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This is a list of Ronin Warriors episodes. Ronin Warriors is a Japanese anime series and manga adaptation created by Hajime Yatate. The anime was produced and animated by Sunrise, and aired across Japan on Nagoya Television from April 30, 1988 to March 4, 1989 and has a total of 39 episodes.

Ronin Warriors was produced by Graz Entertainment and distributed by Cinar, and it was recorded by the Ocean Group. Ronin Warriors first aired on American television during the summer of 1995 and subsequently appeared through syndication, as well as the USA Network and later on Cartoon Network.

Television episodes[edit]

# Title Japanese airdate US airdate
1 "Shadowland"
"Nerawareta Daitōkyō" (ねらわれた大東京) 
April 30, 1988 June 26, 1995
As dark storm clouds descends on Toyama, Mia Koji and her grandfather worry that this means the end of the world. A young man named Ryo and his tiger White Blaze mysteriously appears in the street, nearly causing a young boy named Ully to be injured while skateboarding. Mia and her grandfather believe that Ryo is one of the Ronin Warriors and that there is perhaps hope for the world. Mia rushes off to meet Ryo, but he is surrounded by police. Meanwhile, the storm clouds move in and all power cuts out, leaving cars stranded and causing a helicopter to crash. As glass shatters all over the city from a massive lightning strike, everyone but Ryo runs in fear and Ully gets separated from his parents. Ryo calls out for the Dynasty to fight him and a Dynasty soldier shows up and the two battle. Ryo battles the soldier with the aid of White Blaze, which proves difficult, and Ully, who comes across the battle, is nearly killed before Mia saves him. Ryo and White Blaze are defeated and Ryo is about to be killed when another Ronin Warrior, Rowen, protects him. The other Ronin Warriors, Cye, Sage and Kento also arrive to fight. The Warriors summon their full armor and fight the soldier, but don't work as a team and are therefore unable to defeat him. He takes Ully and Mia hostage, trapping them in a television screen where they feel every injury he receives. The soldier beats up Ryo until he calls up his ultimate attack, "Flare Up Now", destroying the soldier and accidentally blasting the building behind him in half. Mia and Ully are set free and the Dark Warlords and Talpa, the leaders of the Dynasty introduce themselves, sure in their victory over the Ronin Warriors, whom they see as weak, while a giant castle appears in the sky. 
2 "Glory for Anubis"
"Onimashō! Shuten no Mōkō" (鬼魔将!朱天の猛攻) 
May 7, 1988 June 27, 1995
Talpa sends the Dark Warlord of Cruelty Anubis to eliminate the Ronin Warriors, telling him to target Mia as the Warriors will fight to protect her. The military tries to launch an attack on Talpa's castle to no avail as the Dynasty turns their own weapons against them and obliterates the attacking force. Anubis finds the Warriors, Mia and Ully hiding in the subway and attacks. The Warriors use their armor to form the Circle of Power to protect Mia and Ully, but without their armors, they are no match for Anubis and he ties them up with his Quake With Fear attack. The Ronins are unable to dissolve the circle and call upon their armors, but the Ancient One appears and uses his staff to dissolve it himself. The Ronins summon their armor and Ryo and Anubis launch their most powerful attacks against each other at the same time. One of Ryo's swords gets knocked from his hand and he passes out, but Anubis is injured too. Realizing that the Circle of Power is unbroken and that he cannot allow the Ronins to face him, Talpa sends a tornado of dark energy that picks up the Warriors and scatters them to the most desolate regions on Earth. 
3 "Secret of Wildfire"
"Yoroi Gia, Rekka no Himitsu" (鎧擬亜、烈火の秘密) 
May 14, 1988 June 28, 1995
Mia and Ully find the sword Ryo dropped and are taken by White Blaze towards the volcano where Talpa dropped him. Ryo awakens and starts climbing out while Talpa sends Anubis to destroy him for good. Anubis and a bunch of Dynasty soldiers chase down Mia and Ully, believing that the two will lead them to Ryo, but they are saved by the Ancient One who uses his staff to open a giant chasm, taking out the Dynasty soldiers, though Anubis emerges unharmed. The staff also restores power to the city and finding Mia's abandoned jeep working now, Mia and Ully head off again to find Ryo. Ryo climbs out of the volcano, but is attacked by Anubis. White Blaze returns his missing sword, but Anubis knocks him back into the volcano again. However, Ryo's power is increased and he emerges as more than a match for Anubis. Anubis captures Mia and Ully and Ryo is unable to approach them as his armor is hot enough to incinerate them. Anubis casts them into the volcano to force Ryo to get rid of his armor to rescue them then prevents him from re-summoning it and beats him up and tosses him in the volcano again, but Ryo manages to pull Anubis in with him. Both manage to get to safety in the volcano which starts to erupt. Ryo calls upon his armor again and destroys Anubis' weapons as the volcano erupts and knocks Anubis into the eruption, but Anubis survives and is yelled at by Talpa for his failure. Mia, Ully, Ryo and White Blaze vow to find the remaining Warriors who they believe are still alive and Ryo accepts that they need to work as a team to defeat the Dynasty. This pleases the Ancient One who is watching from nearby. 
4 "The Search Begins"
"Dokumashō Naaza no Wana" (毒魔将 那唖挫の罠) 
May 21, 1988 June 29, 1995
With Anubis having failed, Talpa sends Sekhmet after the Ronin Warriors. It is also shown that Talpa has captured the people of the city. At the suggestion of Mia, she, Ryo, Ully and White Blaze head to the university where her grandfather works to get his help in finding the other Ronin Warriors. On the way, the group stops by Ully's house to try to find his parents, but have no luck, so Ully vows he will help the Warriors defeat Talpa and save the world. At the university, the group tries to enlist the help of Mia's grandfather, but he refuses to help, telling them to just give up. Ully realizes that two suits of armor are two disguised Dynasty soldiers that attack. Ryo, with help from White Blaze and Ully, defeats the soldiers, but Dr. Koji is possessed by a Dynasty spirit and attacks too. Ryo manages to free Dr. Koji, but he has been poisoned by the Dynasty and dies, but not before revealing that the Warriors have been returned to the places where their armor was created. Mia tries to find the answer in his computer while Sekhmet watches nearby, planning to follow them and attack once they find their comrades. However, White Blaze detects the Dark Warlord and attacks him. Ryo notices the fight and joins in, but is unable to defeat Sekhmet. Finally Mia realizes that her grandfather was referring to a poem he used to teach her and finds it on the computer before the university is destroyed. Ully notices that Sekhmet doesn't have six arms like it appears, he's just moving his arms really fast and informs Ryo who uses the information to defeat him. Following the information found in the riddle, the group then heads to the Catasota Gulch Pinnacles with Sekhmet following them, unknown to them. 
5 "Halo's Prison"
"Fukkatsu! Hikari no Senshi" (復活!光の戦士) 
May 28, 1988 June 30, 1995
On the road to the Pinnacles, Mia explains that she believes Sage was sent to the caverns there as the first verse of the poem led to Ryo while the next verse is "darkest prison sheds the light" and Sage is the Warrior of Light. They reach the Pinnacles followed by Sekhmet who plans to kill Sage while he's sleeping, but White Blaze senses his presence and alerts Ryo who starts a battle with him. Ryo discovers that his armor has grown more powerful since he awakened in the volcano and realizes that he grows stronger with each battle. Sekhmet blinds him with his poison, but White Blaze saves him and they escape. Using his swords, Ryo tracks down Sage who is imprisoned in rock while Mia and Ully are captured by Sekhmet and Dynasty soldiers. Sekhmet attacks Ryo who is no match for him without his sight, but Ryo manages to shatter Sage's prison. Sage emerges and quickly defeats Sekhmet with his Thunder Bolt Cut, blasting him away. Outside the caves, Sage heals Ryo's eyesight using his sword and the sun. 
6 "The Counter Attack"
"Hangeki, Ikari no Chōryūha" (反撃、怒りの超流破) 
June 11, 1988 July 3, 1995
The group discovers the next clue "churns beneath a sea of salt" and realize that Cye's probably in the Sea of Toyama. Finding a whirlpool, the group splits up to find the Warriors: Mia and Sage head north to find Kento (with Talpa sending Cale to do the same) while Ryo, White Blaze and Ully stay to save Cye. Ryo battles a bunch of Dynasty soldiers and summons his armor to defeat them, while White Blaze takes out two enemy archers. However, as Ryo heads underwater to find Cye, something goes wrong with his armor and Sekhmet attacks. It turns out Ryo's armor is being affected by Sekhmet's poison amplified by the water and he is defeated. Sekhmet heads to finish Cye off before he can awaken, but is attacked by fish and a whale. He kills all of them, but it allows Ryo's swords to wake Cye. Cye blasts Sekhmet and rescues Ryo before returning to the water to continue the battle. As in the water Cye is immune to his poison, Sekhmet brings them to a bridge nearby and beats up Cye. Ully and White Blaze revive Ryo by dragging him into a fire and he steps in to help Cye. Combining Cye's Super Wave Smasher and Ryo's Flare Up Now, they defeat Sekhmet which Talpa is not pleased with. Seeing the power of their teamwork, the two vow to find their friends and unite to defeat the Dynasty. 
