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The following lists the characters from the anime series Rozen Maiden.

Main characters[edit]

Jun Sakurada (桜田 ジュン Sakurada Jun?)
Voiced by: Asami Sanada (child), Ryōta Ōsaka (adult) (Japanese); Mona Marshall,[1][2] Shannon Emerick (child), Corey Hartzog (adult) (English) (Zurückspulen), Sanae Kobayashi (early drama CD)
Jun is a middle school student who withdrew from society after he was outed and bullied for being a dress designer.Phase 27 Since then, he becomes irritated whenever something related to school is brought up and sinks into a depression when pressured on the topic. His interactions with the Rozen Maidens and their masters changes his outlook on life and he works up the courage to return to society. He has an older sister named Nori (のり?).
In an alternate world without Rozen Maidens, Jun eventually returns to society and is a friendless university student who works at a bookstore.Tale 1 His interactions with Shinku gives him the opportunity to befriend his co-worker, Saitou (斉藤 Saitō?), which leads him to join a theatrics club. At the end of the series, he becomes Kirakisho's master.Tale 66
Shinku (真紅?, Reiner Rubin, Crimson)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese); Mela Lee, Luci Christian (Zurückspulen) (English), Yui Horie (early drama CD)
Shinku is the fifth Rozen Maiden and is accompanied by the artificial spirit Hollie (ホーリエ Hōrie?) and the most powerful doll among the 7 sisters. She has a southern belle and haughty personality in which she treats Jun as her servant. Shinku treats regular dolls as if they are alive, and is an avid fan of the fictional puppet show Detective Kun Kun (くんくん探偵 Kunkun Tantei?).Phase 14 Shinku wishes to complete the Alice Game without killing her siblings.Phase 6 For battles, she is able to create and control rose petals.

Rozen Maiden[edit]

The Rozen Maiden with Shinku in the center. From top going clockwise: Suigintou, Kanaria, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Hinaichigo, Kirakisho.

The eponymous Rozen Maiden (ローゼンメイデン Rōzen Meiden?) are clockwork dolls given life by the Rosa Mystica. They are listed below in the order of their creation.

