List of Ripley's Believe It or Not! episodes (2000–03)

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This is a list of episodes of the Ripley's Believe It or Not! television series, which was hosted by Dean Cain and aired on TBS from 2000 to 2003.[1]

Season 1[edit]

Episode 1-01
  • Airdate January 12, 2000
  • Half Woman, The Suspension Club, Etch-A-Sketch Artist, Modern-Day Cannibals, Million-Volt Minister, Maggot Medicine, Cody the Talking Dog, Bendy Man, Vampire Killing Kit
Episode 1-02
  • Airdate January 19, 2000
  • Cut-Away Bungee Stunt, Lizard Man, Bionic Man, Pool Playing Dog, Flame-Throwing Car (an anti-theft device known as "The Blaster"), Human Jack
Episode 1-03
  • Airdate January 26, 2000
  • Pyro Boy, a man who straps firecrackers to himself; Millennium Force; Shark Tourists; Cyborg; Human Calculator; Eyelid Puller; Human Harmonica; Bikini Barber; Kim Peek, a man with an exceptional memory.
Episode 1-04
  • Airdate February 2, 2000
  • A man demonstrates the "Touch of Death", also known as dim mak; Geoff Smith, a man who lived in a buried coffin for 147 days; Bob Munden, a man capable of shooting guns at a rapid speed; a dog that has been trained to sniff out cancer; Tiny Kline glides across Times Square while holding onto a high wire with her teeth (archive footage from the Ripley collection); the immune systems of Komodo dragons are studied; a man who can write messages on grains of rice; models who pose in recreations of paintings as part of a show; spitting fish; Medieval Iron Chastity Belt/Torture Device.
Episode 1-05
  • Airdate February 9, 2000
  • Neil Pearson, a man who fell in his parents' garden and survived impalement by a spike that was being used to support a plant; a man who photographs lightning despite the risks involved in doing so; Vomiting Bird; an archaeologist in search of the Ark of the Covenant visits the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum; a woman who believes she is the reincarnation of Nefertiti has undergone numerous plastic surgeries so she can resemble the Egyptian queen; The Oldest Dad (archive footage); a collection of musical instruments made of used matchsticks; a tattoo artist who can create miniature versions of famous paintings for his customers; Fireproof Man (archive footage); parrots who have been taught to identify objects; Camaroon Victory Mask; Kevin Fast, a reverend and strong man who attempts to pull two firetrucks.
Episode 1-06
  • Airdate February 16, 2000
  • Bill Haast, a snake expert who risks his life to obtain snake venom; Clean Escape; Gentle Giant (Robert Wadlow); Pee Wee Picasso; Chris Robinson, an English man whose dreams often come true, ultimately helps Scotland Yard in several cases; Wonder Dog; Crazy Houses (Pyramid House based on the Pyramid of Cheops, The Skinny House, Missile Silo House); Light Bulb Swallower (archive footage); Toast Art Replica (Monet's Olympia); The Jesus Lizard; Rubber Face Man (archive footage); The Torture King, a man who regularly lays on a bed of nails, performs a stunt in which he lays on a bed of nails while a car drives over a ramp that is on top of him; a Medieval trap used to trap humans.
Episode 1-07
  • Airdate February 23, 2000
  • Ken Richmond, a strong man who has his ex-wife drop a cannonball on his head to demonstrate his strength, and is later hit by a wrecking ball; The Modern Primitive; a sheep that was raised among dogs and now believes that he is one of them; Coober Pedy, an underground city in Australia; a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis discovers the benefits of bee venom and opens a business specializing in bee venom therapy; Grenade Man; a man who rides the world's smallest bike; Nepal's Kumari goddess; a French restaurant that serves food to customers in complete darkness; a restaurant chef who can pick up tables with his teeth; a restaurant in Palau that serves bats, and a restaurant in China that serves rats.
Episode 1-08
  • Airdate March 1, 2000
  • A martial arts instructor who teaches students how to withstand attacks; a female senior citizen who has become an expert bowling player despite being blind; Thaipusam celebration; Pinhead; Drew Koon, a three-year-old boy who is an automobile expert and can identify any vehicle he sees; Michel Lotito, a man who consumes metal and other objects; a museum with medical devices that were once used to treat mentally ill patients; Odd (Animal) Couple.
Episode 1-09
  • Airdate March 8, 2000
  • A woman who free dives; a man who dives in raw sewage for a living; a large train set collection; Jean-Yves Blondeau, also known as Roller Man, uses a suit made up of roller skates so he can skate around Paris; leeches are used during surgery to reattach a boy's ear after it was bitten off by a dog; a woman with unusually long fingernails and toenails; a man who stacks bowling balls; the art collection of Honoré Fragonard, consisting of dead bodies; hungry customers who attempt to win a free steak dinner at The Big Texan Steak Ranch; a seagull that apparently suffers no pain despite having been shot with an arrow, believed to have healed in place to become part of the bird (archive footage); umbrella wire-walking woman (archive footage); backwards running man (archive footage).
Episode 1-10
  • Airdate March 15, 2000
  • Two female models with small waistlines as a result of wearing corsets; Odd Couple; Fastest Brain; toddlers who are taught sign language to communicate what they want; a man who decorates toilet seats and now has a large collection of them; a woman suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy undergoes an induced heart attack that helps save her life; Tuff Hedeman, a rodeo bull survivor; a man who sleeps with snakes to tame them; 3D ultrasounds; Iron Maiden body disposal.
