List of Malaysian police officers killed in the line of duty

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The Warrior Square (Malay: Dataran Perwira) is the monument for the Malaysian police officers who were killed in the line of duty. The memorial was set aside on the compound in the RMP Museum.
Outside the Police Museum Centre, are the names of all Malaysian police officers killed in the line of duty since the 1940s mounted on a board on the wall known as Warrior Square (Malay: Dataran Perwira).

This is a list of police officers from the Royal Malaysia Police who were killed in the line of duty, based on official records from the year 1915 to date. Line of duty deaths refers to any police officer who has died while carrying out duty which he is obligated and/or authorised to carry out. This would include officers who respond to incidents while off-duty as obligated by the Police Force Act 1967, as well as those commuting to and from their place of duty or training.

Police records show a total of 1,346 policemen were killed in the line of duty while 10,698 communist members were killed, of which 5,972 were killed by the police force. The police, being the main law enforcement agency in the country were tasked during the Emergency period to combat and foil attempts by the communist party wanting to set up a communist state via the use of force and firearms.[1]


Causes of death[edit]

Cause of death 1910s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
to date
to date
Murder/Culpable homicide (with firearms/explosions) 0 8 161 19 21 3 1 4 9 225
Murder/Culpable homicide (with sharp object) 1 0 0 0 5 0 2 1 1 10
Murder/Culpable homicide (with blunt object) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Murder/Culpable homicide (other/unspecified) 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 3
Accidental death (traffic accident) 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 16 8 35
Accidental death (drowning) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Accidental death (weapon mishandling) 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 2 2 8
Accidental death (Other) 0 0 1 0 0 0 15 2 2 20
Natural causes 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 2 7
Cause of death not recorded 26 723 8 102 34 13 0 0 907
Total 1 34 885 27 129 41 43 31 24 1,216

Victims' Profile[edit]

Age 1910s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
to date
to date
18-20 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2
21–25 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 4 2 8
26–30 0 1 1 0 0 2 0 4 3 11
31–35 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 4 6 12
36–40 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 3 2 7
41–45 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 3 1 6
46–50 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 5 4 11
51–55 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 5 8
56–60 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2
Not recorded 1 32 883 27 127 56 24 5 0 1,155

The ethnic profile of police officers has been traditionally disproportionate compared to the national ethnic profile, with a significantly higher proportion of ethnic Malays especially in the earlier decades. However, the number of casualties involving ethnic Malay police officers are statistically higher overall due in part to the high mortality rates involving the ethnic Malay community during the Malayan Emergency in the 1950-1970s, and in part to the ethnic composition of the police force.

Ethnicity 1910s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
to date
to date
Malay 1 24 769 19 101 33 25 24 20 1,016
Chinese 0 1 60 7 21 6 1 1 1 98
Indian 0 1 17 1 3 2 0 3 0 27
Eurasians/Other 0 8 31 0 5 16 1 4 4 69
Rank 1910s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
to date
to date
Police Constable 0 20 224 23 90 38 19 8 1 423
Police Constable (PVR) 1 0 1 0 0 2 0 4
Extra Police Constable 0 1 55 0 5 0 0 1 2 64
Special Constable 0 1 493 494
Auxiliary police 0 0 32 0 0 0 0 4 0 36
Lance Corporal 0 0 14 0 0 1 2 11 6 34
Corporal 0 0 21 2 8 5 5 5 7 53
Sergeant 1 1 10 0 11 2 0 0 5 30
Sergeant Major 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 2
Sub-Inspector 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 3
Inspector 0 3 4 1 5 5 0 0 2 20
Chief Inspector 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2
Assistant Superintendent 0 7 10 0 2 5 0 0 1 25
Deputy Superintendent 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 3
Superintendent 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Assistant Commissioner 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 3
Deputy Commissioner 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Inspector General of Police 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1

Incidents by chronology[edit]

The following cases are listed by the date of death of Malaysian police, although the incident attributing to death may have occurred earlier. The indicated ranks are as at time of death, and do not include posthumous promotions. Ranks/service numbers are colour-coded based on the cause of death as per the following general classifications. Uncoded entries refer to cases whereby incident details are unknown or unclear:

— denotes information is not available.
  denotes the officer was killed (Murder or Culpable homicide) using firearms/explosions (including booby trap, grenades etc).
  denotes the officer was killed (Murder or Culpable homicide) via other means (or where the exact weapon used, if any, was not specified).
  denotes the officer's death was accidental, including those involving a rash or negligent act.
  denotes the officer's death was attributed to natural causes/act of God


Date Rank/no Name Age Division/unit Circumstance
1915-04-29 Sgt Che Wan Bin Sulaiman Pasir Puteh Stabbed to death by Tok Janggut, whose real name was Haji Hassan bin Panglima Mat Munas, a respected religious teacher from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, who was one of the first nationalists in Malaya during the arrested him for failing to pay the government tax. The rebels leader used the kris when he refused to walk in front of them and a fight occurred, in which Tok Janggut manages to stab the sergeant. Sgt Che Wan was the first police officer to die from sharp object violence as well as first police officer die in the line of duty. This incident began the battles against the British forces in Kelantan.[2]


Date Rank/no Name Age Division/unit Circumstance
1947-06-29 DSI Low Yew Fye
1948-04-09 ASP G.C Sanson G.C. Samson killed by communist bandits while performing anti-Communist duties Kati in Perak
1948-08-15 PC Mohd Taib 22 Jungle Squad PC Mohd Taib with 20 Jungle Squad platoon members were directed to carry out a police operation by Kemaman Police Chief, DW Bidin to detected the wanted communist leader known as Awang Ali, a teacher in Pasir Raja area. When the platoon leader were received a call from HQ, informing that the communist leader has surrendered in Kuala Lipis Police Station, Pahang, the platoon moves to Jongok Batu to detected the remaineder communists. The platoon is then suddenly ambushed and Mohd Taib who was leading the frontline was shot in the chest by a communist gunman using the Lee–Enfield Mk.III bolt-action rifle. Another gunshot wound near his chest punctured his back and also hit his friend, PC 9267 Mohd Shah, 20, the Bren gunner used a sarong to wrap up his bleeding before, arriving at the Dungun Hospital for treatment, where he died later.[3]
1948-09-15 Insp. I/501 Shamsuddin Bin Mohd Ali
1948-10-28 Insp. I/520 Mohd Idris bin Chek
1948-12-15 G/466 B.F.S Cooper anti-Communist duties Gemencheh, Tampin
1949-04-11 (C) G/815 R.H Fookes anti-Communist duties Padang Piol, Jerantut, Pahang
1949-04-12 ASP (C) G/102 E.A Freeborough anti-Communist duties Sri Medan, Batu Pahat, Johore
1949-07-12 Insp. I/530 Kartar Singh 29 Jungle Squad Inspector Kartar Singh, was killed in a firefight with the communists on 12 July 1949 on duty near Rawang. He and his jungle squad were carrying out their second police operation for the day. They were ambushed by communist bandits. Ins Kartar Singh and his men fought bravely until their ammunition had run out. they were then killed by multiple shots of Bren gun fire, their bodies were mutilated by the communists:Ins Singh's eyes were gouged out. The communists told his in-laws in far off Kluang, Johore, "Harimau sudah mati" (The Tiger is dead!) even before the old folks got word from their daughter, Balwant Kaur w/o Insp. Kartar Singh.

The Straits Times 14 July 1949 carried the news on page 5. "Eight Policemen are killed in Bandit Ambush" i.e. 'half the strength of a jungle squad - were killed when they fought back against a force of bandits which outnumbered them by about seven to one a few miles north of Rawang. Inspector Kartar Singh was leading his squad up a hill on the west of the Estate when the communists opened fire from very close range' 'Eight dead included the Inspector, a Sergeant, and six other policemen. Two policemen were wounded'.

1949-07-25 ASP (C) G/621 J.A Embery anti-Communist duties Kemaman, Trengganu
Cadet R. Hore
1949-12-07 PC 11796 Ibrahim Bin Manap
1949-12-12 ASP (C) D. Hore anti-Communist duties Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan
PC 6402 Othman Bin Ahmad
PC 10841 Amin Bin Mohd Noor
PC 11219 Hassan Bin Mahmud
PC 11223 Awang Bin Muda
PC 10170 Abd Rashid Bin Jaafar
PC 3808 Hussein Bin Kasman
PC 9298 Ismail Bin Ibrahim
TPC 2077 Baharudin Bin Keling
TPC 12964 Abdullah Bin Yahya
TPC 12565 Abd Rahman Bin Kelom Mohd Jibin
TPC 12246 Zainal Abidin Bin Haji Ibrahim
TPC 12530 Idris Bin Kassim
TPC 2413 Mion Bin Nasir
1949-12-13 PC 11483 Mohd Taib
1949-12-14 Cadet C.O Hara Murray M.C
1949-12-15 PC 11469 Hassan Bin Aboo Bakar
TPC 12684 Abd Majid Bin Jamaludin
1949-12-18 SC 22456 Rose Bin Yusof
1949-12-20 PC 10096 Koming Bin Haji Mufti
1949-12-27 PC 8511 Kahar Bin Sulong
EPC 3414 Abu Bakar Bin Kassim


