasy aspects; RenQuest RPG[1] 1972[2] 16 stages; 30 fair acres (third largest in U.S.)[1] (07a) July – Labor Day weekend (nine weekends) 198,000 (season)[3][4] Bristol Faire
Camelot Days Medieval Festival Florida Topeekeegee Yugnee Park, Hollywood; non-permanent site Arthurian times 2003 pets allowed (11b) mid-November 4,000 (2012)[5] Camelot Days
Canterbury Renaissance Faire Oregon 6569 Valley View Rd, Silverton Village of "Canterbury"; Elizabethan England (1558-1603) 2009 four stages, six-plus acres[6] (07b) mid-July 10,000[7] Canterbury Faire
Runestone Festival: A Walk Through Time Oklahoma Heavener Runestone Park Renaissance/Fantasy/VIking 2005 2 stages, battlefield, 55 acres,30+ merchants, camping (04a) 2nd weekend
2500 Runestone
Carolina Renaissance Festival North Carolina Huntersville; permanent Fictional "Fairhaven" 1994 14 stages, 25 acres (10a) October -November (eight weekends) 210,000 (2017 season) Carolina Renaissance Festival
Colorado Renaissance Festival Colorado Larkspur; permanent 16th-century Tudor village; pirates, fantasy elements 1975 60 fair acres; 338 total acres including camping (06a) June – August (~eight weekends) 250,000 (2017 season)[8] Colorado Renaissance
Connecticut Renaissance Faire (Fall) Connecticut Lebanon Queen Elizabeth (England village of "Lebonshire"); Event Weekends (Cosplay, Doctor Who, Romance) 1999 (09c) early September – mid-October (six weekends) 30,000 (season) CT Faire
Robin Hoods Faire (Spring) Massachusetts Lancaster Robin Hood (England circa 1150 A.D.); fantasy elements encouraged 2010 five stages; parking (05b) mid-May (three weekends) 2,000/day; three weekends[9] Robin Hoods Faire
Door County Fantasy Renaissance Faire Wisconsin Egg Harbor Shire of "Enchanted"; Arthurian, Elizabethan and fantasy elements 2011 (06c) late June – early July (two weekends) Door County Renaissance
Florida Renaissance Festival – Deerfield Beach Florida Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach 16th century renaissance 1993 (02a) February – March (including Presidents' Day) 90,000[5] Florida RenFest
Florida Renaissance Festival – Miami Florida Cauley Square Historic Village, Miami; semi-permanent Early 16th-century Renaissance village 2009 (04a) April 45,000+[5] Florida RenFest
Georgia Renaissance Festival Georgia Fairburn; permanent The village of "Newcastle" during the reign of King Henry VIII 1986 32 acres (04c) mid-April – June 250,000 (2004 season)[10] Georgia Ren Fest
Grand Lake Renaissance Festival Oklahoma 438415 E. Hwy 60, Vinita; Semi-Permanent Site 1540 Queensferry, Scotland; Reign of King James V 2015 5 stages; free parking; onsite camping for participants only (03b) Last Full Weekend of March every year 1,000 Grand Lake Festival
Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace Ohio Rock Creek; permanent The 13th-century forest kingdom of "Avaloch"; historic, fantasy, super-heroes, futuristic 1992 13 fair acres (07a) early July – mid-August 45,000 (2007 season) Medieval Faire
Great Plains Renaissance Festivals Kansas Wichita 1300 A.D. in the shire of "Talonterra" 2004 (04b) mid-April and (10b) mid-October Great Plains
Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire Missouri Wentzville; permanent "Petit Lyon", France during a 16th-century visit from King François I 1998 (05b) mid-September – mid-October 25,000 St. Louis Renaissance Faire
Hoggetowne Medieval Faire Florida Alachua County Fairgrounds, Gainesville; permanent Village of "Hoggetowne" during King Arthur's reign 1987 (01c) late January – early February 50,000 (2011 season)[11] Hoggetowne Fair
Kansas City Renaissance Festival Kansas Bonner Springs; permanent 1536 in "Canterbury"; Henry VIII, pirates, some fantasy and Robin Hood 1977 16 acres (09a) September – mid-October 192,000 (2008 season)[12] Kansas City RenFest
Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival Kentucky Eminence; permanent Fictional "Briarwood", Scotland during the 14th-century reign of King Robert the Bruce 2005 113 acres (06a) early June – early July 25,000 Highlands Ren Faire
King Richard's Faire Massachusetts Carver; permanent 16th-century marketplace of "Carvershire" 1982 80 acres (total), 9.9 festival acres (approx.) (09a) September – late October King Richard's Faire