7 "Splitting the Stone"
"Kaigan! Hissatsu no Raikōzan" (開眼!必殺の雷光斬) 
June 18, 1988 July 4, 1995
Mia and Sage travel to Mount Dojo to find Kento, unknowingly followed by Cale. After they are forced to abandon Mia's jeep, Sage heads off on his own and orders Mia to return to the city, but she refuses and follows him. A snowstorm starts and Mia is attacked by a pack of wild wolves, but is saved by Sage. Cale tries to take them out with an avalanche, but they jump out of the way and the wolves are swept away by the avalanche. Knowing it is too dangerous for Mia to leave if Talpa or his Warlords caused that, Sage allows Mia to come with him and they head to a giant rock called The Throne of the Gods. Mia believes that this is what the line of the poem "burning within a throne of rock" meant when it referred to Kento's location. Cale attacks the two and Sage tries to break the rock with his Thunder Bolt Cut, but does no damage to it. Cale thrusts his sword into the rock and it will seek out Kento's heart and kill him before he wakes. Sage and Cale battle, but Sage is unable to defeat him and he and Mia fall over a cliff next a waterfall. The two fall into a cave and as they lay unconscious, the Ancient One appears and tells Sage that he needs to unlock the full power of his armor by achieving concentration of both mind and body then disappears before Sage wakes up. Mia decides to distract Cale while Sage rescues Kento and upon reaching a cliff-top, calls Cale out. He doesn't appear, but she notices the Ancient One and remembers how he dissolved the Circle of Power and gave the Ronins back their armor and saved her and Sage from drowning and wonders why he just doesn't save Kento himself. As he walks away, Mia calls after him and follows, but he disappears as the snow starts up again. Cale catches her and dangles her in a waterfall to draw the meditating Sage out. When that fails, he freezes the waterfall, but Sage emerges and saves Mia. With his full power unlocked, it restores life to the land and he successfully uses the Thunder Bolt Cut on the rock as the sword reaches Kento. At first it appears as if Sage acted too late, but Kento bursts out of the rock and causes an explosion that blows Cale away. With Kento rescued, the three head back to the city to reunite with the others and find Rowen. 
8 "Friend or Foe"
"Genmashō, Rajura no Sakuryaku" (幻魔将、螺呪羅の策略) 
June 25, 1988 July 5, 1995
Talpa sends Dais to destroy the Ronin Warriors before they can locate and rescue Rowen. As they drive back to the city, Mia explains the poem to Sage and Kento, explaining that the last verse that will lead them to Rowen is "floating amongst the eyes of the ages, unmoored in the stream of the sky," but she has no idea what this means. At a temple, Ryo, Cye, Ully and White Blaze wait for the others, but Ully is captured by Dais. Ryo and Cye battle him to save Ully and manage to free Ully, but he nearly falls to his death before White Blaze saves him. Dais easily defeats Ryo and Cye and then claims that he holds Rowen captive and tells them to meet him in the city of Sandai to rescue him. Ryo and Cye head off to find Rowen, leaving Ully and White Blaze behind to let the others know what happened. At Sandai, Ryo and Cye find Rowen held captive by Dynasty soldiers. The two armor up and destroy the soldiers and it is revealed that "Rowen" is actually an illusion and that it is really Dais. Dais creates an illusion so that Ryo and Cye each believe that they are fighting Dais, but are really fighting each other. The two use their ultimate attacks on each other, and knock each other out, realizing the truth just after they attack. Dais prepares to finish them, but the others arrive and he decides to do the same to Sage and Kento. Sage sees through the illusion and drops his weapon, but Kento doesn't and beats Sage up. After the truth is revealed, Kento turns on Dais and uses his Iron Rock Crusher to drive him off. While the group recovers from their wounds, Ryo sees a shooting star and realizes that "unmoored in the stream of the sky" means that Rowen is floating in outer space and Mia believes that he's right. 
9 "Wildfire in the Sky"
"Rekka, Tenkū o Sukue" (烈火、天空をすくえ) 
July 2, 1988 July 6, 1995
Now that they know where Rowen is, the Warriors try to figure out how to get to him. Not having a way to do so themselves, they realize that Talpa will try to destroy Rowen himself and they decide to try to find out what that method will be. Mia proposes that two of the Warriors find out Talpa's plan while the other two return to the city. When the Warriors get into an argument about who will go, Mia chooses Cye and Sage herself, but that night, Ryo, Kento and White Blaze sneak off to do the job themselves after telling Ully to tell Mia when she wakes up. Talpa summons the Nether Spirits to deal with Rowen, explaining to the Warlords that the spirits can combine their powers together to create a massive supernatural construct called a Dark Matrix that will be able to destroy anything it's sent against. Talpa plans to send it to destroy Rowen. As Kento and Ryo approach the building where the Dark Matrix is, Talpa sends Dynasty soldiers to distract them. Though they easily defeat them, the Dark Matrix is launched, but the Ancient One intervenes and destroys it. Talpa calls upon the spirits again to form another one while sending Anubis to stop Ryo and Kento. The two battle him, then, knowing they're running out of time, armor up and start climbing the building. However, the energy from the Dark Matrix strikes Anubis and gives him even more power and then while he battles Ryo and Kento, causes their armor to start squeezing them to death. The Dark Matrix starts to launch and Ryo, seeing his only chance to save Rowen, jumps on it to ride it into space, but is absorbed by the matrix. Kento meets up with the others and informs them of what happened and they watch as the Dark Matrix launches into space. 
10 "In the Sea of the Sky"
"Shūketsu! Gonin no Senshi" (集結!5人の戦士) 
July 9, 1988 July 7, 1995
Ryo is alive inside the Dark Matrix, but his armor is absorbing the energy from it and slowly crushing him. Talpa appears to the others and taunts them about the fact that Ryo and Rowen will soon be dead and sends his soldiers to face them. Anubis asks for a fair fight against Ryo, claiming it won't be victory if the Warriors aren't defeated in a fair fight, but Talpa refuses to listen to him and plans to use the power of the Nether Realm to destroy the Warriors and sends Anubis away. Inside the Dark Matrix, as Ryo is slowly crushed, he realizes that if he doesn't do something both he and Rowen will die. Channeling the energy his armor is absorbing, Ryo launches Flare Up Now and destroys the Dark Matrix from within. Seeing this from the ground, the other Warriors despair, but continue fighting. Ryo survives the explosion, but passes out and starts to drift out into space. However, Rowen wakes up and uses his bow to reel Ryo in. Rowen propels them back to Earth which the other Warriors witness and rejoice. Anubis senses it too and heads out to stop Ryo and Rowen while Talpa realizes that another power has awakened inside of Anubis. Rowen doesn't remember what happened and before Ryo can explain, they are attacked by Anubis. Ryo is injured and weakened from the energy ball and fails when he tries Flare Up Now on Anubis who captures him and Rowen with Quake With Fear. However, Anubis hesitates to kill the helpless Ryo with his desire for a fair fight conflicting with his Dynasty morals. Before he can decide, Rowen hits him with Arrow Shockwave. Anubis survives the attack, but his mask and helmet breaks in half, revealing to a shocked Rowen that he's human. Anubis tries to attack Rowen again, but is stopped by Talpa himself as his loyalty seems to be faltering. Talpa teleports Anubis back to his castle. The other Warriors, Mia, Ully and White Blaze arrive and the Ronin Warriors are finally reunited. Seeing that he has failed to stop the Warriors reunion, Talpa orders his castle gates sealed against the inevitable attack. 
11 "Assault on the Dynasty"
"Yōjamon o Uchiyabure" (妖邪門を打ち破れ) 
July 16, 1988 July 10, 1995
Talpa has his castle gates closed and the defenses activated. A bank of think fog rolls over Toyama and Mia reveals that it is part of the castle's defenses. The group walks along and comes to a bank of thick black fog that's another part of the defenses and Kento tries to enter with a vehicle, but is attacked by streams of energy and driven out. The energy attacks the rest of the group, but they manage to escape. In the castle, Talpa summons Dais to deal with the Warriors and he convinces Talpa to open the gates and let the Warriors in so he can draw them into a trap, explaining that their armor will be easier to control inside the castle with the hep of the Nether Spirits. Talpa agrees, but warns Dais that he will be very angry if Dais fails to stop the Warriors. The fog is lifted and the group is able to see the four gates to Talpa's castle, but decide to leave Mia and Ully behind as it is too dangerous. Ryo refuses to listen to Ully's pleas to let him come and slaps him, causing Ully to run off. Mia follows him and Ryo sends White Blaze after them to protect them while he and the other Warriors enter the gates, closing them behind them. Dais arrives and opens the gates, summoning the Nether Spirits. Unable to defeat Dais, the Warriors try to summon their armor, but the spirits block their powers and Dais easily defeats them. Mia finds Ully who knows Ryo never meant to hurt him and convinces her that they need to help the Warriors. They notice their friends in trouble and start to go to help them, but the spirits attack them, but the Ancient One's staff appears and drives them away. Dais ties up the Warriors and offers Ryo his life in exchange for serving Talpa, but Ryo refuses so Dais cuts him down to kill him. Before he can, Mia, Ully and White Blaze arrive and Dais tries to attack them, but the Ancient One's staff protects them and drives away the spirits. With the spirits gone, Ryo is able to summon his armor and blasts Dais away with Flare Up Now. The attack also destroys the castle gates. Talpa promises that Ryo will fall and won't be able to defeat him. Ryo apologizes to Ully and thanks him and Mia for saving him. Mia points out that it was the staff that did it and it causes the Warriors to realize that there's someone on their side trying to help them. 
12 "Shallow Darkness"
"Seiji! Kurayami no Shitō" (セイジ!暗闇の死闘) 
July 23, 1988 July 11, 1995
The group moves through the city, making their way to Talpa's castle and come across an abandoned store selling skateboards and realize it is where they all met for the first time. Ully rushes off wanting to find his parents and Mia follows, but an army of Dynasty soldiers attack the Warriors. The soldiers also go after Mia and Ully along with possessed cars and it forces the Warriors to split up which Sage realizes is the Dynasty's intention: to use Mia and Ully to split the Warriors up so they're weaker. Sage, Mia and Ully escape the subway only to be confronted by Dynasty soldiers. Sage armors up and takes them out while across the city the other Warriors take out the soldiers attacking them, but they are scattered. A building is brought down forcing Sage, Ully and Mia back into the subway where they are confronted by Cale. He absorbs all the light in the subway and Sage's light power. Sage is unable to unleash his Thunder Bolt Cut for fear of hitting Mia and Ully and Cale captures him with his Black Lightning Flash. The attack drains Sage of his energy and causes his armor to disappear, but before it can kill him, Ully attacks Cale with the Ancient One's staff. Ully is injured by an attack from Cale, but the staff frees Sage and restores his power along with the light in the subway. Sage calls upon his armor again and blasts Cale away with his Thunder Bolt Cut and apologizes to Ully as he had always thought of Ully as a burden. However, the Warriors are still scattered across the city. Also, the Ancient One's staff disappears. 
