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A list of Rhodes Scholars, covering notable people who are Rhodes Scholarship recipients, sorted by year and surname.

Key to the columns in the main table:

Column label Description of Column contents
Name The name of the scholarship recipient.
University The University where the eligible studies were performed. Note that under the terms of Rhodes' will, there are only 14 regions which nominate candidates — see Rhodes Scholarship#Allocations.
Oxford College The Oxford College where the studies supported by the scholarship were performed.
Year The year in which the scholarship was awarded.
Notability A brief summary (max. 2 lines) of the recipient's notability.

Behan, JohnJohn Behan Melbourne Hertford 1904 Lawyer and academic (University and Trinity Colleges)[1]
Jolly, NormanNorman Jolly Adelaide Balliol 1904 Forester who played First-class cricket for Worcestershire[2]
Tigert, John J.John J. Tigert Vanderbilt Pembroke 1904 U.S. Commissioner of Education (1921–1928), President of the University of Florida (1928–1947)[3]
Robertson, PhilipPhilip Robertson Victoria (NZ) Trinity 1905 New Zealand chemist, university professor and writer[4]
Robinson, RoyRoy Robinson Adelaide Magdalen 1905 The first Baron Robinson, regarded as the chief architect of state forestry in Great Britain[5]
Brinkmann, CarlCarl Brinkmann [a] Queen's 1904 German sociologist and economist[6]
Ault, WarrenWarren Ault Baker Jesus 1907 Historian at Boston University from 1913 to 1957, becoming Huntington Professor of History[7]
Haring, Clarence H.Clarence H. Haring Harvard New College 1907 American historian
Locke, Alain LeRoyAlain LeRoy Locke Harvard Hertford 1907 Philosopher, writer, educator and Harlem Renaissance patron[8]
Macrossan, NealNeal Macrossan Queensland[a] Magdalen 1907 Chief Justice of Queensland 1946–1955[9]
Holman, Frank E.Frank E. Holman Utah Exeter 1908 President of the American Bar Association (1948)[10]
Broster, LennoxLennox Broster Rhodes Trinity 1909 Consulting surgeon, Charing Cross Hospital[11]
Fry, HenryHenry Fry Adelaide Balliol 1909 Physician and anthropologist[12]
Barbeau, MariusMarius Barbeau Laval Oriel 1910 Canadian ethnographer and folklorist[13]
Davis, ElmerElmer Davis Franklin Queen's[b] 1910 American newsman, Director of the U.S. Office of War Information during World War II[14]
Hartley, RalphRalph Hartley Utah St John's 1910 Inventor of the Hartley oscillator, Mathematician, and winner of the IRE Medal of Honor (1946)[15]
Hofmeyr, JanJan Hofmeyr Cape Town Balliol 1910 Academic, public administrator, and South African liberal politician
Hooton, EarnestEarnest Hooton Lawrence University 1910 American physical anthropologist
Hubble, EdwinEdwin Hubble Chicago Queen's 1910 American astronomer
Ransom, JohnJohn Ransom Vanderbilt Christ Church 1910 Poet
Aydelotte, FrankFrank Aydelotte Indiana Brasenose 1911 President of Swarthmore College (1921–1940)
Madigan, CecilCecil Madigan Adelaide Magdalen 1911 Explorer and geologist[16]
Herring, EdmundEdmund Herring Melbourne New College 1912 Australian Army general, barrister, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria (1944–1964), Lieutenant Governor of Victoria (1945–1972)[17]
Senger, Frido vonFrido von Senger [a] St John's 1912 German General in World War II
Blanshard, BrandBrand Blanshard Michigan Merton 1913 Philosopher
Brose, HenryHenry Brose Adelaide Christ Church 1913 Physicist, academic, pathologist, biochemist[18]
Kerr, FrankFrank Kerr Melbourne University 1913 Australian rules footballer, doctor and soldier
Clason, Charles R.Charles R. Clason Bates Christ Church 1914 U.S. Congressman (Massachusetts) (1937–1949)
Kent Hughes, WilfridWilfrid Kent Hughes [a] Christ Church 1914 Australian soldier, Olympian and Olympic Games organiser, author, and federal and state government minister[19]
Manley, NormanNorman Manley Jamaica Jesus 1914 Chief Minister of Jamaica 1955–1959, Premier of Jamaica 1959–1962
Penfield, WilderWilder Penfield Princeton Merton 1914 Canadian neurosurgeon
Bailey, KennethKenneth Bailey Melbourne 1918 Solicitor-General of Australia; father of Peter Bailey (ρ 1949)
Paterson, FredFred Paterson Queensland Merton 1918 The only Australian Communist politician ever to win an election[20]
Saunders, John MonkJohn Monk Saunders Washington Magdalen 1918 Screenwriter of Wings and The Dawn Patrol
Michener, RolandRoland Michener Alberta Hertford 1919 Governor General of Canada (1967–1974), lawyer, politician
Estabrooks, GeorgeGeorge Estabrooks Harvard Exeter 1920 Psychology department head at Colgate University, authority on hypnosis during World War II
Harlan II, John MarshallJohn Marshall Harlan II Princeton Balliol 1920 Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1955–1971)
Wheen, Arthur WesleyArthur Wesley Wheen Sydney New College 1920 Keeper of Victoria and Albert Museum
Florey, HowardHoward Florey Adelaide Magdalen 1921 Australian pharmacologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1945 (for penicillin)[21]
Hancock, KeithKeith Hancock Melbourne Balliol 1921 Historian, academic, biographer
Watt, AlanAlan Watt Sydney[22] Oriel 1921 Australian Ambassador to Singapore (1954), Japan (1956–1959) and Germany (1960–1962)
Stevenson, WilliamWilliam Stevenson Princeton Balliol 1922 American Olympic gold medalist in 1924 (Paris), President of Oberlin College (1946–1961), U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines (1961–1965)
Huxley, LeonardLeonard Huxley Tasmania New College 1923 Australian physicist
Porritt, ArthurArthur Porritt Otago Magdalen 1923 New Zealand physician, military surgeon, statesman, athlete, Governor-General of New Zealand (1967–1972)
Cleckley, Hervey M.Hervey M. Cleckley Georgia University 1924 Psychiatrist, pioneer in the field of psychopathy, co-author of The Three Faces of Eve
Findlay, John NiemeyerJohn Niemeyer Findlay Pretoria Balliol 1924 Philosopher, Gifford lecturer. Meinong, Hegel, Husserl and Wittgenstein scholar
Eccles, JohnJohn Eccles Melbourne Magdalen 1925 Australian neurophysiologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1963, for his work on the synapse
