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This is a list of known governors of the Roman province of Asia. Created after 133 BC, the province was eventually reorganized by the emperor Augustus who assigned it to the Senate as a proconsular governorship. The province was divided by Diocletian during his reorganization of the empire during the 290s, and a small portion of the province retained the name. Eventually the province was absorbed into the Thracesian Theme sometime during the seventh century. Many of the dates listed are approximate dates for the holding of the office.

Republican governors of Asia (133 BC — 27 BC)[edit]

Imperial proconsular governors of Asia (27 BC — AD 180)[edit]

Governors under Augustus[edit]

Governors under Tiberius[edit]

Governors under Gaius Caligula[edit]

Governors under Claudius[edit]

Governors under Nero[edit]

Governors under Vespasian and Titus[edit]

Governors under Domitian and Nerva[edit]

Governors under Trajan[edit]

Governors under Hadrian[edit]

Governors under Antoninus Pius[edit]

Governors under Marcus Aurelius[edit]

Imperial proconsular governors of Asia (180 — 285)[edit]

Governors under Commodus[edit]

Governors under Septimius Severus[edit]

Governors under Caracalla[edit]

Governors under Macrinus and Elagabalus[edit]

Governors under Alexander Severus[edit]

Governors under Maximinus Thrax[edit]

Governors under Gordian III[edit]

Governors under Decius[edit]

  • Gaius Julius Flavius Proculus Quintilianus (249—250)

Governors under Valerian[edit]

Governors under Probus[edit]

  • Arellius Fuscus (275)
  • Faltonius Probus (276)
  • Julius Proculus (276)

Governors under Carus[edit]

Imperial proconsular governors of Asia (285 — 395)[edit]

Governors under Diocletian[edit]

Governors under Constantine I[edit]

Governors under Constantius II[edit]

  • Lucius Caelius Montius (c. 340/350)
  • Marinus (c. 351/354)
  • Flavius Magnus (c. 354/359)
  • Mantitheus (before 355)
  • Julianus (360)

Governors under Julian and Jovian[edit]

  • Aelius Claudius Dulcitius (361—363)
  • Vitalius (363)

Governors under Valens[edit]

  • Helpidius (364)
  • Hormisdas (365)
  • Clearchus (366—367)
  • Eutropius (c. 371/372)
  • Festus (372—378)

Governors under Theodosius I[edit]

  • Septimius Maeadius (c. 379/386)
  • Nummius Aemilianus Dexter (c. 379/387)
  • Auxonius (381)
  • Nicomachus Flavianus (382—383)
  • Victorius (392—394)
  • Aurelianus (395)

Imperial proconsular governors of Asia (395 — 491)[edit]

Governors under Arcadius[edit]

Governors under Theodosius II[edit]

  • Flavius Heliodorus (c. 439/442)
  • Proculus (449)

Imperial proconsular governors of Asia (uncertain date)[edit]

  • Rufus (last quarter first century)
  • Quintus Pompeius Senecio Sosius Priscus (third quarter of second century)
  • (?) Scaurianus (? late third century)
  • Cassianus (third/fourth century)
  • Cossinius Rufinus (? middle/late third century)
  • Axiochus (? late fourth century)
  • Ambrosius (? late fourth century)
  • Messalinus (fourth/fifth century)
  • Aristus (fourth/fifth century)
  • Constantinus (fourth/fifth century)
  • Nonnus (early fifth century)
  • (?) Ignatius (early/mid fifth century)
  • (?) Zosimianus (early/mid fifth century)
  • Andreas (? fifth century)
  • Flavius Axius Arcadius Phlegethius (late fifth/early sixth century)
  • Damocharis (fourth/sixth century)
  • Theodosius (fifth/sixth century)



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