13 "Fate of the Ronin Armor"
"Yoroi Gia no Shōtai" (ヨロイギアの正体) 
July 30, 1988 July 12, 1995
Searching through the subway for the others, Kento and Rowen reunite. Kento is skeptical at first that it is really Rowen, but Rowen makes a joke about how he found Kento by his growling stomach and he seems to be convinced. Meanwhile, Talpa addresses Cale, Dais and Sekhmet and informs them that together the Ronin armors are unbeatable, but now that they're separate, they are vulnerable. He plans to use the Ronins own strengths against them and assigns Dais to the task, though he doesn't tell him the plan. In the subway, Kento is anxious to get out and find the others and suggests blasting out while Rowen cautions that their job is to protect and rebuild and not destroy. Two subway trains come at them, sending them different ways on the track to separate them again. Rowen manages to get out of the way by clinging to the celing, but Kento has to battle several Dynasty soldiers on his train and when it heads for a pile of rock, climbs on top to escape, but is thrown into a field. There he sees images of the Dark Warlords and Talpa speaks to him. Talpa reveals that the field contains the bones of every mortal that fell to the Ronin armor and that the Ronin armors and the Warlord armors have the same origin. He also reveals that the Ronin armors used to be worn by men that used them to conquer and that while the people wearing them grow stronger the more they're used, so too grows the bloodlust. Talpa believes that it will eventually bring the Warriors over to his side and that they will help him conquer everything. The other Warriors attack Kento and he defeats them, but it is revealed to be all just one of Dais' illusions. He and Talpa try to convince Kento to join them, telling him that the armor contains evil and that its bloodthirsty nature will eventually overwhelm him and cause him to turn. Dais and Talpa claim that Kento's armor was always the most blood-thirsty of the group and thus he will be the first to turn. Dais sends an illusion of an army at Kento and while he realizes what it is, he feels the urge to kill. Kento armors up and battles Dais and when he grows angry, the armor seems to take control of him somewhat. After taunting Kento by attacking him in the guise of his friends, Dais causes Kento to hit him with Iron Rock Crusher. The attack shatters the illusion and blasts Dais away, but also causes destruction in the city, attracting Rowen to Kento's position. Talpa speaks to Kento, telling him to look at the destruction he caused and saying he proved that all Kento will cause is destruction and that he will soon join his side. Rowen and Kento reunite, but Kento now has doubts about the nature of his and the other Ronins armor and what will happen. Talpa congratulates Dais and tells him his plan is not over yet and that Anubis will handle the next part. Dais doesn't believe Anubis worthy, but Talpa assures him that Anubis has changed. 
14 "Armor of Life"
"Shuten, Kokoro Naki Tatakai" (シュテン、心なき戦い) 
August 6, 1988 July 13, 1995
As Anubis showed weakness when he battled Ryo and Rowen last, Talpa has the Nether Spirits fortify the evil in his heart. Anubis protests at first, but after the spirits powers take effect, he breaks free of his binds and is sent by Talpa to enact the next phase of his plan. At an amusement park, while Ully heads off with White Blaze to play, Dynasty soldiers attack. Sage battles them and is nearly beaten, but is saved by Ryo and Cye. Together they defeat the Dynasty soldiers in the park and in a subway and decide that following the subway might lead them to Talpa's castle. Rowen and Kento arrive having followed the sounds of battle, but Kento displays doubts about his future when they refer to the soldiers as "Dynasty twerps" wondering if he'll become a "Dynasty twerp" too when his armor turns him evil. Anubis arrives, his eyes glowing red occasionally and proves to be more powerful than ever. The Warriors except for Kento armor up, with Kento's own doubts combined with Anubis being human increasing his fear of what he could become. At the insistence of the others, Kento tries to power up, but fails due to his fears about his armor. Kento explains what happened to the others and his fears that if he uses the armor he will become like the Dark Warlords. As a result, Kento refuses to fight with his armor and without it, the other Warriors are weakened and no match for Anubis. Talpa is pleased as without Kento the Warriors will be easy for Anubis, who the Nether Spirits are keeping in control, to defeat. Anubis proves too powerful for the Warriors and defeats them with his Quake With Fear. The Ancient One appears nearby and tells the Warriors to trust their armor, that it responds to what's in their hearts. Anubis goes to finish Ryo, but Ully and White Blaze try to stop him. Anubis easily throws them aside, injuring them, but Ully's courage causes Kento to summon his armor, saying that Ully taught him what real courage is. Anubis tries to attack again with Quake With Fear, but Kento hits him with Iron Rock Crusher. Not only does Kento's attack knock Anubis out, but it drives the spirits influence from his body. However, it leaves the Warriors wondering what does it mean for them that a human is wearing evil armor. Talpa tries to pull Anubis back to his castle, but the Ancient One intervenes and pulls Anubis to him instead. Talpa is furious while the Warriors realize that the Ancient One has arrived to help them which he confirms. 
15 "The Ancient's Battle"
"Kaosu, Shukumei no Taiketsu" (カオス、宿命の対決) 
August 13, 1988 July 14, 1995
The Ronin Warriors, Ully and Mia meet with the Ancient One in a park. The Ancient One commends the Ronin Warriors for all of the good they have done so far and Mia for helping to bring the Warriors together. The Ancient One confirms that the Ronin and Warlord armors do share the same origin and that they can be bent to either good or evil. According to the Ancient One, Talpa knows that the armors can be used to destroy him and will be working to bend the Warriors armors to evil and Talpa can bend the Ronin armor to his will if goodness isn't in the Ronins hearts and souls. Anubis awakens and the Ancient One stops the Warriors from attacking him so he can talk to him and try to convince him to change sides. By this point, Anubis has seen enough that he understands that Talpa is only using him for his armor and the Ancient One explains that the nine armors were once all one and are formed out of human emotions. Anubis' virtue is Loyalty which means he is loyal to whoever is his master, but the Ancient One points out that Anubis can choose his own master. The Ancient One walks away after telling Anubis to no longer be controlled by Talpa (which he has been for over a thousand years) and to pick his own path and follow it. Realizing Anubis is lost to him, Talpa sends all three Dark Warlords to attack Anubis and retrieve his armor. By the time they arrive, Anubis has come to the conclusion that the Ancient One is right and fights back against them but is easily defeated. However, before the Warlords can take Anubis to Talpa, the Ronin Warriors attack and engage them in battle. The Warriors hold off the Warlords, but Talpa blinds them temporarily with a bolt of energy, allowing the Warlords to escape with Anubis. The Warriors are more determined than ever to attack Talpa's castle and defeat him and the Ancient One agrees to become the bridge to the castle, but worries about the power of the Dark Side within. In the castle, Anubis is brought before Talpa and tries to no avail to convince the other Warlords of the truth and is thrown in the dungeon. The Warlords ask for the power of the Dark Side to make them stronger so they can defeat the Warriors, but Talpa reveals the source is pure evil and demands they prove themselves ready for the power. As the Warriors discuss the upcoming attack on the castle and Ryo's fears about what the Ancient One told them about their armor, the Ancient One summons Talpa and does battle with him. The Ancient One is no match for Talpa and is destroyed, but as his last act he turns himself into a bridge to Talpa's castle. The Warriors hear the commotion and are saddened when they realize the Ancient One's sacrifice, but prepare themselves to make use of it to finally assault Talpa's castle. At the same time, Talpa is aware of what the Ancient One planned and is amused, planning to let the Warriors in, confident in his coming victory. 
16 "Raid on Talpa's Castle"
"Totsunyū, Arago-jō" (突入、アラゴ城) 
August 20, 1988 July 17, 1995
The Ronin Warriors, leaving behind Mia, Ully and White Blaze who wish them good luck, enter the Ancient One's bridge. Talpa sends the Nether Spirits to destroy the bridge and the Warriors and collect their armor and they nearly succeed, but the spirit of the Ancient One is able to channel the bridge's energy and destroy the spirits. Upon arrival at the castle, the Warriors are attacked by Dynasty soldiers and after fighting for a while, summon their armor and Rowen destroys them with Arrow Shockwave. However, when Ryo tries to use Flare Up Now against the castle, it just rebounds on him. Talpa then sends the Dark Warlords, now with increased power from the Nether Spirits to attack the Warriors. Their attacks easily overpower the Warriors and the Warlords warn them not to go on or face destruction, but the Warriors decide to push on anyways. Entering the castle, they end up separated and Sage is confronted by Cale, Ryo and Cye by Sekhmet and Rowen and Kento by Dais. Cye and Kento go up against Sekhmet and Dais one on one to allow Ryo and Rowen to go confront Talpa and the two meet up and finally confront Talpa face to face and demand answers. Talpa explains that as his Nether World grows bigger he needs the Earth as his world feeds off the anger and hatred in humans. He explains that just with the humans from Toyama he is able to create an unending army of Nether Spirits and Dynasty soldiers to take over the world. Ryo and Rowen attack Talpa to no avail with both of their attacks being deflected back at them and Ryo even getting blown outside the castle. Meanwhile, as the other Ronin fight their opponents, Anubis, still trapped in the castle dungeon, tells them to hold on as he will help them thanks to the Ancient One freeing him from Talpa's evil. 