Fulbright, J. WilliamJ. William Fulbright Arkansas Pembroke 1925 U.S. Senator for Arkansas (1945–1974), originator of the Fulbright Fellowship program
Vaughn, WilliamWilliam Vaughn Vanderbilt Christ Church 1925 Chairman and CEO of Eastman Kodak
Graaff, Robert J. Van deRobert J. Van de Graaff Alabama Queen's 1925 Physicist, academic (M.I.T. & Princeton), and inventor of the Van de Graaff generator
Paton, GeorgeGeorge Paton Melbourne Magdalen 1926 Vice Chancellor University of Melbourne (1951–1968)
Kalaugher, WilfridWilfrid Kalaugher Victoria (NZ) Balliol 1927 New Zealand athlete, scholar and teacher
Read, Allen WalkerAllen Walker Read Iowa St Edmund 1928 American etymologist and lexicographer
MacNeille, Holbrook MannHolbrook Mann MacNeille Swarthmore Balliol 1928 Mathematician, Academic, Scientific Director Office of Scientific Research and Development
Platts-Mills, JohnJohn Platts-Mills Victoria (NZ) Balliol 1928 New Zealand Barrister, QC, British Labour Party politician
Warren, Robert PennRobert Penn Warren Vanderbilt New College 1928 American poet and critic
Brooks, CleanthCleanth Brooks Vanderbilt & Tulane Exeter 1929 American literary critic
Stanley, George F.G.George F.G. Stanley Alberta Keble 1929 Canadian historian, designer of Canadian flag, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick (1981–1987)
Lindquist, EmoryEmory Lindquist Bethany Jesus 1930 historian, President of Bethany College (Kansas) and Witchita State University
Little, Charles HerbertCharles Herbert Little Toronto Brasenose 1930 Director of Canadian Naval Intelligence during World War II
Schumacher, "Fritz""Fritz" Schumacher Bonn & Berlin[a] New College 1930 Economist, statistician, author, social theorist, public speaker
Albert, CarlCarl Albert Oklahoma St Peter's 1931 Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives (1971–1977), U.S. Congressman (Oklahoma), 1947–1977
Fischer, BramBram Fischer Bloemfontein New College 1931 Anti-apartheid activist and lawyer
Jolliffe, TedTed Jolliffe Toronto Christ Church 1931 Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (1943–1945, 1948–1951)
Lovelock, JackJack Lovelock Otago Exeter 1931 1500 metre Olympic Gold medallist in 1936 Berlin Olympics
Maegraith, Brian GilmoreBrian Gilmore Maegraith Adelaide Magdalen & Exeter 1931 Professor of Tropical Medicine at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Rusk, DeanDean Rusk Davidson St John's 1931 U.S. Secretary of State, 1961–1969
Trott zu Solz, Adam vonAdam von Trott zu Solz Göttingen Balliol 1931 German diplomat and anti-Nazi patriot, executed in 1944
Bertram, James MunroJames Munro Bertram Auckland New College 1932 New Zealand journalist, writer, relief worker, prisoner of war and university professor
Cox, GeoffreyGeoffrey Cox Otago Oriel 1932 Newspaper and television journalist (ITN) in Britain
Mulgan, JohnJohn Mulgan Auckland Merton 1933 New Zealand writer, journalist and editor; author of novel Man Alone; in SOE in Greece in World War II
Lewis, DavidDavid Lewis McGill Lincoln 1932 Member of parliament and leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (1971–1975)
Morton, W. L.W. L. Morton Manitoba St John's 1932 Canadian historian
Getting, Ivan A.Ivan A. Getting M.I.T. Merton 1933 American weapons scientist and co-inventor of GPS technology
Boorstin, Daniel J.Daniel J. Boorstin Harvard Balliol 1934 American historian and Librarian of Congress (1975–1987)
Gluckman, MaxMax Gluckman Transvaal[a] Exeter 1934 South African-British-Israeli social anthropologist
Jackett, WilburWilbur Jackett Saskatchewan Queen's 1934 Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Canada (1971–1979)
McGhee, George C.George C. McGhee SMU Queen's 1934 U.S. Ambassador to Turkey (1952–1953) and to Germany (1963–1968)
Templeton, JohnJohn Templeton Yale Balliol 1934 Businessman and founder of Templeton College, Oxford
Smith, ArnoldArnold Smith Ontario[a] Christ Church 1935 First Secretary-General of the Commonwealth
Stockmayer, Walter H.Walter H. Stockmayer M.I.T. Jesus 1935 American polymer chemist
Austin, MervynMervyn Austin Melbourne Christ Church 1936 Australian Headmaster (Newington College) and Professor of Classics and Ancient History (UWA)
Craig, Gordon A.Gordon A. Craig Princeton Balliol 1936 American historian and OSS veteran
Davin, DanDan Davin Otago Balliol 1936 New Zealand novelist and head of Oxford University Press
Ignatieff, GeorgeGeorge Ignatieff Toronto Trinity 1936 Russian born Canadian diplomat, President of the UN Security Council (1968–69), father of Michael Ignatieff
Kaiser, Philip MayerPhilip Mayer Kaiser Wisconsin Balliol 1936 U.S. Ambassador to Mauritania (1961–1964), Hungary (1977–1980), and Austria (1980–1981), ASL for International Affairs (1949–1953), Special Assistant to Governor Averell Harriman (1955–1959)
Oakes, John B.John B. Oakes Princeton Queen's 1936 New York Times editor of the editorial page, 1961–1976
Rostow, Walt WhitmanWalt Whitman Rostow Yale Balliol 1936 Special Assistant for National Security Affairs (1966–1969), Deputy Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, 1961
Luyt, RichardRichard Luyt Cape Town Trinity 1937 Soldier, statesman and principal and vice-chancellor of the University of Cape Town
Smith, Howard K.Howard K. Smith Tulane Merton 1937 Broadcast journalist
White, ByronByron White Colorado Hertford 1938 Football player, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1962–1993
Mintoff, DomDom Mintoff Malta[c] Hertford 1939 Prime Minister of Malta, 1955–1957 & 1971–1984
Davis, JackJack Davis British Columbia St John's 1939 Canadian Minister of the Environment (1968–1974), B.C. Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (1986–1991)
Newton-Thompson, OssieOssie Newton-Thompson Cape Town Trinity 1940 Member of South African parliament and England rugby union international
Stewart, AlanAlan Stewart Massey University 1940 New Zealand educator and university administrator
Cowen, ZelmanZelman Cowen Melbourne New College 1941 Australian jurist and academic, Governor General of Australia (1977–1982)
