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This is a list of fictional characters that appear in the PlayStation role-playing video game Revelations: Persona, and the PSP remake Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Playable characters[edit]


The Main Character (named by the player shortly after the start of the game) is a student at St. Hermelin High School and the protagonist of the story. Very little information is given about him. The decisions the player makes for him will affect the epilogue of the game.

The Main Character wields a one-handed sword as his melee weapon. He can use a machinegun to attack at long range. His initial Persona is Seimen Kongou. His ultimate persona is Amon Ra. Like most of the main characters, he wears a gray St. Hermelin school uniform with a black collar.

He is named Yūya Narumi (鳴海 優也 Narumi Yūya?) in the CD drama, Jihei Suzakuin (朱雀院 慈平 Suzakuin Jihei?) in the novel Megami Ibunroku Persona: Shadow Maze by Naoko Korekata, and Naoya Tōdō (藤堂 尚也 Tōdō Naoya?) in the manga by Shinshū Ueda.

Although not seen, he is referenced numerous times in both Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. In Innocent Sin after first meeting with Eriko (Ellen), she tells Tatsuya how he reminds her of their former leader, later telling him that "He was my...". Ellen (Eriko) and Nate (Kei) discuss that the protagonist has no recollection of what went on in St. Hermelin, but appears to be the same person they knew in high school. He also shows up as an apparition in Ellen's path (a ploy used by a demon), taunting her. When she finds out, she grows angry, yelling "How dare you take his face!" at the stalker. It is heavily implied that she was in a relationship with the main protagonist, or that she is at least in love with him. It can be seen in many instances of her dialogue with various characters. It is in the Spring of Mirrors at Mt. Iwato that she only gathers enough courage to make an intimate promise to him at graduation, days after Maki's memories were selectively wiped when the city returned to normal.

Hidehiko Uesugi[edit]

Hidehiko "Brown" Uesugi (上杉 秀彦, ブラウン Uesugi Hidehiko, Buraun?), known in Revelations: Persona as Brad, is a brash, cocky youth with fiery red hair. It was his idea to persuade his fellow students to play "Persona", which resulted in the fateful meeting with Philemon. Following the changeover to Maki's dream world, Hidehiko finds himself imprisoned inside the Police Station. The player may opt to recruit Hidehiko or leave him to his own devices.

Hidehiko's melee weapon is spear, and uses the same machineguns as the protagonist. His initial Persona is Nemain. Hidehiko does, in fact, wear the school uniform, slightly unbuttoned, with a purple undershirt with a red spade design on it, as proven via his character art, along with bright red boots, which his pants are tucked into.

Kei Nanjō[edit]

Kei Nanjō (南条 圭 Nanjō Kei?), referred to by his fellow students by his last name Nanjō, known in Revelations: Persona as Nate, is heir to the Nanjō family fortune and is a well-meaning snob. He is followed everywhere by his devoted family butler, Yamaoka. Nanjō apparently does not spend much time with his parents, so Yamaoka's death at the hands of zombies deeply affects him.[1] Because he and Takahisa Kandori mingle in the same social gatherings, Nanjō knows the most about him than anyone else in the party.[2] Nanjō shows a ruthless degree of pragmatism, and has nothing but dislike for the outspoken Masao.[3] Masao hits Nanjō in the face after the latter advises that Maki should die in order to restore order to the city. Nanjō also encourages the main character to allow a SEBEC scientist to die, as a consequence of an attempt to stop Takahisa.

Nanjō wields two handed swords as his melee weapon. His long-range weapon is a hunting rifle with sight. His initial Persona is Aizen Myouou. Nanjō wears a blue scarf with an embroidered "#1" in addition to his uniform.

In Persona 3, Mitsuru Kirijo mentions that the Kirijo company is no longer under the Nanjō group, referencing Nanjō's company.

Nanjō is also a guest on the television show 'Who's Who', a show about previous Persona characters and what they are doing now. He is described as "a man in his 20's who is proud of his intelligence". He can be identified by all the #1 designs on his clothing.

Masao Inaba[edit]

Masao "Mark" Inaba (稲葉 正男, マーク Inaba Masao, Māku?), known in Revelations: Persona as just Mark, is a graffiti artist who loves to dance. Masao considers himself to be the polar opposite of Nanjō, and the two of them do not get along. Masao has a crush on Maki and dutifully visits her in the hospital. He physically assaults Nanjō inside Maki's stasis room after Nanjō suggests killing Maki in order to sever her control over them.

He wields an axe as his melee weapon. He also uses shotguns. His initial Persona is Ogun. In addition to his school uniform, Masao wears a yellow tuque.