Date Rank/no Name Age Division/unit Circumstance
1950-01-06 Sgt 1541 Abu Bakar Bin Ali
1950-01-07 AP 2605 Abdul Aziz Bin Dato' Abdullah
AP 2617 Mat Tahar Bin Maaker
AP 3445 Baharom Bin Mat Tahar
1950-01-14 AP 418 Abdul Rashid Bin Tagor
1950-01-15 PC 12045 Haron Bin Idris
1950-01-17 EPC 3844 Sa'at Bin Mazuki
1950-01-19 TPC 13246 Yaacob Bin Sulaiman
1950-01-20 SC 21792 Leong Ah Choy
1950-01-22 Sgt F.R Young Jungle Squad Killed in ambushed by communist gunmen at Seberang Prai, Penang with result killed 8 officers including a British Police Sergeant Young, while six Malay officers wounded in action.[4]
PC 12085 Hanasi Bin Ahmad
PC 1917 Othman Bin Haji Omar
PC 192 Abdul Rahman Bin Wahab
PC 12051 Mohd Sohar Bin Abdul Ghani
PC 12894 Johari Bin Mohd
PC 2345 Mohd Shariff Bin Suleiman
EPC 1626 Abdul Hamid Bin Nair
SC 1638 Yeoh Chew Bhik
1950-01-23 PC 9081 Ismail Bin Talib
1950-01-28 SC/Cpl 8704 Ja afar Bin Abu Talib
SC 30622 Embi Bin Mohd Shah
SC 6811 Yusof Bin Abdullah
SC 7627 Sutan Bin Haji Arshad
SC 30570 Abdullah Bin Jaafar
SC 17090 Ahmad Bin Awang
SC 8708 Awang Bin Mahmood
SC 8705 Atan Bin Ahmat
1950-01-30 AP 61 Tai Jon Ambushed by communist gunmens at Pondok Batang, Jasin, Malacca during to escort a weapon convoy to Asahan.
1950-02-02 SC 19816 Awang Bin Abdul Ghani
SC 8928 Ahmad Bin Haji Ali
SC 20299 Khalid Bin Rahman
1950-02-04 SM 1797 Mohd Noor Bin Asap
1950-02-10 EPC 1740 Balwant Singh Kartan Singh
1950-02-12 PC 10493 Zakaria Bin Haji Ahmad
1950-02-16 PC 1168 Talib Bin Kidan
PC 11542 Zahiri Bin Yob
1950-02-23 Sgt 3493 Jamil Bin Mohd Shah 28 Bukit Kepong The incident started at about 4:15 am before dawn with the 200 Communist gunmen attacking, led by Muhammad Indera, a Malay Communist launching a guerilla assault on the Bukit Kepong police station. Despite the odds, the policemen led by Sgt 3493, refused to surrender, although numerous calls by the communists for them to lay down arms were made. In the final hours of the fierce battle, the Communists set fire to the officer's barracks and station. Only about five hours after the first shot was fired did the communists manage to break their defences and set the place ablaze. They then retreated into the jungle, leaving a trail of destruction and bloodshed. Only 14 police officers, 5 auxiliary police and their families were killed in the incident while 4 officers such as MPC 37, PC 7645, PC 10533 and EPC 3472 wounded in the battle.[5] Few years after the incident, the Malay Communist leader who responsible about the incident was arrested by Batu Pahat Police Special Branch detectives and hanged to death at Perak.
Cpl 7068 Mohd Yassin Bin Haji Abdul Wahab
L/Cpl 7168 Jidin Bin Omar
PC 3933 Hamzah Bin Ahmad
PC 5674 Abu Bin Mohd Ali
PC 7493 Mohamad @ Ahmad Bin Jaafar
PC 7862 Abdul Kadir Bin Jusoh
PC 8600 Jaafar Bin Hassan
PC 9136 Hassan Bin Othman
EPC 3475 Mohd Tap Bin Lazim
EPC 3795 Jaafar Bin Arshad
MPC 60 Ibrahim Bin Adam Marine
MPC 68 Awang Bin Ali
MPC 181 Basiron Bin Adam
AP 1912 Mahmood Bin Saat Bukit Kepong
AP 1925 Ali Akob Bin Othman
AP 2098 Redzuan Bin Alias
AP 2127 Othman Bin Yahya
AP 2130 Samad Bin Yatim
1950-02-24 D/Cpl 331 David Chessex
1950-03-02 SC 14493 Wan Kamarudin Bin Yeop Manap
AP 4220 B. Gates
1950-03-04 SC 7246 Mohd Sujod Bin Serdai Ambushed by communist gunmens at Eldred Estate in Bekok, Segamat, Johore
SC 8959 Othman Bin Talib
1950-03-06 SC 11460 Ya'acob Bin Abdul Khan
SC 11517 Awang Bin Mat Saman
SC 31105 Ariffin Bin Awang
1950-03-07 SC 31726 Awal Khan s/o Sab Khan
1950-03-08 SC 36881 Hashim Bin Abdul Majid
1950-03-13 DPC 10493 Gooi Ban Teik
TPC 12851 Mohd Isa Bin Sharif
EPC 1723 Din Bin Endut
1950-03-21 SC 30922 Seenevasadak
1950-03-22 PC 12416 Sharkawi Bin Haji Mohd Daud
1950-03-25 PC 545 Latif Bin Ariffin
1950-03-28 EPC 2568 Dolah Bin Hj Taib
1950-03-30 PC 13194 Alias Bin Mahat
SC 27374 Meeron Bin Tahir
SC 12288 Keechot Osman Bin Kassim
1950-03-31 SC 21470 Ujang Bin Ahmad
SC 34329 Maizam Bin Mohamed
1950-04-02 PC 10634 Ahmad Bin Mohd Yusof
SC 21612 Mamar Bin Bachik
1950-04-04 PC 8134 Arshad Bin Siraj
1950-04-21 PC 6888 Khalid Bin Rahman
1950-04-27 SC 5525 Mohamed Yassin Bin Baba
1950-04-28 SC 2490 Tan Bin Abdullah
SC 14349 Mat Bin Kassim
SC 14371 Saleh Bin Kulop Mat Ali
SC 20991 Hamid Bin Drasin
SC 20999 Din Bin Abdul Hamid
SC 27855 Aziz Bin Uda
SC 27906 Adnan Bin Yahaya
AP 3852 Laili Bin Mat Hassan
1950-05-05 Cadet G/754 K.F Dawson
1950-05-10 PC 2986 Saad Bin Desa
1950-05-13 Cadet G/1084 P.R. J Evans
PC 132 Abdullah Bin Ishak
PC 212 Aliram s/o Din Seng
PC 803 Shariff Bin Yahaya
1950-05-14 PC 3497 Amin Bin Mat
SC 20996 Othman Bin Mat Arof
SC 27099 Mohd Said Bin Yacob
1950-05-15 PC 811 Hassan Bin Su
1950-05-16 SC 20946 Mohamed Bin Mat Noor
AP 1611 Vaithilingam s/o Chelliah
1950-05-19 SC 24448 Then Choon
1950-05-20 PC 807 Ismail Bin Ibrahim
1950-05-23 SC 12271 Mat Eisa Bin Osman
SC 12284 Abdul Khader Bin Ghani
1950-05-25 TPC 7146 Hamid Bin Jaafar
1950-05-26 SC 23870 Trebes Bin Elias
SC 38846 Hamdan Bin Elias
1950-05-29 SC 7400 Ahmed Bin Ngah Mohamed
1950-05-31 DPC 403 Wong Kon Ying
1950-06-01 PC 11407 Ahmad Bin Wahab
EPC 2337 Hilong Bin Sahat
1950-06-04 PC 6619 Fais Bux
SC/Sgt 3415 Lam Chan Poh
SC 13182 Chan Hong
1950-06-17 SC 15618 Sahat Bin Hassan
SC 19396 Shahroni Bin Sumat
1950-06-18 SC 23776 Abdullah Bin Mohamad Yassin
1950-06-19 D/Cpl 502 Abdul Razak Bin Abu Bakar
PC 11450 Ahmad Bin Alang Hussain
EPC 3372 Mahmood Bin Rashid
1950-06-22 PC 9397 Jaffar Bin Abdullah
PC 695 Hassan Bin Abdul Akas
EPC 2489 Manaf Bin Haji Said
1950-06-26 SC 15786 Yacob Bin Mohd Ariff
SC 19542 Muhassin Bin Yaman
1950-06-27 L/Cpl 2738 Abdul Rahman Bin Laudin
1950-06-28 Cpl 6924 Haji Siraji Bin Haji Mansor
1950-06-30 PC 12069 Mohd Yunos Bin Buyong
SC 31923 Ibrahim Bin Ahmad
1950-07-01 DPC 42 Chong Keow
TPC 3234 Othman Bin Mohd Arof
TPC 3348 Kassim Bin Mohd
1950-07-02 EPC 3073 Mat Isa Bin Mat
1950-07-05 DPC 409 Chong Kong Wah
1950-07-07 TPC 3296 Yusof Bin Abdul Rahman
1950-07-13 EPC 3249 Sahid Bin Haji Ahmad Taib
1950-07-24 D/Cpl 316 Mohd Ariff
1950-07-26 SC/Cpl 4335 Zaiton Bin Hj Ihsan
SC 16926 Mansor Bin Kardan
SC 24938 Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Rahman
1950-08-03 SC 38560 Hussain Bin Mat Lela
1950-08-08 Cadet G/688 D.A Craig
Sgt 2029 Ahmad Bin Arshad
L/Cpl 609 Ariffin Bin Mat Nusu
SC 27986 Mohd Noor Bin Hj Talib
1950-08-09 SC 3413 Ismail Bin Chat
1950-08-13 SC 5000 Mat Dais Bin Awang
1950-08-17 SC 11524 Abu Bakar Bin Salleh
1950-08-20 FPC 798 Ahmad Bin Puteh
1950-08-23 FPC 40 Omar Bin Ahmad
1950-08-25 PC 9364 Muhammad Bin Abd Jalil Federation of Malaya Police Killed when the British Royal Air Force (RAF) Douglas DC 3 Dakota KN630 aircraft crashed in the steep forested foothills in the Gua Musang district en route from the airbase in Changi, Singapore to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Besides him, 12 crews including three Dakota crews, four air despatchers and other passengers also perished in the incident. A platoon of British troops went to the rescue and they reached the crash site, but due to the communist threats, they hastily buried the deads in makeshift graves. 58 years later, on 3 October 2008, the British and Malaysian government set a biggest recovery operation project so far to visit the wreckage site and recovered the remains.
SC 27824 Abdullah Bin Baharom
1950-09-02 PC 1204 Hussain Bin Din
1950-09-04 SM 1793 Mohd Noor Bin Asap
PC 11865 Salleh Bin Sirona
1950-09-09 SC/Cpl 5726 Ahmad Bin Sangkut
EPC 1117 Ali Bin Hj Hamid
1950-09-11 PC 840 Ahmad Bin Esa
EPC 3850 Abdul Rahman Bin Omar
1950-09-16 EPC 288 Chung Chik Yau
1950-09-17 PC 11282 Mohd Noor Bin Abdullah
SC 2870 Hussein Bin Awang
SC 2927 Saad Bin Mat
1950-09-24 PC 6845 Mustaffa Bin Ahmad
1950-09-27 Cpl 6207 Wan Hussin Bin Wan Yusoff
1950-09-28 PC 2866 Hamid Bin Sudin
1950-09-30 SC 8956 Naem Bin Sitam Ambushed by communist gunmens at Eldred Estate in Bekok, Segamat, Johore.
SC 17392 Mohamed Yusof Bin Sulaiman
1950-10-04 PC 8656 Dalip Singh
1950-10-09 SC 25922 Suleiman Bin Mat
SC 29515 Kadir Bin Hj Yunus
1950-10-12 D/Cpl 649 Chan Ah Thiam
1950-10-14 SC 2647 Suleiman Bin Mat Ambushed by communist gunmens at oh Pak Long, Air Kuning, Negeri Sembilan.
SC 2692 Salleh Bin Abdul Ghani
SC 14773 Mohamed Zain Bin Yop Mat
SC 14922 Baharudin Bin Bima
SC 20606 Yaacob Bin Hj Mat Asif
SC 27867 Yop Bin Kulop Ada
1950-10-15 Cpl 7163 Mohd Yatim Bin Abdullah Ambushed by communist gunmens at Chan Wing Estate in Bekok, Segamat, Johore. Communist gunmens placing a minefield in areas near the gap. Once the police vehicle of the Labis Police Station approaching the route, the vehicle is exploded before overturned, then the gunmens attacking them with a few of bullets and grenades from the top of hill, killing eight officers and one officer wounded.
PC 11765 Nordin Bin Kadir
PC 11768 Mohd Noor Bin Lajis
PC 11898 Annuar Bin Buyong
PC 13049 Ismail Bin Abas
PC 13168 Mohd Shah Bin Haji Abdullah
EPC 2596 Mohd Bin Hussain
EPC 3426 Mohd Bin Salleh
1950-10-16 EPC 1383 Itam Bin Hj Abdullah
1950-10-19 PC 9055 Abdul Aziz Bin Hussain
PC 10099 Kesmari Bin Dimin
PC 10110 Yusoff Bin Mat
PC 10754 Shaari Bin Salleh
1950-10-20 SC 35565 Mohd Noor Bin Abdullah
1950-10-26 PC 10551 Md. Desa Bin Awang
SC 24512 Lebar Bin Tahir
1950-10-28 PC 4370 Arshad Bin Abdul Hamid
1950-10-31 SC 4095 Ibrahim Bin Endot
1950-11-02 SC/Sgt 1021 Khalid Bin Hassim
1950-11-03 SC/Cpl 5240 Biland Khan Ambushed by communist gunmens at Sungai Kelamah Estates, Gemas Negeri Sembilan.
SC 16080 Sabtu Bin Adam
SC 24399 Matahah Bin Yassin
1950-11-14 SC/Cpl 17258 Khamis Bin Yusof
1950-11-18 FPC 405 Din Bin Haji Idris
SC 39365 Dakar Bin Hamid
1950-11-19 SC 9432 Chan Tong Fong
1950-11-21 PC 10054 Sarwan Bin Abu Bakar
1950-11-23 PC 6155 Nasir Bin Salleh Ambushed by communist gunmens at Air Kuning Selatan, Gemas, Negeri Sembilan.
PC 12536 Zakaria Bin Pandak Rewan
EPC 2165 Abdul Bin Yahaya
SC 26144 Yaacob Bin Yusof
SC 34331 Abdul Ghani Bin Lassim
SC 36563 Borhan Bin Mohd Zin
1950-11-24 PC 13395 Kusas Bin Haji Othman
1950-11-28 SC 34272 Dain Bin Mohd Noor
1950-12-01 SC 10503 Adiveran s/o Veratheran
1950-12-02 ASP A.E.B Bulteel
1950-12-08 SC 17498 Lani Bin Long
1950-12-09 SC 32520 Hassan Bin Che Wan
1950-12-10 SC 5159 Mat Ross Bin Saidum
1950-12-20 SC 6646 Omar Bin Chilappan
SC 6657 Bujang Bin Tek
SC 39189 A. Bakar Bin Lambak
SC 41616 Yunos Bin Khan
SC 41619 A. Wahab Bin M. Yunos
1950-12-22 SC/Sgt Mohd Daud Bin Hj Mokhti Ambushed by communist gunmens at Sisik Mines, Kota Tinggi, Johore.
SC 36671 Pendik Bin Mana
1950-12-23 PC 12947 Omar Bin Kadir
1950-12-24 SC 12416 Abd Majid s/o Mydin Pitchay
1950-12-25 PC 364 Talip Bin Mohamed
1950-12-29 SC 29377 Doraisamy
1950-12-30 Sgt 2422 Shaari Bin Yunus
Sgt 2653 A. Rahman Bin Ibrahim Ambushed by communist gunmens at Gurun, Kedah.
Cpl F/7 Saidon Bin Haji A. Rahim
FPC 77 Alron s/o Chuan
FPC 136 Din Bin Jaafar
FPC 143 A. Hamid Bin Ibrahim
FPC 343 Omar Bin Dahaman
FPC 344 Cheow Wan Chai
SC 39608 Abdul Manis Bin Awang
1951-01-01 PC 11260 Abdul Kadir Bin Abdullah
PC 3652 Akhson Bin Mohd Salleh
SC/Cpl 8502 Jais Bin Omar
SC 26793 Osman Bin Yahya
SC 39344 Ismail Bin Mohd Amin
1951-01-05 PC 832 Idris Bin Mahadi
SC 13074 Abdul Ghani Bin Yahaya Ambushed by communist gunmens at Bikam Estate, Perak.
SC 20763 Kassim Bin Abdul Samat
SC 22577 Ibrahim Bin Mohd Noor
SC 27059 Yaakob Bin Mat Saja
SC 29920 Saman Bin Tanan
1951-01-06 SC 12861 Amir Bin Johari
SC 20987 Ebas Bin Ismail
SC 27990 Ibrahim Bin Noordin
1951-01-12 SC 5705 Ismail Bin Hussain
SC 15814 San Chong
SC 29055 Mohd Zain Bin Singa
1951-01-15 SC 16478 Hussain Bin Ahmad
SC 29255 Hassan Bin Said
1951-01-16 SC 32205 Adam Bin Hj. Omar
SC 32266 Arumugam s/o Munian
1951-01-18 SC 33557 Yeop Bin Manap
1951-01-25 EPC 3757 Dahlan Bin Montel
1951-01-26 SC 5644 Ismail
1951-01-30 SC 2629 Ng Fatt Leong
SC 3677 Lee Yoong
SC 14700 Cheng Kam Kong
1951-02-01 PC 7765 Abdul Jalil Bin Khalu Rahman
PC 7824 Abdul Jalil Bin Khalu Rahman
PC 7765 Yusof Bin Mohamed
EPC 3063 Ahmad Bin Hussein
1951-02-02 PC 10256 Saidi Bin Abas
SC 2834 Mazlan Bin Ngah Abdul Wahab
SC 2898 Sulaiman Bin Abdullah
SC 3052 Mohd Yusoff Bin Thamby
SC 13066 Raja Malik Bin Raja Mat
SC 24623 Raja Aznan Bin Raja Sulaiman
1951-02-09 SC 20107 Man Bin Mohamed
1951-02-12 L/Cpl 3618 Ishak
1951-02-13 SC 13319 Shah Bin Panjang Mat Masah
SC 16736 Radin Bin Budin
SC 27137 Mohd Sa'ad Bin Salleh
1951-02-17 D/Sgt 521 Ismail Bin Hashim
PC 10940 Embi Bin Hashim
1951-02-21 SC 19698 Hamzah Bin Dukin
1951-02-22 SC 13357 Osman Bin Alang Raja
1951-02-23 DPC 613 Lee Ching Kin
1951-02-24 PC 11764 Mohd Nor Bin Abdul Rani
SC 32859 Kling Bin Topa
SC 32975 Bujang Bin Saban
SC 33032 Hassan Bin Hj. Hussein
1951-02-25 EPC 3738 Wong Sin Fook
1951-03-05 SC 16150 Abdul Kadir Bin Awang
SC 16153 Siradi Bin Mohamed
1951-03-09 PC 9808 Othman Bin Said
1951-03-10 EPC 2755 Talib Bin Sudin
1951-03-11 PC 403 Abdul Rahman Bin K. Jaafar Ambushed by communist gunmens at PWD Quarry, Mersing, Johore.
EPC 2783 Abdullah Bin Omar
SC 6658 Wan Abdullah Bin A. Rahman
SC 6804 Hussin Bin Hj Karim
SC 30640 A. Rahman Bin Mohd Amin
SC 30642 Hussin Bin Mohd Salleh
SC 38120 Mohd Ali Bin Osman
SC 39187 Rahmat Bin Mohd Tahir
1951-03-12 PC 3556 Gurdial Singh s/o Hira Singh
1951-03-13 PC 9093 Mohd Bin Mohd Arouf
1951-03-16 PC 540 Anwar Bin Sulaiman
PC 5382 Abdul Kadir Bin Buyong
PC 7595 Sulaiman Bin Md Akid
1951-03-19 SC 7070 Lajin Bin Mohamed Akli
1951-03-24 PC 10724 Engku Ahmad Bin Engku Hamid
SC/Sgt 39278 Tengku Abd Hamid
1951-03-25 SC 16021 Jaafar Bin Kadir
1951-03-26 SC 25085 Darmadas
1951-03-28 Cpl 9478 Yaacob Bin Tan
1951-03-30 PC 4487 Abdul Karim Bin Mohd Yusof
PC 10936 Shaffie Bin Kamaruddin
SC 8718 Yunos Bin Malik
AP 6551 Kee Peng Chia
1951-04-04 AP 16685 Wan Rasdi Bin Wan In
AP 16686 Wan Khairudin Bin Wan Mushiran
AP 16825 Abdullah Bin Bor
1951-04-05 SC 20112 Lebos Bin Kechik
1951-04-08 SC 24614 Bahari Bin Abd Rahman
1951-04-13 EPC 2389 Nordin Bin Hj Ahmad
AP 1041 Liew Why Tone
1951-04-14 L/Cpl 11742 Mohd Ali Bin Baba
PC 2299 Mustafa Bin Din
PC 8852 Hussein Bin Ngah
PC 10758 Yahaya Bin Hamid
PC 10907 Darus Bin Mat
PC 10920 Din Bin Taib
EPC 3387 Salim Bin Saad
1951-04-17 L/Cpl 8565 Mahat Bin Chomik
PC 13100 Saud Bin Chek
PC 13117 Raban Bin Said
EPC 3114 Abdul Majid Bin Tahir
SC 13767 Mat Rasaid Bin Awang
1951-04-18 EPC 2331 Mat Pilus Bin Hassan
SC 22876 Ahad Bin Mohamad
SC 35526 Samad Bin Aman
1951-04-21 SC 7160 Chan Hong Eng
1951-04-22 SC 6589 Hamzah Bin Sudin
SC 26248 Ali Bin Mansor
1951-04-23 D/Cpl 660 Loke Ah Thong
1951-04-24 DPC 108 Cheh Soo Kiong
EPC 262 Saad Bin Hashim
1951-04-27 AP/Insp Foo Eng Lim
SC 15465 Tan Thuan Thong
SC 22415 Soib Bin Mohd Isa
1951-04-28 SC 10094 Masri Bin Dinchat
1951-05-02 DSP P.A Doohan
PC 9188 Othman Bin Abdul Hamid
SC 3638 Leong Chin Chuan
SC 42892 Attan Bin Puteh
1951-05-07 SC 27251 Sudin Bin Matonis
1951-05-09 PC 10710 Ali Bin Ariffin
EPC 1381 Kassim Bin Hashim
1951-05-15 SC 32742 Ghani Bin Ludin
1951-05-18 PC 358 Abdul Rashid Bin Mat Arof
PC 11710 Abdul Manaf Bin Samad
1951-05-21 TPC 15328 Abdullah Bin Nathar
1951-05-23 PC 8155 Mohamed Bin Mohd Noor
PC 9269 Mohamed Bin Talib
SC 14174 Loh Foo Kim
SC 25596 Mat Bin Man
1951-05-25 PC 7446 Abas Bin Abdul Hamid
1951-05-30 Cpl 1938 Md Yusof Bin Abdul Rahman
1951-06-05 PC 16550 Mohd Noor Bin Yusof
PC 39464 Salleh Bin Abdul Kadir
1951-06-10 PC 11662 Mohamed Rasol Bin Hj. Amin
TPC 15221 Ahmad Bin Harun
1951-06-11 PC 12339 Mat Lazim Bin Ibrahim
AP 8667 Sulaiman Bin Hassan
1951-06-12 PC 12652 Razali Bin Yeop
EPC 3825 Abdul Ghani Bin Mohd
EPC 3831 A. Wahab Bin Ali
AP 6784 Yong Fook
AP 10343 Lee Kai
AP 18546 Kassim Bin Abdullah
1951-06-13 SC/Cpl 8242 Mamat Yunos Bin Abdul Malek
SC 35787 Abdul Ghani Bin Mohamed
1951-06-16 PC 8047 Din Bin Othman
1951-06-17 SC 6396 Baba Bin Bidin
1951-06-18 SC 9112 Suailan Bin Kasan
SC 19615 Manap Bin Tonkin
1951-06-22 SC 29862 Mat Selidin Bin Alang
1951-06-26 D/Cpl 641 Foong Poon Yuen
EPC 444 Alias Bin A. Rahman
1951-06-28 SC 3862 Noman Bin Salleh Ambushed by communist gunmens at Kajang, Selangor.
SC 4847 Osman Bin Abdul Kassim
SC 12092 Mansor Bin Yassin
SC 32417 Shariff Bin Daulah
SC 32419 Harun Bin Ibrahim
SC 32437 Handan Bin Hj Sama
1951-07-01 TPC 18559 Samsudin Bin Ariffin
SC 7629 Ismail Bin Mahmood
SC 8020 Jaya Bin Mat Tahir
1951-07-04 AP/Insp S.S Cook
SC 15615 Wahab Bin Sulaiman
SC 19419 Awang Bin Ujang
1951-07-05 SC 32442 Zainal Abidin Bin Mohd Rauf
1951-07-06 SC 17240 Abdul Talib Bin Hj. Sebari
SC 33863 Jamak Bin Keman
1951-07-07 SC 5305 Jalil
SC 5899 Abdul Hashim
SC 8316 Mohamad
SC 25796 Adam
1951-07-08 SC 639 Wan Boon Bin Hassan
SC 37551 Osman Bin Jaafar
AP 19824 Awang Kechik Bin Dosah
1951-07-09 PC 1890 Samsuddin Bin Omar
SC 34132 Chik Bin Tabah Ambushed by communist gunmens at Anglo-Johore Estate in Bekok, Segamat, Johore.
1951-07-15 SC 8153 Wan Endut Bin Sulaiman
SC 8426 Aziz Bin Hashim
SC 28852 Alias Bin Embong
1951-07-16 AP 2578 Jamal Bin Tahim
1951-07-17 EPC 3656 Mohd Aris
SC 15836 Mohamed Bin Ismail
SC 23710 Awang Bin Ali
SC 23788 Mahat Bin Jaafar
1951-07-19 SC 33570 Samsudin Bin Hj. Idris
1951-07-22 SC 42455 Morad
1951-07-23 SC/Cpl 8892 Abu Bakar Bin Ishak
SC 8526 Yusoff Bin Karim
SC 23868 Long Bin Wahid
SC 42838 Kovil Pitchay
1951-07-24 Cpl 18352 Abdul Manaf
1951-08-03 SC 28151 Ibrahim Bin Yeop Hamzah
1951-08-04 FJC 16588 Ng Weng Fong
SC 16588 Ng Weng Fong
SC 21124 Abdul Halim Bin Mat Wajid
SC 21130 Abdul Halim Bin Ngah Sain
1951-08-12 Cpl 1223 Shahabudin
PC 10607 Shaari Bin Jefar
PC 10616 Nayan Bin Omar
EPC 2156 Dahlan Bin Montel
EPC 2323 Muruggaih s/o Muthu
EPC 2395 Abdul Sahid Bin Yeop Darus
SC 21074 Arshad Bin Nasir
1951-08-13 SC 33983 Abu Bakar Bin Jaafar
1951-08-16 PC 6926 Osman Bin Hanapiah
1951-08-18 Cpl 1960 Othman Bin Hassan Ambushed by communist gunmens at Air Keroh, Malacca.
L/Cpl 6002 Mohd Bin Hitam
SC 2760 Naim Bin Murad
SC 38065 Zainudin Bin Yunus
SC 38066 Borhan Bin Hj Yunus
SC 38085 Mohd Kasim Bin Yusop
SC 44468 Wong Dek @ Bong Kok Keng
1951-08-20 ASP E.F Rainford D.S.O.M.C
SC/Cpl 21693 Ariffin Bin Abdul Ghani
SC 14270 Kamaruddin Bin Mat Hassan
SC 14289 Abdul Rani Bin Samad
SC 15389 Shahudin Bin Pandak
1951-08-22 PC 4521 Mohd Zaman Bin Abd Majid
PC 10607 Abd Rahman Bin Long
PC 13435 Latif Bin Mohd Ghani
1951-08-23 SC/Cpl 2698 G. Krishnan
1951-08-25 Cadet W.K Batchelor
SC 19267 Ibrahim Bin Hassan
1951-08-28 SC/Cpl 18623 Abdullah Bin Saad
SC 36312 Mat Isa Bin Puteh
1951-08-29 SC 29333 Abdul Aziz Bin Alang Abdul
1951-09-01 SC 2845 Mohd Yusof Bin Mohamed
1951-09-03 AP/ASP L.V Brown
AP C.R Park
AP J.L Garnham
SC 9312 Idris Bin Tahar
1951-09-04 SC 2628 Wazir Bin Jamin
1951-09-10 SC 37050 Abdul Manaf Bin Bakar
1951-09-13 SC 22662 Mat Rasul Bin Wan Chik
1951-09-14 Cpl 5715 Muda Bin Othman
1951-09-17 SC/Sgt 7123 Mohamed Yassin Bin Sunan
1951-09-19 SC 24193 Mohamed Isa Bin Lazis
SC 26893 Husein Bin Buyong
SC 31894 Santhanam Bin Kodandai
SC 32688 Arshad Bin Sidong
1951-09-21 AP 950 Mustapha Bin Yacob
SC 8286 Wan Empok Bin Osman
1951-09-24 PC 5145 Zakariah Bin Mohamad
SC 1560 Lin Bin Saad
SC 9680 Khalip Bin Samsudin
SC 10228 Abdullah Bin Maidin
SC 27169 Idris Bin Mohamed Darus
1951-09-26 SC 40634 Ong Kok Han
1951-10-02 SC 35618 Ismail Bin Abdullah
1951-10-07 SC 15509 Muda Bin Yusoff
1951-10-10 SC/Cpl 7240 Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman
PC 13519 Babjee
PC 13984 Abdul Aziz Bin Mahmood
SC 18999 Haron Bin Abdul Samad
SC 19038 Ali Deman Bin Mat
SC 19114 Mat Taha Bin Othman
SC 20441 Mohd Tahir Bin Ngah Mat Arof
1951-10-11 SC/Cpl 8904 Syed Mohamed Noor Bin Syed Hamzah
1951-10-14 L/Cpl 16478 Haron Bin Suek
FJC 10557 Abdullah Bin Bidin
PC 16557 Abdullah Bin Bidin
SC 24045 Mohamed Bin Samat
1951-10-15 SC 15140 Mohd Taib Bin Dali
1951-10-18 SC 35020 Shaharudin Bin Jai
1951-10-21 PC 10937 Abdullah Bin Hassan
PC 11783 Nayan Bin Akil
1951-10-22 L/Cpl 88 Sulaiman Bin Mustapa
PC 1869 Md Noor Bin Abd Karim
EPC 3052 Hussein Bin Mohd Yunus
SC 5066 Abu Bakar Bin Sulaiman
SC 16941 Bathumalai s/o Pandiah
1951-10-23 EPC 2437 S. Muttiah
SC 832 Saad
1951-10-25 SC 20579 Hassan Bin Sohor
1951-11-08 Cpl 9556 Ibrahim Bin Mat
PC 12034 Haris Bin Md Nafis
1951-11-10 PC 11603 Ahmad
SC 44211 Mohd Yusof Bin Omar
1951-11-12 PC 9508 Omar Bin Yusoff
SC 23861 Ismail Bin Omar
SC 23867 Jaafar Bin Johari
1951-11-14 EPC 618 Othman Bin Awang Ambushed by communist gunmens at Kampar, Perak.
SC 2490 Lee Kim Huat
SC 14402 Ahmad Bin Tahir
SC 15031 Mohd Yusof Bin Munshi
SC 15322 Lee Tiam Soy
SC 15380 Abdul Wahab Bin Ismail
SC 20876 Mohd Yunus Bin Pandak
SC 20970 Daud Bin Olong
SC 28069 Abdul Hamid Bin Alias
1951-11-15 PC 13931 Ahmad Bin Mempri
1951-11-16 SC 22620 Karim Bin Dasara
1951-11-18 SC 6318 Idris Bin Hj. Ahmad
1951-11-24 SC 3666 Suleiman Bin Mohamad
1951-12-05 SC 18720 Mohd Amin Bin Saeman
SC 18726 Jabbar Bin Reben
1951-12-09 DPC 76 Ong Kok Lye SB
SC 28120 Mat Nasib Bin Pandak Shubor
1951-12-11 SC 28015 Itam Bin Saad
1951-12-18 PC 10962 Ibrahim
SC 9099 Awi Bin Matshah
SC 36673 Koming Bin Hj Ariffin
1951-12-20 L/Cpl 1331 Rattan Singh
1951-12-21 EPC 2474 Shaikh Latiff
1951-12-26 PC 222 Abdul Karim Bin Hadi
1951-12-29 SC 8754 Sanusi Bin Hassan
1951-12-31 SC 25906 Jafar Bin Abdul Hamid
1952-01-10 Sgt 1211 Mohd Ali Bin Sudin Ambushed by communist gunmens at Batu 31 ½ Jln Degong.
PC 4233 Baharom Bin Suraidi
PC 11903 Malek Bin Mohd
EPC 583 Mohd Amin Bin Alwi
SC 14722 Tang Ah Chen
SC 24931 Sulaiman Bin Yunus
SC 24988 Arshad Bin Ibrahim
SC 40353 Chew Fui
SC 40760 Razak Bin Tawang
1952-01-16 L/Cpl 5283 Mior Mohd Bin Tahir
PC 3870 Mohd Bin Abdul Kadir
PC 3895 Abdullah Bin Kechil
SC 14579 Norbi Bin Songah
SC 28181 Idris Bin Zainal
SC 40161 Wan Man Bin Wan Nek
1952-01-19 EPC 2927 Che Mood Bin Daud
1952-01-28 EPC 3225 Subramaniam s/o Kandiah
SC 13662 Ya akob Bin Mat
SC 40916 Othman Bin Abdullah
1952-01-31 SC/Cpl 2257 Ahmad Bin Awang
EPC 2454 Mat Tuah Bin Uda
1952-02-02 SC 42205 Mohamed Sain Bin Ahmad
1952-02-04 SC 21054 Osman Bin Hj. Manan
1952-02-07 SC 19045 Hussein Bin Yahaya
1952-02-12 ASP R.H Jesse
SC 4509 Sulaiman Bin Hj. Abdul Rahman
SC 27446 Hashim Bin Mohd Ali
1952-02-15 SC 25820 Samiom Bin Zainal
1952-02-18 SC 6106 Mat Sap Bin Md Jai
1952-02-20 SC 6657 Ismail Bin Limbo
SC 6697 Mohamed Bin Awang
SC 8730 Sariman Bin Keromotinoyo
1952-02-26 SC 8741 Yusoff Bin Suki
1952-02-27 SC 1442 Said Bin Sakariah
SC 20470 Yin Bin Mat Isa
SC 30349 Ahmad Bin Ali
1952-02-29 SC 1767 Ahmad Bin Hashim
SC 13371 Aminudin Bin Abd Manap
1952-03-11 ASP W.H Franks
PC 16772 Karim Bin Tahir
PC 18692 Hassan Basari Bin Endut
SC 15046 Jamhary Bin Mat
SC 15215 Hairuddin Bin Yassin
1952-03-16 SC/Cpl 15827 Samat Mohamed Jan Bin Sayed Hussein
PC 11164 Baharom Bin Wan Teh
SC 5843 Rahamed Bin Hj Hassan
1952-03-18 PC 9534 Mohd Taib Bin Tahir
PC 17791 Ibrahim Bin Ahmad
1952-03-19 PC 19284 Abdullah Bin Kamad
PC 19837 Mat Desa Bin Yeop
PC 19841 Kamarudin Bin Chee
SC 16191 Kimin Bin Manap
1952-03-20 PC 226 Manan Bin Fakir
PC 10008 Mohd Noor Bin Mohd
1952-03-21 PC 5854 Sudin Bin Md Yunos
1952-03-24 PC 3411 Shamsuddin Bin Mohd Zain
SC 33732 Abdul Aziz Bin Ngah Mat Aros
1952-03-25 PC 3495 Loo Thye Lim
PC 5375 Ahmad Bin Johari
PC 9011 Wan Salleh Bin Wan Ismail
PC 10540 Abdul Rahman Bin Che Ali
PC 11687 Haron Bin Ismail
1952-03-27 SC 2831 Muniandy s/o Malai Cettiar
1952-03-28 SC 9729 Ahmad Bin Yusof
SC 28382 Mohamed Abas Bin Hj Taib
SC 33534 Abdul Hamid Bin Alang
1952-03-29 SC 9835 Mohd Astar Bin Lebai Yusof
SC 9989 Zakaria Bin Mat Noor
SC 10064 Baharom Bin Yeop Mohamed
1952-03-30 SC 28295 Manickam s/o Sinasamy
1952-04-01 PC 4730 Ismail Bin Busu
SC 8950 Hassan Bin Hj Osman
1952-04-03 Insp I/886 Zainal Rashid Bin Nordin Ambushed by communist gunmens at Kuala Kerai, Kelantan.
1952-04-04 PC 15219 Harun Bin Ya'acob
PC 15230 Omar Bin Sa'amah
PC 15254 Ali Bin Mohamad
PC 15274 Daud Bin Idris
PC 15312 Mamat Bin Husin
1952-04-08 L/Cpl 8199 Zainal Bin Ibrahim
PC 4285 Sidek Bin Muda
PC 13428 Kamaruddin Bin A. Rahman
1952-04-15 PC 9102 Katan Bin Mohd
PC 10650 Tuan Bin Yahaya
SC 640 Hassan Bin Jaafar
1952-04-16 SC 26336 Abdul Majid Bin Abdul Karim
1952-04-19 PC 12532 Tuan Bin Yahaya
PC 17635 Salleh Bin Wok
PC 17638 Ahmad Bin Idris
PC 17643 Razali Bin Dolah
1952-04-20 SC 39637 Mohamed Bin Yusof
1952-04-27 SC 9580 Zainal Abidin Bin Hj Baka
1952-04-28 EPC 4083 Haron Bin Awang
1952-05-04 L/Cpl 8795 Omar Bin Chik
SC 38209 Abidin Bin Sumi
SC 39222 Abdul Rahman Bin Mohamed
1952-05-14 SC 30575 Yassin Bin Moharam
SC 30626 Kassim Bin Awang
1952-05-19 SC 31258 Mohamed Bin Ismail
1952-05-20 SC 4800 Mat Bin Busoh
1952-05-24 PC 9128 Ahmad Bin Shahar
1952-05-25 SC 39846 Ajat Bin Alok
1952-05-26 PC 8163 Mohamed
EPC 3460 Ariffin
1952-05-28 PC 1207 Ismail Bin Md Yusof
1952-06-02 PC 13331 Ali Bin Salleh Ambushed by communist gunmens at Batu 3 1/3 Keramat Pulai Tin Mines, Perak.
SC 1376 Abdullah Bin Ayob
SC 15288 Abdul Rani Bin K. Salleh
SC 22212 Azri Bin Baki
SC 22422 Abu Bin Sultan Salleh
SC 25260 Salleh Bin Ajim
SC 28119 Abas Bin Ismail
SC 29954 Chen Ah Hong
SC 33346 Hussin Bin Ahmad
1952-06-08 EPC 3475 Alias Bin Mohd
1952-06-08 SC 36806 Sulaiman Bin Ayob
1952-06-14 SC 19851 Jom Bin Abu
SC 27978 Mohamed Bin Yob Mat Saeh
1952-06-19 Insp I/502 Din Bin Ibrahim
1952-06-30 AP/Insp F.H Eilkins Ambushed by communist gunmens at Bekok, Segamat, Johore.
AP 562 Yahya Bin Abbas
1952-07-01 SC 30255 Jaafar Bin Abdul Ghani Ambushed by communist gunmens at Anglo-Johore Estate, Bekok, Segamat, Johore.
SC 42907 Mohd Bin Dena Khan
1952-07-04 SC/Sgt 4346 Jali Bin Hj Taib
SC 27171 Ahmad Bin Achik
SC 35071 Sahak Bin Long
1952-07-17 SC 25836 Weir Bin Darbar
1952-07-26 SC 38250 Hasrak Bin Jamjan
1952-07-28 SC 40089 Wan Mat Bin Wan Ngah
1952-08-12 Insp Arthur Abishegam When receive an information that the truck is burnt out at the Bukit Jalor, 13 cops led by Abhishegam boarded the GMC armoured car from the police station to reach about four miles from Hutan Simpan Bukit Jalor, Air Kuning Selatan, Neegri Sembilan with all members continue on foot while the vehicle is left on the roadside. Approximately two miles, they did not find anything, and finally they find a burning truck and the flames is still burn the vehicle. Without suspect anything, expecting the explosion of a burning vehicle, Abishegam decided to leave the vehicle. While en route about a quarter miles, the communist gunmens which believed from 10th regiment measuring nearly 100 mens apparently been waiting and they have ambushed with Bren guns. Officers also supplied with one Bren Gun but had suffered stoppagges and the officer who were carrying Bren ammunition was also shot and died instantly. Eight officers killed, three critically wounded while two more officers survived.
L/Cpl 372 Ahmad Bin Yakim
PC 2664 Alias Bin Tamin
TPC 24204 Yusof Bin Mohd
SC 5108 Manap Bin Mohamed
SC 5279 Tan Ah Lee
SC 5585 Mohamed Jani Bin Pais
SC 21649 Mohd Yassin Bin Mohamed
1952-08-18 SC/Cpl 22386 Jamaludin Bin Mat Ali Ambushed by communist gunmens at Reverview Estate, Perak.
SC 17290 Mohd Nor Bin Hj Asip
SC 21281 Yang Bin Mat Ali
SC 22261 Kassam Bin Osman
SC 22271 Noordin Bin Abdullah
SC 22361 Kathmuthu s/o Kannusamy
SC 29638 Abdullah Bin Minti
1952-09-09 SC 9057 Abu Bin Sam
1952-09-30 SC 38272 Ibrahim Bin Hassan
1952-10-16 SC 42641 Wan Teh
1952-10-28 SC 41657 Bujang Bin Hj Sanusi
SC 41684 Kamis Bin Salleh
1952-11-18 SC 43 Hassan Bin Shafie
1952-11-21 SC 41199 Mohamed Bin Saton
1952-11-25 SC/Sgt 739 Tahir Bin Zaini
SC/Cpl 6685 Ahmad Bin Jais
SC 6706 Jais Bin Shuib
SC 7109 Zainal Bin Ayen
1952-11-26 SC 6790 Ahmad Bin Abdul Rahman
1952-12-09 PC 12512 Abd Rashid
1952-12-14 EPC 3382 Haji Daud
1952-12-18 SC 145 Bakar Bin Abdullah
1952-12-20 SC 29161 Noh Bin Mohd Amin
1952-12-27 DSI 177 Kok Ah Lek
SC 6828 Mohd Hon Bin Kasnan Ambushed by communist gunmens during en route to home as soon finished perform Friday prayers at Masjid Bekok a distance of approximately seven kilometers from police barracks in Bekok River Estates. Also there was a police vehicle on a pregnant woman and her child. Upon approaching the road to Bekok River Estates, the vehicle has been hit by the minefield planted by the communist gunmens. The ensuing explosion caused the vehicle is thrown up, resulting most of the occupants including civilians were killed in the incident.
SC 7065 Ishak Bin Chandi
SC 7166 Abd Hamid Bin Hj Mohd Pamim
SC 7243 Omar Bin Ali
SC 7290 Abd. Hamid Bin Budin
SC 20158 Aziz Bin Sahom
1953-01-21 ACP G/753 G.D Toulson
1953-03-26 PC 949 Ri Bin Alang Ahmad
1953-04-08 SC 13276 Manap Bin Hj Sait
SC 13281 Mohamed Khalid Bin Menchick
SC 20347 Mohamed Rashid Bin Ngah M. Noh
SC 28521 Ahmad Zuki Bin Puteh Abdullah
SC 40993 Ismail Bin Meor
SC 50272 Hassan Bin Ahmad
1953-04-18 PC 18967 Mohamad Tap @ Mohamed Zin Bin Mohamed
1953-05-05 Cadet G/754 K.F Dawson
1953-06-26 DPC 187 Lean Khuan Jin
SC 39925 Abdul Ghani Bin Hussein
1953-07-20 PC 23986 Awang Bin Yaacob
1953-07-21 Cpl 7312 Abdul Rahman
1953-08-04 SC 22178 R. Maniam
SC 28293 M. Nabor
SC 29893 A. Sheikh Mohamed
SC 40891 Abdul Ghani Bin Abdullah
SC 50192 S. Mohamed Haniffa
1953-08-23 Cpl 13109 Sidek Bin Suradi
1953-08-31 SC 50854 Hassan Bin Salleh
1953-09-03 PC 12989 Abdul Hadi Bin Mahmud
1953-09-22 PC 26181 Kasbi Bin Keromo
1953-10-01 SC 6425 Abdullah Bin Saibon
SC 42331 Haron Bin Ramli
1953-10-13 SC 33710 Alang Bin Kulop Pachat
1953-11-28 SC 35956 Daud Bin Abdullah
1954-01-11 SC 44107 Ahmad
1954-01-29 SC/Cpl 20752 Abdul Ghani Bin Busu
SC 25253 Abdul Razak Bin Busu
SC 28056 Asri Bin Hassan
1954-01-30 PC 7269 Mohd Amin Bin Yusof
1954-04-04 SC 37295 Poun s/o Andin Froom
1954-04-22 SC 37679 Kader Bin Mahmud
1954-05-05 SC 19300 Chin Yong
SC 26446 Teo Hock Sai
SC 39155 Omar Bin Kasbar
1954-05-20 ACP L.A Searle
1954-05-26 SC 13577 Aziz Bin Mat
1954-05-28 ACP G/515 C.N Godwin 44 Kedah Killed in ambushed by communist gunmens at 13:00 hrs. ACP G/515 driving alone from Mount Jerai Peak, Kedah towards Penang when the gunmens laid the tree across the road to block his path. However, he disembarked from his car to remove the obstacle before he gets killed by the gunmens. Three hours later at the same spot, another police vehicle was attacked resulting in the death of EPC 3052, a labourer and a little boy. An Malay woman and two police officers were seriously wounded.
EPC 3052 Mahmood Bin Frosdin
1954-06-14 EPC 4027 Abdullah
1954-07-02 SC 14243 Sayonan Bin Mahmood
1954-07-23 SC 32585 Saris Bin Saman
1954-07-25 ASP W.A Gibson
1954-08-12 SC 50952 Nayon Bin Ishak
1954-09-14 SC 11837 Hassan Bin Alang
1954-10-18 SC 15906 Mohd Yassin Bin Mahirin Johore The communists attacked and burned out the Chuan Seng Police Station near the Pontian District, resulting in SC 15906, SC 18839, SC 38006 and SC 38055 killed while seven officers including the station police chief suffered critically wounded.[6]
SC 18839 Ahmad Bin Hamzah
SC 38006 Abdul Wahan Bin Tamby
SC 38055 Yasin Bin Ahmad
1954-11-01 PC 9268 Samion Bin Mohamed
SC 465 Ismail Bin Hassan
1954-12-02 PC (ST) 13914 V.P Devarajan
1954-12-10 EPC 168 Khalid Bin Mat
EPC 1068 Foo Fook Kwan
EPC 1261 Mat Shariff Bin Sutan
EPC 1471 Sulong Bin Ibrahim
EPC 2191 Ismail Bin Muin
EPC 3502 Chang Hock Poh
1955-01-08 Insp I/2458 Appu s/o Veloo
1955-01-18 PC (WT) 13972 Thiagarajan
1955-01-20 PC 12375 Mohd Bin Mahmood
1955-01-23 Cpl 7971 Ibrahim Bin Hanafi
PC 6047 Udin Bin Salleh
PC 7140 Saad Bin Awang
1955-01-28 DSgt 35 Lee Kwong Keong
1955-03-07 Cpl 28113 Wong Ah Nyang
1955-03-11 PC 852 Othman Bin Mohamed
1955-03-19 SC 7889 Mat Hassan Bin Jaffar Ambushed by communist gunmens at Kuala Kerai, Kelantan.
SC 64212 Salleh Bin Mamat
SC 64221 Tuan Abdullah Bin Tuan Muda
SC 50479 Ah Lek
1955-03-28 PC 23437 Micheal Yoong
1955-04-09 Cpl 3095 Abu Bakar Bin Bahu
PC 9261 Attan
1955-04-22 PC 14612 Ahmad Bin Yassin
1955-05-31 SC 3286 Bakar Bin Saad
SC 51607 Zakaria Bin Mat Piah
1955-06-06 SC 46502 Lim Thian Watt
1955-06-09 SC 26654 A. Bakar Bin Rani
1955-07-07 PC 1280 Ishak Bin Din
1955-07-09 SC 33246 Hashim Bin Abu
1955-07-11 SC 10505 Tan Bin Buyong
1955-07-22 SC 25138 Zailani Bin Panjang Ismalan
1955-08-08 SC 23870 Masman
SC 33835 Atan Bin Mohd Elah
1955-08-10 SC 42570 Abdullah Bin Ismail
1955-08-25 SC 25907 Mohd Yassin Bin Bachik
1955-09-14 PC 22415 Suboh Bin Mohd Yusof
1955-10-23 PC 6047 Udin Bin Salleh
1955-11-02 PC 6509 Khalid Bin Din
1955-11-11 PC 9828 Meor Saidin Bin Meor Ahmad
1955-11-20 PC 25203 Omar Bin Mohd Esa
1955-11-21 PC 27575 Ahmad Saimon
1955-12-26 SC 53980 Aman Bin Ali
1956-01-10 PC 26770 Abdul Ghani
1956-01-15 PC 28669 Bahari Bin Amat
1956-02-01 SC 23462 Abdul Rahman Bin Hassan
SC 33826 Othman Bin Hj Abdul Hamid
1956-02-15 SC/Sgt 2948 Abu Bakar Bin Mat Said
SC/Cpl 9776 Mohd Shariff Bin Hj Abd Salam
SC 24827 Abdullah Bin Hj Abd Majid
SC 40384 Abd Samat Bin P. Abdullah
SC 50542 Zulkifli Bin Yeop Ibrahim
SC 55901 Naam Bin Abu Hassan
1956-04-05 WSC 3996 Mary Leong
1956-04-08 SC 59903 Ahmad Bin Idris
1956-04-17 Cpl 1084 Md Dewa
1956-04-26 PC 28224 Ong Huan Seng
1956-05-21 PC 27101 Kassim Bin Jaamat
1956-06-02 SC 7342 Amri Bin Bakri
1956-06-03 SC/Cpl 8677 Ahmad Bin Abdul Ghani
SC 17521 Ujang Bin Muin
SC 21321 Tang Sam
SC 67155 Paiib Jeva
1956-09-08 SC 23742 Bahari Bin Hassan
1956-09-14 PC 29089 Hussain Bin Shariff
1956-10-11 PC 10927 Saad Bin Din
1956-10-18 D/Cpl 891 Wong Wee Choon
1956-10-25 SC 5554 Baharoin Bin Hitam
SC 21636 Ishak Bin Ibrahim
SC 55348 Osman Bin Mat Noor
SC 55538 Yusof Bin Mat Diah
1956-12-19 PC 5578 Mohd Yusof Bin Mohd Zain
SC 10909 P. Veerasamy
SC 6068 Abdul Rahman Bin Awal
SC 24057 Salleh Bin Mohd Akib
SC 33042 Tan Eng Soon
SC 9962 Mohd Salleh Bin Mohd Akesan
SC 11068 William M. Chun
SC 24033 Yab Ah Yeo
SC 44566 Kamal Bin Uda
SC 46408 Tan Cheng Peh
SC 6160 Manap Bin Mohd Jai
SC 5159 Mohd Ross Bin Saidon
SC 21693 Ariffin Bin Abdul Ghani
SC 24193 Mohd Isa Bin Laziz
SC 19377 Basad Bin Ahmad
SC 51491 Abu Bakar Bin Hussein
SC 18470 Sarjam Singh
SC 18471 Ismail Bin Yusof
SC 11520 Awang Bin Khamis
SC 18593 Hassan Bin Abdullah
SC/Cpl 18207 Man Bin Senawi
SC 18573 Lazim Bin Hussein
SC 11524 Bakar Bin Ali
SC 30789 Din
SC 11466 Ariffin Bin Hj. Salleh
SC 41734 Ahmad Bin Jusoh
SC 42027 Wan Teh Bin Darus
SC 31083 Din Bin Khamis
SC 28985 Mohd Noor Bin Ismail
SC 7889 Abdul Rahman Bin Ja'afar
SC 29606 Mohamed
SC 5604 Lazim Bin Piee
SC 21647 Sabtu Bin Mahat
SC 22764 Rahim Bin Abdul Samad
SC 15932 Ahmad Bin Sada
SC 15926 Hamid Bin Ahad
SC 29590 Ahmad Bin Abd. Ghani
SC 24290 Ja'afar Bin Abdullah
SC 21612 Ma'anor Bin Bachik
SC 36584 Baharudin Bin Konteng
SC 32520 Hassan Bin Cheivan
SC 17522 Abdul Rahman
SC 22824 Osman Bin Mat
1957-03-12 PC 28385 Abd Rahman Bin abd Wahab
1957-10-01 PC 25255 Thye Nyong Yaw
1957-12-11 PC 11121 Hussain Bin Dahari
1958-01-05 Cpl 2937 Othman Bin Sulaiman
1958-07-13 PC 7173 Wong Chin Thiam
1958-07-19 PC 9652 Che Wan
1959-03-17 Sgt 1468 Mohd Shah Bin Nabi Bakhsh
PC 23831 Zainal Abidin Bin Talib
1959-03-18 PC 615 Murad Bin Abdullah
1959-08-15 Cpl 491 Mohamed Nor Bin Hamid


