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The following is a list of Roman tribunes as reported by ancient sources.

A tribune in ancient Rome was a person who held one of a number of offices, including Tribune of the plebs (a political office to represent the interests of the plebs), Military tribune (a rank in the Roman army), Tribune of the Celeres (the commander of the king's personal bodyguard), and various other positions.

Date (BC) Name Office
510/509 Lucius Junius Brutus[1] Tribunus Celerum
493 Lucius Albinius Paterculus[2] Tribunus plebis
493 Gaius Licinius[3] Tribunus plebis
493 Lucius Sicinius Vellutus[4] Tribunus plebis
481 Spurius Licinius[5] Tribunus plebis
480 Titus Pontificius[6] Tribunus plebis
376 Lucius Sextius Tribunus plebis
376 Gaius Licinius Stolo Tribunus plebis
133 Tiberius Gracchus[7] Tribune plebis


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