Koroneburg Renaissance Festival California Riverview Recreation Park, 14600 Baron Drive, Corona; permanent[13] Baron Heinrich von Lauffer's estate, a German village located along the Rhine, circa 1450-1600 1998[14] 120-acre park; nine festival acres; five stages[15] (05b) last weekend of May – first 4 weekends of June Koroneburg Renaissance Festival
Louisiana Renaissance Festival Louisiana Hammond Fall harvest in the 16th-century English village of "Albright" 1999 (11a) early November – mid-December 25,000 (2007 season)[16] Louisiana Renaissance
Maryland Renaissance Festival Maryland Crownsville; permanent Fictional Tudor village of "Revel Grove" 1977 25 fair acres; 85 parking acres (08c) late August – late October 280,000 (2012 season)[17] Maryland Renaissance Festival
Michigan Renaissance Festival Michigan Holly; permanent "Hollygrove" village, late 16th-century England 1979 100 acres; 17 acres (festival grounds) (08b) mid-August – end of September 230,000 (2004 season)[10] Michigan Renaissance Festival
Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival Michigan Frankenmuth/Vassar, Michigan; permanent Queen Anna of Bohemia with Martin Luther and various mythical and fantasy characters 2008 five fair acres; 12 parking acres (06a) June Mid-Michigan RenFest
Middlefaire Renaissance Festival Texas Hillsboro; permanent 1652 A.D. in "Wiltonshire"; buccaneers, baroque characters, fantasy elements, 3 events (June: Texas Pirate Festival;
July: Magical & Medieval Fantasy Faire
November: Middlefaire).
2006 21 acres; camping (06a) early June: TPF
(07b) mid-July: M&M Fest
(10c) late October: Middlefaire
3,500 Texas Middlefaire Events
Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire Connecticut Warsaw Park, Ansonia Year unknown, in the Anleighshire, Kingdom of Cuulayne; under fictional King Tonitrus; fantasy immersion 2011 parking (06b) mid-June – early July Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire
Minnesota Renaissance Festival Minnesota Shakopee; permanent 16th-century "England-like" fantasy kingdom 1971 22 acres (08b) mid-August – September 220,000 (2019 season)[18] Renaissance Fest
Mythical and Medieval Fest South Carolina RH Acres, Myrtle Beach Renaissance, Fantasy, Viking, Pirate 2014 15 acres (11a) 2nd weekend
4000 (in 2019) Mythical & Medieval Fest
New Hampshire Renaissance Faire New Hampshire Fremont, New Hampshire, temporary Undetermined period; charity event 2004 varies (05b) Mid-May two consecutive weekends appx. 4500 New Hampshire RenFaire
New Jersey Renaissance Faire New Jersey Liberty Lake Day Camp and picnic grove,
Bordentown; permanent
16th-century fictional village of Crossford in Northumberland; combines historical and fictional "visitors from time" with fantasy and magic, such as Shakespeare, Robin Hood, King Arthur. etc. 2009 60 acres (including 7 acre lake) (05d) Last weekend in May, first two weekends in June 10,000 average[19] – 12,500 (2015 season) New Jersey Renaissance Faire
New York Renaissance Faire New York Tuxedo; permanent The fictional town of "Sterling" in late 16th-century Elizabethan England 1977 65 acres, 20 stages[20] (08a) August – September 140,000 (2010 season)[21] Ren Faire – NY
North Carolina Renaissance Faire North Carolina Knightdale; permanent 1575 in the Elizabethan village of "Kingston-upon-Hull" 1995 22 fair acres (04a) early – mid-April (two weekends) 25,000 North Carolina Ren Faire
Northern California Renaissance Faire California Hollister; non-permanent Derbyshire village of "Willingtown"; mid 1600s 2004 11 acres (09b) mid-September – mid-October (six weekends) 150,000[22] NorCal RenFaire
Northwest Renaissance Festival Washington Nine Mile Falls 1520, in the Tudor village of "Pleasance" 1995 (07a) early July – early August (four weekends) Northwest Renaissance Festival
Nottingham Festival California Simi Valley; non-permanent Nottingham, Elizabethan England 2013 (11a) November Nottingham Festival
Ohio Renaissance Festival Ohio Harveysburg; permanent 1572 A.D. in the English village of "Willy-Nilly on the Wash;" during the reign of Elizabeth I 1990 30 acres (09a) September – October (nine weekends) 180,000 (season) Renaissance Festival