Ridley, JackJack Ridley Canterbury University 1946 New Zealand civil engineer and Member of Parliament
Bohannan, Paul J.Paul J. Bohannan Arizona Queen's 1947 American social anthropologist
Gillespie, AlastairAlastair Gillespie McGill Queen's 1947 Canadian politician, cabinet minister
Hester, JamesJames Hester Princeton Pembroke 1947 First Rector of the United Nations University, President of New York University
Katzenbach, NicholasNicholas Katzenbach Princeton Balliol 1947 U.S. Attorney General (1965–1966), U.S. Under-Secretary of State (1966–1969)
Marston, Robert Q.Robert Q. Marston Virginia Lincoln 1947 Director, National Institutes of Health (1968–1973), President of University of Florida (1974–1984)[23]
Rogers, Bernard W.Bernard W. Rogers U.S. Military Academy University 1947 American general, Supreme Allied Commander, NATO
Serle, GeoffreyGeoffrey Serle Melbourne University 1947 Australian academic, historian and biographer
Smith, William JayWilliam Jay Smith Washington Wadham 1947 United States Poet Laureate (1968–1970)[24]
Turner, StansfieldStansfield Turner U.S. Naval Academy Exeter 1947 American admiral, Director of Central Intelligence (1977–1981)
Davenport, GuyGuy Davenport Duke Merton 1948 American writer and man of letters
Potts, RenfreyRenfrey Potts Adelaide Queen's 1948 Applied mathematician, defined the Potts model
Prabhakar, EricEric Prabhakar Madras Christ Church 1948 Indian representative in the 1948 Olympic Games Men's 100 metres.[25]
Sprague, ElmerElmer Sprague Nebraska St Edmund 1948 Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Bailey, PeterPeter Bailey Melbourne 1949 Public servant and academic; son of Kenneth Bailey (ρ 1918)
Burchfield, RobertRobert Burchfield Victoria (NZ) Magdalen 1949 New Zealand lexicographer, editor of the Oxford English Dictionary
Durack, PeterPeter Durack Western Australia Lincoln 1949 Australian politician, Commonwealth Attorney General, author
La Forest, GérardGérard La Forest New Brunswick St John's 1949 Puisne Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada from 16 January 1985 to 30 September 1997. CC, QC, FRSC.
Turner, JohnJohn Turner British Columbia Magdalen 1949 Liberal Party of Canada leader and Prime Minister of Canada, 1984
Billington, James H.James H. Billington Princeton Balliol 1950 Academic, Historian, Librarian of U.S. Congress, 1987-
Brademas, JohnJohn Brademas Harvard Brasenose 1950 U.S. Congressman (Indiana) 1959–1981, President of New York University 1981–1992
Anantharaman, Tanjore R.Tanjore R. Anantharaman Madras Trinity 1951 Indian metallurgist
Bartlett, Thomas A.Thomas A. Bartlett Oregon[a] University 1951 President, American University in Cairo, 1963–1969, Interim President 2002–2003; Chancellor University of Alabama System, 1981–1989; Chancellor State University of New York, 1994–1996
Gardner, Richard N.Richard N. Gardner Harvard & Yale Balliol 1951 U.S. Ambassador to Italy (1977–1981) and Spain (1993–1997), Academic
Hall, StuartStuart Hall Jamaica[a] Merton 1951 British cultural theorist
Litz, A. WaltonA. Walton Litz Princeton Merton 1951 Professor of English Literature at Princeton (1956–1993), literary historian and critic, author, editor
Sears, John WinthropJohn Winthrop Sears Harvard Balliol 1951 Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1965–1968), Sheriff of Suffolk County, Massachusetts (1968–1969), Boston City Councilor (1980–1981), candidate for Governor of Massachusetts (1982)
Stone, JohnJohn Stone Western Australia 1951 Secretary to the Australian Treasury 1979–1984, Senator for Queensland 1987–1990
Gobbo, JamesJames Gobbo Melbourne Magdalen 1952 Victorian Supreme Court Judge and Governor of Victoria
Searle, JohnJohn Searle Wisconsin[a] Christ Church 1952 American philosopher
Taylor, CharlesCharles Taylor McGill Balliol 1952 Philosopher. Winner of the Kyoto and Templeton prizes
Templeton, HughHugh Templeton Otago Balliol 1952 New Zealand diplomat, politician and member of parliament
Beetz, JeanJean Beetz Université de Montréal Faculty of Law Pembroke 1953 Puisne justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
Calabresi, GuidoGuido Calabresi Yale Magdalen 1953 American legal academic, Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, Professor and Dean at Yale Law School
Dworkin, RonaldRonald Dworkin Harvard Magdalen 1953 American legal philosopher, Academic
Bono, Edward deEdward de Bono Malta[c] Christ Church 1953 Maltese writer; psychologist; author
Thompson, Julian OgilvieJulian Ogilvie Thompson Diocesan College Worcester 1953 South African Businessman, former chairman of De Beers and Anglo American
Wells, FrankFrank Wells Pomona College St John's 1953 President of Warner Brothers (1973–1982) and The Walt Disney Company (1984–1994) until his death in a helicopter crash
Hawke, BobBob Hawke Western Australia University 1953 President ACTU 1969–1979, Prime Minister of Australia, 11 March 1983 to 20 December 1991
Hoffmann, LeonardLeonard Hoffmann Cape Town Queen's 1954 UK Lord of Appeal in Ordinary
Cantor, NormanNorman Cantor Manitoba and Princeton Oriel 1954 Canadian historian of the Middle Ages
Lugar, RichardRichard Lugar Denison Pembroke 1954 U.S. Senator (R-Ind.) 1977–2013, Aspen Strategy Group member
Sarbanes, PaulPaul Sarbanes Princeton Balliol 1954 U.S. Senator (D-Md.) 1977–2007
Paxton, RobertRobert Paxton Washington & Lee Merton 1954 Historian, academic
Evans, John RobertJohn Robert Evans Toronto University 1955 President of the University of Toronto 1972–1978, Chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation
Morrison, John H.John H. Morrison New Mexico University 1955 Senior partner, Kirkland & Ellis (1962–1999)
Price, ReynoldsReynolds Price Duke Merton 1955 Poet and novelist
Steyn, JohanJohan Steyn Cape Province[a] University 1955 UK Lord of Appeal in Ordinary
Wilson, IanIan Wilson Adelaide Magdalen 1955 Solicitor, company director, former Australian politician, Minister for Home Affairs and Environment, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Blewett, NealNeal Blewett Tasmania Jesus 1956 Australian academic, professor of politics, politician, cabinet minister, UK High Commissioner, etc.
