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This is a list of schools within the Royal Air Force, empire flying training scheme, civilian and service elementary training schemes, as well as gliding schools.


The Royal Air Force operated many schools to train aircrew in the many and various skills required to operate an air force.

Air Gunners School
Air Navigation School
Air Observers School
Air Observers Navigation School
Bombing and Gunnery School
Civil Air Navigation School
Fighting School
Lancaster Finishing School
Middle East Training School
Radio School
Signals School
Technical Training schools
Aerial Fighting and Gunnery schools
Navigation and Bomb Dropping schools
Recruit Training schools
Various Schools

Flying training schools[edit]

To train pilots for the Royal Air Force, there have been many flying training schools, which are listed here.

Numbered schools[edit]

British Flying Training School
Central Flying School
Advanced Flying School
Basic Flying Training School
(Basic) Flying Training School
(Advanced) Flying Training School
Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School
Elementary Flying Training School
Flying Instructors School
Flying Refresher School
Flying Training School
Refresher School
Reserve Flying School
School of Special Flying
Service Flying Training School

Other Schools[edit]

Gliding schools[edit]

As well as powered aircraft, the Royal Air Force has operated a large number of gliders both for military tasks and for Cadet training.

Regular Gliding Schools[edit]

Volunteer Gliding Schools[edit]

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