List of Robert Burns memorials

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Burns Monument at the poet's birthplace, Alloway

This is a list of memorials to the Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Dumfries town centre statue


Burns Monument, Edinburgh
Statue by John Flaxman, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  • Bathgate - Statue or Rabbie Burns with Highland Mary in grounds of Partnership Centre.




New Zealand[edit]

Dunedin, New Zealand.

United States[edit]

Other countries[edit]

  • Tallinn, Estonia – statue (bust) in Scottish Park (Šoti Park), Uus 31 (street), beside the Old Town. Formerly the home of Tallinn's Scottish Club (Šoti Klubi), the park is now associated with the Leib restaurant. Opposite the Burns bust is the later bust of Sir Sean Connery, erected 2011.[6]



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