In Revelations: Persona, Mark's character design was changed in an attempt to make the game ethnically diverse. His tuque was changed into a baseball cap, and his ethnicity was changed from Japanese to African.

He is one of the two main characters to not appear in either part of Persona 2 (the other being Yuka Ayase) as he moved to New York after graduating from St. Hermlin to study art.

Mark appears in Persona 3 on the TV program 'Who's Who', a show about previous Persona characters and what they are doing now. He is introduced as a "Man in his 20's with a yellow cap" and the program goes on to say that he is studying art overseas.

The fictional city in Persona 4 is named Inaba (short for Yasoinaba), a likely reference to Masao's family name.

Yuka Ayase[edit]

Yuka Ayase (綾瀬 優香 Ayase Yuka?), known in Revelations: Persona as Alana, is a temptress with pigtails. Yuka is taken as the mandatory fifth member of the team if the player doesn't take along Hidehiko or Eriko and didn't do the preliminary work to obtain Reiji. She is however a mandatory character during the Snow Queen Quest.

Yuka's melee weapon is a whip, but she can also use handguns. Her initial Persona is Houris. Yuka wears a striped jacket, similar to the uniform pattern of the students in Shin Megami Tensei over her school uniform, which makes it appear as if she's wearing a plaid skirt, only because of the length of the jacket.

She is one of the two main characters to not appear in either part of Persona 2 (the other being Masao Inaba) as she moved out of the area after graduating from St. Hermlin, eventually getting married.

Rise Kujikawa's look from Persona 4 is very reminiscent to Yuka's.

Eriko Kirishima[edit]

Eriko "Elly" Kirishima (桐島 英理子, エリー Kirishima Eriko, Erī?), known in Revelations: Persona as Ellen, is a gorgeous student who aspires to become a fashion model or clothing designer. In the Japanese version of the game, she has studied abroad and frequently uses English phrases (in the English versions, she uses French phrases). Though she is bright, she fails to take life-or-death situations very seriously. Eriko will only appear if the player refuses to let Hidehiko join the party. She runs into the traveling party while exploring the abandoned subway station.

Eriko wields one handed swords for melee attacks. Like Nanjō, her choice of long-range weapon is a rifle. Her initial Persona is Nike. Eriko wears an orange neckerchief in addition to her school uniform.

Yukino Mayuzumi[edit]

Yukino Mayuzumi (黛 ゆきの Mayuzumi Yukino?), known in Revelations: Persona as Yuki, is a reformed street punk who polices her fellow students. She credits her teacher Ms. Saeko for saving her from a self-destructive life. Yukino only briefly joins the party inside the hospital where Maki is being held. She is a mandatory character during the Snow Queen Quest. After Ms. Saeko unwittingly becomes possessed by the spirit of the Snow Queen, Yukino becomes determined to save her.

Yukino fights by throwing razor blades. Her long-range weapon is a double-barreled shotgun. Her initial Persona is Vesta. Yukino wears a modified version of her St. Hermelin uniform; unlike other female characters, her skirt is ankle-length and adorned with safety pins, similar to the style worn by gangster females in Japan.

Maki Sonomura[edit]

Maki Sonomura (園村 麻希 Sonomura Maki?), known in Revelations: Persona as Mary, is a frail girl who has been sick all of her life. More recently, she has been suffering from dementia which has left her bedridden. She is visited often by the main character and his friends, Masao and Kei. Unable to interact with the outside world, Maki retreats to a fantasy world of her own imagination. Takahisa Kandori uses Maki's psyche as a test subject for his DVA generator, which converts the entire city into a reflection of Maki's unconscious mind. The trauma also fragments Maki into three beings: "Aki", "Mai", and the malevolent "Pandora". Maki's realm is nearly identical to the real world, save for her being healthy.

While visiting Maki in the hospital, the main character and his companions are unwittingly transported to Maki's world, an idyllic reflection of the city which is being overrun with demons. When they return to St. Hermelin, they are greeted by Maki, who joins them on their mission. Unbeknownst to anyone, this version of Maki is merely an illusion. The real Maki is being kept in Takahisa's laboratory, where her brain is being harnessed to maintain the dream city.

Maki's main weapon is a hand bow, which can hit enemies at long range. Her firearm is a handgun suited for close range. Her initial Persona is Matsu. Her ultimate persona is Valzante. In the dream world, Maki wears a gray St. Hermelin uniform and a black tie.

In Persona 3, a bow called "Mary's Resolve" can be found in Tartarus' Monad Block. This is connected to Maki's Revelations: Persona name, Mary.