17 "The Legend of the Armor"
"Akasareta Yoroi Densetsu" (明かされた鎧伝説) 
August 27, 1988 July 18, 1995
Ryo falls to a ledge and is nearly killed by Sekhmet but is saved by Cye. Ryo climbs to the top of the castle and faces Talpa again inside, but is again easily defeated and thrown back outside. Meanwhile, Mia and Ully become determined to help the Ronin Warriors and ride White Blaze through the bridge to the castle where they dodge Dynasty attacks. Talpa watches as the Warriors fight with some success against the Warlords and realizes that their armor grows stronger the more they battle and he needs that for himself. When the Warriors manage to get past the Warlords, Talpa calls them off and demands the Warlords give their armor to him. They agree and Talpa absorbs the Warlords and starts building a physical body for himself. Mia, Ully and White Blaze find Ryo in a lot of pain and come under attack by a Dynasty army but are saved by Rowen and Cye and Rowen destroys most of the army with Arrow Shockwave. The Ronins then destroy much of the rest and form an energy pyramid that destroys the rest. Talpa reveals that the source of the armor is that it originally belonged to him before the Ancient One stole it and tried to hide it from him and attacks with his hand, injuring Ryo and causing his armor to disappear and absorbing Rowen, Cye and Kento. Meanwhile, Anubis escapes from his prison to help. Mia and Ully are captured by more Dynasty soldiers while White Blaze is surrounded, but Anubis saves them. His presence causes the remaining Ronin virtues to activate and Ryo is healed. Sage attacks Talpa to no avail and his sword is destroyed and he is absorbed. Ryo summons his armor and attacks Talpa together with Anubis, but to no avail and Anubis is absorbed leaving Talpa having absorbed eight of the nine armors and Ryo alone to face him. 
18 "Talpa's Triumph"
"Kyōfu no Yōja Teiō" (恐怖の妖邪帝王) 
September 10, 1988 July 19, 1995
Talpa faces Ryo, taunting him about having absorbed his friends. This causes Mia to lose hope, but not Ully. Ryo attacks Talpa to no avail with not even Flare Up Now doing anything. Talpa grabs Ryo and explains that having absorbed eight armors he is too powerful for Ryo to harm. However, before he can harm or absorb Ryo, the other Warriors, who are still alive inside Talpa, fight back and manage to force Talpa to let Ryo go. Ryo becomes determined to find someway to free his friends and kill Talpa, but is unsure how while Talpa grows stronger by feeding off the fear of the people he has captured which gives Mia and Ully hope as that means that Ully's parents and the other people Talpa has captured are still alive. Talpa chases Ryo who is reluctant to destroy him as doing so will kill the other Ronin Warriors. Ryo is nearly absorbed by Talpa, but White Blaze saves him and they fight Talpa who forces the other Ronin Warriors to use their attacks against Ryo. Talpa prepares to absorb Ryo, but the other Ronins take control of him and urge Ryo to use the opportunity to destroy Talpa, but he refuses as he will kill them doing it. Talpa regains control and draws Ryo to him in order to absorb him. 
19 "Wildfire's Fight Against Fate"
"Kessen! Rekka Tai Arago" (決戦!烈火対アラゴ) 
September 17, 1988 July 20, 1995
As Talpa pulls Ryo to him, Ryo gives up hope despite Ully's pleas. However, the spirit of the Ancient One appears to him to show him how Talpa tried to take over the world in the past. The Ancient One shows Ryo how he defeated Talpa and killed him, but Talpa swore that with his armor he would return one day and returned to the Nether World as a soul. The Ancient One, knowing that with Talpa's armor still intact this is still possible and unable to destroy it, splits the armor into the five Ronin and four Warlord armors to diffuse Talpa's armor's power. The nine armors are thus linked, but according to the Ancient One, not necessarily to Talpa's evil. While all of the armors are made up of the parts of the human spirit, the Ronins are linked to the purest parts of it while the other armors are more easily corruptible and eventually returned to Talpa's side. The Ancient One explains that while the armors can be used for either good or evil, it is the wearer's soul that determines which side that armor is on. Unfortunately, after the Ancient One explains all of this, Ryo is absorbed by Talpa who sends out a blast of energy that causes destruction in the city below. Inside Talpa, Ryo watches as the spirit of the Ancient One apologizes to the Warriors for involving them in the battle against Talpa who appears and tries to make Ryo despair by claiming his friends now hate and feel betrayed by him. Ryo refuses to give into despair and calls upon his friends to help him fight once more. Ryo emerges from Talpa and absorbs the power of the other four armors to form a new armor, the Inferno Armor. With the Inferno, Ryo is more than a match for Talpa and blasts him with Flare Up Now, destroying him and his castle and releasing the other Ronin Warriors. The Warriors float safely to the ground while Mia, Ully and White Blaze escape through the Ancient One's bridge and the group stands on a rooftop and looks out at the now freed city, the threat over. 
20 "Ronin vs. Saranbo"
"Arata naru Tatakai" (新たなる戦い) 
September 24, 1988 July 21, 1995
Ryo is attacked and killed by Talpa, but is relieved when he wakes up and realizes that it was just a nightmare. He watches as Cye and Kento practice their moves while they rest at a house on a lakeside. Meanwhile, Sage and Rowen visit the city where everything has returned to normal with no one but them remembering what happened during Talpa's reign of terror. Despite the peace, the Ronin Warriors worry about threats from other parts of the Dynasty than just the now-dead Talpa and about Ryo's new armor. At the gates to the Nether World, a new threat, Saranbo appears, announcing his intention to destroy the world and steal the Ronin armors for himself to become invincible. Ryo finds Mia researching his armor and she explains that her grandfather was aware of the armors special powers and that the white armor he had summoned is called the Inferno armor. However, she is worried about Ryo as it takes a lot out of him to use and she believes he should rest. Ryo feels fine after sleeping a lot and believes he is okay now. After having stopped to get a drink, a gate to the Nether World appears in front of Rowen and Sage and Saranbo arrives to attack them. Saranbo proves to be more than a match for them and demands to know which of them holds the Inferno armor and leaves after blasting them and discovering that neither holds it. They inform Cye, Kento and Mia about this but don't tell Ryo as he is still exhausted from his fight with Talpa and needs more time to recover. Deciding to keep it from Ryo and protect him, they lure Saranbo into a trap, but he is unscathed by even the combined power of Arrow Shockwave and Thunder Bolt Cut and easily defeats them. Upon learning that none of them possess the armor, he goes in search of Ryo leaving the others captured. Saranbo finds Ryo and tells him he has captured his friends and demands he find them. Ryo and White Blaze head out in search of the others and upon finding them, come under attack by Saranbo. Ryo loses until the Inferno Armor forms around him and he blasts Saranbo with Flare Up Now, apparently destroying him. However, Saranbo survives and is pleased to learn that he was right that Ryo is the wielder of the Inferno armor. After the battle, Mia arrives to find Ryo who returns to his normal Wildfire armor and collapses. 
21 "Ryo's Mega Armor"
"Kagayake Shiroki Yoroi!" (輝け白き鎧!) 
October 1, 1988 July 24, 1995
Saranbo meets with the Dynasty soldiers to plan his next move in gaining the Inferno armor. Realizing that Ryo is weak and not using the full power of the armor, Saranbo decides to use this to his advantage. At Mia's house as everyone else relaxes, Ryo is worried about the threat he knows is not over and eventually leaves, breaking the good mood. Cye and Kento a fighting for Food (Cooking). Mia follows Ryo and tries to comfort him, knowing he blames himself for his friends getting hurt, but it fails and he sends her away shortly before he is attacked by Dynasty soldiers. Ryo defeats the soldiers and Saranbo sends an image to confront him, telling him to gather his friends for a battle with him. Still feeling guilty over the others getting hurt last time, Ryo heads out to confront Saranbo alone at a pier but he passes Ully on the way and Ully goes to Mia's house and lets the others know what he saw and they realize what it means. At the pier, Ryo summons his armor and confronts Saranbo alone. Saranbo easily beats Ryo and starts draining him of his armor, but White Blaze saves him. However, Saranbo quickly defeats White Blaze, but the attack allows Ryo to get up and fire Flare Up Now at Saranbo who returns with Wave of Destruction. Saranbo's attack overpowers Ryo's and Ryo is blasted into the water. White Blaze cries out for help and Ully, looking for Ryo with the others, hears him. However, they come under attack from Dynasty soldiers. Meanwhile, Saranbo uses the Dark Flame to try to incinerate Ryo, but the other Ronin armors protect him from the flame at the expense of hurting their wearers. The other Ronins send their armors to Ryo, destroying the Dynasty soldiers and Ryo forms the Inferno and destroys Saranbo with Flare Up Now. However, he collapses afterwards and his swords are damaged, unable to take being used with the Inferno. 
22 "Saber Stryke's Deadly Challenge"
"Kenbukyō no Chōsen" (剣舞卿の挑戦) 
October 15, 1988 July 25, 1995
Lord Saber Stryke appears with his tiger Black Blaze, glad that his old enemy has been defeated by Ryo with the Inferno armor and he decides to go after Ryo to get the armor. Ully plays with White Blaze, pretending to be a Ronin Warrior and goes to Mia's where the others are gathered examining Ryo's damaged swords. Mia explains that the swords couldn't handle the intensity of the Inferno armor and continuing to use it as Ryo did could result in it failing him. Ryo is upset that he can't trust his own swords and Ully suggests finding him a new one, causing Mia to come up with the idea that maybe there is another sword meant to work with the Inferno armor which she looks through her grandfather's data for. Mia finds a special pair of swords meant for the original wearer of the Inferno armor called the Soul Swords of Fervor or the Soul Swords which legend states is hidden at the base of a volcano and protected by a special divine power. Black Blaze appears and he and White Blaze fight. Eventually Black Blaze disappears, but not before the Warriors realize he's from the Nether World and become even more determined to get the Swords of Fervor. However, Lord Saber Stryke is nearby and is determined to get the Inferno armor and reveals he possesses the Swords of Fervor which he won't give up easily. The Warriors, Mia, Ully and White Blaze travel to the location the Swords are supposed to be and find them in an energy triangle which the Warriors dissipate with their armors power. However, when Ryo gets the swords, he realizes that they are fakes and Lord Saber Stryke appears, revealing to them that he possesses the real swords and challenging them to a fight for the swords. The Warriors prove no match for Lord Saber Stryke so Ryo forms the Inferno. Lord Saber Stryke reveals that his old enemy is Talpa who he indicates is still alive and that he wishes for the Inferno armor to defeat him. Ryo launches Flare Up Now at Lord Saber Stryke, but his swords shatter and Lord Saber Stryke goes to kill him. However, White Blaze jumps in and takes the blow for Ryo and honoring White Blaze's courage, Lord Saber Stryke leaves, but promises a rematch. White Blaze collapses from his wounds and the Warriors, Ully and Mia rush to his side. 
