List of Catholic dioceses in Cape Verde

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The Roman Catholic Church in Cape Verde is composed only of a Latin hierarchy, comprising two exempt dioceses, which depend directly on the Hole See, not parttaking in any Ecclesiastical province. As this warrants no national Episcopal Conference, the episcopate of (ex-Portuguese) Cape Verde sits in the West African (francophone & lusophone) transnational Conférence des Evêques du Sénégal, de la Mauritanie, du Cap-Vert et de Guinée-Bissau with Senegal, Mauretania and Guinea-Bissau (all ex-French).

There are no Eastern Catholic, pre-diocesan or other non-provincial jurisdictions.

There are no titular sees. All defunct jurisdictions have current successor sees.

There formally is an Apostolic Nunciature (papal diplomatic representation at embassy-level) to Cape Verde, but it is vested in the Apostolic Nunciature to Senegal, in its capital Dakar.

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