Date Rank/no Name Age Division/unit Circumstance
1964-02-21 PC 12259 Jamaluddin Bin Said PFF Ambushed by Indonesian guerillas at observation post at Bau, Kuching, Sarawak, during the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation.
PC 28240 Abdul Majid Bin Rahim
1964-10-22 PC 26004 Bachik Bin Botok
1966-03-07 PC 31961 Darus Bin Mahmud
1966-08-07 D/Cpl 327 Choo Chan
D/Cpl 355 Lim Tek Piat
PC 27791 Low Kek Boon
1968-06-17 PC 1479 Abdullah Bin Muhammad PFF Killed in an ambush during an operation in Bukit Berapit, Perak, as a result of the Communist insurgency in Malaysia (1968–89).
PC 1509 Loh Ah Chu
PC 8365 Jalil Bin Bachik
PC 11401 Ismail Bin Mat Sidi
PC 14892 Nizan Bin Mohd Adam
PC 19839 Abdul Gahani Bin Mohd
PC 20239 Abdul Hamid Bin Bakar
PC 23086 Chan Eng Teck
PC 24008 Mustapha Bin Hussein
PC 24827 Mohamad Bin Othman
PC 25200 Hashim Bin Ismail
PC 25700 Abdullah Bin Ismail
PC 30449 Ang Lock Say
PC 30758 Mohd Salleh Bin Abidin
PC 30833 Ismail Bin Amir
PC 40281 Abdul Ghani Bin Daud
1966-08-07 C/Insp I/2828 S.C Samy
Insp I/1531 Robert Lee Choon Fook
1968-08-16 PC 29987 Abu Bakar Bin Ngah Wahab PFF PC 29987 had participated in an operations that was launched by the Police Field Force to stormed a communist fort at Betong, Southern Thailand. In the ensuing clash, PC 29987 displayed outstanding bravery to his very last breath. He was killed in an operation.
1968-08-26 PC 7595 Jaafar Bin Haji Abdul Rahman


