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This is a list of songs recorded by members of the Canadian rock band Rush. The members of Rush are Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart.


Song Album Year Time Notes
Feel So Good Unreleased single 1970 Played by band as early as September, 1970[1]
Keep In Line Unreleased single 1970 Played by band as early as September, 1970[1]
Love Light Unreleased single 1970 Played by band as early as September, 1970[1]
Marguerite Unreleased single 1970 Played by band as early as September, 1970[1]
Mike's Idea Unreleased single 1970 Played by band as early as September, 1970[1]
Morning Star Unreleased single 1970 Played by band as early as September, 1970[1]
Number One Unreleased single 1970 Played by band as early as September, 1970[1]
Run Willie Run Unreleased single 1970 01:44+ Played by band as early as September, 1970;[1] Southern R&B song about a young guy who’s running from the law[2]
Sing Guitar Unreleased single 1970 Played by band as early as September, 1970[1]
Slaughterhouse Unreleased single 1970-3 Played during the band's bar period, approximately 1970-1973[1]
Tale Unreleased single 1970 Played by band as early as September, 1970[1]
Not Fade Away Non-album single 1973 03:15 Drummer: John Rutsey; First single released and Buddy Holly cover[3]
You Can't Fight It Non-album single 1973 02:50 Drummer: John Rutsey; First original song released and B Side of Not Fade Away[4]
Finding My Way Rush 1974 05:06 Drummer: John Rutsey
Need Some Love Rush 1974 02:19 Drummer: John Rutsey
Take a Friend Rush 1974 04:24 Drummer: John Rutsey
Here Again Rush 1974 07:35 Drummer: John Rutsey; Lyrics: Alex Lifeson[5]
What You're Doing Rush 1974 04:22 Drummer: John Rutsey
In the Mood Rush 1974 03:34 Drummer: John Rutsey
Before and After Rush 1974 05:34 Drummer: John Rutsey
Working Man Rush 1974 07:10 Drummer: John Rutsey; First song with U.S. radio play (WMMS radio in Cleveland, Ohio)[6]
I've Been Runnin' R40 1974 Drummer: John Rutsey; Previously unreleased early song, featured as bonus material on the 2014 compilation R40. Disk 6 Bonus Disk.[7][8]
Loser, The R40 1974 Drummer: John Rutsey; Previously unreleased early song, featured as bonus material on the 2014 compilation R40. Disk 6 Bonus Disk.[7][8]
Fancy Dancer Rush ABC: Live from Cleveland’s Agora Ballroom 1974 03:55 Officially released in 2011; released as a bootleg in 2001; recorded in 1974; About a love gone bad[9]
Bad Boy Rush ABC: Live from Cleveland’s Agora Ballroom 1974 05:41 Officially released in 2011; released as a bootleg in 2001; recorded in 1974; Larry Williams cover[10]
Garden Road Rush ABC: Live from Cleveland’s Agora Ballroom 1974 03:07 Officially released in 2011; released as a bootleg in 2001; recorded in 1974; played by band in 1970; Alludes to finding happiness with an early love[1]
Anthem Fly By Night 1975 04:22 "...the name of our record company, which is Anthem Records in Canada, came from this song. Neil was in an Ayn Rand period, so he wrote the song about being very individual. We thought we were doing something that was different from everybody else." ~ Alex Lifeson[11]
Best I Can Fly By Night 1975 03:25 Played by band as early as 1974, prior to Neil Peart being a member, although Peart is the drummer on the studio release.[12]
Beneath, Between, and Behind Fly By Night 1975 03:02 First song co-written by Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart[13]
By-Tor and the Snow Dog Fly By Night 1975 08:37 I. At the Tobes of Hades; II. Across the Styx; III. Of the Battle (a. Challenge and Defiance, b. 7/4 War Furor, c. Aftermath, d. Hymn of Triumph); IV. Epilogue
Fly By Night Fly By Night 1975 03:21 Considered the most pop-like piece on the album[14]
Making Memories Fly By Night 1975 02:58 Written on the road where the band got lost somewhere around Indiana.[15]
Rivendell Fly By Night 1975 04:57 Inspired by Rivendell, a fictional realm created by author J.R.R. Tolkien
In the End Fly By Night 1975 06:47 A song about coming home after being on the road[16]
Bastille Day Caress of Steel 1975 04:37 Inspired by the storming of the Bastille in French history.
