List of Republic of Korea Navy weaponry

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The Republic of Korea Navy, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), and the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) of South Korea have been developing naval weaponry with local defense companies.

Notable weaponry[edit]

Name Type Introduced Versions Adapted for use Manufacturer Notes
Mark 44 lightweight torpedo (324 mm) 1970s - - General Electric Retired
KT-75 (Sangeo) lightweight torpedo (324 mm) 1970s - - - Copy of Mark 44 (Designed 1975-76)
K-744 lightweight torpedo (324 mm) 1986 - FF, Lynx/Super Lynx, P-3 LIG NEX1 (formerly LG Precision Co. Ltd.) The ADD had commenced negotiations with Honeywell for the co-development
SUT (Surface and Underwater Target) heavyweight torpedo (533 mm) 1992 Mod 2 - AEG Export version of DM1 Seeschlange[1]
Baeksangeo (White Shark) heavyweight torpedo (483 mm) 2000 K731 Chang Bogo class LIG NEX1 -
Cheongsangeo (Blue Shark) lightweight torpedo (324 mm) 2005 K745 DDG, DDH-I/II, FF, Lynx/Super Lynx, P-3 LIG NEX1 Indigenous system
Hongsangeo (Red Shark) anti-submarine rocket (ASROC) 2011 n/a - LIG NEX1 -
MBDA Exocet anti-ship missile 1975 MM38 FF MBDA Missile Systems Retired
Harpoon anti-ship missile 1977 AGM-84A/C/D/G DDH-I, FF, Chang Bogo class Boeing Slowly being retired
MBDA Sea Skua (Flying Shark) Helicopter Launched Light Anti-Ship Missile 1996 - Lynx/Super Lynx MBDA Missile Systems -
Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missile 1998 RIM-7 DDH-I - -
RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) surface-to-air missile 2002 RIM-116 DDG, DDH-II, LPH LIG NEX1 Licensed production
Haeseong (C-Star) anti-ship missile 2006 SSM-700K DDG, DDH-II, FFG-I/II, PKG LIG NEX1 Developed 1996-2003
Haeryong (Sea Dragon) tactical ship-to-land missile 2016 - FFG-I/II LIG NEX1 Variant of Haeseong anti-ship missile
130mm guided rocket anti-ship missile 2017 - PKMR LIG NEX1 -
Hyeonmu III cruise missile 2008 Hyeonmu IIIA - LIG NEX1 Hyeonmu IIIB & Hyeonmu IIIC under development
SM-2 surface-to-air missile - RIM-66 DDG, DDH-II - -
SM-6 anti-ballistic missile 2016 - - - [2]
KDCOM-I,II Combat management system - - DDH-I/II Samsung The samsung had commenced negotiations with BAE Systems for the co-development
Nobong 40mm twin naval gun 1980s 40L70K PKG, LST-I/II, MLS-I Doosan DST (formerly Daewoo Heavy Industries) -
Mk45 (5-Inch/54-caliber) 127mm naval gun - KMK45 (Mod 4) DDG, DDH-II, FF Hyundai Wia (formerly Kia Special Steel Co., Ltd) Licensed production