Oklahoma Renaissance Festival Oklahoma Muskogee; permanent 1569 during the reign of Elizabeth I "Castleton" border town of Scotland & England, multiple country quarters (Italian, Celtic) 1995 30 fair acres; 40 acres parking (04b) Late April through first weekend June (six weekends) 88,000 (2017 season) The Castle of Muskogee
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Pennsylvania Mount Hope Estate Manheim; permanent 1589 English shire of "Mount Hope"; features Marlowe, Shakespeare and Elizabeth I, from 2014-2018 an early Tudor Henry VIII theme 1981 35 acres (08a) August – October (thirteen weekends) 250,000 (season)[4] Penn Faire
Pirate Fest Las Vegas Nevada Craig Ranch Regional Park Pirates and fantasy (04a) Mid April Nevada RenFest
Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival Pennsylvania West Newton; permanent "Morelandshire;" during the 16th century 1994 20 fair acres; 280 parking acres (08c) late August – September (six weekends) 55,000 (2005 season) Pittsburgh RenFest
Renaissance Festival of Nebraska Nebraska Papillion "Crownsbury" 15th to 16th century 2008 8 Festival acres: 20 parking acres (05a) First 2 weekends in May 11,000 (2018 season) Renaissance Festival of Nebraska
Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California California Irwindale The market at "Port Deptford"; late 16th century 1962 (oldest) 20 acres[23] (04a) April – late May 200,000 (2004 season)[10] SoCal RenFair
Riverdale Kiwanis Medieval Faire Florida Lakes Park, Ft. Myers 900 – 1300 A.D. 1996 (01b) mid-January – late January Medieval Faire
Sarasota Medieval Fair Florida Sarasota Fairgrounds, Sarasota 1381 A.D. 2005 (11b) mid-November 25,000 (2011 season)[24] Sarasota MedFair
Scarborough Renaissance Festival Texas Waxahachie; permanent 1521 Scarborough, under the reign of King Henry VIII 1981 35 acres (04a) early April – Memorial Day 200,000 (2010 season)[25] Scarborough Fair
Sherwood Forest Faire Texas Paige; permanent site 1189–1199, Sherwood Forest; under the reign of Richard the Lion-Hearted; some fantasy elements; 100 permanent buildings including a complete castle. 2010 25 acres, general population camping, clan camping (02b) early March – late April 101,000 (2019 season) Sherwood Forest Faire
Siouxland Renaissance Festival South Dakota W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds, Sioux Falls, Sd Shrewsbury, England 1575, the 17th year of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth's reign 2001 six stages, parking, camping at fairgrounds (06a) First Weekend of June 3,500 Siouxland Festival
Spring Escondido Renaissance Faire California Felicita County Park, Escondido, California; semi-permanent The Shire of Escondido; Her Majesty, Queen "Elizabeth Gloriana" 2000 53 acres (04a) April and May 5,000 Old Tyme Productions
Sterling Renaissance Festival New York Sterling; permanent The fictional village of "Warwick;" 1585 England 1976 35+ acres; 12 stages; some camping areas[26] (07a) July - August 100,000[27] Sterling, NY Festival
Tennessee Renaissance Festival Tennessee Arrington-Triune; permanent 16th-century town of "Covington Glen;" features a full-sized replica "border castle", known as "Castell Gwynn" 1985 68 acres (05a) May (four weekends) 45,000 (2008 season) Tennessee RenFest
Texas Renaissance Festival Texas Todd Mission; permanent The King's "New Market Village;" 3rd–16th century; Roman, Scots, Celts, pirates, fantasy 1974 25 stages; 55 fair acres; 200+ camping acres; parking; (10a) October – November (nine weekends) 678,500 (2016 season)[28] TRF
Three Barons Renaissance Faire Alaska 3400 East Tudor Rd, Anchorage; semi-permanent The Italian, Arabic, and English camps at the village of "Hillshire;" pirates, fantasy 1992 No pets; (06a) first two full weekends in June 3 Barons
Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire Utah Marriott-Slaterville; semi-permanent 1500–1650 in medieval "Hawkhurst;" some fantasy elements 2006 52 acres (05a) May (four weekends) 25,000 (2011 season)[29] Utah RenFest
Valhalla Renaissance Faire California Camp Richardson, South Lake Tahoe; semi-permanent 1580 Elizabethan England; nobility, pirates, barbarians 1993 three stages; seven acres (05c) Memorial day weekend – mid-June 49,000 (2010 season)[30] ValhallaFaire
Vermont Renaissance Faire Vermont Mayo Events Fields, Stowe, Vermont; semi-permanent Renaissance,