Episode 1-11
  • Airdate March 22, 2000
  • Cave jumpers at Mexico's Cave of Swallows; Roy Haynes, an extremely frugal person; a piranha expert who demonstrates that he can enter an aquarium full of the killer fish and survive; Shannon Pole-Summers, a weightlifting teenage girl who demonstrates her ability to pull a pick-up truck full of multiple football players; a man who creates microscopic sculptures; a guide horse being trained to aid blind people; a man who can turn his feet backwards; a man uses hypnothesia (anesthesia via hypnosis) to undergo root canal surgery; Rat Wire Technician; a blind golfer (archive footage); Daniella Tobar, a woman who lives inside a glass house in Chile as part of a government research project on the subject of privacy.
Episode 1-12
  • Airdate March 29, 2000
  • A man with stretchy skin as the result of Ehlers–Danlos syndrome; an England woman who has a fear of making right turns on the road; a woman is struck by lightning while videotaping a storm; a woman with an exceptional memory; Amy Saunders, a woman who swallows the leg of a chair; a blind dog that has a guide dog; James Hartman, an artist whose tiny sheep sculptures have been left at various landmarks around the world, including the Eiffel Tower; India's Karni Mata Temple, where rats are worshipped; Tennessee's Body Farm; Wim Hof, a man who swims in freezing water.
Episode 1-13
  • Airdate April 5, 2000
  • Grand Master Zhou; volcano enthusiasts who attempt to capture up-close images; a military veteran in a wheelchair who suffers from memory problems now has a dog that has been trained to fetch items for him; sandhogs who work underneath New York City; two women who operate a business in which they clean up bloody crime scenes at the request of the home owner; a skier who tumbles down a mountain and survives with minimal injuries; a doctor uses a robot to perform open-heart surgery on a man; an ice hotel; John Ssebunya, a village boy in Uganda who was raised by monkeys after the death of his mother; Ice Man
Episode 1-14
  • Airdate August 2, 2000
  • Richard Sandrak, a seven-year-old bodybuilder; Byron Ferguson, a highly skilled archer; Henry's Réchatin (fr), a man who balances himself on a chair while it sits atop another chair on the rooftop of a building. He later performs the same stunt at the Preikestolen cliff in Norway; a dog capable of doing math; an annual crucifixion event in the Philippines; the Gomez family, which suffers from an overgrowth of hair known as hypertrichosis; the Techno Bra, which emits an alert to authorities if it detects a sudden struggle between the wearer and a mugger; although the velociraptors in the film Jurassic Park (1993) are fictionalized to be larger than their real-life counterparts, a new, larger dinosaur known as Utahraptor – more similar to the film's velociraptors – is discovered shortly before the film's release.
Episode 1-15
  • Airdate August 9, 2000
  • The Enigma and Katzen, a married couple who chose to tattoo their entire bodies; Los Pinos, a small village in Columbia where people must use a zip line to cross a valley below; George A. Blair, an elderly waterskier nicknamed "Banana George" because of his yellow wetsuit; Thai Taoist Ritual; two contortionists are able to squeeze their bodies into a small glass box; a horse that lives indoors with its owners; a blind man uses echolocation to ride a bicycle and teaches other blind people how to use the ability to get around; Tanya Streeter, a woman who dives into the ocean to explore a sunken ship and is capable of holding her breath for a long period of time.
Episode 1-16
  • Airdate August 16, 2000
  • An escape artist successfully escapes a cage that is dropped out of an airplane; The Museum of the Mummies in Guanajuato, Mexico; fire chaser; a supermarket in China where customers ride through the store on a slow rollercoaster ride, picking out food items as they go along; a woman in need of a rare kidney transplant meets a man on the Internet, who she later marries and whose kidney happens to be a perfect match; a dog that seeks out and rescues stray cats; a family of stilt walkers; Angel Tolentino, an artist who paints with her breasts; Matt "The Tube" Crowley, who inhales liquids through his nose using a tube, and then has the liquid sucked out.
Episode 1-17
  • Airdate August 23, 2000
  • Sarah Donahue; Snake Head/Millionaire; Bulldozer King; Waterfall Jumper; Top Gun Teen; a woman's life is saved when her pig, LuLu, alerts people that she is having a heart attack; Dancing With the Dead; Gene Pool Harding, a man who creates business suits and other clothing capable of growing grass; Dirt Rider Face Off.
