List of rulers of the Lunda Empire

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The following is a list of the Rulers of the Lunda Empire. The Lunda Empire was a pre-colonial Central African state centered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo whose sphere of influence stretched into Angola and Zambia. The Lunda were initially ruled by kings with the title Mwaantaangaand meaning "owners of the land". This later became "Mwaantayaav" or "Mwaant Yaav" with the rise of Mbala I Yaav.

Mwaantaangaand of Lunda Kingdom[edit]

Mwaant Yaav of Lunda Empire[edit]

Mwaant Yaav under the Congo Free State[edit]

Mwaant Yaav under the Belgian Congo[edit]

Mwaant Yaav under Katanga[edit]

Mwaant Yaav under Republic of Congo[edit]

Mwaant Yaav under Zaire[edit]

Mwaant Yaav under Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

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