List of Romanian Air Force units

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Romanian Air Force
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Royal Romanian Air Force
List of WWII flying aces
List of aircraft of the Romanian Air Force
List of Air bases
List of squadrons/other units
Officer ranks

This is a list of Romanian Air Force units, past and present.



  • 71st Air Base
  • 86th Air Base
    • 861st Fighter squadron
    • 862nd Fighter squadron
    • 863rd Helicopter Squadron
  • 90th Airlift Base
    • 901st Strategic Transport Squadron
    • 902nd Transport and Reconnaissance Squadron
    • 903rd Transport Helicopter Squadron
    • 904th Attack Helicopter Squadron
    • 905th Attack Helicopter Squadron
  • 95th Air Base
    • 951st Fighter Squadron
    • 205th Fighter Conversion Squadron
    • 952nd Helicopter Squadron
  • Aurel Vlaicu Flight School
    • 201st Training Squadron
    • 202nd Training Squadron
    • 203rd Training Squadron
    • 204th Training Squadron
    • 206th Helicopter Training Squadron

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