I Think I'm Going Bald Caress of Steel 1975 03:37 Discusses aging. Neil Peart chose the title of the track based on Alex Lifeson always being worried about his potential hair loss.[17]
Lakeside Park Caress of Steel 1975 04:08 Inspired by an amusement park in Port Dalhousie, Ontario[18]
Necromancer, The Caress of Steel 1975 12:30 I. Into the Darkness; II. Under the Shadow; III. Return of the Prince; Inspired by the fictional character Sauron from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Fountain of Lamneth, The Caress of Steel 1975 19:59 I. In the Valley; II. Didacts and Narpets; III. No One at the Bridge; IV. Panacea; V. Bacchus Plateau; VI. The Fountain
2112 2112 1976 20:34 I. Overture; II. The Temples of Syrinx; III. Discovery; IV. Presentation; V. Oracle: The Dream; VI. Soliloquy; VII. Grand Finale
Passage to Bangkok, A 2112 1976 03:34 Inspired by A Passage to India by E. M. Forster, the song describes a dreamlike journey around the world in search of marijuana fields, with an allusion to Acapulco gold.[19]
Twilight Zone, The 2112 1976 03:17 Inspired by The Twilight Zone television anthology series written and hosted by Rod Serling.
Lessons 2112 1976 03:51 Alex Lifeson has sole songwriting credit which is rare for the band.[20]
Tears 2112 1976 03:31 Keyboards: Hugh Syme;[21] Lyrics: Geddy Lee[22]
Something For Nothing 2112 1976 03:59 Inspired by writing found on a building near Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California that read: “Freedom isn’t free”.[23]
Farewell to Kings, A Farewell to Kings, A 1977 05:51 Title adapted from Ernest Hemingway’s novel A Farewell to Arms.[24]
Xanadu Farewell to Kings, A 1977 11:08 Inspired by the poem Kubla Khan written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Closer to the Heart Farewell to Kings, A 1977 02:53 Lyrics co-written by Neil Peart and Peter Talbot[25]
Cinderella Man Farewell to Kings, A 1977 04:21 Inspired by Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.[26]
Madrigal Farewell to Kings, A 1977 02:35 A madrigal is a secular vocal music composition
Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage Farewell to Kings, A 1977 10:25 Inspired by a Time Magazine article on black holes.[27]
Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Hemispheres 1978 18:05 I. Prelude; II. Apollo; III. Dionysus; IV. Armageddon; V. Cygnus; VI. The Sphere
Circumstances Hemispheres 1978 03:41 Written by Neil Peart about his experience on his own at 18 years old in England.[28]
Trees, The Hemispheres 1978 04:46 Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax.[29]
La Villa Strangiato Hemispheres 1978 09:35 I. Buenos Nochus, Mein Froinds!; II. To sleep, perchance to dream...; III. Strangiato theme; IV. A Lerxst in Wonderland; V. Monsters!; VI. The Ghost of the Aragon; VII. Danforth and Pape; VIII. The Waltz of the Shreves; IX. Never turn your back on a Monster!; X. Monsters! (Reprise); XI. Strangiato theme (Reprise); XII. A Farewell to Things. An instrumental based on dreams of Alex Lifeson
Spirit of Radio, The Permanent Waves 1980 04:56 Inspired by a slogan of Toronto radio station CFNY, which was the first station to play a Rush song over the air.[30]
Freewill Permanent Waves 1980 05:21 "[Musically], the song is a new thing for us in terms of time signatures. [The piece is mostly in 13/4.] We experiment a lot with time signatures. We work in nearly every one of them that I know of that’s legitimate: all of the 5s, 7s, 9s, 11s, 13s, and combinations thereof." ~ Neil Peart[31]
Jacob's Ladder Permanent Waves 1980 07:26 Inspired by crepuscular rays, also known as Jacob's ladder.
Entre Nous Permanent Waves 1980 04:36 French expression translated as "between us"
Different Strings Permanent Waves 1980 03:48 Piano: Hugh Syme[21]
Natural Science Permanent Waves 1980 09:17 I. Tide Pools; II. Hyperspace; III. Permanent Waves
Tom Sawyer Moving Pictures 1981 04:33 Co-written by Pye Dubois.[32] Inspired by the fictional character Tom Sawyer created by Mark Twain; The quintessential Rush song.[33]
Red Barchetta Moving Pictures 1981 06:06 Inspired by 'A Nice Morning Drive', by Richard S. Foster[34]
YYZ Moving Pictures 1981 04:24 Inspired by the International Air Transport Association airport code for the Toronto Pearson International Airport; Pronounced Y-Y-Zed.[33]
Limelight Moving Pictures 1981 04:19 Inspired by the experience of being a touring musician.[35]
Camera Eye, The Moving Pictures 1981 10:56 Comprises two movements, focusing on New York City and London, respectively.