Suigintou (水銀燈 Suigintō?, Mercury Lampe, Mercury Lamp; spelled Suigintoh, and then later changed to, Suigintou in the TokyoPop translated manga)
Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Japanese); Karen Strassman, Jessica Calvello (Zurückspulen) (English), Mamiko Noto (early drama CD)
Suiginto is the first Rozen Maiden and is accompanied by the artificial spirit Meimei (メイメイ Meimei?). She is the most ambitious of her sisters and wishes to become Alice to earn Rozen's love.Phase 29 Suigintou possesses black wings which she uses for mobility and offensive purposes. Her master is Megu Kakizaki.
Kanaria (金糸雀?, Kanarienvogel, Canary Bird; spelled Canaria in the Tokyopop translated manga)
Voiced by: Yumi Shimura (Japanese); Cristina Vee, Monica Rial (Zurückspulen) (English)
Kanaria is the second Rozen Maiden and is accompanied by the artificial spirit Pizzicato (ピチカート Pichikāto?). She is sociable, energetic, eccentric and habitually ends her sentences with Kashira (かしら〜?, lit. "Possibly"). She was initially a loyal participant of the Alice game but is convinced for a peaceful lifestyle instead. For battle, she plays her violin and manipulates the sound waves to cause destruction. Her master is Mitsu Kusabue.
Suiseiseki (翠星石 Suiseiseki?, Jade Stern, Jade Star)
Voiced by: Natsuko Kuwatani (Japanese); Rebecca Forstadt, Brittney Karbowski (Zurückspulen) (English), Nana Mizuki (early drama CD)
Suiseiseki is the third Rozen Maiden and is accompanied by the artificial spirit Sui Dream (スィドリーム Sui Dorīmu?). She is a tsundere; she openly insults others but does care about them. Suiseiseki speaks with the copula desu. She has no intention of participating in the Alice Game and only wishes to live happily with her twin sister, Souseiseki.Phase 25 Suiseiseki's ability is to supply nourishment to souls and memories and is able to summon plants for offensive purposes with her watering can.Phase 19 Jun becomes her master during the events of the series.Phase 17
Souseiseki (蒼星石 Sōseiseki?, Lapis Lazuli Stern, Lapis Lazuli Star)
Voiced by: Rika Morinaga (Japanese); Julie Ann Taylor, Kara Greenberg (Zurückspulen) (English)
Souseiseki is the fourth Rozen Maiden and is accompanied by the artificial spirit Lempicka (レンピカ Renpika?). She speaks in as masculine manner and has a strong sense of duty towards her master and role as a Rozen Maiden. Souseiseki's ability is to cut souls and memories with her scissors.Phase 19 Her master is Kazuha Yuibishi. After Souseiseki reveals Kazuha's hatred for his dead brother comes from grief she uses her abilities to leave him at peace.Phase 20 During the series, Souseiseki's Rosa Mystica is taken by Suigintou and her body by Kirakisho. Souseiseki is later, revived and becomes Jun's Rozen Maiden.Tale 16 Afterwards, Souseiseki willingly gives Suigintou her Rosa Mystica.Tale 50 In the anime series by Nomad, Souseiseki's master is an elderly man who substitutes her for his dead son though he overcomes his grief afterwards.[3]
Hinaichigo (雛苺 Hinaichigo?, Kleine Beere, Small Berry, small strawberry)
Voiced by: Sakura Nogawa (Japanese); Sherry Lynn, Hilary Haag (Zurückspulen) (English), Tomoko Kaneda (early drama CD)
Hinaichigo is the sixth Rozen Maiden and is accompanied by the artificial spirit Berrybell (ベリーベル Berīberu?). She has a childlike personality and dislikes being alone.Phase 30 She often ends her sentences with na no (なの〜?, "because") and occasionally speaks in French. For battle, Hinaichigo is able to summon and control strawberry vines.Phase 8 Her master is Tomoe Kashiwaba, Jun's classmate who delivers his school work during his withdrawal. When Hinaichigo's naivety endangers Tomoe's life, Shinku defeats Hinaichigo in the Alice Game and has her become a servant instead of taking her Rosa Mystica.Phase 6 During the series, Hinaichigo is absorbed by Kirakisho and gives her Rosa Mystica to Shinku.Phase 35
Kirakisho (雪華綺晶 Kirakishō?, Schnee Kristall (KYK), Sparkling Snowdrop Crystal; spelled Kirakisho in the Tokyopop translated manga)
Voiced by: Chiemi Chiba (Japanese); Carli Mosier (English)
Kirakisho is the seventh Rozen Maiden who is accompanied by the artificial spirit Rosary (ロザリオ Rozario?). She was created without a physical body as Rozen tested whether physical limitations prevented him from creating Alice.Phase 34 Her ability allows her to materialize illusions. Because she can not exist outside the N-Field, her main goal is to capture the Rozen Maiden's masters to ease her loneliness. After her defeat, Kirakisho uses her illusions to create a middle school student named Kaito Toriumi (鳥海皆人 Toriumi Kaito?) to replace Rozen and to craft imitated Rozen Maidens to be her sister. Following her second defeat, Kirakisho is touched by Shinku's love and surrenders her Rosa Mystica.Tale 65 She was later revived with a physical body and is in possession of the adult Jun.Tale 66
Barasuishou (薔薇水晶 Barasuishō?, Rosenkristall, Rose Crystal)
Voiced by: Saori Gotō (Japanese); Tara Platt (English)
Barasuishou is a doll created by Enju, Rozen's apprentice, who introduces herself as the seventh Rozen Maiden doll at the start of Rozen Maiden träumend. This is a lie; she simply intends to dupe the other six Rozen Maiden into entering the Alice Game so that she may obtain their Rosae Mysticae and become the strongest doll. Barasuishou does eventually acquire the other six Rosae Mysticae, but cannot contain their power since she is not a true Rozen Maiden, and ends up shattering in Enju's arms. Barasuishou only appears in the träumend anime.

Supporting characters[edit]