Reiji Kido[edit]

Reiji Kido (城戸 玲司 Kido Reiji?), known in Revelations: Persona as Chris, is a long-haired student with an X-shaped scar in his face who is seen sneaking around St. Hermelin High School and around the SEBEC building. He is relentlessly hunting down Takahisa;[4] consequently, he does not socialize well with the other party members.[5] Reiji is the half-brother of Takahisa, the product of an affair between Takahisa's father and his mistress.[6] He is disgruntled because Takahisa's father abandoned his mother when she became pregnant with Reiji.[7] He is the most difficult party member to recruit.

Reiji appears on the TV program "Who's Who" in Persona 3. He is introduced initially as a man in his 20's with a "sour face", which is immediately recanted and changed to "a handsome salaryman". The host wonders aloud how Reiji got the scar on his forehead, which he's trying in vain to hide with his hair.

Apart from an assault rifle as his long-range weapon, Reiji enters battle armed only with his fists. His initial Persona is Bres. Reiji wears a St. Hermelin High uniform like the other students, albeit unbuttoned and disheveled.

Supporting characters[edit]


Philemon is a benevolent spirit who resides "between consciousness and unconsciousness". He physically resembles a tall man wearing a white mask. In the waking world, his presence is indicated by a golden butterfly. The party members are brought to Philemon's realm and are bestowed with their Personae. Though largely a neutral observer, Philemon is more or less an ally to the party. Philemon is a direct reference to Carl Jung's wise spirit guide (see Analytical psychology).


Keeper of the Velvet Room, an astral space existing outside of the real world (similar to Philemon's space). Igor summons Personae in exchange for cards, a function he serves in every Persona game. While summoning, Igor contacts the Persona using what appears to be a cell phone carved out of bone.

Principal Ooishi[edit]

The principal of St. Hermelin High. She adores children and flowers, according to the game description. She is trapped in the Dream World in the Snow Queen Quest, where Hanya's dream of becoming principal overshadows her, and she ends up in his dream as the Vice Principal. Her name is changed to Dr. Kotter in Revelations: Persona.

Ms. Saeko[edit]

Full name Saeko Takami, known in Revelations: Persona as Ms. Smith, is an idealistic, liberal-minded teacher at St. Hermelin. She is well regarded by her students and shows genuine concern for them. Ms. Saeko also kept Yukino from falling into a life of crime. She plays a major role in the Snow Queen quest after she is possessed by the Snow Queen's mask, which causes St. Hermelin High School to freeze over.

Vice Principal Hanya[edit]

Vice Principal Hanya (Han'ya kyōtō), known in Revelations: Persona as Dean Harding is the Vice-Principal of St. Hermelin High School. Unlike Ms. Saeko, the Hanya hardly cares for his students and is concerned only with enforcing rules and evading lawsuits. He is detested by everyone at school. His students nickname him "Hannya," a play on his name (a Hannya is a demon from Japanese folklore). In the North American release of Revelations: Persona, the students refer to him as "Darth Harding."

Yuko Himeno[edit]

She has a shy personality and is one of Maki Sonomura's friends. She lives in an 'extraordinarily' small house (Claimed by Kei Nanjo) and works part-time jobs to support her family.

Tadashi Satomi[edit]

Tadashi Satomi (Satomi Tadashi), known in Revelations: Persona as Tad, is an obnoxious, glasses-wearing kid who attends St. Hermelin. He is simultaneously a love interest and rival of Tamaki.[8] Tadashi is the son of local pharmacist. He is named for a pharmacy chain that appears in later Persona games.

Tamaki Uchida[edit]

Tamaki Uchida (Uchida Tamaki), known in Revelations: Persona as Tammy, is an attractive girl who attends St. Hermelin and fights on the fencing team. Although she is always arguing with Tadashi, the two actually have a soft spot for one another. Tamaki is also the unnamed heroine from Shin Megami Tensei if...


"Toro" (Kenta Yokouchi), known in Revelations: Persona as "Chunky", is the nickname for a portly fellow student at St. Hermelin. In the Snow Queen Quest, he becomes possessed by a phallic demon after Yuka stomps on his heart yet again. His nickname is a play on his weight, as toro refers to the fatty part of tuna.


Yamaoka, known in Revelations: Persona as Alfred, is Nanjō's faithful butler. He perishes at the beginning of the game while secretly keeping an eye on Nanjō; he eventually returns as Nanjō's Ultimate Persona. Yamaoka's first name is never revealed.