Morris, WillieWillie Morris Texas New College 1956 Author, Editor Harper's Magazine (1967–1971)
De Silva, ChulaChula De Silva Ceylon Trinity 1956 Lawyer and politician
Levitas, Elliott H.Elliott H. Levitas Emory University 1956 U.S. Congressman (Georgia), 1975–1985
Rudenstine, Neil LeonNeil Leon Rudenstine Princeton New College 1956 Educator, President of Harvard University, 1991–2001
Kroeger, ArthurArthur Kroeger Alberta Pembroke 1956 Canadian civil servant and diplomat, Chancellor of Carleton University, 1993–2002
Bhatia, RanjitRanjit Bhatia India[a] Jesus 1957 Indian Olympic athlete
Gruen, Erich S.Erich S. Gruen Columbia Merton 1957 Austrian-American classical scholar
Nettleford, RexRex Nettleford Jamaica[a] Oriel 1957 Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, author, dance director
Rotberg, Robert I.Robert I. Rotberg Princeton University 1957 American political scientist
Sloman, AaronAaron Sloman Cape Town Balliol 1957 Philosopher, AI researcher, Cognitive Scientist.
Strang, GilbertGilbert Strang MIT Balliol 1957 MIT Maths Professor
Fried, MichaelMichael Fried Princeton Merton 1958 American art historian and critic
Howell, Jr., RogerRoger Howell, Jr. Bowdoin St John's 1958 10th president of Bowdoin College (1968–1978), professor and scholar of British history at Bowdoin, author of several books on British history specializing in Tudor and Stuart England
Morris, MervynMervyn Morris West Indies St Edmund 1958 Jamaican poet and professor emeritus at University of the West Indies. Recipient of the Jamaican Order of Merit and Poet Laureate of Jamaica
Kristofferson, KrisKris Kristofferson Pomona Merton 1958 American singer/songwriter and actor, starred in Amerika (1987)
Nye, Jr., JosephJoseph Nye, Jr. Princeton Exeter 1958 American political scientist; Chairman National Intelligence Council (1993–1994); ASD for International Security Affairs (1994–1995); Dean, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard
Kozol, JonathanJonathan Kozol Harvard Magdalen 1958 American writer and social activist
Malhoutra, ManmohanManmohan Malhoutra Delhi Balliol 1958 Assistant Secretary-General of the Commonwealth
Terrell, Richard DeaneRichard Deane Terrell Adelaide Magdalen 1959 Econometrician and vigneron, Vice-Chancellor ANU 1994–2000, Chairman AARNET Pty Ltd 2002–, CEO Quarry Hill Wines 2000–
Morton, DesmondDesmond Morton RMC of Canada Keble 1959 Historian and author
Pithey, DavidDavid Pithey SA Universities St Edmund 1959 Rhodesian-born South African cricketer, 1963-7
Dawkins, Peter M.Peter M. Dawkins U.S. Military Academy Brasenose 1959 1958 Heisman Trophy Winner, Brigadier General, US Army (Ret. 1983), Chairman and CEO of Diversified Distribution Services, Travelers Group
Burki, Shahid JavedShahid Javed Burki Government College Christ Church 1960 Economist, Finance Minister of Pakistan
Celeste, Richard F.Richard F. Celeste Yale Exeter 1960 Governor of Ohio (1983–1991), Director of the Peace Corps, U.S. Ambassador to India, President of Colorado College
Karnad, GirishGirish Karnad Karnatak Lincoln and Magdalen 1960 Indian Kannada-language playwright, film actor and director, screenwriter
Thurow, Lester C.Lester C. Thurow Williams Balliol 1960 American economist and author, professor of economics at MIT
Earle, DavisDavis Earle UBC 1960 Canadian physicist
Souter, DavidDavid Souter Harvard Magdalen 1961 Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1990–2009
Graham, AndrewAndrew Graham Oxford St Edmund 1961 Political economist, Director of the Scott Trust, Senior Fellow of Oxford Internet Institute, Acting Master of Balliol College, Oxford, 1997–2001, Policy Advisor to Harold Wilson, 1974-6
Adams, RexRex Adams Duke Merton 1962 Chairman of the Board of PBS, Dean of the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Frohnmayer, David B.David B. Frohnmayer Harvard Wadham 1962 President of the University of Oregon, 1994-; Attorney General of Oregon, 1980–1991
Gould, BryanBryan Gould Auckland Balliol 1962 New Zealand born British politician, academic, Vice-Chancellor University of Waikato
Hodgson, DavidDavid Hodgson Sydney University 1962 Australian judge
Boren, DavidDavid Boren Yale Balliol 1963 Governor of Oklahoma 1975–1979, U.S. Senator (D-Ok.) 1979–1994, President of the University of Oklahoma 1994-
Slocombe, Walter B.Walter B. Slocombe Princeton Balliol 1963 U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (1994–2001), Senior Adviser for National Defense for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad (2003), Aspen Strategy Group member
Chumir, SheldonSheldon Chumir Alberta Brasenose 1963 Lawyer, Member of Legislative Assembly of Province of Alberta
Wideman, John EdgarJohn Edgar Wideman Pennsylvania New College 1963 American writer, two-time recipient of PEN/Faulkner award
Massé, MarcelMarcel Massé McGill Pembroke 1963 Canadian civil servant and politician. Clerk of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, president of the Treasury Board and member of cabinet.
