List of Japanese Residents-General of Korea

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This is a list of Japanese Residents-General of Korea when it was a protectorate of Japanese rule.

Itō Hirobumi was the first resident-general. There were three residents-general in total. After the annexation of Korea to Japan, the last resident-general, Terauchi Masatake became the first governor-general.

All names on the list follow Eastern convention (family name followed by given name).

Color key (for political parties)

      Rikken Seiyūkai
      Rikken Minseitō
      Rikken Dōshikai
      Taisei Yokusankai
      The Imperial Family
      Democratic (1947, 1954)
      Liberal Democratic
      Japan New


A# I# Portrait Name Took office Left office Political party Monarchs served
Rōmaji Kanji
1 1 Itô Hirobumi.jpg Itō Hirobumi 伊藤 博文 1905 1909 None Meiji
2 2 Sone Arasuke.jpg Sone Arasuke 曾禰 荒助 1909 1909 None
3 3 Portrait of Masatake Terauchi.jpg Terauchi Masatake 寺内 正毅 1909 1910 None

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