List of Catholic dioceses in the United Kingdom

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These lists the Catholic dioceses of the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom. The Catholic Church is not organised on a state basis in the United Kingdom. In the island of Great Britain, the Church is organised into two separate hierarchies or episcopal conferences: the Catholic Church in England and Wales, and the Catholic Church in Scotland. In the island of Ireland, Northern Ireland is a constitutional part of the United Kingdom. No separate episcopal conference exists for Northern Ireland; instead, the Church is part of the hierarchy or episcopal conferences of the Catholic Church in Ireland. There are also a number of Eastern Catholic dioceses in the UK.

Latin Rite Dioceses[edit]

Latin Rite Dioceses in Great Britain[edit]

Within the island of Great Britain, the Episcopal Conference of England and Wales has five provinces, subdivided into 22 dioceses; the Episcopal Conference of Scotland has two provinces, subdivided into 8 dioceses.

Episcopal Conference of England and Wales[edit]

Ecclesiastical province of Birmingham
Ecclesiastical province of Cardiff (in Wales; also includes the ceremonial county of Herefordshire in England)
Ecclesiastical province of Liverpool
Ecclesiastical province of Southwark
Ecclesiastical province of Westminster

Episcopal Conference of Scotland[edit]

Ecclesiastical province of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh
Ecclesiastical province of Glasgow

Latin Rite Dioceses in Northern Ireland[edit]

The Catholic dioceses located in Northern Ireland are organised together with those in the Republic of Ireland, as the Catholic Church in Ireland was not divided when civil authority in Ireland was partitioned in the 1920s. All dioceses in Northern Ireland are part of the ecclesiastical province of Armagh. This province approximates the civil province of Ulster.

The following suffragans of Armagh are located only in the Republic of Ireland; no part is their territory is located in Northern Ireland.

Eastern Catholic Dioceses in Great Britain[edit]

There are two Eastern Catholic sui juris churches in Great Britain that are in communion with the Holy See:


  1. ^ Jurisdiction includes the Isle of Man.
  2. ^ Jurisdiction includes the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey.