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This is a list of shore establishments (or stone frigates) of the Royal Navy and Royal Naval Reserve.

Current Royal Navy shore establishments[edit]

Royal Navy bases and establishments in the United Kingdom (Portsmouth establishements: HMS Collingwood, HMS Excellent, HMS Sultan, HMS Temeraire, Institute of Naval Medicine)
List of Royal Navy shore establishments is located in Bahrain
HMS Juffair
HMS Juffair
Royal Navy bases and establishments in Bahrain

Naval bases[edit]

Planned naval bases[edit]

Air stations[edit]

Training establishments[edit]


Defence Munitions Centres[edit]

Formerly Royal Naval Armaments Depot and formally elements of Defence Equipment and Support.

Testing establishments[edit]

De facto shore establishments[edit]

Current Royal Marines establishments[edit]

Royal Marines Establishments - Green: RM Units, Blue: Royal Navy Establishments, Red: Training, Roundel: Fleet Air Arm station

Significant RM presences are also located in:

Current Royal Naval Reserve units and establishments[edit]

The modern Royal Naval Reserve has fifteen Units (with 3 satellite units). These are:

Former shore establishments[edit]

Former naval bases[edit]

Main article: Royal Navy Dockyard

Former air stations[edit]

Former Royal Naval Hospitals[edit]

Main article: Royal Naval Hospital

Former shore bases[edit]

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