Woolsey, R. JamesR. James Woolsey Stanford St John's 1963 Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1993–1995), core member of the Project for the New American Century (1997–), Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton (2002–)
Ahluwalia, Montek SinghMontek Singh Ahluwalia St. Stephen's Magdalen 1964 Indian economist, first independent evaluator of IMF, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India
Boadway, RobinRobin Boadway RMC of Canada Exeter 1964 Canadian economist and author
Heydon, DysonDyson Heydon Sydney University 1964 High Court Judge of Australia
Khan, Shaukat HameedShaukat Hameed Khan Punjab Balliol 1964 Rector, GIK Institute, Director General Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Pride of Performance Recipient
Pressler, LarryLarry Pressler South Dakota St Edmund 1964 American politician, U.S. Congressman (R-S.D.) 1975–1979, U.S. Senator (R-S.D.) 1979–1997, authored the Telecommunications Act of 1996
Sajjad, WasimWasim Sajjad Burn Hall Wadham 1964 Pakistani politician and lawyer, Interim President of Pakistan, Chairman of the Senate
Walker, Ralph C. S.Ralph C. S. Walker McGill Balliol 1964 British philosopher, Head of Humanities Division at the University of Oxford 2000–2006
Bedford, TommyTommy Bedford Natal St Edmund 1965 South African Rugby Union player 1963–71
Bradley, BillBill Bradley Princeton Worcester 1965 American politician, NBA star, U.S. Senator (D-N.J.) 1979–1997, and Democratic presidential candidate, 2000
Danzig, RichardRichard Danzig Reed Magdalen 1965 U.S. Under Secretary of the Navy (1993–1997), U.S. Secretary of the Navy (1998–2001)
Seth, AftabAftab Seth Delhi Christ Church 1965 Indian Ambassador to Japan
Williams, DarylDaryl Williams Western Australia Wadham 1965 Australian politician, Liberal Member of the House of Representatives, 1993–2004, Attorney-General of Australia 1996–2003
Bonello, Michael C.Michael C. Bonello Malta St Edmund 1966 Governor of the Central Bank of Malta, 1999-
Andrew, BrookBrook Andrew Alberta Queen's 1966 Canadian philosopher
Clark, WesleyWesley Clark U.S. Military Academy Magdalen 1966 United States Army general, Supreme Allied Commander, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1997–2000; Democratic presidential candidate, 2004
Parasiuk, WilsonWilson Parasiuk Manitoba St. John's 1966 Canadian – Member of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly, Minister of Energy and Mines with responsibility for Manitoba Hydro, Minister of Health, 1977–1988; Private/public sector Entrepreneur, 1989–present
Spence, A. MichaelA. Michael Spence Princeton Magdalen 1966 Canadian economist, Nobel Prize in Economics for 2001
Kendall, David E.David E. Kendall Wabash Worcester 1966 American lawyer, President Clinton's personal lawyer
Malick, TerrenceTerrence Malick Harvard Magdalen 1966 American film director of Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, Badlands, The New World, and The Tree of Life
Allen, Thomas H.Thomas H. Allen Bowdoin Wadham 1967 American politician, U.S. Congressman (Maine), 1997–2009
Doyle, JohnJohn Doyle Adelaide Magdalen 1967 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia, 1995–2012
Marlantes, KarlKarl Marlantes Yale University 1967 American Author, Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War
Nayyar, DeepakDeepak Nayyar Delhi Balliol 1967 Vice Chancellor of Delhi University
Oxman, Stephen A.Stephen A. Oxman Princeton New College 1967 U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs, 1993–1994, President of the Board of Trustees of Princeton University, 2006–present.[26]
Blair, Dennis C.Dennis C. Blair U.S. Naval Academy University 1968 Retired 4-star Admiral, former Director of National Intelligence (2009–2010), President of the Institute for Defense Analyses and former Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Pacific Command (1999–2002)
Bundy, ColinColin Bundy Witwatersrand Merton 1968 Vice Chancellor University of the Witwatersrand (1997–2001); Deputy Vice Chancellor University of London (2003–06); Warden Green College (2006–08); Principal Green Templeton College (2008–)
Cameron, PeterPeter Cameron Queensland Balliol 1968 Mathematician, academic
Conrad, PeterPeter Conrad Tasmania New College 1968 Academic (English literature)
McCallum, Jr., RobertRobert McCallum, Jr. Yale Christ Church 1968 American lawyer, U.S. Associate Attorney General, 2003-
Murphy, RexRex Murphy Memorial St Edmund 1968 Canadian commentator
Reich, RobertRobert Reich Dartmouth University 1968 American commentator and author, U.S. Secretary of Labor (1993–1997), Chancellor's Professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley (2006-)
Jones, Jr., BoisfeuilletBoisfeuillet Jones, Jr. Harvard Exeter 1968 Vice Chairman of The Washington Post Company, former publisher and CEO of The Washington Post (2000–2008)
Clinton, BillBill Clinton Georgetown University (Honorary Degree) 1968 American politician, 42nd President of the United States, 1993–2001, Governor of Arkansas, 1979–1981 & 1983–1993
Peiris, G. L.G. L. Peiris Colombo University 1968 Sri Lankan politician, 11th Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, 2010–present[27]
Fletcher, William A.William A. Fletcher Harvard Merton 1968 Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit
Laidlaw, ChrisChris Laidlaw Otago Merton 1968 New Zealand All Black, diplomat, MP, talk radio host, author, Human Rights Commissioner and Race Relations Conciliator
Talbott, StrobeStrobe Talbott Yale Magdalen 1968 American diplomat and journalist, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State (1994–2001), President of the Brookings Institution (2002-), Aspen Strategy Group member
Porter, Roger B.Roger B. Porter BYU Queens 1969 Harvard professor of Business and Government, Senior Scholar at the Wilson Center, senior economic advisor to Presidents Ford, Reagan, and Bush.