Date Rank/no Name Age Division/unit Circumstance
1971-01-08 PC 10126 Shamsuddin Bin Pileh
1971-02-16 PC 52741 Mat Hassan Bin Mat Adam
PC 23978 Daud Bin Samad
1971-02-18 PC 51553 Hanafi Bin Abdullah
1971-03-14 Sgt 155 Mat Hassan Bin Mat Adam Marine
MPC 234 Yahya Bin Yunus
MPC 469 Ismail Bin Hamzah
MPC 554 Tahir Bin Dolah
1971-04-30 Cpl 1351 Yeap Sean Hua Setapak At about 12.50 p.m, Cpl 1351 was shot and killed on the spot while on duty to apprehend an armed and violent Chinese-youth criminal at Setapak town, Kuala Lumpur. The few gunfire who killed the Cpl 1351 also heard by PC 30279 Fong Thean Kit while he finished a duty and was shopping near the incident. PC 30279 courageously chase and managed to arrest the criminal. Both PC 30279 and late Cpl 1351 awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa.
1971-05-26 PC 16874 Bujang @ Malik Bin Sintal
PC 53243 Masri Bin Basiran
PC 53261 Abdul Kadir Bin Baharin
1971-06-14 PC 30229 Kee Cheng Hock
1971-07-19 PC 50053 Faridon Bin Abdul Ghani
1971-07-24 PC 51124 Mohd Nadran Bin Mohd Yudin
1971-08-08 PC 51183 Rani Bin Harun
1971-08-11 Cpl 27169 Ibrahim Bin Saad
PC 31632 Yahya Bin Din
PC 40469 Yahya Bin Abu Bakar
PC 50718 Jainuri Bin Juraie
PC 52501 Mohd Noor Bin Abdullah
1971-08-23 PC 31006 Mohd Sidek Bin Ahmad
1971-08-31 PC 51130 Osman Bin Abu
1971-11-25 PC 52333 Razali Bin Puteh
1972-06-16 Sgt 27908 Ghazali Bin Ahmad
PC 50255 Mohamad Bin Damaman
PC 50271 Maizi Bin Ariff Shah
PC 51995 Saonan Bin Dollah
1972-12-01 Cpl 950 Joseph E. Rodrigues
Cpl 13267 Abdul Hamid Bin Othman
1973-02-07 PC 23776 Abdul Ghani Bin Hassan
1973-02-20 PC 51437 Roslan Bin Yahaya
1973-05-14 PC 5397 Mohd Yusoff Bin Jamlus
PC 49769 Nordin Bin Salleh
PC 49833 Abdul Halim Bin Abdul Wahab
1973-06-20 PC 29607 Ooi Khoon Tat
1973-06-22 PC 25676 Hashim Bin Akid
1973-07-12 C/Insp I/1952 Chin Chin Kooi SB At 09.00p.m treacherous enemies had gate-crashed a residence, C/Insp. Chin was shot point blank range by two pistols. Before breathing his last breath, he was still courageous enough to return fire at the enemies. The late C/Insp. Chin had served in the police force for 21 years.
1973-07-26 Sgt 26081 Lee Han Cheong PFF At 11.00a.m during the 11 Police Field Force (PFF) members led by Sgt 26081 was joint effort program in Bidok area for villager relocation who escaped from the communist terrorist, Sgt 26081 were pissing in the bush near the area. Suddenly, Sgt 26081 was shot point blank range by the enemies who hiding in the bush, believed while peeping the area. He was critically wounded with gunshot wounds in the forehead died on the spot.[7]
1973-08-08 PC 51458 Yahya Bin Hassan
1973-09-05 Sgt 7863 Haji Omar Bin Hashim
1973-10-22 D/Sgt 332 Chong Kek Ooi SB Shot to dead by communist gunmens at Sungai Siput, Perak.
1973-12-14 Cpl 24320 Abdul Rahman Bin Abu
PC 12253 Osman Bin Lat
1973-12-15 PC 4673 Mansur Bin Bidon
1974-01-03 DPC 30864 Lau See Kaw SB Shot to dead by communist gunmens at Malim Nawar, Perak.
1974-01-10 DPC 1443 Othman Bin Ahmad CID DPC 1443 together with his patrolmate was ambushed by six criminals at sugar cane plantation in Cuping, Perlis. He fough and struggled and killed one of the criminal.
1974-01-16 PC 52124 Daud Bin Ahmad
1974-01-19 PC 11193 Ishak Bin Said
1974-01-22 Insp I/5271 Mohd Zaki Bin Awang
1974-03-07 PC 31017 Abdul Rahman Bin Sulong
1974-03-31 PC 7944 Cheah Kwo Sam
1974-04-20 D/SM 703 Lee Hoon Chin SB Shot to dead by communist gunmens at Malacca.
1974-04-26 DPC 24526 Ong Soon Guan Shot to dead by communist gunmens at Malim Nawar, Perak.
1974-06-07 IGP G/484 Tan Sri Abd. Rahman Bin Hashim 49 Bukit Aman Killed by the communist subversive who the one leader of RMP murdered by the communist between Mounbatten Street (now Jalan Tun Perak) and Weld Street (now Jalan Raja Chulan), Kuala Lumpur and he died on the spot. On June 8, 1974, he was given a police heroes funeral and was laid to rest at Jalan Ampang Muslim Cemetery, Kuala Lumpur.
1974-07-07 PC 40978 Mohd Salleh Bin Hawari
1975-02-26 Sgt 445 Song Kim Tong
1975-03-01 PC 46522 Ramli Bin Mohd Zain
1975-03-27 PC 30467 Low Sing Yong
1975-03-29 PC 24286 Ahmad Bin Busu
1975-04-06 ASP G/4741 Mohd Johny Bin Mustapha PFF The troops of Police Field Force led by an officer, ASP Mohd Johny was ambushed by the PARAKU Communist group at the black pepper plantantion near the Setabau River, Sibu, Sarawak. Although ASP Mohd Johny was injured severely by gunfire, he forbids the PC 1642 to nursing him and leave him, but to ask him to moved forward and attack the enemy. As being loyal, strong and disciplined, PC 1642 obeyed his ordered and move forward. During the ambushed, two officers were already downed and the communist retreating into the jungle.
PC 1642 Nuing s/o Saling
1975-04-17 PC 41710 Foo Kek Wee
1975-05-17 Sgt 65 Tong Wing Poh
1975-06-18 PC 41042 Saparman Bin Nasron
PC 46768 Mohd Nor Bin Tumin
PC 46787 Madiun Bin Abdul Wahab
PC 46794 Alizar Bin Sarunan
PC 49316 Sai an Bin Salimin
PC 49386 Ma'an Bin Ahmad Siraj
PC 53415 Abu Nordin Bin Ibrahim
PC 55688 Mohd Zahid Bin Jumangat
1975-06-19 PC 30058 Ong Teng Chin
1975-07-21 PC 23004 Lim Hee Wey
PC 62350 Aban s/o Long
1975-08-14 Insp I/5084 Mohd Yusof Bin Talib
PC 55726 Ramli Bin Mohd Zain
1975-08-28 EPC 5247 Yeop Bin Omar Perak Four officers from Grik Police Station were suddenly ambushed and murdered by the communist terrorist. All bodies of the officers were cruely slain and communist seized the service shotguns from the officers before retreating into the jungle.
EPC 5261 Sharif Bin Yaakob
EPC Mat Alias Bin Nik Daud
EPC 5272 Wan Marzuki Bin Wan Hussein
1975-09-03 ASP Zamri Bin Ishak PFF ASP Zamri Ishak head a team to track the communist guerrilla in Ops Bamboo on 3 August 1975. In the battle, Zamri was critically wounded when the booby trap exploaded and hitting in his side foot. Further back-up squad giving aid him, however he died on the way to hospital several hours later.[8]
1975-09-03 Insp I/3427 Mohd Zabri Bin Abdul Hamid 38 VAT-69 Caused by the booby trap during the intercepted and hunted down the communist guerillas who responsible in the murdered case of four Extra Police Constable at Grik. He was given a posthumous promotion to the rank of ASP.[9]
1975-09-03 PC 46955 Mohd Yusof Bin Abd Rahman
PC 49614 Abd Hamid Bin Muhamad
1975-06-03 PC 46955 Mohd Yusof Bin Abd Rahman PFF Killed on a bombing incident were the communist terrorists bombed a Central Police Field Force Brigade Headquarters (PPH) at the Pekeliling Street (now Tun Razak Street) with resulting killed PC 46955 and PC 49614 and injuring 10 other officers.[10]
PC 49614 Abd Hamid Bin Muhamad
1975-11-13 DCP G/4218 Dato' Khoo Chong Kong Perak DCP G/4218 was return to headquarters after having lunch when a two gunmens from the 1st Mobile Squad of the Malayan Communist Party on a motorcycle, shot him at pointblank range at a line of traffic lights junction between Fair Park and Anderson Road in Ipoh, Perak. His driver, PC 5135 with his courageously return fire at his chief's assassins, but he failed when he also shot dead by them in both sides of his chest and in his head. The gunmens escaped, but were apprehended later before they hanged to death for the murder of an officers.[11] DCP G/4218 was given the same promotion posthumously, and was ceremoniously cremated with full police honours and awarded the titles of Tan Sri while PC 5135 was given a rare field promotion to a rank of Sargeant for his courageously.
PC 5135 Yeong Peng Chong
1975-11-18 Sgt 11783 Ismail Bin Yahaya
Sgt 55924 Omar Bin Ahmad
1975-11-21 Sgt 25433 Loh Kim Fong
1975-12-21 PC 46462 Ahmad Bin Mohd Ali
1976-01-19 PC 40412 Abd Wahid Bin Abd Aziz
1976-02-06 Sgt 9997 Mohd Shariff Bin Bidin
1976-05-10 PC 5358 Rani Bin Abdul Ghani
1976-06-03 Cpl 31507 Ridzewan Bin Shaadan PFF This tragedy happened at 12.45 pm during 360 recruits of police constable intake undergo final phase of training 'Final Ops'. During uphill second which is known as Bukit Keramat Pulai, Cpl 31507 direct never thought that area that maybe danger because be effect doubt is based on Chinese writing found on broke the hedge and wood branches. To ensuring truly the safe situations, Cpl 31507 obeyed the three members, TPC 63897, TPC 63899 and TPC 64010 go to inspection local. Suddenly, they overheard sounds of gunfire, at the same time all intake pulled upon hearing the TPC 63897, TPC 63899 and TPC 64010 shouts strongly says the word "communist". Heard to the scream, Cpl 31507 get up immediately to be looking but unfortunately he was shot in his side of the eye. The situation becomes chaotic when they realise already ambushed by communist from each that uphill angled cause their team splitup. In the situation, TPC 60899 Mohamad Salim giving order to the platoon to taking a position and return the enemy fires. Shortly, platoon was successfully captured the communist stronghold which been modified like a house after communists retreating when received violent opposition from the trainees. After quiescent state, TPC 63897, TPC 63899 and TPC 64010 also killed about 15 metres from communist control post during the shooting incident held on long an hour. On extraordinary courageous, TPC 60899 and TPC Mohammad Noh Hashim was awarded Panglima Gagah Berani one years later.[12][13]
TPC 63897 Yusoff Bin Ismail
TPC 63899 Zainal Bin Pandak Ahmad
TPC 64010 Jaafar Bin Hj. Mansor
1976-07-02 PC 31003 Abdul Kadir Bin Ahmat
1976-08-25 P/Insp I/5744 Mat Zain Bin Mat Yassin PFF On 23 August at 10.00 p.m in Ipoh, Insp. Mat Zain headed a movement and succeeded in capturing four communist agents and seized three guns, three hand grenades and other explosives. Two days later at 1.20 p.m, in the area of Pasir Pinji, Ipoh, he headed three cop members in carrying out a movement he round up a communist agent. All that precise moment, the Communist agent took out his gun and firing Insp I/5744 in the stomach, resulting in his death. The Communist agent was also shot dead. He was awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa.
1976-08-27 Cpl 28648 Gan Cheng Tack
1976-09-06 PC 63341 Ghazali Bin Sulong
1976-09-08 PC 63272 Mohd Noor Bin Leman
1976-09-14 PC 41804 Ngatiman Bin Sartan
1977-01-31 Sgt 4054 Jemat s/o Ningan
1977-03-08 PC 4007 Abdul Rashid Bin Hj Mohamad Yatim
1977-03-23 PC 55512 Mohd Yatim Bin Salleh
PC (V) 8018 Abd Kahar Bin Nordin
1977-06-19 DSP G/1701 M. Thiagarajan
1977-10-28 PC 24848 Alias Bin Mohd Rashid
EPC 6150 Damaraju s/o Chinna Govindan
1978-01-05 PC 59511 Mohd Noor Bin Hashim
PC 64580 Sharmuganithan
1978-02-25 PC 13443 Hussein Bin Ali
1978-06-17 Insp I/6702 Mohamed Rashid Bin Amran
Cpl 14711 Zakaria Bin Buntal
PC 46866 Mohd Noor Bin Yassin
PC 52925 Husrin Bin Abu Shah
PC 57343 Yusof Bin Ahmad
1978-06-27 PC 68153 Tan Eng Tai
1978-07-24 PC 69713 Wong Ching Hua
1978-08-29 PC 62209 Mandi s/o Itam Tambo
1978-10-09 PC 62195 Bah Tradel s/o Din
1978-06-27 PC 68153 Mohamed Rashid Bin Amran
1979-07-11 PC 56516 Mokhtar Bin Hashim
1979-09-16 PC 59367 Ahmad Bin Yassin