Episode 1-18
  • Airdate August 30, 2000
  • Moab Desert Tragedy; Driving Blind; a man capable of throwing needles hard enough to shatter glass; after a photographer takes pictures of raft riders on a river, homing pigeons are used to transport the film to a facility to be processed in time for the riders to purchase copies; Extreme Unicyclist; Fran Capo, the world's fastest-talking woman; Anaconda Hunter; Face Off; Vine Jumpers
Episode 1-19
  • Airdate September 6, 2000
  • Body Painter, Beetle Mania, Crash Test Dummy, Sky Walker, Sweat Marathon, Snoring Man, Bamboo Ritual, Bullet Artist, Unbelievable Impalements
Episode 1-20
  • Airdate September 13, 2000
  • Snake Charmer, Construction Worker King, Secret Lap Top Graffiti, Bug Splat, The Invisibles, Low Walker, Indoor Beach, 55 Seat Bicycle Family, Samoan Tattooing
Episode 1-21
  • Airdate September 20, 2000
  • Body Boarder Shark Attack, Gut Camera, Rocket Man, Two-Legged Dog, Tallest Man, Detonography, Holifest, Screw On Mohawk
Episode 1-22
  • Airdate September 27, 2000
  • Fear of Flying, Ammo Farmers, Card Stacker, Fry Car Roadtrip, Anagram, Cloak of Ants, Hole in One Kid, Screw On Mohawk

Season 2[edit]

Episode 2-01
  • Airdate January 10, 2001
  • Slackliner, Wardrobe in a Bottle, Worm Lover, Backflip Motorcycle, Legless Football Hero, Croc Doc, Knife in the Head
Episode 2-02
  • Airdate January 17, 2001
  • Clothes Free Fashion, Motor Soccer, Handwalker, X-Ray Girl, Tennis Racquet Contortionist, Tree Cat, Rescue Rancher, Swimming with Crocs, Bee Man
Episode 2-03
  • Airdate January 24, 2001
  • Hanging Out, Bubble wrap Fashion, Maggot Cheese, Isle of Man, Punkin' Chunkin', Arrowhead, Fingernail Diva, Man Without a Face
Episode 2-04
  • Airdate January 31, 2001
  • Jail Bird Rodeo, Ashes to Art, Three Footed Man, Ultimate Funhouse, Cat on Wheels, Human Shark Bait, Tara Mead, Spiderman, Super Bra
Episode 2-05
  • Airdate February 7, 2001
  • Cobra Charmer, 5 Year Old Marathoner, Toe Fingers, Rope Warrior, Roach Man, Backwards Racing, Modern Day Sword Walker, Long Rifle Sharp Shooter, Breast Man
Episode 2-06
  • Airdate February 14, 2001
  • Chip Walker, Blowgun Shooter, Moo-ving, Face of Death, Mustache Man, Bowling Face, Origami Clothing, Barracuda Couple, Lie Busters
Episode 2-07
  • Airdate February 28, 2001
  • Bulletproof Skull, Motorcycle Kid, Shark Ballet, Hair Wars, Sports Dog, Tiny White House, Eye Guys, Mother Daughter Lifters, Rollerblade Hospital, Human Hamster
Episode 2-08
  • Airdate April 4, 2001
  • Child-Like Actor, Human Kabob Festival; camel racing in Virginia City, Nevada, the only place in the United States to offer such a sport; Alma and Patrick Gates break the record for loudest automobile speakers when their vehicle, "The Beast", competes in an autosound competition; Betty Lyons, a woman who has her chronic fatigue syndrome and depression cured after traveling to Mexico to undergo trepanation, a surgery that is illegal in the United States as it involves a hole being drilled into the patient's head; a man has trained an army of falcons to hunt other birds at John F. Kennedy International Airport to prevent plane crashes caused by birds getting sucked into the engine; despite a failed first attempt that partially injures him, skateboarder Danny Way successfully leaps out of a helicopter and uses his skateboard to land on a skate ramp 40 feet below; a Japanese band that plays one of their songs while hanging upside-down; Beki B, a woman who is in the process of having leopard spots tattooed all over her body to look like a leopard.
Episode 2-09
  • Airdate April 11, 2001
  • John David Bridges, a military aircraft inspector who survived getting sucked into a jet engine and suffered minimal injuries; Robosaurus, a dinosaur robot used to destroy vehicles as part of a show; Gentle Jellyfish; a man restores a 1978 Checker Taxi and turns it into the "Ultimate Taxi" with interior neon lights and music to create a party atmosphere; Snowbie, the world's heaviest and longest cat; a woman who had her arms amputated because of a childhood accident has gone on to live a normal life and raise a child by using her feet as hands; photographs of a man born with no legs or arms who went on to become a furniture-maker by using his mouth; an artist who could create portraits by typing letters in specific patterns on a typewriter (archive footage); Lance Ozanix, a man who creates art by vomiting liquids onto the canvas; a man successfully demonstrates his electric-proof suit by allowing himself to come into contact with electricity; Human Wishbone; Band; an artist who creates casts of people's bodies; Songkran, the new year's celebration in Thailand that includes water fights.
Episode 2-10
  • Airdate April 18, 2001
  • Sailor Surgeon; Backwards Biker; a man has organized specific types of bugs along his house's exterior to keep out other bugs, and allows frogs to roam inside so they can eat any bugs that do get in; Mike Seipel, a barefoot water skier, successfully performs a stunt in which he water skis on his hands while a woman rests on his back; log riding in Japan; JC and the Ball; Pop Eye; Iguana Fan; Spy Cam; Strongman
Episode 2-11
  • Airdate April 25, 2001
  • Skull of Steel, Blind Goalie, Coffin Furniture, Cow Jumping, Monster Motorcycle Truck, Electric Cooker, Hula Hooper, Cat Man
Episode 2-12
  • Airdate July 11, 2001
  • Homemade Jet, Quad Walker, Scuba Diving Dog, Well Racing, Tumor Woman, Flame-Throwing Car, Clothes Pin Man, Mile High Bungee, Tattoo Lady, 11 O'Clock Nudes
Episode 2-13
  • Airdate July 18, 2001
  • Ice Sculptures; Eye Periscope; Motorbike Bath; Knife Dog; Egg Parka; Living With Mummies; One Arm Bandits; Egg Man; a rocket-powered street luge board; John Gardner, a man who allows women to sit on his lap, holds the world record for the most lap sittings; runway models wear clothing made from chocolate and from M&M's.
