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The following is a List of Romanian communists, including both activists of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR) and people actively engaged in other communist groups (including people of Romanian origin who were members of communist parties in other countries).


Toward the end of the PCR's existence, membership was dramatically increased based on several, mainly artificial, criteria (to almost 4 million members for a total population of 22 million in 1989 — in relative terms, it was the strongest communist party); thus, membership in the party after ca. 1968 is not in itself a relevant factor in establishing whether a person was in fact a communist. Simple members of the PCR who have not been engaged in party politics or held political offices should not be included here.

General Secretaries of the PCR[edit]

Name Years
Gheorghe Cristescu 1921–1924
Elek Köblös 1924–1927
Vitali Holostenco 1927–1931
Alexander Stefanski 1931–1936
Boris Stefanov 1936–1940
Ștefan Foriș 1940–1944
Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej 1945–1954
Gheorghe Apostol 1954–1955
Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej 1955–1965
Nicolae Ceaușescu 1965–1989

Activists of the PCR[edit]

Romanian communists not affiliated with the PCR[edit]

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