Magaziner, IraIra Magaziner Brown Balliol 1969 White House senior aide (1993–1999), originator of ICANN
Maister, SelwynSelwyn Maister Canterbury Magdalen 1969 New Zealand Olympic field hockey player (1976)
Rae, BobBob Rae Toronto Balliol 1969 Canadian politician, former Premier of Ontario
Williams, DannyDanny Williams Memorial Keble 1969 Lawyer and businessman, Canadian politician, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador
Williams, DavidDavid Williams Victoria (NZ) Balliol 1969 New Zealand barrister, solicitor and academic
Fallows, JamesJames Fallows Harvard Queen's 1970 American writer (The Atlantic Monthly)
Hayne, KennethKenneth Hayne Melbourne Exeter 1970 Australian jurist: Supreme Court of Victoria (1992–95); Court of Appeals division of the Supreme Court of Victoria (1995–97); Puisne Justice of the High Court of Australia (1997–)
Quammen, DavidDavid Quammen Yale Merton 1970 American science, nature and travel writer
Redman, EricEric Redman Harvard Magdalen 1970 Staffer, US Senator Warren G. Magnuson (ca.1971); author, The Dance of Legislation (1973, 2000); lawyer and businessman[28]
Robertson, GeoffreyGeoffrey Robertson Sydney University 1970 Barrister and international human rights activist
Trainor, Richard H.Richard H. Trainor Brown and Princeton Merton 1970 Principal of King's College London
Raines, FranklinFranklin Raines Harvard Magdalen 1971 Chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae, 1999–2004; Director of the Office of Management and Budget, 1996–1998
Mann, ChrisChris Mann Witwatersrand St Edmund 1971 South African poet, Professor of Poetry at Rhodes University
Schmoke, KurtKurt Schmoke Yale Balliol 1971 Mayor of Baltimore, 1987–1999; Dean of Howard University School of Law
Gallop, GeoffGeoff Gallop Western Australia St John's 1972 Academic, Premier of Western Australia, 2001–2006
Kinsley, MichaelMichael Kinsley Harvard Magdalen 1972 American journalist (Los Angeles Times), founder of Slate magazine, editor of The New Republic
Birmingham, TomTom Birmingham Harvard Exeter 1972 President of the Massachusetts Senate, Candidate for Democratic nomination for Governor of Massachusetts, 2002
Beazley, KimKim Beazley Western Australia Balliol 1973 Australian politician, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the Opposition, Australian Ambassador to the United States of America.
Dionne, E. J.E. J. Dionne Harvard Balliol 1973 American journalist and Washington Post columnist (1993-), Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution, and commentator on NPR, MSNBC, and PBS.
Haass, Richard N.Richard N. Haass Oberlin Wadham and St Antony's 1973 President of the Council on Foreign Relations (2003-, succeeding Leslie Gelb), Director of the Policy Planning Staff at the U.S. Department of State (2001–2003)
Klotz, FrankFrank Klotz USAF Academy Trinity 1973 U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General, first Commander Air Force Global Strike Command
Barron, T. A.T. A. Barron Princeton Balliol 1974 American author
Eddington, RodRod Eddington Western Australia Lincoln 1974 Former CEO of British Airways, Director of News Corporation
McMillen, Charles ThomasCharles Thomas McMillen Maryland University 1974 U.S. Olympian, NBA basketball player, U.S. Congressman (Maryland), 1987–1993
Isaacson, WalterWalter Isaacson Harvard Pembroke 1974 Author, Managing Editor of Time magazine (1995–2001), Chairman and CEO of CNN (2001-), President of the Aspen Institute (2003-),Vice Chairman of the Louisiana Recovery Authority (2005-)
Cameron, EdwinEdwin Cameron Stellenbosch Keble 1975 Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, African National Congress lawyer and AIDS activist
Christensen, ClaytonClayton Christensen BYU Queens 1975 Harvard Business School Professor, author
Peter King Sydney Worcester 1975 Australian barrister, author, and federal politician.[29]
Fitzpatrick, MikeMike Fitzpatrick Western Australia St John's 1975 Australian businessman, sporting administrator and former Australian rules footballer
Sabato, LarryLarry Sabato Virginia and Princeton Queen's 1975 American political scientist and director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics
Feingold, RussRuss Feingold Wisconsin Magdalen 1975 U.S. Senator (D-Wis.) 1993–2011
L'Estrange, MichaelMichael L'Estrange Sydney Worcester 1975 Australian diplomat and senior public servant
Sandel, MichaelMichael Sandel Brandeis Balliol 1975 American political philosopher and professor at Harvard University
Reynolds, MelMel Reynolds Illinois Lincoln 1975 U.S. Congressman (Illinois), 1993–1995; convicted felon
Bürkner, Hans-PaulHans-Paul Bürkner Bochum St Catherine's 1976 Former President and CEO of The Boston Consulting Group (2004–2012), Chairman at BCG (2012-)
Hasse, Paul ThomasPaul Thomas Hasse Southern Illinois University Oxford College 1976 Founder of Help Abolish Legal Tyranny (HALT) in Washington, D.C. in 1980
Carter, AshtonAshton Carter Yale St John's 1976 Former Harvard professor and United States Deputy Secretary of Defense (October 2011 – December 2013), former United States Secretary of Defense[30]
Hood, JohnJohn Hood Auckland Worcester 1976 New Zealand businessman, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford 2004–2009
Gong, Gerrit W.Gerrit W. Gong BYU Wadham 1977 Special assistant in the State Department, Asia Director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)
Hatendi, DavidDavid Hatendi Zimbabwe University 1977 Zimbabwean businessman, former CEO of MBCA and NMB
Kennedy, RandallRandall Kennedy Princeton Balliol 1977 Harvard Law School Professor
van der Vaart, HubertusHubertus van der Vaart North Carolina Magdalen 1977 Dutch American businessman, Co-founder/Chairman of SEAF (Small Enterprise Assistance Funds)
Belich, JamesJames Belich Victoria (NZ) Nuffield 1978 New Zealand historian
Haden, PatPat Haden USC University 1978 Won Rose Bowl MVP as quarterback at USC, played with the Los Angeles Rams, currently the athletic director at his Alma Mater – USC
Lander, EricEric Lander Princeton St John's 1978 Chair of U.S. President Barack Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Founder of the Human Genome Project, Biology Professor at MIT
O'Callaghan, EvelynEvelyn O'Callaghan Cork Wolfson 1978 Jamaican academic, professor of West Indian literature at University of the West Indies
Turnbull, MalcolmMalcolm Turnbull Sydney Brasenose 1978 29th Prime Minister of Australia, 15 September 2015–present
Naylor, DavidDavid Naylor Toronto Hertford 1979 Canadian medical researcher, President of the University of Toronto
DeParle, Nancy-Ann MinNancy-Ann Min DeParle Tennessee Balliol 1979 Administrator of the U.S. Health Care Financing Administration, 1997–2000, director of White House Office of Health Reform, 2009-
Gumley, StephenStephen Gumley Tasmania St Catherine's 1979 Chief Executive Officer of the Defence Materiel Organisation (Australia)
Maloney, RobertRobert Maloney Harvard Magdalen 1979 Ophthalmologist, LASIK specialist, Extreme Makeover ophthalmologist
Marc Tessier-Lavigne McGill University New College 1980 Canadian neuroscientist, president of Stanford University, past president of Rockefeller University.