Nori Sakurada (桜田 のり Sakurada Nori?)
Voiced by: Noriko Rikimaru (Japanese); Jennie Kwan, Nancy Novotny (Zurückspulen) (English), Aya Hisakawa (early drama CD)
Nori is Jun's older sister. An avid lacrosse player, who had to give up many of her other hobbies when she assumed parental care of Jun while their parents are out of the country on business. While initially resistant to the responsibility, Nori became kind and gentle towards Jun. Nori is quick to find, get and resort to books for cures, treatments and copings with Jun's hikikomori-ism. Early in manga volume 1, when she hears Jun and Shinku arguing in his bedroom she leaps to the conclusion that he has developed schizophrenia and gets a book on that. She unfortunately takes the brunt of Jun's abuse and criticism. Shinku constantly provides Nori with advice on everything from the proper way to brew tea to taking care of Jun. Nori is very fond of the dolls who live and play in her house. A running gag throughout the series is the fact she is completely oblivious to the fact her classmate has feelings for her.
Tomoe Kashiwaba (柏葉 巴 Kashiwaba Tomoe?)
Voiced by: Masayo Kurata (Japanese); Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Juliet Simmons (Zurückspulen) (English), Ayako Kawasumi (early drama CD)
Tomoe is an honor student at Jun's school. She is quiet, and kind-hearted, although her speech and style tend to be very dry, and she often hides her true feelings. Tomoe was originally Hinaichigo's medium, but the bond between them was broken when Hinaichigo relied too much on Tomoe's energy and was defeated by Shinku. Currently, Tomoe helps Jun in his dealings with the Rozen Maiden and also assists him with his make-up work for school. In the manga, Tomoe would occasionally visit Jun to check on Hinaichigo. Before it was severed, Tomoe's bond with Hinaichigo was about as close as siblings. In Rozen Maiden träumend, before Hinaichigo loses her Rosa Mystica, Tomoe reflects on all of the good times and memories they shared and thanks Hinaichigo for being there. She is mistaken by Shirosaki as Jun's girlfriend.
Tomoe learned kendo from her father from an early age and is a member of the kendo club at school. She is often seen carrying her shinai when class is over. She is also a member of the school committee, seemingly reluctantly.
Mitsu Kusabue (草笛 みつ Kusabue Mitsu?)
Voiced by: Akiko Kawase (Japanese); Jean Brown, Nancy Novotny (Zurückspulen) (English)
Mitsu, nicknamed Micchan (みっちゃん Mitchan?, Mit-chan in the Tokyopop translated manga) is Kanaria's medium. She loves dolls to the point of obsession, which shows in both her room's decor and her frequent doting on Kanaria; she has shelves upon shelves crammed full of dolls, and makes frequent trips to the doll shop to purchase gifts for Kanaria. Although her work attire is that of an office lady, she is introduced as a professional photographer by Kanaria to the other dolls. In the manga, Micchan reveals that she has quit her old, comfortable job and becomes a pattern make for doll's dresses, selling her products on her personal website called "Angels Cage", despite the increased workload and the minor success. Micchan is generally regarded as being just as harmless and eccentric as Kanaria. She only appears in Rozen Maiden Träumend and the manga. In the manga, she has freckles, whereas her anime counterpart lacks this trait.
She never actually meets Jun in the anime, but in the manga, Kanaria brings her to the Sakurada residence, where Micchan shortly after nicknames Jun as "Junjun." She recognizes Jun's natural talent in designing and making dresses and offered a form of partnership, though Jun refuses.
Megu Kakizaki (柿崎 めぐ Kakizaki Megu?)
Voiced by: Shiho Kawaragi (Japanese); Erika Weinstein, Emily Neves (Zurückspulen) (English)
Megu is a sickly girl (she has congenital heart disease in the anime, but the disease is not specified in the manga) who is Suigintou's medium. She lives in a hospital room, under constant care from nurses. Megu has a very bleak outlook on life and often prays for an "Angel of Death" to take her away. She sees herself as a burden upon her parents, who she claims are "guilty" of having her. She initially believes that Suigintou is the "Angel of Death" she has hoped for and requests that Suigintou kill her by draining away her energy. Despite her apathy (and, at times, contempt) towards life in general, she is quite needy, and increasingly desires Suigintou's company, even throwing tantrums when Suigintou is away. Megu's blatant disrespect towards her father is shocking to Suigintou, who would never consider such an attitude toward her own "Father." In addition to her manga appearances, Megu appears in Rozen Maiden träumend and briefly in Rozen Maiden öuverture.
She has a stronger bond with Suigintou in the manga, and is the only human Suigintou has strong feelings for, other than Father. In the anime, Megu was the last person Suigintou thought about before collapsing in Shinku's arms. In the manga, it was after Suigintou's witness of Megu driving her father away in a fit of rage that evoked sympathy from the doll, thereby agreeing to take Megu as her medium. However, she was unable to do so as Kirakishou took Megu away into the N-field. Later on, she has made an appearance as a transfer student in Jun's class, although how or why she got there is unclear.
Rozen (ローゼン Rōzen?)
Rozen is the creator of the Rozen Maiden, he seeks for Alice but he was never heard or seen in the anime and manga. Father appears to have acquired immortality through alchemy, and was forced to go by many aliases throughout time, such as the Count of St. Germain or Alessandro Cagliostro. In the anime, he has spoken to Shinku various times and indicated that besides battling, there is another way to end the Alice Game. The dolls refer to him as 'Father' (in Japanese as "Otō-sama", a highly respectful way to address one's father). In the anime, it is apparent that he had an apprentice named Enju.
Saitou (斉藤 Saitō?)
Voiced by: Natsumi Takamori (Japanese); Margaret McDonald (English)
Saitou is the "Unwound-Jun"'s colleague in the bookstore, also a to-be actress in a theatrical company, with her masculine but silent brother. She very appreciates Jun's help in many times and his talent in sewing, which made her want to convince Jun go along with her dream in drama. After his encounter with Shinku, Jun and Saitō become closer friends.
Laplace's Demon (ラプラスの魔 Rapurasu no Ma?, Laplace's Demon)
Voiced by: Kyousei Tsukui (Japanese); Keith Silverstein, David Wald (Zurückspulen) (English)
Laplace's Demon is a humanoid with a rabbit's head who dwells in the N-field.Phase 5 He is the referee to the Alice Game and often assists the protagonists through riddles or as a directional guide.
Detective Kun Kun (くんくん探偵 Kunkun Tantei?)
Voiced by: Kyousei Tsukui (Japanese); Keith Silverstein (English)
Detective Kun Kun is a fictional doll character who stars in his own detective TV show, which is a parody of other detective anime (most noticeably Detective Conan). That is, the Detective Kun Kun show is an example of fiction within fiction. The Rozen Maiden, especially Shinku, and, humorously, Souseiseki, are fans of the show, and even Jun points out the ridiculousness of dolls watching a show starring a puppet.
Kun Kun's name is derived from the Japanese onomatopoeia for sniffing and is fitting for his character, an anthropomorphic dog detective, as well as a play on the Japanese honorific -kun, used for boys. Kun Kun is also seen as a toy in another of Peach-Pit's works, DearS.
Argentine footballer Sergio Aguero's nickname of Kun is derived from this character.
Mr. Umeoka (梅岡 Umeoka?)
Voiced by: Kensuke Tamura (Japanese); David Wald (English)
Mr. Umeoka is Jun's teacher. He visits the Sakurada home to provide encouragement to Jun and persuade him to return to school, but fails. He is the teacher who unintentionally caused Jun's agoraphobia, by announcing that it was him who designed the dress which was elected for the beauty queen of Jun's class to wear during the school festival.