Date Rank/no Name Age Division/unit Circumstance
1980-01-18 PC 56921 Zainon Bin Zain
1980-01-28 PC 71933 Yub Bin Gedu
1980-06-09 Insp I/8294 Gunasegaran Naidu s/o Ratinum Senoi Praaq Killed during the Operation Bamboo at Ulu Kelantan. He was awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa.
1980-06-12 PC 55122 Ku Ching Hoo s/o Ku Ah
1981-06-16 PC 41863 Abdul Razak Bin Dahlan
1981-11-12 PC 4859 Jidin Bin Jalil
1982-01-10 ASP G/3641 Charoen s/o Daam
1982-03-02 PC 69641 Yahya Bin Hassan
1982-04-29 PC 68258 Woo Kim Peng
1983-02-05 PC 62538 Bah Osi s/o Chandan
1983-04-10 PC 65984 Ooi Ing Sung
1983-05-05 PC 49433 Baharuddin Bin Baki
1983-06-09 Sgt 7417 Ooi Kun Teck
1983-07-03 PC 92592 Abdul Razak Bin Ishak
1983-07-04 PC 96729 Leao An Suan
1983-11-01 PC 87805 Roslan Bin Abd Ghani
1984-02-06 PC 101758 Dahlan Bin Mat Ali
1984-02-08 PC 69736 Mohamad Yassin Bin Ismail Shot dead by a Singaporean dangerous criminal, named Chua Chap Seng or known as Jimmy Chua. After his death, the police hunt down and arrest him at Khoo Teik Eee Street. Then Jimmy detained at Pudu Prison before he and five more prisoners taken two doctors as their hostages.
1984-02-24 PC 47559 Johari Bin Zakaria
1984-09-09 Cpl 52250 Mansor Bin Zainuddin
1984-09-09 PC 67574 Zainuddin Bin Hassan VAT 69 A task force units from VAT 69 police Commandos received the order to assist the Police Field Force which a trapped in an ambushed by the communist guerillas at the Ulu Kinta jungle. PC 67574 which as a trackker and in the frontline about his teammates, one woman communist firing him at the chest, resulting to his death.
1985-04-08 Cpl 24933 Abdul Rahman Bin Hj Zakaria
1985-06-01 ASP G/3691 Subramaniam s/o Sittampalam
1985-11-09 Insp I/8042 Azmi Bin Hamzah PFF A task force of 200 policemen under orders from the Acting Prime Minister and Home Minister Musa Hitam, laid siege to village houses in Memali, Kedah. The houses were occupied by an Islamic sect of about 400 peoples led by Ibrahim Mahmud a.k.a. Ibrahim Libya. In the stormed, Inspector 8042, Sgt 24195, PC 46940 and PC 63302 was accidentally shots. According internal source, theys killed affected stray bullet from the team current an ambushed. No occupier that has been charged in court because own the firearms after that incident.
Sgt 24195 Abd Rahman Bin Md Noor FRU
PC 46940 Jaafar Bin Sain
PC 63302 Md Suli Bin Othman
1985-12-21 PC 109046 Jifri Joseph
1986-04-15 PC 48416 Ong Soon Chin @ Swee Ching
1986-04-16 PC 78653 Mandoh s/o Jimbun
1987-01-29 Insp I/9080 Wan Zain Bin Tuanku Hj Fauzi
1987-04-20 PC 49562 Mohamad Salleh Bin Haji Mohidin
1988-06-23 PC 47848 Rosnan Bin Ribin
PC 93937 Douglas Hardson s/o Sanggu
1989-05-17 ASP G/5270 Abdul Ghalim Bin Mohamed
ASP G/6776 Safar Jini Bin Haji Ujang
Insp I/6219 Lim Kim Sai
Insp I/8201 Aman Andre Bin Mahari
Cpl 55545 Zainal Rahim Bin Zainal Abidin
1989-07-25 ASP G/3691 Abu Bakar Bin Ali
1989-11-09 Cpl 62076 Bah Dawel s/t Pitang PFF Killed in the helicopter crash when the Royal Malaysian Air Force Sikorsky S61 Nuri was shot down by enemy fire at Gunung Gerah near the Perak – Kelantan state border resulted killing the officers and six RMAF crews. Few day later, all bodies were found by PASKAU commando forces during the CSAR operations. It is the worse in terms of Malaysian police casualties in a single crash incident to date, matched only by the deaths of fifteen officers.
Cpl 62456 Alang Itam
PC 62393 Angah s/t Alek
PC 62435 Ejah s/t Long
PC 62444 Pandak s/t Alang
PC 62587 Hassan s/t Itam
PC 68853 Che Hasnor Bin Uval
PC 68970 Hashim Bin Itam
PC 71834 Pandak Hashim Bin Uda
PC 109830 Armada Chos
PC 112548 Hamad s/o Sodan
PC 114771 Alang Sabasah s/o Pab Belkoi
PC 114850 Arus s/t Awang
PC 114956 Shamsuddin Bin Sharin
PC 114957 Sarudin Bin Mat
1989-12-26 L/Cpl 76708 Duman Kupok