Episode 2-14
  • Airdate July 25, 2001
  • Jonas Scott, a factory worker who was exposed to industrial chemicals that destroyed his stomach and esophagus, was left bed-ridden for years and ate through a feeding tube until doctors lengthened his remaining intestine to allow for consumption of food; Valentino LoSauro, a hairstylist who was inspired by Edward Scissorhands to create clip-on finger blades that allow him to safely slice people's hair at a rapid pace; Mursi women use lip plates to attract men; Real Life Survivor; a man who can stay underwater for a prolonged period of time without oxygen demonstrates his ability at a Ripley's Aquarium; Living With Mummies; a town in Uruguay is covered by large amounts of sea foam; a man who can squirt milk out of his eye; Half Man Mountain Climber; clothing that is made out of dog fur.
Episode 2-15
  • Airdate August 1, 2001
  • Cynder Moon, who allows electricity to flow through her body; a man lays inside a container with hundreds of scorpions and survives the stunt; Ezra Bias, a pizza delivery man who survived a metal rod that was flung through his windshield and impaled his brain, leaving him with only a paralyzed arm; Greg Kulz, who specializes in glow-in-the-dark tattoos; a house is built upside-down to attract potential buyers to a new housing community (archive footage from 1960); Face Threading; Rosalia Lombardo, a girl who died in 1920 and has been perfectly preserved, believed to be the result of an embalming technique using arsenic; a man rides his bicycle on the rooftop of a 16-story building; Ron Nicolino, a man who collects women's bras and adds them to his giant ball of bras, which he uses to raise awareness of breast cancer; Pocatello, Idaho, where it is illegal to frown; nuns in Harlem who attend karate classes in case they need to defend themselves; a Cocker Spaniel that can climb trees like a cat; a ring, invented around the start of the 20th century, can shoot mini bullets.
Episode 2-16
  • Airdate August 8, 2001
  • Jackie Bibby, a professional snake handler, successfully dangles snakes by their tails using only his mouth to hold them. Later, Bibby survives a stunt in which he lays inside a bag that is then filled with 109 snakes, breaking a previous record; White Lightning, the world's fastest electric car, powered by more than 6,000 C batteries; Gunther von Hagens, who invented the human preservation technique known as plastination and has now created Body Worlds, a gallery of preserved bodies; the world's thinnest digital camera, created by Smal; Ice Golf competition in Greenland; Tom Silliman, whose company changes light bulbs located at the top of building spires, is responsible for routinely changing the light bulb at the top of the Empire State Building's spire; members of an Indonesian tribe cut off their fingers and earlobes when a loved one dies, as a way of remembering them; Shirley Petrich, a 62-year-old woman who was initially unaware that a man had stabbed a knife into her back. Petrich, noticing the man fleeing from her, initially thought she had been punched and continued her walk to a local grocery story without feeling much pain. Petrich returns home without anyone noticing the knife, which would have caused permanent damage or death if it had struck her spinal cord, located an inch away; a dog capable of multiple tricks sets a new jump rope record; ab-vertising, in which cheerleaders' exposed stomachs are given tattoos that advertise businesses; a man with an unusually long tongue; a West Virginia law that allows for the consumption of road kill, which decreases the amount of clean-up work required by road officials; a torture device known as the "pear," which is heated and then inserted into a person's mouth to burn it.
Episode 2-17
  • Airdate August 15, 2001
  • Barbed Wire Pyramid; lowrider vehicle-hopping competition; two men attempt a "parachute bungee-jumping" stunt that backfires, resulting in one of the men miraculously surviving serious injuries to his back that temporarily hindered his ability to walk; An Israeli dentist who performs her own root canal surgery; Lucy Pearson, a woman who turned her hubcap-collecting hobby into a business with over 200,000 hubcaps, earning her the nickname of "Hubcap Queen"; More than the Iditarod; Motorcycle Surfer; in record-setting time, a dojo group demolishes a house using only their strength; Giant Grasshoppers; a restaurant in China that serves live scorpions; a woman with the world's longest legs; an early device used to capture witches.
Episode 2-18
  • Airdate August 22, 2001
  • Skydiving Marathon, Man With Half A Brain, Tree Cafe, Tumor Tribe, Toe Donation, Red Crab Invasion, Tough Guy Race, Bikini Meter Maids
Episode 2-19
  • Airdate August 29, 2001
  • Ray's Hell, Chimney Sweep, Human Shish-Ka-Bob, Garbage Artist, Ostrich People, Blind Golfer, Floating Fish, Ear Bus, Hot Air Parachute
Episode 2-20
  • Airdate September 5, 2001
  • Fastball Slugger, World's Smallest Runway, Salvage Park, Fetal Surgery, Water Tower Castle, Snake Cure, Biting Black Bird, The Torture King Revisited, Underwater Angels, Parasite Removal
Episode 2-21
  • Airdate September 12, 2001
  • A woman pulls a truck with rope that is attached into her back skin through hooks / SCAD Diving / A woman who creates jewelry with human bones / Special material allows eggs to bounce rather than break when they are dropped from the window of a building (archive footage) / A U.K. man who can still ride his motorcycle despite losing an arm and a leg in a motorcycle accident / People annually travel to an Indian village to swallow guppy fish, believing that it cures asthma / A law that prevents the chewing of gum in Singapore / A man survives a propeller strike and discovers afterward that he has artistic skills / human towers that are regularly constructed in Catalonia / A man who breeds Yorkshire terriers that weigh a pound / A golfer who plays on stilts / A man who eats cockroaches / Playing cards that feature regular people from all over the United States.