23 "White Blaze's Sacrifice"
"Byakuen Shi o Kaketa Tatakai" (白炎死をかけた戦い) 
October 22, 1988 July 26, 1995
Lord Saber Stryke locates the still-alive Talpa and does battle with him, but proves unable to defeat him and is knocked into a chasm which Black Blaze jumps after him into. Meanwhile, Ryo, Mia and Ully try to help White Blaze recover from his serious injuries while the other Ronins decide to try to take on Lord Saber Stryke on their own, not sure they can trust Ryo in the fight. When Rowen suggests this to Ryo, he runs off followed by Ully and examines his broken swords, brooding over their destruction. Ully tries to cheer him up, but is interrupted by the arrival of Black Blaze with the Swords of Fervor and Lord Saber Stryke. Lord Saber Stryke challenges Ryo to a fair fight with the Inferno armor for the Soul Swords, but Ryo refuses and Lord Saber Stryke leaves. That night, White Blaze hears Black Blaze roaring and goes after him. The two tigers battle and though White Blaze is mortally wounded, he manages to steal one of the Soul Swords and gives it to Ryo when he arrives, having woken up and found White Blaze gone. With the one Soul Sword in each of their possessions, Ryo agrees to a fight between him and Lord Saber Stryke and tells the other Ronins to stay out of it. Even with the Soul Sword, Ryo is no match for Lord Saber Stryke until he forms the Inferno. At the same time Lord Saber Stryke attacks him, Ryo uses the attack Rage of Inferno on him. Ryo emerges victorious with both Soul Swords while Lord Saber Stryke is mortally wounded. Both Lord Saber Stryke and White Blaze die, but as his last act, Lord Saber Stryke orders Black Blaze to follow Ryo's orders as his new master and Black Blaze merges with White Blaze, bringing him back to life. 
24 "Sun Devil: Ambassador of Evil"
"Yōja Teiō no Shisha" (妖邪帝王の使者) 
November 5, 1988 July 27, 1995
A Dynasty warrior arrives on Earth, landing in a volcano named Mount Aso. The volcano erupts at his arrival, but the warlord uses black ice to calm it. At the same time, Ully, Mia, White Blaze and Ryo visit another volcano in an attempt to fix the Swords of Wildfire. The power of the volcano successfully repairs the swords and the group heads back home, but Ryo senses the nearby presence of the warrior, though he dismisses it. On the ride home, Ully encourages Mia to race White Blaze who seems to be back to normal after being restored by Black Blaze, the power of whom he now carries inside. At home, the Warriors see a news report about the eruption of Mount Aso and the ice that now covers it and decide to investigate. On the road, the warrior appears and Ryo engages in a battle with him, but proves to be no match for him. The warrior proves to be more than a match for all of the Warriors together and nearly kills Ryo before White Blaze knocks him away, knocking off his cloak. The warrior introduces himself as Sun Devil and explains that he was sent by his master to test their armors limits, but refuses to identify that master. Sun Devil splits into five copies which easily overpower the Warriors, but White Blaze attacks the one fighting Ryo and transforms into Black Blaze who has become a part of him ever since he saved White Blaze. At the insistence of the others, Ryo forms the Inferno Armor even though it will drain their power. Sun Devil explains he just wanted to see the power of the Inferno and freezes the Ronins in black ice, but Ryo breaks free and destroys Sun Devil with Rage of Inferno and the Soul Swords. A gateway to the Nether Realm appears and Sun Devil's master speaks to the Ronins through it, revealing himself to be the still-alive Talpa who is determined to have the Ronin armor return to him. 
25 "Torrent's Evil Twin"
"Taiketsu! Futari no Suiko" (対決!二人の水滸) 
November 12, 1988 July 28, 1995
Wanting to redeem himself for his past failures, Sekhmet approaches Talpa with a plan to defeat the Warriors and get their armor. He creates an evil clone of Cye with the same armor, but red and more powerful. This clone will be powerful enough to defeat the Warriors. Talpa is worried that they will be defeated again because of their reliance on the art of fighting battles, but Sekhmet is confident that he has accounted for that problem. Meanwhile, Ryo worries about being able to control the intense power created by the combination of the Soul Swords and the Armor of Inferno while everyone else worries about it as well as the fact that the Dynasty nearly overpowered them with its evil. That night, Ryo dreams that he tests his strength by using Flare Up Now to cut a massive boulder in half which works, but the Ancient One's spirit appears to tell him that strength alone isn't enough to defeat Talpa and the forces of evil, he must also fight the battle with his heart. He then appears in the dreams of all the other Warriors to give them advice and the next day, Kento believes that they need to find their center to find the balance the Ancient One was talking about and they take off to do so. Cye travels to the ocean, but is attacked by Dynasty soldiers. After defeating them, he comes face to face with his evil clone, Red Torrent and proves to be no match for him, forced to take the battle out of the water due to Red Torrent possessing Sekhmet's poison which starts affecting the ocean and being overpowered by Red Torrent's Super Wave Smasher when they fire at each other. The Ancient One's spirit appears again and tells Cye to ignore the turmoil and strength of his foe and find the peace in the battle. Cye realizes this is like how a whale let a powerful current carry him. The Ancient One tells him not to fight, but to swim into the stream of its nature and Cye clears his mind and searches for a solution. Red Torrent shoots his poisonous Super Wave Smasher and Cye decides to absorb the attack and use his armor to purify the water. The effort works and Cye, his power strengthened, blasts Red Torrent with his own Super Wave Smasher, destroying Red Torrent. However, a wave of poison emerges from Red Torrent's remains and Cye's attempt to stop it fails and he is overwhelmed by the attack and passes out. Sekhmet reveals himself and captures Cye, taking him through a gate to the Nether World. 
26 "The Armor Must Be Destroyed"
"Kōrin yo, Hikari o Torimodose" (光輪よ、光をとりもどせ) 
November 19, 1988 July 31, 1995
The Ancient One's spirit tells Sage to rely on mind, skill and spirit and not just the strength of his armor to overcome evil, saying that harnessing those three things will allow him to attain an even greater strength. In order to do so, Sage returns to the caves at the Catasota Gulch Pinnacles where the Armor of Halo was created and the source of its power. At the Pinnacles, Sage saves a deer from a pack of wolves who run away when he starts glowing. The deer and its herd, also fearing Sage, run away from him. Meanwhile, Talpa summons Cale and sends him to go after Sage to try to turn him to the side of evil, believing that once the Ronin Warriors see their true power, they will switch sides. Cale approaches Sage and explains that the wolves and the deer ran from him because they sensed the evil of his armor and fear it. Cale claims that the armors purpose is to bring destruction to the world and attacks. Cale battles Sage, trying to convince him of the armors evil power and for Sage to turn to evil, telling him that the armor makes him continually fight and destroy. Fearing this might be true, Sage powers down his armor and runs, hiding in a waterfall and meditating. In order to show Sage how cold and dark the heart of a Dynasty warlord is, Cale covers everything, including all living creatures in ice and snow, freezing Sage in the waterfall and tries to convince him to help destroy the world. In an attempt to drive Sage to evil, Cale revives and controls five deer and makes them attack Sage, trying to force him to kill them and drive him further from good, but when it fails, Cale kills them again. Sage summons his armor to fight Cale again, understanding that while his strength may come from the Dynasty, he still controls it with his mind. Sage unleashes the Thunder Bolt Cut, defeating Cale, but blasting off the top of the caves. Cale tells Sage he has now become a Dynasty warrior before collapsing and not wanting to give into the evil in the armor, Sage separates it from him and cuts it in half with his sword. However, his sword channels the power of his own spirit and repairs the armor and realizing that this is not an evil power, Sage regains faith in his mind, skill and spirit to overcome evil. This causes life to be restored to the land. However, this leaves Sage vulnerable and Talpa opens a gate to the Nether Realm and captures Sage and the Armor of Halo. 
27 "Sand Blasted"
"Ikare Kongō, Suna Yōja o Kudake" (怒れ金剛、砂妖邪をくだけ) 
November 26, 1988 August 1, 1995
Having already captured Cye and Sage, Talpa decides to send Dais to capture another Ronin and Dais picks Kento. Dais reveals that he has a plan that Kento's brute strength will be no match against and asks for the help of the Twin Sand Strikers which Talpa agrees to as Dais has served him well in the past. As Kento dozes as he makes his journey, he remembers what the Ancient One's spirit told him in his dream: that while he is the strongest among the Ronin Warriors, one great force cannot ruin another and that he must use the spirit of the armor to push his way through the "sands of deception", telling him to know them and to "see what is not there." At a construction site, Kento is confronted by Dais who he is shocked to see alive and is attacked by the Sand Strikers. Dais claims the Dynasty is unstoppable and while the Sand Strikers hold Kento down, sends a wrecking ball at him. Kento dodges and battles the Sand Strikers, apparently destroying them with the wrecking ball, but they survive and bring part of a building down on top of him. However, Dais prevents them from killing Kento, telling them he wants Kento to suffer and telling Kento to continue his quest, that he'll be waiting for him. The three then travel to a forest which they petrify to await Kento's arrival. Kento arrives and battles Dais, unleashing Iron Rock Crusher twice and causing the area to turn into a desert. Dais reminds Kento how he once revealed to him that the stronger he gets the stronger the hold of evil on him and tells him that the world will end up just like it if he insists on fighting. Kento battles the Sand Strikers again, but when he unleashes Iron Rock Crusher once more, they simply absorb the power and easily beat him and Dais leaves to tell Talpa of his victory. Kento wakes up and to confuse him, the Sand Strikers dash around so fast that it appears there are many of them. Remembering what the Ancient One told him, Kento taps into the spirit of the armor which he realizes is a part of the natural energy flowing through the Earth and is able to see where the Sand Strikers really are. Using this, Kento unleashes Iron Rock Crusher again and destroys the Sand Strikers. Kento finally understands that in order to use all of his armor's strength, he must focus all of its power. Dais shows up again and attacks, but after he reveals that Cye and Sage have been captured, Kento willingly follows him to the Nether Realm in an effort to rescue them. 