Date Rank/no Name Age Division/unit Circumstance
1990-02-25 PC 123572 Mohamed Izaini Bin Hj Idris
1990-02-28 Cpl 40385 Saad Bin Hassan FRU 57 troops of FRU based at PULAPOL Semarak Street on the way on time test Ops Musang together with four other vehicles of FRU to Kuala Terengganu. En route at Kilometre 32.5 of the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway, the express bus from Temerloh-Kuala Lumpur suddenly going down from the hill, and hitting six cars, one fuel tank, pick-up truck, taxi, vege truck and treler before impacting against the FRU truck. Five personnels were killed right the spot of the accident, whereas another members died on arrival to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Four civilians also killed in the accident and more 11 cops wounded.[14]
Cpl 56567 Mohd Hilmi Bin Ismail
L/Cpl 50546 Shahimi Bin Lazim
L/Cpl 88880 Mohd Som Bin Putih
PC 66754 Wan Mazland Bin Bidin
PC 74443 Mohd Razali Bin Bidin
PC 89111 Sazali Bin Hussin
PC 97225 Mohd Samsudin Bin Hamid
PC 97347 Abd Razak Bin Sharif
PC 110462 Mohd Lazim Bin Admin
PC 111406 Gua Kok Kiong
1990-03-04 Cpl 58821 Harun Bin Rosdi
1990-05-12 DPC 67401 Sidek Bin Mohd Som
1990-11-14 PC 124690 Karami Bin Awang
1990-11-15 DSP G/7506 Abdul Karim Bin Haji Idris
Cpl 52180 Hashim Bin Jalil
1992-01-05 PC 108067 Salleh Bin Mohd Yassin
1992-08-09 PC 98719 Muhamad Asri Bin Husin
1992-12-26 PC 114302 Abdul Rahim Bin Manan 24 Cheras Shots and killed by the dangerous crimes group known as Gang Commandos. The incidents begun when PC 114302 with two members, including PC 82116 Ghazali is guarding in Cheras Police Duty Hut before seen a Ford Laser car boarded by three men in the event doubt. Seeing their state whirled in that housing area in 12am, PC 114302 makes a decision to stop the car. After the car pulled up at road junctions, PC 114302 and PC 82116 approaches all the three men and ordered them out from car. At the same time, PC 114302 asked to one of them open the car bonnet and unawares, a suspect took out his M16 rifle and firing three rounds shot at both of officers before fled to escaped. The shots resulting PC 114302 dies in scene whereas PC 82116 also affected by the bullet falling in front that car. One more officer acted shelter in the big drain and took a return fire regarding one of the criminals. A few years after the incident, Geng Komando members was arrested and hanged to death.[15]
1993-02-02 PC 115526 Mokhtar Bin Aman
1993-03-13 DPC 63037 Azami Bin Othman
PC 70109 Othman Bin Abdul Wahab
1994-03-29 PC 118108 Bhomeddin Bin Ngah
1994-04-18 PC 117151 Abu Bakar Ganeson Bin Abdullah
1998-03-26 Cpl 75748 Md Nosruddin Bin Yeop 35 FRU Killed by the rioters during the riot at the Semenyih Detention Camp, Kajang, Selangor. In the bloody tragedy in 7.30 a.m, eight Indonesian illegals also killed while 30 more policemen wounded including four of them serious. The riot sparked when immigrant involved give outcry on police massive operation to send they return from 1 a.m morning. The illegals already acted aggressively and using iron sharps and stones as the weapon to against their delivery process as well as burned five residence block, originated in Block B causes four from the blocks burnt.[16] Cpl 75748 was given the same promotion posthumously, and was awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa by Yang DiPertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, Tuanku Jaafar.
1998-07-15 PC 132304 Ahmad Nasarudin Bin Reji 20 Bangi Stabbed to death by four suspected thieves during joined a police operation investigating theft of construction materials at a light industrial area along the Kajang-Bangi Street. PC 132304 had finished his day shift but volunteered to help beef up the police party without weapon to arrested the four men, who were stashing steel bars at a nearby undergrowth, bolted in different directions when the police party pounced upon them. The police members separated to continue pursuit and managed to nab two Indonesian nationals later found to be illegal immigrants. His body was found with lying face down in the undergrowth with a chest wound. Meanwhile, K9 tracker dogs and light infantry General Operations Force personnel were combing the vicinity for the suspect or suspects still at large. Following the incident, 80 immigrants in the area, mostly with identification documents, were detained for questioning.[17]