Fantasy, Medieval

2016 3 stages, demo field, joust field, multiple encampments End of June (one weekend) 7,000+ Vermont Gatherings
Virginia Renaissance Faire Virginia Spotsylvania; semi-permanent Elizabethan village of "Stafford" in the 1580s; pirates, Celts; inventors 2002 No pets; (05b) mid-May – mid-June (four weekends) 20,000 (2014 season) Virginia Renaissance Faire
Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire Washington The Kelley Farm, Bonney Lake; permanent site The 1577 village of "Merriwick", Elizabethan England; pirates, carnival, fantasy elements 2010 Pets allowed; six stages; 150 acres (approx.); campsites available (08a) August 45,000 (2015) Midsummer Faire
West Virginia Renaissance Festival West Virginia Hollow Hills Farm, Lewisburg, West Virginia; permanent site The village of "Essex", broadly renaissance with fantasy elements 2018 15 acres; 6 stages plus an equestrian arena Every weekend in June Growing annually West Virginia Renaissance Festival
Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire Washington Columbia Park, Kennewick, Washington Elizabethan/Shakespearean Era celebration, circa 1585, vendors, performances, jousting 1989 eight stages (09b) mid-September 5,000 (2016)[31] Ye Merrie Greenwood Players
Permanent = mostly permanent, purpose-built structures at stable location; Semi-permanent = may feature a few permanent purpose-built structures at a stable location; Repeating = event occurs regularly but with no permanent, purpose-built structures and/or at changing location(s)


Most Canadian events are only one weekend in duration. Those notable and older than 10 years are listed here.

Name Location Setting Year opened Area Season Average seasonal attendance Reference / external link
Robin in the Hood Gibson Park, Elmira, Ontario (non-permanent) Fictional Elmira; King Richard, Prince John, and Robin Hood 2001 mid-May (one weekend) two stages; pets allowed; (repeating non-permanent) Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival
Kingdom of Osgoode Medieval Festival 5673 Osgoode Main Street, Osgoode, Ontario Kingdom of Osgoode; Middle Ages; knights, Vikings 2008 one stage; camping; no pets; (repeating non-permanent) mid-July (one weekend)[32] Osgoode Medieval Fest
Montreal Medieval Fair (Salon de la Passion Medievale)[33] Centre Pierre Charbonneau, Montreal, Quebec 2001 (repeating non-permanent) early May (one weekend) Salon Medieval
Oxford Renaissance Festival Dorchester Fairgrounds, 4939 Hamilton Rd, Dorchester, ON N0L 1G6 Village of Wolvercote in the 1560s. 2013 6 stages, indoor pub. Free parking, open rain or shine One weekend near the end of June Oxford Renaissance Festival
Medieval Faire (Canada's Wonderland) 1981

Australia and New Zealand[edit]

Most Australian events are only one or two days in duration. Notable Renaissance and Medieval events (older than 10 years) are listed here.