MacBain, JohnJohn MacBain McGill Wadham 1980 Canadian multi-billionaire, President and CEO of Trader Classified Media, one of the world's largest classified advertising companies
Elder, DonDon Elder Canterbury Wolfson 1980 New Zealand engineer and businessman
Ervin, ClarkClark Ervin Harvard St Catherine's 1980 Former Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Storey, ElsdonElsdon Storey Melbourne Magdalen & Wolfson 1980 Australian neurologist
Wilkinson, AndrewAndrew Wilkinson Alberta Magdalen 1980 Canadian politician. British Columbia Minister of Technology, Advanced Education
Abbott, TonyTony Abbott Sydney Queen's 1981 28th Prime Minister of Australia, 18 September 2013 to 14 September 2015
Kristof, Nicholas D.Nicholas D. Kristof Harvard Magdalen 1981 New York Times reporter and columnist, 2-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Aspen Strategy Group member
Upton, SimonSimon Upton Auckland Wolfson 1981 New Zealand politician and member of Parliament
Gellman, BartonBarton Gellman Princeton University 1982 Pulitzer Prize-winning U.S. journalist (Washington Post and Time magazine), author
Kingsbury, BenedictBenedict Kingsbury Canterbury Balliol 1982 New Zealand legal scholar, author and researcher, Professor at New York University
Penny, GarethGareth Penny St Edmund 1982 Non-Executive Chairman of Norilsk Nickel, Executive Chairman of New World Resources and formerly Group CEO of De Beers
Wilson, HeatherHeather Wilson USAF Academy Jesus 1982 President of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Former Republican member of the US House of Representatives representing New Mexico's 1st congressional district from 1998 to 2009. She was the first female military veteran elected to a full term in Congress.
Eisgruber, ChristopherChristopher Eisgruber Princeton University 1983 President of Princeton University[31]
Frederick, DavidDavid Frederick Pittsburgh University 1983 Appellate Attorney who has parties dozens of cases before the United States Supreme Court
Halter, BillBill Halter Stanford St John's 1983 Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas 2007–2011
Kiss, ElizabethElizabeth Kiss Davidson Balliol 1983 President of Agnes Scott College
Vitter, DavidDavid Vitter Harvard Magdalen 1983 U.S. Senator (R-La.), 2005-2017
Hollingworth, ElizabethElizabeth Hollingworth St Edmund 1984 Australian judge, Trials Division Justice at the Supreme Court of Victoria, 2004-
Flanagan, RichardRichard Flanagan Tasmania Worcester 1984 Australian author, winner of the 2002 Commonwealth Writers PrizeWinner of the 2014 Man Booker Prize
Steele, GrahamGraham Steele Manitoba St Edmund 1984 Canadian lawyer and former politician, represented the constituency of Halifax in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, 2001–13
Barton, DominicDominic Barton British Columbia Brasenose 1984 President/Head and Managing Director of McKinsey & Company, a multi-billion revenue consulting firm
Hedrick, ChristopherChristopher Hedrick Stanford Magdalen 1984 Peace Corps/Senegal Country Director, former President and CEO of Intrepid Learning Solutions
Malley, RobertRobert Malley Yale Magdalen 1984 Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs, National Security Council, 1997–2001
Porterfield, Daniel R.Daniel R. Porterfield Georgetown Hertford 1984 Former aide to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala and President of Franklin & Marshall College
Stephanopoulos, GeorgeGeorge Stephanopoulos Columbia Balliol 1984 Moderator of ABC's This Week and communications director for Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign
Martins, Mark S.Mark S. Martins U.S. Military Academy Balliol 1985 Brigadier General (United States Army), Chief Prosecutor of Military Commissions
Rathjen, PeterPeter Rathjen Adelaide New College 1985 Australian stem cell scientist, Vice-Chancellor, University of Tasmania 2011-
Wolf, NaomiNaomi Wolf Yale New College 1985 American feminist social critic, author of books including The End of America (2007)
Chen Show Mao Harvard Corpus Christi 1986 Singaporean opposition politician and lawyer
Horrigan, BryanBryan Horrigan Queensland University 1986 Australian researcher, consultant, commentator and professional speaker on specialised legal, business, and governmental topics
McFaul, MichaelMichael McFaul Stanford St. John's 1986 U.S. Ambassador to Russia, academic
Rice, SusanSusan Rice Stanford New College 1986 U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (1997–2001), United States Ambassador to the United Nations, (2009–2013), National Security Adviser (2013-2017)
Steele, GrahamGraham Steele Manitoba St Edmund 1986 Minister of Finance of Nova Scotia (July 2009 – present), Member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly (2001 – present)
Torsella, Joseph M.Joseph M. Torsella Pennsylvania New College 1986 President and CEO of the National Constitution Center 2006-
Chalmers, DavidDavid Chalmers Adelaide Lincoln 1987 Australian philosopher of mind
Patrick Pichette Université du Québec à Montréal Pembroke 1987 Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Google Inc until 2015
Collins, JimJim Collins Holy Cross Balliol 1987 Founder of Synthetic Biology; MacArthur "genius" bioengineer and inventor; MIT professor
Gawande, AtulAtul Gawande Stanford Balliol 1987 Surgeon and New Yorker medical writer
Ghose-Sardesai, SagarikaSagarika Ghose-Sardesai St. Stephen's Magdalen and St Antony's 1987 Indian journalist
Kirk, DavidDavid Kirk Otago Worcester 1987 Captain of the New Zealand All Blacks who won the inaugural Rugby (Union) World Cup in 1987; CEO of Fairfax Media, 2005–2008
Weisberg, JacobJacob Weisberg Yale New College 1987 Journalist and editor of Slate magazine
Woods, NgaireNgaire Woods Auckland Balliol 1987 New Zealand-born British academic
Drayton, RichardRichard Drayton Harvard Balliol 1988 Historian, Rhodes Professor of Imperial History
Evans, CeriCeri Evans Otago Worcester 1988 New Zealand football (soccer) player, forensic psychiatrist
Himes, JimJim Himes Harvard St Edmund 1988 American businessman, Democratic U.S. Representative for Connecticut's 4th Congressional District
Carson, BradBrad Carson Baylor Trinity 1989 U.S. Congressman (Oklahoma), 2001–2005
Michael McCullough Stanford Balliol 1989 Social Entrepreneur & Founder of QuestBridge, Medical Investor & Entrepreneur, Physician, Asst. Professor at UCSF
Welch, TaraTara Welch University of Southern California Corpus Christi College 1989 University of Kansas Classics professor.