Date Rank/no Name Age Division/unit Circumstance
2000-03-27 Cpl Ismail Bin Ibrahim PGK Parachute accident during the basic training at PGK B Training Facilities, Ulu Kinta, Perak
2000-05-02 Cpl 110992 Idrus Bin Johar 39
2000-05-02 D/L/Cpl 59151 Sagadevan s/o Rajoo SB Executed by the Al-Ma'unah gunmen, Jemari Jusoh during the Bukit Jenalik Incident. Died together with an army commando personnel, Trooper Matthew Anak Medan and buried the next with the trooper. He was given a posthumous promotion to the rank of Corporal.
2003-01-23 SM 46785 Talib Bin Nasir 52 Johore Collapsed shortly while trying to apprehend a drug pusher in Kampung Keremoyang, Ulu Benut, Pontian. In the incident at about 2.30 pm, Talib who also is Simpang Renggam Deputy Police Chief were received an information that there is one man whom suspected of drug pusher in event locality. Talib going alone, had gone after that men and caught up the suspect. That man handcuffed together with Talib scuffle ensued to escape until Talib caused to suffocated. Talib then fell before arrived to Kluang Hospital by a civilians. However, Talib which believed that heart attack acute dies later while a suspect were managed to escape.[18]
2003-08-10 L/Cpl Hanapi Bin Atan 41 Traffic Police Killed after being hit by a 150cc Yamaha TZM which not managed to stop in third road at a traffic police road block along Connaught Highway towards Cheras. The incident occurred at 11.50 am when L/Cpl Hanapi and one officer and three members just hang out the speed trap and cones in the highway before starting the road block operation. The motorcycle is rode by a young man with his girlfriend. Abruptly four motorcycles ridden by four young men with they couples come towards L/Cpl Hanapi, who had been standing in that third route highway. Three motorcycles can avoided of crashing him because used the second route but another into the third route, not managed to stop and barged Hanapi. Strictly accurated stampede in the crotch slit caused L/Cpl Hanapi thrown about 10 metres from the spot. He's suffered severely bleeding on the head, waist and foots arrived by two partners to National Malaysian University Hospital (HUKM) for treatments. L/Cpl Hanapi died on arrival to hospital at 12.10am.[19]
2003-08-14 L/Cpl 100563 Mohd Marzuki Bin Hj Redwan 48 Johore Killed when a lost control car crashing into those who sit at the table placed in road shoulder at Edge 4, Tun Razak Street, Larkin, Johor Bahru. Incident which occurred at 03:00 am, about 10 customers enjoying a breakfast in the road shoulder and both the policemen were on duty. While both of the policemen were ordering food, a Honda car lost control, skidded, and crashed into a well off the Proton Wira car at the left side road. The Honda then crashed into customers who were enjoying a breakfast in the cafe caused both the policemen to be thrown while the restaurant helper was jammed between the car and cafe walls. L/Cpl 100563 suffered wounds on the head, broken left and right legs and suffered serious internal injuries and died at the scene. Yusri also suffered seriously wounded legs and head and arrived to Sultanah Aminah Hospital emergency ward where he died at 03:55 pm. One more victim, Ummi Hamidah reported is still unconscious after sustaining injuries on the head and legs while the Honda car driver fractured legs, were receiving treatment in the same hospital. A 28-year-old car driver who worked at a factory and had one summons involving a mistaken speed driving at Raub, Pahang prosecuted under Section 41(1) Transport Act 1987 amendments 2002 because of causing death.[20]
PC Yusri Bin Yakob 28
2004-08-01 Cpl 83567 Manja Bin Manaf 40 Johore Cpl 83567 was killed in action and his partner, L/Cpl 92761 Razali Abu Bakar, was severely injured when they were shot at close range by two armed robbers with using the pistols in Muar, Johor. In the incident at about 11 pm, a police patrol member was shot dead and his partner was injured when two robbers opened fire on the police officers as the criminals emerged from robbing a house in Maharani Park. Manja suffered critically wounded with gunshot wounds in the rib died on arrival to the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital, while Razali Abu Bakar was shot in the left shoulder is receiving treatment at the same hospital was reported to be recovering.[21][22]
2005-09-02 Cpl Pi Lim Tanong 46 Sabah In the incident around 9.30am, Cpl Pi Lim Tanong and Cpl Husin Abd. Rashid, 48, from Nabawan Police Station trying to persuaded Manais Angsaring, 40s, the one suspected mentally-deranged in Kampung Pandiwan, Nabawan. However, attempt to persuade him failed and upon doing so, the Manais withdrew a machete and struck Cpl Tanong fatally with it. Cpl Tanong died on the spot after critically wounded due to slashed on the neck, head and abdomen while Cpl Husin was survived but he suffer seriously wounded on the head and chest. However, Manais was shot dead by police which coming to giving help were he seem holds the machete and Tanong's firearm.[23]
2005-09-18 L/Cpl Ridzuan Bin Jaafar 41 Penang Killed in the traffic accident when a car carrying four people went out of control and ploughed into a roadblock under a flyover killing seven people at 2.02am at Tengku Kudin Street. The car driver lost control of the car after hitting a railing. The car turned turtle and slid towards the motorcycle lane knocking down everything in its way. The car screeched to a stop after hitting L/Cpl Ridzuan Jaafar, PC(V) Shamsuri Mohamed, PC(V) Lok Wan Loo and motorcyclist Mohamad Izwan Badri, 19, resulting Shamsuri and Izwan died on the spot while Ridzuan and Lok died in hospital. The driver Rokaib Mohd Amin, 20, and a passenger Azura Romli, 20, died on the spot while another passenger Mohamad Azrul Nayan died in hospital. Another passenger Mohd Taufik Abdul Hamid, who miraculously survived, managed to crawl out of the mangled car.[24]
PC(V) Shamsuri Bin Mohamed 30
PC(V) Lok Wan Loo 35
2006-07-23 MPC 144598 Mohd Juriya Bin Awang 27 Marine At 28 June, the marine police patrol boat from Pasir Panjang Marine Police Station which was on a routine duties, capsized and sank in heavy seas about two nautical miles (4 km) off Pasir Panjang, Sekinchan. Cpl Ahmad Zubairi Shahudin and MPC Mohd Khairi Seman, two of the crew were in the boat, however, managed to swim to shore, according to the spokesman, while MPC 144598 went missing and intensive search and rescue efforts by police, Fire and Rescue Services Department, Malaysian Marine Department and local villagers have been mounted to locate him.[25] Three weeks later, his body was later found at 7.5 nautical miles (13.9 km) off Pulau Payar, near the Kuala Kedah river.[26]
2007-04-05 PC 159709 Harry Sim 21 Perak At 12.50pm, PC 159709 and his friend, L/Cpl 142803 Nik Mohd Anizam Ramli, 26, is carrying out patrols and running across a suspect were levering door of a car. L/Cpl 142803 and PC 159709 ride two separate motorcycles has been pursuing suspect who escapes with a motorcycle headed to the street. Both the policeman taking time between 10 and 15 minutes to catch up and squeeze the suspect motorcycle at Kilometre 48 Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur Street, about one kilometre from Temoh Police Station. Suspect been kicking the officer's motorcycle when he attempted to be arrested caused the PC 159709 lost to control his motorcycle is past to skid rightside road and crashed into a trailer leavers in the road. PC 159709 suffered critically wounded on his head, elbow and broken on right leg arrived to the Tapah Hospital but died in hospital a few hours later.[27]
2007-06-01 L/Cpl Md Isa Bin Hashim 46 Malacca Killed after being hit by a fueltank lorry which believed to be driven fast from Cheng to Bukit Rambai which resulted failed to control and collided with that patrol car. He was duty as Patrol Car Branch in Tanjung Minyak Police Station, Malacca died three hours later after arrived to Malacca Hospital. His member, PC Mohd Ariffin Ulin, 21, were wounded. The lorry driver, 39, pleaded guilty under Section 41(1) Transport Act 1987 for causing dead.[28]
2007-09-09 PC 152925 Mohd Fakaruddin Bin Zakaria 24 Selangor Death during the struggle when trying to arrest a man in the patrol to prevent crime in Kampung Baru in Semenyih. In the incident at 02.00 am in that morning, late on duty at the Semenyih police station being held the patrol in the village with his friend L/Cpl Minhat Wahit, before spotted the two men who were behaving suspiciously. Both men then tried to escaped as soon as they spotted the two officers concerned. PC 152925 and his partner later pursuit of both men, and he succeeded in capturing one of them, while the other escaped. He however stabbed in the left chest while struggling with the criminals led to release the guy and died on the way to the hospital. PC 152925 was given the same promotion posthumously, and was awarded the Panglima Gagah Berani by Yang DiPertuan Agung, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.[29]
2007-09-27 AP/Cpl Mohd Rusni Bin Muda 35 Auxiliary Police Three Bank Simpanan Nasional Auxiliary policemen, Cpl Mohd Rusni from Kuala Terengganu; Cpl Che Yusri and Cpl Mohd Soupi, both from Kelantan killed in the traffic accident at KM43.5 Karak Highway near Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang when on the way to send a RM1 millions to the bank branch in Raub and Kuala Lipis. While Sgt Khairuddin Zainal Abidin, 38, also from Kelantan only suffer light wounded and are being treated at Bentong Hospital. In incident around 11am, both was on the way from BSN headquarter in Kuala Lumpur by bringing money involved to be distributed to BSN branch in Raub and Kuala Lipis. During the arriving in scene, 4WD vehicle were believed is lost control before skidded and hitting the iron fence at left and right side road before overturning. Due to the accident, three of they thrown out from that vehicle. Mohd Rusni was in back seat dead on the spot while a driver, Che Yusri and Mohd Soupi died in Bentong Hospital.
AP/Cpl Che Yusri Bin Yusoff 36
AP/Cpl Mohd Soupi Bin Yaacob 35
2007-10-25 L/Cpl 133846 Jayabalan s/o Jayakrishnan 30 NCID The police force in those plainclothe led by investigation officer Chief Inspector Rajakumar Laju from Bukit Aman Commercial Criminal Investigation Department and Chief Inspector Helmi Zakaria from Gombak Narcotic Department with four team members during to antidrug ambushed at a house in TS2 Street, Suria Park, Desa Aman Village at 7 pm 25 October 2008 which believed a port of drug smugglers. Before carried out the ambushed, a couple of cars emanate from external and a several men in the two cars suddenly fired at the officers at point blank range before fled, hitting L/Cpl 133846 in both sides of his chest and were killed at scene, while L/Cpl 117762 sustained a fatal gunshot wound near his stomach and died on the way to the Sungai Buloh Hospital. Two officers, Chief Insp Rajakuma Laju and Chief Insp Helmi Zakaria wounded and being treated at Selayang Hospital and Sungai Buloh Hospital. The gunmen escaped, but were apprehended several months later.[30]
L/Cpl 117762 Alagesan s/o Mariyappan Selangor
2008-07-08 TPC 166048 Felix s/t Merikan 33 PULAPOL Collapsed shortly and died from a complaining of breathing difficulties during the commencing a Constable Basic Training 1/2008 series conducted at the PULAPOL, Sarawak. He is joined the force on 1 November 1995 as a rank of Extra Police Constable (EPC) and duties in GOF Sarawak Brigade, Serian District Police Headquarter and Sarawak State Police Headquarter.
2008-07-29 L/Cpl 104349 Othman Bin Abdul Rahman 47 Selangor Collapsed shortly during commencing the last duty, securing the three accused in murder case of Altantuya Shaariibuu before he fell unconscious in Shah Alam High Court at 9.05 am. Once accuses into the court, L/Cpl 104349 seen complaining of breathing difficulties and his face change bluish while only his fair bit that looks before he falling unconscious at outdoor located side court, and his colleague, PC Abu Bakar Hussin and PC Jagjit Singh quickly to give her Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). As well as, Abdul Razak's (accused) daughter, Roweena also guide the CPR technique. When L/Cpl 104349 was back breathing, six policemen and a civilian seem carry Othman stretched out on couch to brought down through lift. Because that seat is too long to lift door cannot be closed, they were carry Othman through ladder to be arrived to hospital. However, he who has a heart attack acute and suffocated was confirmed died at 1.15 pm in National Heart Institute (IJN).[31]
2008-11-29 L/Cpl 151713 Mohd Azlan Bin Saihidin Johore Killed in the traffic accident.
2008-12-05 L/Cpl 68858 Hasir s/o Sari 52 GOF Collapsed shortly and died after he fell unconscious from the chair during rest in the control post at 18th Battalions, Pengkalan Hulu, Perak.
2008-12-23 APC Nurhafiz Bin Hanafi 23 Auxiliary Police 24 December 2008 - AP Constable Nurhafiz Hanafi, 23, was shot accidentally in the stomach by his partner while trying to apprehend a cable thief at the Templer Street railway station. In that incident around 3pm, the Hafiz and his partner also AP Shahrizan Izhar Constable rank, had gone after a 31-year-old man Burmese whom they suspected of having stolen railroad communications cables on several other occasions. Both from the Malayan Railway Limited (KTMB) Auxiliary Police Investigation Unit chased the suspect opposite Sri Sentosa Park, off Old Klang Street and caught up with the suspect, a scuffle ensued between Norhafiz and the suspect. In the melee, three shots rang out. One of them hit Norhafiz, puncturing his abdomen. He died on the spot. When see the incident grazing the victim, suspect surrenders and auxiliary policemen accidentally shots the partner then contacted the superior officer for help. The 31-year-old suspect has been detained for theft while the two auxiliary policemen are being held for murder as well as seized the Glock service pistol used by the auxiliary policeman when accidentally shoots victim.[32] That auxiliary policeman currently investigated under the Section 302 Penal Code while suspect who just trying to steal a cable investigated under the Section 379 Penal Code. Allahyarham Nurhafiz born from Hutan Melintang, Perak and has served in KTMB in three years. He was buried in Bagan Datoh Islamic Cemetery, Perak after autopsied completed.[33][34]
2009-02-23 Cpl 105362 Azam Bin Mokhtar 44 Malacca Killed in the traffic accident at Tehel-Jasin Street.
2009-05-06 L/Cpl 68938 Ngah Nordin Bin Abu 49 GOF L/Cpl 68938's body found by his colleague in the event lying with bloodstained on floor at Malaysia-Thailand border control post in Kwan Chu Hill at 11.30 hrs in the morning. He's from the 3rd GOF Battalions in Bidor, Perak just arrived at his duty place yesterday and during the incident, he was alone in the post. His body was to be sent to Tuanku Fauziah Hospital for autopsy and pending results autopsy, the case is classified as sudden death. Also found beside his body was M16 rifle, however until now have yet to find if the shot caused by the weapon.[35]
2009-07-02 WPC 167210 Nur Syazana Binte Abd Razak 22 Terengganu Both police officers killed at scene when they failed to control the motorcycle and falling down cause their head tread on the road surface along Sultan Muhamad Street, Gong Kapas, Kuala Terengganu on 14:30 hrs, near Kuala Terengganu UMNO Office. WPC 167210 was the first policewoman of the Royal Malaysian Police to die while on duty. Incident occurred when they duties in general duty and uniformed which on the way to start the duty in 3 pm. Before the incident, PC 167619 living together with four partners in rented house in Gong Tok Nasek Village, going to police barracks in Padang Hiliran to take WPC 167210 which same on the duty shift in 14:15 hrs at Kuala Terengganu District Police Headquarter. When arriving at the scene, a truck destined for Kuantan, suddenly veered from left astarboard road, cause rub against with their motorcycle.[36][37]
PC 167619 Mohd Akmal Akram Bin Ismail 20
2009-07-11 PC 161529 Mohd. Faizal Bin Ahmad GOF Died at Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital after two days received treatment. PC 161529 which suspect dengue collapsed shortly during a D-class driving course at Police Training Centre, Kuala Lumpur on 9 July.
2009-07-22 S/L/Cpl 14519 Azizu Bin Mat Shafei 28 Petaling Jaya The Mobile Patrol Vehicle he was in was patrolling duty when it lost control, skidded, and crashed into a road shoulder along Mahogany Street, Sri Damansara. He was duty alone suffered wounded on the head was resulting in his death.[38]