28 "Lady Kayura and the Dark Realm"
"Nazo no Onna Yōja Kayura Shutsugen" (謎の女妖邪カユラ出現) 
December 3, 1988 August 2, 1995
Rowen practices his now-maximized powers by using Arrow Shockwave to successfully blast away storm clouds, but is blasted by an unseen force and pulled into the clouds where he is confronted by a beautiful girl named Lady Kayura. Lady Kayura reveals that she is loyal to the Dynasty and that Cye, Sage and Kento have all been captured. Rowen attacks her with a bunch of arrows, but to his shock, she blocks them all. To his shock, his Arrow Shockwave also has no effect on her and Lady Kayura drops him to the ground, telling him that she is now going after Ryo but will be back for him. Rowen heads out to help Ryo, but unseen to him, what appears to be the Ancient One watches him. At a volcano, Ryo tests out his power and pledges to protect the world and defeat Talpa and is confronted by Lady Kayura. Rowen joins him and Lady Kauyra proves her claim that the Dynasty holds captive the other Ronins by producing Cye and Sage's weapons and leaving them for Rowen and Ryo who realize that she is telling the truth and become determined to save their friends. They return to Mia's house where the argue over the next course of action until a vision appears of Talpa's castle and their friends being tortured. Lady Kayura appears and tries to convince them to come with her, but they instead armor up to face her. Even together, Ryo and Rowen are unable to defeat Lady Kayura with even Flare Up Now being blocked. Lady Kayura defeats them with Star Sword Scream and summons a gate to the Nether Realm to capture them, but the Ancient One tosses his staff down and it and Rowen's armor give Ryo the power to summon the Inferno Armor. Ryo unleashes Rage of Inferno, destroying the gate and forcing Lady Kayura to flee and he and Rowen realize that the Ancient One is still around and helping them if at least in spirit. 
29 "Anubis Is Reborn"
"Yuke! Futari no Senshitachi yo..." (行け!二人の戦士達よ…) 
December 10, 1988 August 3, 1995
As the Ancient One stands at a temple, Lady Kayura arrives to confront him. The Ancient One proves to be skilled and dodges or counters all of her attacks to Lady Kayura's surprise. She tries blasting the Ancient One, but he absorbs her attack and disappears, causing her to realize that she needs to report the troubling development of the Ancient One's return to Talpa. The Ancient One travels to a waterfall where it is revealed that he's not actually the Ancient One but someone who has taken on his role and his way of doing things. Ryo is determined to get into the Nether Realm and rescue his friends and despite Mia and Rowen's warnings that it is a trap, he is insistent so Rowen decides to join him in trying. Lady Kayura reports on the fake Ancient One to Talpa and her belief that it is merely someone who is able to wield his staff, but Talpa tells her to ignore him and focus on capturing Ryo and Rowen which she has a plan for. As Ryo, Rowen, Mia, Ully and White Blaze prepare to travel into the city to find a way into the Nether Realm, the fake Ancient One appears and reveals himself to be Anubis, the former Warlord of Cruelty. Anubis explains that he is now following the path of the Ancient One and his power, but warns that he can't protect the Warriors from everything and that they must be careful of the traps of the Nether Realm. While Anubis doesn't agree with what they are doing, he does agree to help all he can before leaving. In the city, they come under attack from Lady Kayura, but again prove no match for her even with their armor. After White Blaze scratches her, Lady Kayura blasts him, but he emerges as Black Blaze and shields Ryo and Rowen from another attack. Lady Kayura turns the ground into quicksand to capture them, but Anubis appears and frees them and opens a portal into the Nether Realm which Ryo, Rowen and White Blaze jump into. Lady Kayura promises to get them next time while Mia and Ully hope that they succeed and return safely. 
30 "Talpa Turns the Tide"
"Koko wa Yōjakai ka?" (ここは妖邪界か?) 
December 17, 1988 August 4, 1995
Mia and Ully look across the city which has been badly damaged by Lady Kayura's attack and worry about the Ronin Warriors. Anubis appears and pledges to help the Warriors stop Talpa or die trying, but Mia and Ully fear him due to his past actions. Anubis convinces them of his sincerity and accepting him as a friend, they invite him to stay with them. Anubis explains to them how four hundred years ago he was a warrior that had become extremely power-hungry and bloodthirsty which caused him to join Talpa, but the Ancient One showed him that that wasn't a good thing and that Talpa wasn't his destiny as he thought. He now realizes that his destiny is to stop Talpa. Anubis senses the presence of Dais and forces him to show himself. Dais claims that all of the Ronin Warriors have been captured by Talpa, but Anubis points out that Ryo and Rowen are still free. Dais explains that they are merely being toyed with by Talpa and attacks Anubis who easily defeats him, knocking his helmet off and revealing his face to Ully and Mia. Anubis refuses to kill him, saying that Dais' armor protects him and tries to convince Dais that the armor's power doesn't come from Talpa like he believes but that Talpa wants it for himself before he, Ully and Mia leave. In the Nether World Ryo meets up with Rowen and White Blaze and a gate appears in front of them which they travel through. There they are met by a Nether Spirit who claims that Cye, Sage and Kento are merely guests of Talpa and asks them to join them, but to give up their armor first. However, they know that the spirit is lying and refuse and the spirit leaves and Talpa's castle appears nearby. Talpa visits the captured Warriors who are being drained by Nether Spirits and has the spirits drain a bunch of their power at once and give it to him, allowing him to create a sword from the power of their armor to defeat Ryo and Rowen with. Talpa then sends Lady Kayura to give the sword to a Dynasty warlord named Dala to use against Ryo and Rowen and capture them. However, upon returning to her room where she is visited by Talpa, Lady Kayura shows doubts about if what she is doing is right. As Ryo, Rowen and White Blaze make their way to the castle, they are surrounded by a massive army of Dynasty soldiers and are left fighting what looks like a hopeless battle. 
31 "Legend of the White Armor"
"Densetsu no Yoroi, Kikōtei" (伝説の鎧、輝煌帝) 
December 24, 1988 August 7, 1995
Ryo and Rowen battle the army and eventually manage to escape it, but are confronted by Dala whose sword is able to easily deflect Ryo's. Dala reveals the origin of his sword to their shock. Meanwhile, the Dark Warlords worry about being confronted by Ryo and Rowen with the power of the Inferno Armor and beg Talpa to destroy them and end it. Talpa summons Badamon, Lord of the Nether Spirits to explain the story behind the Inferno. Badamon explains that it came to be when the world was plagued by evil a long time ago. The five Ronin armors combined together to form the Inferno and it was worn by the first Ronin Warrior, Hariel. Ryo and Rowen continue battling Dala who taunts them about the fact that Ryo refuses to summon the Inferno to fight because it might drain their friends of the last of their energy and kill them. Badamon continues his explanation, telling the Warlords that the Inferno defeated the evil force plaguing the world long ago and that what they have seen is just the beginning of the Inferno's power, that nothing can stop it and even he doesn't know the full power of the Inferno, but that it is rumored that at full power it could destroy the world and leave behind a void. Talpa explains that he wants to conquer the armor for just that purpose, to build a new world under his control. Badamon plans to be the one to control the armor which he claims he can do with just a bit more time. Rowen rides off on a horse, leaving Ryo to battle Dala on his own, telling him to summon the Inferno. Ryo refuses to take that risk and continues to battle Dala on his power alone, trying and failing to use Flare Up Now on Dala. With the power of the three armors in his sword, Dala is able to use Cye, Kento and Sage's attacks against Ryo, blasting him down. Badamon explains to the Warlords that he and his spirits can control the Inferno Armor where the Warlords would be destroyed and he has take control of the armor. Rowen blasts the roof off of the other Ronin Warriors prison with his Arrow Shockwave as a signal and they send their armor power to Ryo who forms the Inferno. Ryo destroys Dala and his sword with Rage of Inferno and in his normal armor, helps Rowen defeat the Dynasty soldiers he is fighting. The two then continue their journey while Badamon and his Nether Spirits prepare for their efforts to take over the Inferno Armor. 
32 "Strategies of the Nether World"
"Chireishū, Kyōfu no Sakusen" (地霊衆、恐怖の作戦) 
January 14, 1989 August 8, 1995
Badamon uses his powers to watch scenes of Ryo summoning the Armor of Inferno to come up with a plan to control it. Meanwhile, Ryo and Rowen try to make their way through a maze to Talpa's castle. Badamon reports to Talpa a plan to take control of the Inferno armor: transfer the evil power of the Dark Warlords armors to Ryo which would then overwhelm him then make him summon the Inferno. As he would be under the influence of the evil armors, he would then do what they want. Talpa agrees, but tells Badamon not to tell the Dark Warlords which he agrees with as they may change sides if they realize they are being used. Badamon asks for Lady Kayura's help and gives her a magic dust that will allow her to control Ryo. Ryo and Rowen try to make their way to Talpa's castle undetected, but are found and blocked in and the Dark Warlords and some Dynasty soldiers are sent to confront them. They defeat the soldiers and escape, but are confronted by Lady Kayrua who uses the dust on the Warlords, Ryo, Rowen and White Blaze and forces Ryo to summon the Inferno using the power of Rowen and the Dark Warlords armors with the Nether Spirits and the dust to control him. However, instead of the Inferno being controlled by the Dark Warlords armors, it works in reverse, controlling them and making them attack Lady Kayura. However, they are no match for her and she easily defeats them. She wakes Ryo, but he drives the Nether Spirits and dust's influence from his body and battles Lady Kayura. Ryo uses Rage of Inferno while Lady Kauyra uses Star Sword Scream, but Ryo destroys her sword with his attack as well as the nearby area and she retreats. However, Talpa is pleased as the Inferno Armor holds powers that even he was unaware of. Ryo reunites with Rowen and White Blaze to continue their quest. 