Yosuke Naito[edit]

Yosuke Naito is Maki's crush. However, he is already dating Chisato Kasai. He and Chisato disappeared two months prior to the events of the game, supposedly having eloped. He was actually taken to Maki's dream world, which was separate from the real world then. Once there, he and Chisato became separated, and Aki took away Chisato. When Yosuke fought Aki to save Chisato, he was wounded and later took refuge in the Demon St. Hermelin. He later confronts Chisato after the protagonist and Maki defeated her. He reveals that he used to like Maki as she said, but now he loves her and will accept her for who she is. This breaks the Mirror's curse, changing Chisato back to normal and the two reconciled. He and Chisato then returns to school while Maki and the others continue their search for Kandori.

Chisato Kasai[edit]

Chisato Kasai is Maki's best friend. She is in love with Yosuke Naito, and the two of them disappeared two months prior to the events of the game, supposedly having eloped. She was actually taken to Maki's dream world, which was still separate from the real world back then. Once there, she and Yosuke became separated, and Aki found her and made her into the Harem Queen as an experiment for Takahasi Kandori. She received a Chaos Mirror that granted her wishes in the same way as the Compacts, but every time she used it, a mole would appear on her face. Chisato later reveals that she doesn't love Yosuke, and was only pretending to make Maki jealous. However, after she was defeated and reunites with Yosuke, she realises that she truly loves him and she reconciles with Maki.


Takahisa Kandori[edit]

Takahisa Kandori (神取 鷹久 Kandori Takahisa?), known in Revelations: Persona as Guido Sardenia, is head of Saeki Electronics & Biological Energy Corporation (SEBEC). Although SEBEC masquerades as an energy company, it is actually the cause of the demons overrunning the city.[9] As later revealed in Persona 2, Takahisa's corruption led to Nyarlathotep being summoned to his side. If Takahisa is not being controlled by Nyarlathotep, then he is most certainly being goaded by him, at the very least. Takahisa's crown jewel is the DVA System (pronounced "Deva"), a generator which opens gateways to parallel dimensions by feeding off brainwaves from an unconscious host.

Takahisa is the initial antagonist of the game storyline, using his machine to enter Maki's mind and make contact with her malevolent Id, "Maggie". The result is the eastern half of the city becomes shrouded in black fog, indicating that it is under Takahisa's control. Although his plan is a complete success, Takahisa unexpectedly becomes nihilistic and bored with his power.[10] By the time the party confronts him in his new palace, the Deva Yuga, the remorseful Takahisa has lost the will to fight. When Nanjō calls him "weak", however, Takahisa loses his temper and attacks anyway. Upon his defeat, he becomes possessed by his own Persona and transforms into a large demon.[11] Takahisa dies shortly after revealing Maki's true identity, as well as her connection to the DVA machine. In the "Snow Queen" quest, a surreal vision of Takahisa appears as a disinterested ally of the Night Queen, wearing his crisp St. Hermelin school uniform (despite having graduated many years beforehand).

In battle, Takahisa fights using a one-handed sword. His Persona is Massacre, which is later revealed to be a guise of Nyarlathotep.[12]

Kumi Hirose[edit]

Kumi Hirose is a sad girl who is in charge of Hypnos Tower (and the Dream World within it). She created a dream world of her own to escape the ridicule of family and schoolmates, with the help of her a guardian named Hypnos, who was given to her by the Snow Queen. In her tower, she keeps a number of St. Hermelin's students and faculty in unarousable sleep, believing she is doing them a service by trapping them in their personal paradise.

Michiko Matsudaira[edit]

Michiko Matsudaia is a sadistic girl in charge of Nemesis Tower. Another minion of the Snow Queen, she keeps Toro and Devil Boy in a special room for karmically-ironic torture. Her Persona, Nemesis, relies on the negative emotions of the tower's prisoners for her power.

Yuriko Yamamoto[edit]

Yuriko Yamamoto is the seemingly-cheerful mistress of Thanatos Tower. She's a popular student who worried about what would happen after her graduation, convinced that she would go into a downward spiral and end up an unhappy housewife. In another time, she was picked to play the Snow Queen, and the mask convinced her to kill herself to escape the hardships of the real world. Her cutesy demeanor is actually an act, and her despair at being alone in the tower fuels its power.

Tomomi Fujimori[edit]

Tomomi Fujimori is the main antagonist of the Snow Queen Quest. She was a friend of Ms. Saeko and a fellow drama club member many years ago, and won the coveted title role in the school's yearly production of The Snow Queen. However the mask is said to have a curse on it, and the mask disfigured her, before killing her and feeding on her hatred. Her Persona, the Night Queen, eventually reveals itself as the true antagonist, wishing to bring the world into an eternal night from the top of her Castle of Ice at St. Hermelin.


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