Date Rank/no Name Age Division/unit Circumstance
2010-03-20 E/L/Cpl 5610 Lee Kui San 57 Sarikei Killed at the scene when Naza Citra MPV type boarding by three men failed to controlled before encountering and collided his police Land Rover at Kilometer 100, Sri Aman-Sarikei Street. In the incident approximately 2:15 am that morning, Land Rover which drive by Lee carrying the dead motorcyclists, Zainol Zuhri Amit, 20, who killed after his motorcycle collided with the electric pole in Simpang Senggalang, Debak Laut Street, about three hours before the accident and en route to Betong Hospital with five family and one policemen, PC Chenancoe David David, 25. Beside Lee, Zainol Zuhri's grandfather, Omar Ilu, 67; MPV drivers, Ngalambong Ranggau, 30; his brother, Chaong, 39, and their friend, Robert Unya Intai Mathew, 33 died at the scene. While PC Chenancoe, Zainol's father, Amit Omar, 43; his brother, Saidi, 36, and their brother, Matahir Mahmud, 39, and Peter Nen, 41 wounded. Police are still conducting investigations accidents that claimed five lives in accordance with Section 41 (1) Road Transport Act 1987.[39]
2010-07-14 Sgt 69165 Saidin Bin Mohd Dom 54 Taiping Died about one hour after being admitted for treatment at the hospital when a bomb exploded while they were undergoing training at the Kampar District Police Headquarters (IPD) Firing Range. In the incident occurred at about 5.30pm, Sgt 69165 were among 40 personnel from Perak who were undergoing a Bomb Disposal Course at the firing range since this morning, he and four officers were checking a bomb which did not go off when the incident occurred. An officer who was seriously injured, Sgt Saat Bin Salleh, also from Taiping, was rushed to the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital(HRPB), Ipoh after receiving initial treatment at the Kampar Hospital while three other officers, Sgt Zulkifli Bin Ijum from Ipoh Police District Headquarters, Lance Corporal Mohd Nor Firdaus from the Perak Police Contingent Headquarters and Corporal Kamaruddin Ismail from the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) Sungai Senam, Ipoh received outpatient treatment.[40]
2010-09-27 Sgt 72472 Mohd Hashamdi Bin Abdullah 52 GOF Killed in the traffic accident during on their way back to the 15th Battalion Headquarters in Karamunting City. Their police truck collided with a lorry at KM30 Labuk Street near Sandakan resulting Sgt 72472, L/Cpl 137381 and L/Cpl 148923 died on the spot while L/Cpl 135379, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Duchess of Kent Hospital. Those injured were L/Cpl Dixson Mamat, 28, L/Cpl 125461 Mohd Asri Bin Sabani, 39, and S/L/Cpl 12562 Francis Joseph Lee, 37. Police have recorded a statement from the lorry driver to determine the cause of the crash.[41]
L/Cpl 135379 Sylvester Assin 36
L/Cpl 137381 Agustine Lee 31
L/Cpl 148923 Mohd Sapieh Bin Jalhani 32
2012-03-24 Cpl 102407 Ismayuddin Bin Ismail 50 Traffic Cpl 102407 was run over by a tourist bus from Singapore while manning the traffic at the Johore Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex, Wong Ah Fook Street, Johor Bahru, Johore at about 11.35pm last night. The bus with a Singapore-registered chartered bus was believed to lost control and collided with a lorry and a car, then rammed into the road barrier. Cpl 102407 was standing on the road divider at that time tried to stop the bus from escaping after hitting the cars but ended up getting knocked down. He died on the spot. The bus driver, Wong Lin Chan, a 49-year-old Malaysian, tried to flee but was arrested 150m from the scene of the crash.[42] She who worked with Singapore Advanced Coach Pte Ltd at the time of the incident was pleaded guilty under Section 41(1) Transport Act 1987 for causing dead was ordered to pay RM10,000 as compensation to the Cpl 102407's wife, Norsiah Mohd Amin, 47 and her driving licence was also suspended for five years starting from February 21, 2013 and her international passport is being held by the court pending appeal.[43]
2013-03-01 Insp G/17992 Zulkifli Bin Mamat 30 PGK The police commandos led by field officer, Insp G/17992 patrolling to track down the terrorist group from Southern Philippines known as "Royal Security Forces of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo" during the 2013 Lahad Datu standoff. The terrorist held a stick with a white paper attached to it while two others flanking him pointed their guns at police commandos at an oil palm estate in Felda Sahabat 17, near the Lahad Datu, Sabah. When the Insp G/17992 moving closer to the group, the terrorist suddenly open fire into the officer's head at point blank range, killing him instantly. Cpl 113088 attempt to help him but he also shot to dead. During the battle, 12 sultanate's men were killed while two more police commandos were wounded.[44] Both of Insp G/17992 and Cpl 113088 was given a posthumous promotion, where the Insp G/17992 given a rank of ASP, while Cpl 113088 given a rank of Sergeant.
Cpl 113088 Sabaruddin Bin Daud 46
2013-03-02 Supt G/10768 Ibrahim Bin Lebar 52 SB Part of a police party investigate the house in Sri Jaya Village at 6:30 am which believed the existence of a cache of firearms and Sulu terrorist hideout in the village off the coast of Semporna, Sabah. Before carried out the investigation at the one house, an armed terrorists believed to be less than 10 in number arms with AK-47, M16 and SLR suddenly opened fire, hitting Supt G/10768, ASP G/15053, D/Sgt 110204, Sgt 124082, L/Cpl 160475 and E/Cpl 12675 and they were killed at scene.[45][46] One more SB officer, D/Insp G/16537 Mohamad Hasnal Bin Jamil wounded due attacked by one terrorist arms with axe, while six terrorists was shot dead by another officers, one more terrorist beaten to death by villagers and three more managed to escaped.[47][48] Both of dead officers was given a posthumous promotion.
ASP G/15053 Michael S/O Padel 36
D/Sgt 110204 Baharin Bin Hamit 49
Sgt 124082 Abd Azis Bin Sarikon 52 GOF
L/Cpl 160475 Mohd Azrul Bin Tukiran 27
E/Cpl 12675 Salam Bin Togiran 42 Tawau
2013-09-23 Cpl 147723 Zal-Azri Bin Abd Somad 31 C.I.D D4 Killed in a struggle to detain a 17-year-old suspect in an operation, code-named “Ops Lejang”, at Taman Teknologi Cheng, Malacca. The group led by Inspector Zainal Mohyan arrived at the scene after receiving information that three people aged 17 to 23 years were trying to steal scrap metal from a factory. An incident occurred about 8am when Cpl 147723 went after the suspect who attempted to flee, during which a struggle broke out between the two men. During the struggle, suspect taken a brick and struck Cpl 147723 in several times on the head with it before managed to escape, resulting he died on the spot. However, the suspect was recaptured high on drugs at 10.50am at Taman Seri Krubong.[49]
2014-03-04 Cpl 93386 Raja Aizam Bin Raja Mohd 53 Patrol car Stabbed to death by three Indonesians who were attempting to steal his weapon. He and his partner, Cpl Mohd Aidil Bin Mustafa, 29, were performing routine patrol the area at Taman Sentosa, Klang when they noticed several individuals behaving in a suspicious manner. They proceeded to search these individuals when one of them grabbed his gun and tried to firing at him. Fortunately the pistol jammed but in the ensuing tussle, Cpl 93386 was stabbed with an unknown weapon. At this point, Cpl Mohd Aidil managed to grab his partner's gun and subsequently shot dead that two men. Another police team arrived at the scene to find Cpl 93386 lying in a drain while Cpl Mohd Aidil had suffered head and face wounds. The wounded officers were taken to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital where Cpl 93386 was pronounced ‘dead of arrival’.[50]
2014-05-26 L/Cpl 169004 Mohd Azwan Bin Abdullah 25 Police patrol L/Cpl 169004 and his colleague from the Kerian police motorcycle patrol unit had acted on a public tip-off that robbers had held up the driver of a cigarette van before emptying its contents into a Toyota Wish at the 10th mile Parit Buntar-Alor Pongsu, Perak. They were trailing the car when the motorcycle was collided from the rear by a Honda Civic driven by the robbers’ accomplice. That impact resulting L/Cpl 169004 being flung off the machine and into a drain. He died on the spot. The Toyota Wish was later found burnt in a banana plantation near Lunas in Kedah, some 60 km away from the scene.[51]
2014-07-13 Cpl 151279 Ab Rajah Bin Jamuan 32 Marine An armed gunmen which believed is Sulu terrorist or Abu Sayyaf militia believed to be less than eight in number used heavy arms ambushed the marine police officers, resulting Cpl 151279 killed in action, while his colleague, MPC 176543 Zakiah Aleip, was missing, believed to have been kidnapped. The group attired in jungle fatigue pants, black coloured clothes and their face covered had planned to kidnapping someone at the Mabul Water Bungalow Resort, Mabul Island, Semporna, however they encountered the officers before attacking them. Cpl 151279's remains were found on a water surface near the jetty while MPC 176543 has been released seven months later.[52] This is the first fatality involving a security force personnel in preventing a kidnapping.[53]
2015-03-02 Cpl 116843 Dzulkhairi Bin Ahmad 48 Kuala Lumpur Cpl 116843 and PC 182861 was on guard duty at the storeroom containing court exhibits at Belfield Street, Kampung Attap at about 7.45pm when the tree came crashing down following heavy rain. The impact of the crash resulting PC 182861 died at the scene while Cpl 116843 died on the way to Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Meanwhile, 28 officers from the Sungai Besi and Hang Tuah Police Stations were involved in the operation to extricate the victims from the container.[54]
PC 182861 Mohd Sharil Hisham Bin Hashamdi 25
2015-04-04 Cpl 148953 Mohd Razkan Bin Seran 32 PGK Cpl 148953 who duty as the bodyguard of Rompin Member of Parliament, Tan Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis killed when a Eurocopter AS3655N2 Dauphin (Registration Number 9M-1GB) crashed into a jungle along Jalan Sungai Lalang in Kampung Pasir Baru, Semenyih, Kajang, while flying from Pahang to Subang. Also in the crash besides Jamaluddin, is a Kedah businessman, CEO of SP Baiduri Sdn Bhd, Dato' Robert Tan Huat Seang, Private Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Dato' Seri Azlin Alias, a pilot, Captain Cliff Fournier and co-pilot, Ajdiana Baiziera.[55]
2015-09-06 Insp G/18718 Margaret Tagum Anak Goen 32 Traffic Insp G/18718 who duty during Ops Roda/Rempit at Km 58, Batu Pahat-Mersing Road, killed when she was run over by a group of bikers heading from Mersing towards Kluang attempted to escape the roadblock. She suffered a broken arm, hip bone and leg died in Enche Besar Hajjah Khalsom Hospital at 12.45pm. The biker involved, a 17 years teenager, was arrested soon after he fell from his motorcycle, while six of his friends, aged between 14 and 20 years, who had fled the scene were arrested later.[56] Insp G/18718 was given a posthumous promotion as a rank of ASP.
2016-05-05 L/Cpl 185816 Ahmad Sobri Bin Haron 26 Bukit Aman L/Cpl 185816 carrying the duty as the bodyguard of Deputy Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Noriah Kasnon; her husband Asmuni Abdullah, board a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter together with the ministry’s secretary-general Dr Sundaran Annamalai; Kuala Kangsar Member of Parliament Wan Muhammad Khair-il Anuar Wan Ahmad; and Filipino pilot Captain Rudolf Rex Ragas left Spaoh Stadium, Betong, at 4.12pm, en route to Kuching. However, three minutes later, the chopper is lost contact with the control tower. At 9.30pm, the search and rescue team were deployed. On 6 May, 10.20am, the helicopter is found at the Batang Lupar river near the Sebuyau, then they found the bodies of victims, including L/Cpl 185816 at 12.00pm[57]
2016-07-29 Sgt 98381 Abu Samah Bin Abu Hassan 57 Police patrol Sgt 98381 was on inspection the police car at the workshop of Serdang District Police Headquarters. While taking the inspection, his fellow officer, the lance corporal who is on duty at the armoury, located about 70 meters from the workshop, was emptying the bullet chamber of a Walther PPK pistol. Without realising it, loading a single round into the handgun, he accidentally discharged a gunshot, hitting Sgt 98381 at the back of his head. He suffered a critically wounded died in hospital six hours later.[58]

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