33 "In Search of Secret Treasures"
"Nazo no Hihō o Motomete" (謎の秘宝を求めて) 
January 21, 1989 August 9, 1995
The clash between Ryo with the Inferno Armor and Lady Kayura was so powerful that it creates destruction in the mortal world as well as the Nether World. Ryo, exhausted and in pain from the battle and Rowen rest and discuss how Ryo didn't feel any different after absorbing the power of the Dark Warlords. This leads Rowen to theorize that perhaps they aren't all bad as they protected Ryo briefly from Lady Kayura. While Lady Kayura lost against Ryo, Talpa is still pleased with her as the Armor of Inferno was proven to have the power to destroy the mortal world like Talpa wants. Ully, Mia and Anubis look through Mia's grandfather's data, looking for anything they can use against the Dynasty and Anubis spots a symbol that Talpa uses and becomes determined to find out what it is as it may be important. Mia discovers that the symbol stands for the Jewel of Life, an object capable of destroying Talpa which was hidden by the very first Ancients. After the discovery, Anubis senses something and when investigating, comes under attack from Dynasty soldiers. Anubis fights them and they alert Badamon of Mia's discovery. Badamon orders the soldiers not to let Mia, Ully and Anubis escape with the information and two soldiers lure Anubis away while another tries to kill Mia and Ully. Anubis defeats the soldiers and Mia locates the a map leading to the Jewel of Life which Anubis realizes is near water. Meanwhile, Ryo and Rowen contemplate how the Dark Warlords almost seemed to turn good and worry about their friends. Needing to stop Anubis, Mia and Ully from finding the Jewel, Badamon dispatches a Dynasty warrior named Gash to stop them, explaining that legend says that the Jewel is the heart of the nine armors and beats strong in the heart of the pure and gives strength to the weak and thus is a threat to Talpa and his empire. Mia uncovers the same thing, reading that the Jewel gives the armors their power and figuring out with Anubis that it must be in Jewel Lake. The three head there with Anubis planning to travel to the Nether World afterwards to help the Ronin Warriors, but refusing to allow Ully and Mia to come as it is too dangerous. At Jewel Lake, Anubis parts the water with the Ancient One's staff and is able to use the staff to open the tomb that's revealed at the bottom. In the tomb they find the armors of the Ancients that guard the tomb, murals of the battles between Hariel and evil in the past and the Jewel of Life. When Ully picks up the Jewel, the Ancient One speaks to them telling them that only the pure of heart can use the Jewel as in evil hands it could destroy the world. Gash arrives with Dynasty soldiers and attacks, but the Ancient armors, possessed by the souls of their wearers, destroy the soldiers and when Gash threatens Mia and Ully, Anubis stabs him through the back with the Ancient One's staff, killing him. At the Ancient One's request, Anubis releases the souls in the armors to move on, their job now finished and puts the Jewel around Mia's neck when Ully gives it to him, saying that Ully and Mia are the purest of heart people he knows and they will all go together to save their friends. 
34 "Strata's Defiant Stand"
"Tenkū, Kizudarake no Tatakai" (天空、傷だらけの戦い) 
January 28, 1989 August 10, 1995
Anubis, Mia and Ully contemplate the power of the Jewel of Life and wonder how it is supposed to defeat Talpa and Mia gives it to Ully to wear. Meanwhile Dynasty soldiers cause havok and destruction in the city, easily repelling all human efforts to stop them. Badamon approaches Talpa with fears about allowing Ryo and Rowen free rein within the castle before a structure the Nether Spirits are building which Badamon calls the Tower of Pain is completed due to the unfathomable power of the Inferno Armor, but Talpa assures him that they won't be free for long as he is drawing them into a trap. At Mia's home, Anubis contemplates the war with the Dynasty and looks for a sign from the Ancient One when it will be time for him to complete his own destiny when suddenly the Ancient One's staff and the Jewel of Life glow, causing snow. Ryo and Rowen continue to make their way through the maze, avoiding Dynasty soldiers and trying to find a way into the castle. They get sucked into a wall while trying to climb it and end up trapped in the dungeon. Upon blasting their way out of the room, they are confronted by Lady Kayura. The two fight her to no avail and she tricks Ryo into launching Flare Up Now at her then dodges, causing him to hit a structure which drains his armor of power. Rowen is unable to stop it and Ryo is completely drained while the effects are seen in the mortal world as Talpa's castle flickering in and out of view, causing Anubis to say that the Dynasty is rising again. While wondering what to do, both the staff and the Jewel of Life glow again and Anubis finally understands what he has to do to help the others. As Ryo is unconscious and completely drained, Rowen holds off Lady Kayura while sending White Blaze to carry Ryo to safety. Rowen battles Lady Kayura but is no match for her, getting blasted so high into the air at one point that he nearly falls to his death before his armor saves him. At the same time, Anubis uses both the Jewel of Life and the Ancient One's staff to carry him, Mia and Ully to Ryo and Rowen to help them out. During his fight with Lady Kayura, Rowen spots White Blaze carry Ryo onto a barge and take off and he lands on the barge to protect them but is defeated. However, as Anubis, Mia and Ully approach, the power of the Jewel of Life causes a water spout that knocks Lady Kayura off the barge and forces her back ashore. Mia, Ully and Anubis land on the barge and reunite with exhausted Ryo and Rowen who are re-energized by the Jewel's power 
35 "The Warriors Return"
"Yomigaere, Gaisenshitachi yo..." (よみがえれ、鎧戦士達よ…) 
February 4, 1989 August 11, 1995
Off-shore, Ryo, Rowen, Mia, Ully, White Blaze and Anubis are confronted by Lady Kayura and a bunch of Dynasty soldiers and Ryo and Rowen fight them, having no luck against Lady Kayura. Meanwhile, Talpa speaks with Badamon who has prepared altars for the nine armors and has been having his Nether Spirits "purify" the bodies of the Dark Warlords who Talpa only sees as useful tools. Anubis and White Blaze successfully protect Mia and Ully from Dynasty soldiers while Ryo and Rowen battle against more soldiers and Lady Kayura with little luck. Realizing they need the other Ronin Warriors to win, Rowen sacrifices himself to buy them some more time by blasting Lady Kayura into the air and trying to fight her there, but is instead defeated and apparently killed. Ryo prepares to continue the battle with Lady Kayura, but Anubis interrupts and tells Ryo to let him handle it while Ryo goes off to rescue the other Ronin Warriors. Ryo agrees and leaves Anubis to continue the fight. Dynasty soldiers attack Mia and Ully, but the Jewel of Life protects them and kills the soldiers. Knowing that the Jewel is a mystical artifact that poses a threat to the Dynasty and not wanting to risk Mia and Ully uncovering its powers, Badamon suggests they do something about it, but Talpa isn't worried, believing that the Ronins and their allies have no way of using the three mystical artifacts that could spell doom for the Dynasty: the Inferno Armor, the Soul Swords of Fervor and the Jewel. Anubis is able to hold his own against Lady Kayura with the Ancient One's staff protecting him, however, to his surprise, the staff will not strike down Lady Kayura for some reason. Rowen is dropped into a cavern where it is revealed he faked his death and he finds the other Ronin Warriors completely drained of power which has turned them into statues. Rowen uses the strength of his armor's power of Life in the form of his arrows to try to awaken the others before collapsing. Ryo arrives near the other Warriors and is confronted by the Dark Warlords and defeated, however, Ully, Mia and White Blaze arrive and when Ully rushes forward to help, the Jewel protects Ryo and harms the Dark Warlords, driving them off. However, Lady Kayura arrives and like the Staff of the Ancients, the Jewel has no effect on her. As it looks like it is over for Ryo, Rowen and the other Ronin Warriors appear to once again help Ryo fight the Dynasty. 
36 "Cheap Tricks"
"Kessen! Kayura Tai Kikōtei" (決戦!カユラ対輝煌帝) 
February 11, 1989 August 14, 1995
The reunited Ronin Warriors face down Lady Kayura and demand she leave them alone and let them face Talpa but she tells them they must face her first to face Talpa. However, the Dark Warlords demand to fight them instead and when Ryo, Cye and Kento charge them, drop them through trap doors to separate them and head off to face them, leaving Sage and Rowen to face Lady Kayura. Ryo, Sage and Cye land in a pit which is filled with water, but Cye manages to find an exit which he blasts open, dropping the three into a chasm. While Ryo and Kento manage to hang onto the side of the chasm, Cye falls in and later Dais and Sekhmet knock Kento and Ryo in. Sage and Rowen battle Lady Kayura, targeting her amulet while trying to protect Ully and Mia at the same time from Dynasty soldiers when the Jewel of Life doesn't seem to be doing anything. Cale confronts Cye in the chasm, using the darkness there to his advantage as Cye can't see where he is while Cale can see him and attack. At the same time, Kento faces Dais who grows to a giant size to fight him which doesn't seem to be an illusion while Ryo faces Sekhmet who traps Ryo in a sea of acidic venom which will slowly eat away at his armor and then his body. Anubis, who is nearby, is confused when the Ancient One's staff glows and remembers how it wouldn't let him harm Lady Kayura and how she disappeared after it didn't. Anubis realizes that it might be a sign that Ryo is in trouble and heads off to help him while Sage and Rowen continue to protect Mia and Ully, but are outnumbered. Just in time, Anubis reaches Ryo and rescues him from the poison with the staff and drives Sekhmet away. As Kento is about to be killed by the giant Dais, Anubis causes Dais disappear using the staff and Ryo is able to convince Kento that Anubis is now on their side and they head off together. They reach Cye in time for Anubis to restore light to the area with the staff which also drives off Cale. The group quickly reunites with the others and Ryo forms the Inferno. With the Inferno, Ryo is able to block Lady Kayura's Star Sword Scream and blasts her with Rage of Inferno, breaking her amulet off her neck. Lady Kayura is left completely confused at where she is and when Ryo goes to finish her off, Anubis stops him, explaining that for some reason the staff wouldn't let him harm her. The Jewel of Life also glows and Badamon and Talpa grow worried as the Ronin Warriors now control the artifact. Talpa pulls the completely confused Lady Kayura back to him as the Ronin Warriors watch. 