Episode 2-22
  • Airdate September 19, 2001
  • Nail in the Head, Underground House, Waterfall Survivor, World's Fastest Painter, Honoring Dead Skulls, Urban Mountain Climbers, Mister Freeze, Street Ski, Jewelry Clothing

Season 3[edit]

Episode 3-01
  • Airdate January 9, 2002
  • Foot Archer, World's Biggest Skateboard, Prairie Dog Vacuum, Helium Balloon Flight, Neck Ring Removal, Karate Chimp, Finger Transplant, Snake Regurgitator, Solar Wing, Cat Man Unbelievable Update, Balloon Bikinis, Shrunken Torso, Watermelon Banana, Neck Ring Removal
Episode 3-02
  • Airdate January 16, 2002
  • He'll Eat Anything- Jet Belly Drag, Cow Porthole, Designer Car, Big Wheel Update, Eye Licker, Skateboard Dog, Outside Heart, Luggage Contortionist, Basketball Spinner, Metal Beauty, Thunderwear, Human Skin Mask
Episode 3-03
  • Airdate January 23, 2002
  • Cannonball Catch, Helicopter Inline Skater, The Two Lauras, Soft Fire Truck, Cow Bath, Stunt Man, Pet Goose, Mermaid Girl, Piercing Wedding, Mood Car, Bee Bikini, Strip Aerobics, Saw Fish
Episode 3-04
  • Airdate January 30, 2002
  • Miss Electra, Leech Man, Hiccup Horror, Bouncing Bikes, Cheese Whiz House, Sheep Legs, Flesh Eating Bacteria Survivor, Nail Teeth Puller, World's Biggest Kite, Cricket Girl, Bicycle Tire Clothing, Coconut Armor, Ox Power Truck
Episode 3-05
  • Airdate February 6, 2002
  • Double Harley Pull, Shark Riders, High Speed Wheelie, Pocket Ski Lift, Fiery Serpent, Matchstick Navy, Beak Job, Metal Plate Model, Human Bottle Opener, Bull Putter, Underwater Hairdresser, Cricket Invasion, Garter Belt Camera
Episode 3-06
  • Airdate February 13, 2002
  • Super Skin, Scorpion Eater, Car Tree, House Sewage Snow, Hair Dress, Matchstick Navy, Beak Job, Scuba Diving Cat, Eye Impalement, Chainsaw Couple, Homemade Sub, Leopard Man, Beetle Jewelry, Martyr Head
Episode 3-07
  • Airdate February 20, 2002
  • Rebar Man / Self-Liposuction / Seeing Eye Horse Update / Smallest Skateboarder / Bone Artist / Long Tongued Dog / Amputee Swimmer / A village man in India who performs shows for people by picking up needles with his eyelids / A pole sitting competition held in Hamburg, Germany / Treetop Lumberjacks (archive footage) / A magnet-powered flashlight / An artist who can make pregnant women's stomachs look like objects such as a basketball or a watermelon / Cleavage jeans / A special fork that was used by cannibalistic Fiji villagers to consume human flesh.
Episode 3-08
  • Airdate March 6, 2002
  • Field Correspondent Kelly Packard hosts coverage of a game between the Harlem Globetrotters and a school basketball team that is equipped with special jumping shoes / Yevgeny Severin, a forest ranger in Siberia who had his face disfigured from a bear attack, has now received a snap-on face consisting of various artificial pieces / A man who converted a coffin into a driveable vehicle / A man with a spider obsession who lives with his family among thousands of spiders / Dervish Ritual / Griggsville, Illinois, known as the "Purple Martin Capital of the Nation" / A man survives being impaled by a pipe / An Indian man, with his eyelids, lifts heavy objects that are tied to buttons, which he places inside his eyelids / Mobile, Alabama, which has a law against the wearing of stiletto heels / A whale bone / Andy Varipapa, a famous trickshot bowler / Paintings that are created on living people's bodies / Dime Guy / Jesse James' first gun.
Episode 3-09
  • Airdate March 13, 2002
  • Kelly Packard hosts coverage of the world's first inverted human pyramid, created by lifting people through hooks that are placed into their back skin / A baseball game that was arranged by the National Beep Baseball Association for blind people and which uses a beeping ball to aid the players / A hair temple in India, where people come to have their heads shaved by one of the temple's many barbers / Franz Spohn, an artist who creates artwork that is made from gumball candy, including a portrait of Dean Cain / A fire-escape invention that allows building occupants to safely descend from a window; the new invention is quickly rendered obscure when building codes are updated to prevent fire casualties (archive footage) / A pet boa constrictor snake consumes a hot heating pad, believing it to be prey; the snake is saved through an operation to remove the heating pad / A man taking his usual walk along a railroad accidentally gets stuck and is run over by a train, resulting in the amputation of his left arm and right hand; doctors successfully attach his left hand to his right arm / The pilot of a small plane successfully sets a new record relating to g-force / A company that sends cremated ashes into outer space / The world's smallest computer chip, the size of a grain of sand / Sushi and other food at a U.S. restaurant are served on nude female models / The Lavakan pet-washing machine / A tree that appears to have grown around a bighorn sheep's horns after the animal apparently struck the tree, got stuck, and died.