Szonyi, MichaelMichael Szonyi Toronto Merton 1990 Professor of Chinese history at Harvard University
Mutambara, ArthurArthur Mutambara Zimbabwe Merton 1991 Zimbabwean politician who became President of one faction of the Movement for Democratic Change in 2006
Coleman, DavidDavid Coleman Yale University 1991 Ninth President of the College Board
Shesol, JeffJeff Shesol Brown Magdalen 1991 Author, speechwriter, political cartoonist
Mukherjee (writer), NeelNeel Mukherjee (writer) Jadavpur University 1992 Novelist, longlisted for the 2014 Man Booker Prize
Booker, CoryCory Booker Stanford Queen's 1992 Former mayor of Newark, New Jersey; incumbent Democratic US Senator from New Jersey
Feldman, NoahNoah Feldman Harvard Christ Church 1992 American author, Harvard law professor, constitutional adviser to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, 2003–2005
Gvosdev, NikolasNikolas Gvosdev Georgetown St Antony's 1992 Russian-American contributing editor for The National Interest, teacher at Naval War College
Jindal, BobbyBobby Jindal Brown New College 1992 Governor of Louisiana (2008–2016); U.S. congressman, civil servant, and university administrator; former Republican presidential candidate (2015)
Sanyal, SanjeevSanjeev Sanyal Delhi St John's 1992 Asian economist, banker and conservationist from India
Beinart, PeterPeter Beinart Yale University 1993 Editor of The New Republic
Cloud, JohnJohn Cloud Harvard College Brasenose 1993 Former Senior Writer, Time; freelance writer
Freeland, ChrystiaChrystia Freeland Harvard St Antony's 1993 Canadian author, editor of Thomson Reuters Digital, Member of Parliament, Canada's Minister of Global Affairs
Garcetti, EricEric Garcetti Columbia Queen's 1993 Mayor of Los Angeles
Mukherjee, SiddharthaSiddhartha Mukherjee Stanford Magdalen 1993 Physician, scientist, professor at Columbia Medical School, author of The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer which won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction
Salie, FaithFaith Salie Harvard Magdalen 1993 Actress, comedian, host of Public Radio International's Fair Game from PRI with Faith Salie
Pinkett, RandalRandal Pinkett Rutgers Keble 1994 President and CEO of BCT Partners, winner of The Apprentice 4
Maddow, RachelRachel Maddow Stanford Lincoln 1995 Host of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, social activist
Straub, AlexanderAlexander Straub Darmstadt and Cornell St John's 1996 London-based entrepreneur and financier from Germany
Chesterman, SimonSimon Chesterman Melbourne[32] Magdalen 1997 International law professor and author from Australia
Fullilove, MichaelMichael Fullilove Sydney and NSW Balliol 1997 Author and foreign policy commentator from Australia
Hollingsworth, SimonSimon Hollingsworth Tasmania[33] Exeter 1997 Olympic Games (1992, 1996) and Commonwealth Games (1990, 1994) athlete (400m hurdles) from Australia
Salmeen, AnnetteAnnette Salmeen UCLA St John's 1997 American gold medalist in swimming at the 1996 Olympic Games
Simmons, RachelRachel Simmons Vassar Lincoln 1998 Author of Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls (Harcourt, 2002)
Cannon, BenBen Cannon Washington Corpus Christi 1999 Oregon State Representative
Edelman, JamesJames Edelman Western Australia Magdelen 1999 Justice of the High Court of Australia
Kielburger, MarcMarc Kielburger Harvard University 1999 Humanitarian activist from Canada, co-founder of Free the Children
Narayan, MeghanaMeghana Narayan Bangalore Oriel 2000 International swimming champion from India
Sullivan, JakeJake Sullivan Yale Magdalen 2000 American Director of Policy Planning (2011-2013), National Security Advisor to the Vice President (2013-2014)
Zaka, FasiFasi Zaka Peshawar Somerville 2001 Pakistani political columnist, radio and TV show host, "Head of Ideas" for an advertising agency, 2012 World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
Boudin, ChesaChesa Boudin Yale St Antony's 2002 American social activist in justice issues like parental incarceration, author of Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America (2009)
England, JeremyJeremy England Harvard St. John's 2003 American physicist and proposer of "dissipative-driven adaptation"
Lehrer, JonahJonah Lehrer Columbia Wolfson 2003 Writer
Habib, CyrusCyrus Habib Columbia St John's 2003 16th Lieutenant Governor of Washington, first Iranian-American elected to state-level office in the U.S.
Jared Cohen Stanford St John's 2004 CEO of Jigsaw and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations
Joseph, RosaraRosara Joseph Canterbury St John's 2005 2006 Commonwealth Games and 2008 Olympic Games cyclist from New Zealand
Buttigieg, PetePete Buttigieg Harvard Pembroke 2005 Mayor of South Bend, Indiana
Johnson, GarrettGarrett Johnson Florida State Exeter 2005 Co-founder of SendHub, All-American athlete (shot put)
Wen, LeanaLeana Wen Washington Merton 2007 American physician, Baltimore Health Commissioner, and author of When Doctors Don't Listen: How to Avoid Misdiagnoses and Unnecessary Tests
Rolle, MyronMyron Rolle Florida State St Edmund 2008 All-ACC defensive back for Florida State Seminoles; selected by the Tennessee Titans in the 2010 NFL Draft ;Bahamian-American; Played for the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers
Kamencu, KingwaKingwa Kamencu Nairobi Wolfson 2009 2012 Presidential candidate for Kenya[34]
El-Sayed, AbdulAbdul El-Sayed Michigan Oriel 2009 Detroit Health Commissioner
Rabie, MariMari Rabie Stellenbosch St Catherine's 2010 2006 Commonwealth Games and 2008 Olympic Games triathlete from South Africa
Caroline P. Barlow 2011 U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) midshipman 1st Class
Farrow, RonanRonan Farrow Yale Magdalen 2012 American human rights activist, senior foreign policy official in the Obama administration, and U.S. State Department special adviser on global youth issues
Al Mazrui, ShammaShamma Al Mazrui New York University Abu Dhabi 2014 United Arab Emirates Minister of Youth


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