Manga-only characters[edit]

The following characters appeared only in the manga, and neither they nor their storylines appear in any season of the anime.

Yuna Kuwata (桑田 由奈 Kuwata Yuna?)
Yuna Kuwata is the beauty queen of Jun's class, and Jun is her secret admirer. Jun's design is chosen for her to wear during the school festival; the announcement of Jun being the designer is what triggers his agoraphobia. She does not appear later in the story.
Kazuha Yuibishi (結菱 一葉 Yuibishi Kazuha?)
Kazuha Yuibishi is Souseiseki's wealthy Master. He lives in a place called The House of Rose (薔薇屋敷 Barayashiki?). He plans to use Souseiseki to cut down the life tree of the woman his brother fell in love with, until he later realizes that he actually does not wish her to suffer like he had. Later, in volume 7, he and Suiseiseki reconcile and she visits him periodically to have tea with him.
Futaba Yuibishi (結菱 二葉 Yuibishi Futaba?)
Futaba is Kazuha's younger twin brother. He died in a shipwreck in 1957 while eloping.
Corinne Fosset (コリンヌ・フォッセー Korinnu Fossē?)
Corinne is a former mistress of Hinaichigo's, before Tomoe. Corinne unwillingly leaves Hinaichigo behind in her case when her family is forced to flee their home to avoid getting caught up in a war, and is crushed to find that the family home has been destroyed (and Hinaichigo seemingly with it) after they later return. Her dying wish was for her granddaughter, Odille, to find Hinaichigo and bring her back to France.
Odille Fosset (オディール・フォッセー Odīru Fossē?)
Odille is Corinne's granddaughter. She moved from France to Japan to fulfill her grandmother's dying wish to find Hinaichigo. Odille came to the Sakurada home claiming to be Hinaichigo's mistress, since she received a rose ring from a white-clothed doll in a dream, believing it to be her grandmother's old contract ring to Hinaichigo. In Volume 7, Odille's physical body is shown to be in a vegetative state, her mind trapped by Kirakishou in a dream world similar to the one in which Hinaichigo had previously trapped Tomoe. There, Odille is accompanied by an illusion of Hinaichigo asking her to stay and play with her forever. Kirakishou addresses the unconscious Odille as "Master," and in Volume 8, it is confirmed that the ring Odille wears is indeed a contract with Kirakishou, making her the seventh Rozen Maiden's mistress.
Kaito Toriumi (鳥海 皆人 Toriumi Kaito?)
Kaito is Jun's schoolmate from the fourth class of second year, who appears after Shinku leaves "the Jun who did not wind it" to return to the main-story Jun. Though Jun doesn't like others to know that he loves design, Kaito knows Jun's hobby and praises him from heart. His father runs an antique store. He happens to know Rozen, the creator of Alice, from his father. Since then he is fully enchanted by Rozen and wants to excel him.