Episode 3-10
  • Airdate March 20, 2002
  • Kelly Packard hosts coverage of a man who successfully uses his shoulder to smash through 20 concrete slabs / Josh Tenge successfully performs a sandboarding backflip / A village in Thailand that began consuming rats to decrease the animals' population / An artist and a farmer work on a corn field to make it in the image of the Mona Lisa painting / A boat car / A man survives being impaled by a tree branch / Joe Jones, a man who can bulge his eyeballs out / a gatling gun that shoots rubber bands / Kurt Osburn, who successfully rode a bicycle from California to Florida while performing a wheelie the entire time / A couple who wear only black-and-white clothing and whose house uses only black and white colors / The world's smallest buffalo, which weighs 400 pounds and is allowed to come inside its owner's house / A remote-control surgery is performed on a woman in France by a doctor in the United States / Soccer tactician contraption used to train players (archive footage) / A psychic who can see people's past and future by looking at their buttocks / A sharp torture device that was used by criminals to destroy the eyes of people who might otherwise have been witnesses to a crime / Spot The Not
Episode 3-11
  • Airdate March 27, 2002
  • Kelly Packard hosts coverage of BMX rider Cory Nastazio as he successfully executes a double back flip / Landon Shuffett, a seven-year-old who is an excellent pool player / Ol Doinyo Laetoli Le Baaba, a Los Angeles man who has modified his body according to foreign cultures, including a lip plate / A cat that lost the legs on one side of its body as the result of an injury is able to get around despite the loss / A man who has made his own dental dentures for years using power tools in his garage. He visits a dentist to prove to Ripley's how well-built his teeth are; the dentist is surprised by the man's high quality work / The Czech Republic's Sedlec Ossuary, which contains thousands of skeletons / A man who extracts bee honey using only his bare hands / Joe Spring, a man who went missing, is later found to have survived eight days inside his crushed car, which crashed off a highway; Spring has no recollection of what led to the accident / Jim Purol – a man who stuffs large quantities of items into his mouth through his ability to briefly dislocate his jaw – successfully stuffs 18 hot dogs into his mouth / A station wagon with amenities such as a stove (archive footage) / A baby in India who was born with a tail is believed by local people to be a god / Ice sculptors create the sculpture of a woman in record time / Porcupinefish were once used as helmets / Spot The Not
Episode 3-12
  • Airdate April 3, 2002
  • Arrow Catch, Four Flip Skier, Blindfold Portraits, Surfing Dog, Knife Massage, Four Limb Writer, Head Bolted to Body, Flying Icicle, Man Without A Face Update, Bikini Slalom, Eight Foot Rifle, Spot The Not
Episode 3-13
  • Airdate July 10, 2002
  • An update on a member of the Gomez family (which suffers from excessive body hair as a result of hypertrichosis), who is now married and expecting a child / A man born with 12 fingers / Balloon Boy / Kelly Packard hosts coverage of a live event on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, where a man swallows sugar and water, then amazes the crowd by regurgitating the sugar in a completely dry state, unaffected by the water / A "Viper vs. Viper" race at a military base between a Dodge Viper and a jet known as "Viper" / Elvis' blue suede shoes / A woman who has trained her cat to eat with utensils / Gator Girl / Spot The Not
Episode 3-14
  • Airdate July 17, 2002
  • Playmate Water Challenge, Head Turner, Homemade Roller Coaster, Rotten Meat Eater, Head In The Sand, Motorcycle Disaster, Scooter Nuns, Grand Popsicle- Paw Stand Beagle, The Arm, Spot The Not
Episode 3-15
  • Airdate July 24, 2002
  • Airplane Water Ski, Monkey Siblings, Yo-Yo Kid, Mini Luxury Ship, Wheelman, Anvil Launching, Allergic To Insects, Diving Dog, Armless In Miami Temple Crawler, Mummified Falcon, Electric Clothing, Spot The Not
Episode 3-16
  • Airdate July 31, 2002
  • Kelly Packard hosts coverage of an event on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, where a woman named Tavana successfully glides over the audience on a high wire, holding on only with her teeth; Tiny Kline was the last person to attempt such a stunt, in 1934. Later, Packard unveils to the audience a truck with a large glass display box attached to its back; inside are two body modification experts who are hanging from the ceiling of the box by hooks attached into their skin / A woman with a love for rats has 16 pet rats / Footage of unborn sharks consuming one another for nutrition / A man survives after his small Cessna plane crashes, then survives when the rescue helicopter he is in also crashes / Everybody in a small Thailand village has learned to walk on stilts, to avoid high flood waters / Louie, a chimp who enjoys skateboarding after learning how to do so for the film MVP: Most Vertical Primate / A paper factory worker has eight of his fingers successfully reattached after a factory accident resulted in them being cut off by a large blade / A woman undergoes body binding, an old ritual performed in villages in which women's bodies are wrapped tightly with rope / Dean Cain demonstrates a contact lens that features the design of the American flag / A small remote-controlled boat that pulls water skiers (archive footage from 1962) / An artist who creates sculptures out of butter / Specially designed coffins: one resembles a lion, while another is modeled after a giant Coca-Cola bottle.