Name Location Setting Year opened Area Season Average seasonal attendance Reference / external link
Abbey Tournament and Medieval Festival Abbey Museum, Brisbane, Australia 600 – 1600 A.D.; authentic 1990 late June – early July 37,000 (season) Tournament
Balingup Medieval Carnivale Balingup, Western Australia, Australia "Balingup Village" 1996 late August Balingup MedFest

South Africa[edit]

Name Location Setting Year opened Area Season Annual attendance Reference / external link(s)
Magical Medieval Fayre La Vue Lodge, Nietgedacht, South Africa Fictional land of Moordoor First Saturday in June Medieval Fayre, various coverage


United Kingdom[edit]

Name Location Setting Year opened Area Season Average seasonal attendance Reference / external link
Jorvik Viking Festival York, England Viking town of "Jorvik" in 948 A.D. 1984 At the site of old Viking settlement of Jorvik mid-January and mid-February 40,000 (2011 season)[34] Viking Fest
Tewkesbury Medieval Festival Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England 1984[35] Recreates 1471 Battle of Tewkesbury Second full weekend in July[36] Tewkesbury Medieval Festival
England's Medieval Festival Herstmonceux Castle, Sussex, England July

Elsewhere in Europe[edit]

Name Location Setting Year opened Area Season Average seasonal attendance Reference / external link
European Renaissance and Carnival of Venice (Festival Europeo di Rievocazioni Storiche) Venice, Italy Historic "Venezia" in the Middle Ages; many fantasy elements as it is also part of the Carnival of Venice 1979 at the Piazza San Marco February
European Renaissance of Candela Candela, Italy 2013 at piazzetta May
Centre de l'Imaginaire Arthurien Rennes, Bittany, France 1988
Castlefest Lisse, Netherlands Medieval scenes, games and more, related to renaissance and fantasy 2004 Throughout the castle grounds of castle Keukenhof early August
Kaltenberger Knights Tournament (Ritterturnier) Kaltenberg Castle, Geltendorf, Bavaria, Germany 14th-century medieval marketplace; authentic 1980 Throughout the castle grounds early – late July 120,000 (2010 season)[37] Ritterturnier
Medieval Market of Turku City of Turku, Finland A medieval marketplace in the 14th and 15th centuries 1996 Old Great Square late June 100,000 (2005 season)[38] Medieval Market
Medieval Rose Festival Rhodes, Greece It's 1309 through 1523 A.D. on the "Island of Rhodos"; some fantasy elements 2005 late May – early July Medieval Rhodes
Medieval Week on Gotland Visby, Gotland Island, Sweden 1361 A.D. in the Middle Ages market town of "Visby"; authentic 1984 The entire island early – mid-August Medeltidsveckan
Horber Ritterspiele (Knights games of Horb am Neckar) Horb am Neckar, Germany Knights tournament, camp life, medieval market Historic city center, next to the river June
Montelago Celtic Festival (Il Festival di Montelago) Marche, Serravalle di Chienti, Italy Late Middle Ages fantasy Celtic villages, lectures and games 2002 Upland of Taverne, Serravalle, Macerata First weekend of August Montelago Celtic Festival website
Santa Maria Medieval Journey (Viagem Medieval em Terra de Santa Maria) Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro, Portugal The early 15th century in the village of "Feira" marketplace and castle; authentic In the Feira castle and surrounding city streets late July – early August Santa Maria Feira Medieval
Duke John's Festival (Hertug Hans Festival) Haderslev, South Jutland, Denmark Duke John II's reign in Haderslev, and the bringing of reformation to Denmark The town center of Haderslev early June Homepage
Federicus Altamura, Italy The king Frederick II visits the city with his entourage 2012[39] Historic city center last weekend of April (three days) Federicus
Renesansni festival Koprivnica (Renaissance fair Koprivnica) Koprivnica, Croatia 4-day historical mega spectacle Renaissance Festival kerning late medieval historical facts and originality of Koprivnica, Drava and the Croatian cultural heritage values 2005 Koprivnica fortress walls late August 50,000 Renesanski festival Koprivnica
Zeitreise ins Mittelalter


Eggenburg, Austria Cultural medieval festival; yearly changing topic (2015: The Reception of the Middle Ages; 2016: Myths and Legends; 2017: The 500 Anniversary of the Reformation) 1995 In the historic center of Eggenburg Second weekend of September 30,000 Zeitreise ins Mittelalter Eggenburg
Bitwa pod Grunwaldem (Battle of Grunwald) Stębark,


Cultural medieval festival with the main theme of the battle of Grunwald in 1410. The main event is the staging of the battle 1998 Fields of Grunwald near the village of Stębark Around 10th of July Bitwa pod Grunwaldem

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