37 "Anubis' Armor Revived"
"Fukkatsu no Kōraisen" (復活の紅雷閃) 
February 18, 1989 August 15, 1995
The Ronin Warriors, having found a somewhat safe place, rest and practice for the upcoming fight with Talpa while Anubis meditates. When they leave, Mia and Ully stay behind and Anubis decides to as well as he isn't sure of what the Ancient One's will for him now is. Mia, Ully and White Blaze for Warriors in Good Job. The Warriors reluctantly accept this, but warn Anubis that they won't hold back on Lady Kayura if they encounter her as she fights with Talpa. Meanwhile, Lady Kayura sits in her room and flashes back on her life which she is able to do as her amulet is cracked. She remembers that she is the last remaining member of the Ancient One's people who has great supernatural powers as a result. Lady Kayura takes her amulet off again and resists the evil, worrying Badamon and Talpa as without Lady Kayura he doesn't have the power of the Ancient One's clan on his side when the shrines he's building for the nine armors are complete, saying that his plan to unite the Dynasty and mortal world under his control is impossible without her help. However, Badamon proposes letting her regain her memories and then having him possess her mind and soul so she will be completely under their control, but they know they need to keep Anubis away for the plan to work so Talpa sends the Dark Warlords to deal with him. The Warriors battle an army of Dynasty soldiers and armor up to deal with them, which they easily do, but are confused by the fact that no stronger enemies appear to fight like Lady Kayura or the Dark Warlords. Badamon goes to Lady Kayura and successfully possesses her to do the Dynasty will while Anubis senses that something has happened to her and realizing that she is the last of the Ancient One's clan, becomes determined to save her like the Ancient One saved him. The Dark Warlords attack and Anubis is forced to fight them briefly until he uses the Ancient One's staff to split the land and send them away. As the Warriors defeat the Dynasty soldiers, Lady Kayura arrives atop a Dynasty Dark Matrix and Sage and Cye's attacks have absolutely no effect against it so they form the Inferno Armor. However, the Inferno has no effect against the Matrix either and it crashes into Ryo and detonates, dispelling the Inferno and knocking the Ronin Warriors out, except for Ryo. As Lady Kayura is about to capture them, Anubis arrives to try to save her from Badamon, but is confronted by the Dark Warlords. However, the Shakujo levitates and takes the form of his helmet from his old armor of Cruelty. Realizing that the Ancient One's will is that he fight in his armor again, he puts the helmet on and dons his old armor and launches Quake With Fear at Lady Kayura. 
38 "Lady Evil Sees the Light"
"Kayura! Sei naru Mezame" (カユラ!聖なる目覚め) 
February 25, 1989 August 16, 1995
Anubis launches Quake With Fear at Lady Kayura and the Dark Warlords, tying them up and tries to reach the real Lady Kayura, however Badamon, controlling Lady Kayura, tells him that his hold on her is unbreakable and breaks free of the chains and charges at Anubis. Meanwhile, Nether Spirits arrives on barges with one each coming from one of nine nearby towers and each take one of the Ronin Warriors to one of the towers. The possessed Lady Kayura tries to convince Anubis to surrender while Anubis tries to convince the Dark Warlords that they are just being used which Lady Kayura proves by trapping them in spheres of energy. Badamon explains that the nine armors forever link the mortal realm and the Nether World which has always been the Warlords purpose. Mia confirms this, saying that there is an old legend that mentions nine keys which she realizes means the nine armors and warns that the whole world could possibly be destroyed as a result of this. Lady Kayura sends the Warlords up to more barges and battles Anubis whose Quake With Fear has little effect on her. Lady Kayura defeats Anubis and captures him too then goes after Ully and the Jewel of Life. Talpa cheers his victory in capturing the nine armors and how he will use them to complete his plan. Lady Kayura chases Ully, Mia and White Blaze nearly getting the Jewel of Life before White Blaze retrieves it from her. Mia realizes that the Jewel still has the power to defeat Talpa which is why she wants it so badly and confirming this, she attacks again. Meanwhile, Anubis prays to the Ancient One for strength and manages to break Badamon's spell freezing him and sends his armor from his body, causing the Ancient One's staff to reappear and drive away the Nether Spirits holding him prisoner. Anubis saves Mia as Lady Kayura is about to kill her and summons his armor again. Lady Kayura attacks him with Star Sword Scream which he absorbs then launches Quake With Fear which is charged with the energy of Lady Kayura's attack at her. Anubis then jumps up and holds Lady Kayura in place as the attack strikes, fatally wounding him and he sends his armor to Lady Kayura. The combination of the attack and the armor drives Badamon from Lady Kayura's body, finally freeing her from the influence of evil and Anubis collapses into a river, dead, but pleased that he has succeeded. Talpa is furious with Badamon for his failure and tells him to prepare to use the remaining armor to open a gateway to the mortal world. However, Badamon warns that if they miss the opportunity caused by the eclipse of the sun in the mortal world, not even the power of the armors will be enough to try again. Lady Kayura leads Mia, Ully and White Blaze to a barge that will lead them to safety and Mia explains to her what has occurred. Lady Kayura becomes determines to fight Talpa as Anubis wanted her to and informs Ully that the Jewel of Life holds great power the secret to defeating the Dynasty. Determined to save his friends, Ully has White Blaze carry him to Ryo and tries to use the Jewel to free him, but fails until a bunch of Dynasty soldiers attack. As Lady Kayura, armed with Anubis' armor and the Ancient One's staff faces off against Talpa, the Jewel sets Ryo, the rest of the Ronin Warriors and the Dark Warlords free and the blast their way out of the towers they are trapped in. Realizing everyone is coming to confront him, Talpa grows to a giant size to fight. 
39 "Triumphant Warriors"
"Kagayake! Gonin no Senshitachi" (輝け!五人の戦士達) 
March 4, 1989 August 17, 1995
Lady Kayura battles Talpa and his soldiers and is joined by the Dark Warlords who are now on the side of good. Ryo, Kento and Cye reunite and head off to find Talpa while Mia, Ully, White Blaze, Rowen and Sage meet up as well. The Dark Warlords completely reject Talpa and are joined by Ryo, Kento and Cye, but Talpa warns them that once the sun is completely dark, the mortal world will absorbed by the Nether Realm and he will be completely victorious. Badamon and the Nether Spirits, rejoicing in this, fly through the gateway to the mortal world. Ryo tries Flare Up Now on Talpa, but he just jumps in the river and puts out the flames and climbs a tower. Lady Kayura warns Ryo to be careful as the tower is filled with the essence of pain and is behind the Dynasty's evil power and it could turn Ryo evil like she once was. Talpa transports the tower and himself into the mortal world where its influence brings out the worst in humanity and makes people turn on each other. Everyone travels back to the mortal world to continue the fight and the Ronin Warriors combine their armors upon Ryo once more to form the Inferno Armor and he unleashes a column of flame that destroys Badamon. Mia, Ully and Black Blaze arrive with the Soul Swords and using them, Ryo battles Talpa. Ryo proves no match for Talpa who tries to absorb him, but urged on by the spirit of Anubis, Ryo doesn't give up and instead possesses Talpa, holding him still so the other Warriors have a clear shot at him. Reluctantly as they might kill Ryo and all crying, the Ronin Warriors slash Talpa with their weapons, fatally injuring him. Ully calls out for Ryo to be saved and the Jewel of Life sends out a beam of energy that pulls Ryo safely out of Talpa as he explodes into pieces, finally destroyed while his tower and its influence as well as the Nether Realm disappear. Ryo thanks Ully for saving his life and everyone celebrates by throwing off their helmets, causing their armors to disappear. Lady Kayura congratulates the Warriors on defeating Talpa and as they are no longer needed, she and the former Dark Warlords return to the Nether Realm to rebuild while everyone celebrates by playing a game of catch with a ball of energy created by the Jewel. 


Ronin Warriors: Gaiden[edit]

# Title Original release English release
1 "Once Again! Samurai Troopers!"
"Gaisenshi, Futatabi" (鎧戦士、再び) 
April 30, 1989 April 2, 2003
2 "Save Your Friend! Samurai Heart!"
"Tomo o Sukue, Samurai Hāto" (友を救え、サムライハート) 
June 1, 1989 April 2, 2003

Ronin Warriors: Legend of the Inferno Armor[edit]

# Title Original release English release
3 "Mukala of the Sun"
"Taiyō no Mukara" (太陽のムカラ) 
October 8, 1989 April 2, 2003
4 "Black Inferno"
"Kuroi Kikōtei" (黒い輝煌帝) 
November 1, 1989 April 2, 2003
5 "Started Running Armor"
"Hashirihajimeta Yoroi" (走り始めた鎧) 
December 1, 1989 April 2, 2003
6 "The More Than Sadness, Seek!"
"Kanashimi o Koeru Mono o Motomete!" (悲しみを超えるものを、求めて!) 
January 11, 1990 April 2, 2003

Ronin Warriors: Message[edit]

# Title Original release English release
7 "The Fateful End"
"Wakatte Ita Ketsumatsu" (解かっていた結末) 
March 21, 1991 June 3, 2003
8 "Predestined Future"
"Shirasareta Mirai" (知らされた未来) 
May 22, 1991 June 3, 2003
9 "The Broken Confidence"
"Kudakareta Jishin" (砕かれた自信) 
June 21, 1991 June 3, 2003
10 "The Wandering Soul"
"Samayoeru Kokoro" (さまよえる心) 
July 25, 1991 June 3, 2003
11 "The Truth Arrives"
"Otozureta Shinjitsu" (訪れた真実) 
August 23, 1991 June 3, 2003