Episode 3-17
  • Airdate August 7, 2002
  • Record Card Thrower, Armless Cello Player, Computer Box Furniture, Aerocar, Hair Puller, Girl With Half A Brain, Pig Sty, Giant Hand, Sweet Tooth Statue, Houdini Handcuffs, Spot The Not
Episode 3-18
  • Airdate August 14, 2002
  • Kelly Packard hosts a live event on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, where a man consumes food and then sucks it back out of his throat with the use of a special vacuum hose / A giant block of ice that serves as a television with the use of a projector / A man who collects pennies and uses them for art, such as applying them to his van, or making penny clothing / Indian village people who allow themselves to be impaled with spears to demonstrate their religious faith / 14-year-old Derek Jacobs, who is Microsoft's youngest systems engineer, and whose family – nicknamed the Chipsons – has become the first to be implanted with VeriChip identification chips / Magnets made to be swallowed by cows, to restrict movement of dangerous metal objects that cows sometimes consume / A man who dives into a fish aquarium at an aquatic park on a daily basis, so he can clean the fishes' teeth / A man who lost both his legs in a skydiving accident successfully does a skydiving stunt / An Icelandic man manages to drive his custom Jeep across water for more than 100 feet before sinking / Yankee Doodle / A man who legally had his wife preserved after her death and placed in a special building that he had constructed behind his house, where he frequently goes to be with her / A restaurant in Miami named B.E.D., where diners eat food while sitting on a bed, and are given the option of eating while wearing only their underwear / Spurs that are attached to birds during Asian cockfights.
Episode 3-19
  • Airdate August 21, 2002
  • Kelly Packard provides coverage of an event atop a bungee jumping platform on the Las Vegas Strip, where a strongman successfully demonstrates his ability to hold a jumper's bungee cords after she jumps / An update on a man in a wheelchair, on whom doctors were able to create leg movement with the use of a computer; the man can now walk around his house with the use of a computer program that sends signals to his spinal cord / A man with no legs and in a low-level wheelchair grabs onto the bumpers of buses to help him get around his hometown in Mexico, as the local buses cannot accommodate his wheelchair onboard / Ron Broomfield, a U.K. gnome collector who also dresses like one / Villagers in India who believe they can take over a person's soul by drinking from their skulls after they have died / A man whose arms are torn off because of a mishap involving farm equipment; they are later successfully reattached / Marsh Amphibian / Iron Witch Staff / A rabbit who enjoys sitting in warm water / A girl who was exposed to chemicals and now suffers skin burns whenever she comes into contact with rain or her own tears / A walk-in six-second tanning machine / A 1930s eye massager device that was meant to help vision / Legally Insane.
Episode 3-20
  • Airdate October 16, 2002
  • Kelly Packard hosts coverage of a live event on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, where bike rider Jeff Lenosky successfully rides his bike through an obstacle course / A soldier has an un-detonated grenade successfully removed from his leg / A man who can create mini sculptures out of chewing gum / A Rottweiler undergoes several reconstructive surgeries to repair its face after being shot / A Thai drink made with deadly poison from centipedes / Henry Smalls, a man who lost his legs after being hit by a train as a boy, has now become a skilled kendo expert / A farm woman survives after her hair is scalped from her head with a machine / Travel Surfboard / Boat jousting in France (archive footage) / A man survives a demonstration of his rocket-powered snow skis / A cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry who are friends / A man who broke his leg in a childhood accident can now turn his ankle backwards, which helps him when playing football / People who believe the Blue Lagoon spa, consisting of waste water from a nearby power plant, to be a Fountain of Youth / Human Scrimshaw Skeleton.
Episode 3-21
  • Airdate October 23, 2002
  • Kelly Packard covers an event in which Tom Amberry successfully beats his previous record for most free throws in an hour / Luan Degenaar, a man in a wheelchair who was born without biceps or shoulder muscles, manages to pull a vehicle with rope attached to his wheelchair / A three-year-old Indian girl who is a geography expert and can name each U.S. state / The Paris catacombs, where more than six million skeletons are kept / A drink made from ants / Villagers in Cambodia who eat fried tarantulas / A couple who live with more than 300 birds in their house / After six years, an Austrian police officer who lost his hands in a bomb explosion receives a successful double hand transplant from a deceased man / Indian men all manage to ride on the same bicycle by balancing themselves on a platform attached to the bike / Nose plugs for camels / A young kangaroo that survived having an arrow in its neck for weeks before having it removed in a surgery / Motorized Tackle Dummy / Mini statues of people that are created with a scanning machine / Annie Oakley's gun.