Anime-only characters[edit]

The following characters appear only in the anime, and neither they nor their storylines appear in the manga.

Enju (?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono (Japanese); Jason C. Miller (English)
Enju is the young doll craftsman who runs the doll shop with Shirosaki. He leaves the customer service duties to Shirosaki and spends his time creating dolls in the workshop. Though occasionally bitter, Enju takes his art very seriously; he even gives brief words of reassurance to halfway finished creations. During the second to last episode of Rozen Maiden träumend, he expresses a seeming admiration of Shinku, commenting on her beauty and ferocity despite his support for Barasuishou. Though he bears a resemblance to Rozen, Enju is nothing more than a jealous apprentice of the dollmaker. When Barasuishou crumbled to pieces in Enju's hands, he disappeared in a glow of light, leaving his final fate unknown.
Shirosaki (白崎?)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese); Keith Silverstein (English)
Shirosaki is the salesperson at the doll shop in the anime. He has a genuine passion for the dolls, even explaining dolls' feelings to Jun and Tomoe, but there is a sinister air about him. He is actually Laplace no Ma, the demon of Laplace. In Rozen Maiden öuverture, it is revealed that he has been in Enju's company since before Shinku and Suigintou's rivalry began, and was searching for Rozen Maiden even then, though it is not said why.
Motoharu Shibasaki (柴崎 元治 Shibasaki Motoharu?)
Voiced by: Ikuo Nishikawa (Japanese); Kevin Seymour (English)
Motoharu is Souseiseki's medium in the anime. He is an elderly watchmaker who became delusional after his young son died in an accident. Motoharu's wife, Matsu, fell into a deep coma from the shock not long after, causing him to eventually become lonely and believe that Souseiseki was his son reborn.
Matsu Shibasaki (柴崎 マツ Shibasaki Matsu?)
Voiced by: Yoshino Ohtori (Japanese); Dorothy Elias-Fahn (English)
Matsu is Motoharu Shibasaki's wife. After the death of her son, she fell into a long dream-like sleep state from the shock. Souseiseki and Suiseiseki were initially unable to wake her up, but they are successful after assistance from the spirit of her son.
Kazuki Shibasaki (柴崎 一樹 Shibasaki Kazuki?)
Voiced by: Megumi Matsumoto (Japanese); Barbara Goodson (English)
Kazuki is the Shibasakis' deceased son. After Kazuki's death, he exists only in his mother's dreams. When Suiseiseki and Souseiseki enter Matsu's respective dream world, Kazuki asks them to wake his mother up, and let her know that it is time for her to move on and not dream about him anymore. When he dies and Souseiseki was found, since she is a tomboy, his father replaced Kazuki with Souseiseki.
Yamamoto-kun (山本君?)
Voiced by: Junji Majima (Japanese); Jason C. Miller (English)
Yamamoto-kun is a boy in Nori's class who is continually trying to confess his love to her, only to be interrupted by wild coincidences or unfortunate happenings, many of which are unintentionally caused by the dolls, and most often by Suiseiseki. He possibly only serves as a comic relief. Nori is blissfully unaware of his romantic interest, where even in one instance he tries to give her a new lacrosse racket as a gift, only for her to mistake him as a door-to-door salesrep.
Sarah (サラ Sara?)
Voiced by: Asami Sanada (Japanese); Christine Marie Cabanos (English)
Sarah is Shinku's previous medium, who only appears in Rozen Maiden öuverture. She lives in 19th-century London and is aware of the Alice Game. Despite living in a high-class society, Sarah is very dependent and spunky, against her parents' wishes. Her parents are unaware of Shinku and the other Rozen Maiden, she hides Shinku in her armoire in Rozen Maiden öuverture with her cat to which Shinku is displeased. Sarah questions Shinku's choice to keep the broken Suigintou around, since Shinku would need to defeat her as well to win the Alice Game. Although Sarah never appears in the manga, Shinku hints her when explaining that she once had a medium with a cat.


  • ^ Prologue 1 & 2 are the first two chapters from the Rozen Maiden manga. Afterwards, chapters are referred to as Phases starting with Phase 1.
  • ^ Tales are what chapters from the sequel manga series are referred as. The sequel is published under the katakana for Rozen Maiden.


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