Episode 3-22
  • Airdate October 30, 2002
  • Tomatina Festival, Head Hunter, Hot Water Heater Helmet, World's Largest Portrait, Hat Law, Skate Climber, World's Largest Cigar, World's Smallest Woman, Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies, Stalacpipe Organ, Denture Swallower, Cat Shot By Arrow, 11 Month Old Swimmer, Ultimate Air, Geep Head, Spot The Not

Season 4[edit]

Episode 4-01
  • Airdate January 8, 2003
  • Cockroach Mouth, Speed Stacking, Portable Helicopter, Hair Hunger, Conjoined Twin Sisters, Surfing Cat, Baby Shaq, Bikini Cards, Trial Chair
Episode 4-02
  • Airdate January 15, 2003
  • Record Board Breaker, Homemade Monorail, Clock Tower Tree, Beauty Buffet, Gray Lady, Golfball Eating Alligator, Flip Ship, Ghost Rider, Gorilla Eye Surgery, Old Time Jet Ski, Giant Foot, Buffalo Bikini, Elephant Foot Humidor, Spot the Not
Episode 4-03
  • Airdate January 22, 2003
  • Great Rope Escape, Open Ocean Snowmobile, PowerPlank, Ash Bath, Mountain Stilt Hikers, Scalpless in India, Doggles, Surveillance Maps, Elephant Dentistry, Flying Car, Naked House Painter, Giant Wadlow Shoe
Episode 4-04
  • Airdate January 29, 2003
  • Mr. Backwards, Land Mine Obsession, Real Life Bam Bam, Hobbling Horse, Tongue Tailor, Stretchable Stewardess, World's Smallest Book, Floating Runway, Catwoman, Snake Babe, Historical Hair
Episode 4-05
  • Airdate February 5, 2003
  • Human Cannonball Return, Taxidermy Art, Beetlejuice Town, The Faster Pastor, Rubber Girl, 2x4 Survivor, Microchip Dog, Inflatable Forehead, People Dryer, Tattoed Bats, Spot the Not
Episode 4-06
  • Airdate February 12, 2003
  • Worm Feast, Dr. Dribble, Typewriter Portrait, Cowboy Crazy, Sleeps Standing Up, Arm Grows Nose, Synchronized Firefighters, Cool Toad Products, Hi-Tech Cat Door, Naked Body Art, Cone Head Skull, Spot the Not
Episode 4-07
  • Airdate February 19, 2003
  • Barefoot Ski and Drive, Girls on Nails, Christmas Obsession, Balloon Sculpture, Bird Spit Soup, Flame Haircut, Limbless Lady, 22 Year Old Bomb, Pig Man Farmer, Dog Braces, Leopard Larry, Painted Hands, Human Skull Vase, Spot the Not
Episode 4-08
  • Airdate February 26, 2003
  • Belly Button Bottle Opener, Frisbee Ashes, Matchstick Apartment, Lingerie Shark Dive, Senior Skier, Bone Furniture, Hardware Store Brace, Plane Crasher, Mini Moo, Fastest Barber, Paintball Catcher, Dog Armor
Episode 4-09
  • Airdate March 5, 2003
  • Foil Boarding, Blind Skier, Underwater Bike, Indian Bone Eating Ritual, Fastest Fingers, Gladiator School, Medical Cupping, Instant Banana Peel, Tour Bus Pull, Winky's Rolling Pin, Croc Teeth Dentures, Checkered Man, Record Parasail
Episode 4-10
  • Airdate March 12, 2003
  • Crossbow Domino, Snowmobile Backflip, Toast Portraits, Puppy Rescue, Goddess of Garbage, Surgical Souvenir, Artificial Vision, Inflatable Surfboard, Half Elephant Half Pig, Spot the Not
Episode 4-11
  • Airdate March 19, 2003
  • World's Biggest Rubber Band Ball, Skydive Record, Wheelchair Climb, Canal Vaulting, World's Tallest Stilt Walk, Octagon Bike, Naked Bladers, Spot the Not
Episode 4-12
  • Airdate August 6, 2003
  • Éric Barone, a bicyclist who survives a crash after setting a new bicycle speed record at the Cerro Negro volcano / Noah Gray-Cabey, a skilled seven-year-old pianist / Army troops are safely transported by laying on sleds that are pulled by tanks (archive footage from 1945) / An Indian man who fills his eyes with sand because he believes it helps his vision / A snake handler nearly dies after being bitten on his stomach by a cobra snake, leading to the formation of a hole as a result of the snake's venom / Ripley's holds auditions in Hollywood for the "World's Most Unbelievable Animal"; the winner is a bird that helps his police-officer owner teach children about safety, by doing tricks involving items / A board-breaking contest between two men who slam each board against their forehead to break it / The Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle / Naked News, in which anchors report on news stories while nude / The body of a man who died from tuberculosis and was preserved with arsenic, which has slowed the decomposition process.
Episode 4-13
  • Airdate August 13, 2003
  • After extensive practice, skateboarder Bob Burnquist successfully performs a 360-degree loop with the upper portion of the loop ramp missing / Abby Julo, a four-year-old girl who knows the names of each U.S. president and the governors of each U.S. state / Villagers in a Thailand village regularly search through buffalo feces to obtain the dung beetles inside, which they then cook and consume / An 11-year-old boy has his cancerous left leg removed, cut shorter, and reattached backwards to remove the tumor / Ripley's hold auditions for the "World's Most Unbelievable Animal" in Florida; the winner is a dog who saved its owner by jumping in front of a bullet / A vehicle with 2,000 cameras attached to it / An electric-powered bicycle (archive footage from 1967) / Snake handlers Jackie Bibby and Tiffany Balusek sit in their own container of rattlesnakes to see who can go the longest before quitting the challenge; Bibby wins, and also makes a new Ripley's record for sitting with the most rattlesnakes / Fossilized dinosaur eggs.
Episode 4-14
  • Airdate August 20, 2003
  • Vertical Plane Stall, Wakeboard Wonder, Toe Cocktail, Boomerang Egg, World's Most Unbelievable Animal, Forward Flip Slam Dunk Challenge, Avalanche Backpack, Howard Hughes Helicopter, Blood Art


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