Witch Hunt Moving Pictures 1981 04:43 Fear: Part III
Vital Signs Moving Pictures 1981 04:43 Inspired by the language of electronics and computers.[36]
Broon's Bane Exit...Stage Left 1981 01:37 Guitar solo
Subdivisions Signals 1982 05:33 About growing up in the suburbs.[37]
Analog Kid, The Signals 1982 04:46 About growing up in the age of analog.[38]
Chemistry Signals 1982 04:56 First time all three of members of the band collaborated on the lyrics.[39]
Digital Man Signals 1982 06:20 "The digital man character was running in the fast lane, faster than life." ~ Neil Peart[40]
Weapon, The Signals 1982 06:22 Fear: Part II
New World Man Signals 1982 03:41 Billboard Hot 100 highest charting single for the band (#21; 10-30-1982)[41]
Losing It Signals 1982 04:51 Electric Violins: Ben Mink[21]
Countdown Signals 1982 05:49 Inspired by the STS-1 Space Shuttle flight.
Distant Early Warning Grace Under Pressure 1984 04:59 Title refers to the systems that are part of the North American Aerospace Defense Command.[42]
Afterimage Grace Under Pressure 1984 05:04 In memory of Robbie Whelan (a friend of the band) who died in a car accident near the studio where the band recorded the album.
Red Sector A Grace Under Pressure 1984 05:10 Addresses imprisonment in Nazi concentration camps.
Enemy Within, The Grace Under Pressure 1984 04:34 Fear: Part I
Body Electric, The Grace Under Pressure 1984 05:00 Title derived from the poem I Sing the Body Electric by Walt Whitman and a novel of the same name by Ray Bradbury.
Kid Gloves Grace Under Pressure 1984 04:18 “1983 was a tough year for us. The last tour was a grind, and everybody had been going through some changes. Before Peter [Henderson, the producer of Grace Under Pressure] we had a couple of other people in mind we wanted to work with [namely, Steve Lillywhite, producer of U2], but things got screwed up along the way and there was a bit of a panic. ‘Kid Gloves’ is our response to rolling with the punches during pressure.” ~ Alex Lifeson[43]
Red Lenses Grace Under Pressure 1984 04:42 Song that uses alliteration regarding the word "red".[44]
Between the Wheels Grace Under Pressure 1984 05:44 “The idea of ‘Between the Wheels’ was really kind of the opposite of ‘Digital Man,’ where life goes faster than a person does.” ~ Neil Peart[45]
Big Money, The Power Windows 1985 05:36 Inspired by the U.S.A. trilogy book The Big Money written by John Dos Passos.[46]
Grand Designs Power Windows 1985 05:05 Inspired by the District of Columbia trilogy book The Grand Design written by John Dos Passos.[47]
Manhattan Project Power Windows 1985 05:05 Inspired by the Manhattan Project research and development project which produced the first atomic bombs.
Marathon Power Windows 1985 06:09 "The song ‘is about the triumph of time and a kind of message to myself, because I think life is too short for all the things that I want to do. There’s a self-admonition saying that life is long enough. You can do a lot, just don’t burn yourself out too fast trying to do everything at once. ‘Marathon’ is a song about individual goals and trying to achieve them. And it’s also about the old Chinese proverb: ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.'” ~ Neil Peart[48]
Territories Power Windows 1985 06:19 Inspired by New Territories in Hong Kong.[49]
Middletown Dreams Power Windows 1985 05:15 Inspired by writer Sherwood Anderson and painter Paul Gaugin.[50]
Emotion Detector Power Windows 1985 05:10 Originally intended to be a ballad.[51]
Mystic Rhythms Power Windows 1985 05:54 Inspired by astrology.[52]
Force Ten Hold Your Fire 1987 04:28 Co-written by Pye Dubois.[32] Inspired by the Beaufort scale wind speed rating.
Time Stand Still Hold Your Fire 1987 05:07 Vocals (additional): Aimee Mann[21]
Open Secrets Hold Your Fire 1987 05:37 The lyric ‘That’s not what I meant at all’ is from the T.S. Eliot poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.[53]
Second Nature Hold Your Fire 1987 04:35 Articulates a moderating of Neil Peart's environmental goals over time (according to his book Roadshow).[54]
Prime Mover Hold Your Fire 1987 05:19 Inspired by Aristotle and Plato.[55]
Lock and Key Hold Your Fire 1987 05:08 Inspired by the killer instinct found in humanity.[56]
Mission Hold Your Fire 1987 05:15 Inspired by the struggles of Vincent van Gogh, Virginia Woolf, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.[57]
Turn the Page Hold Your Fire 1987 04:53 "I had a major problem with playing ‘Turn the Page’ live on tour. It’s a very busy bass part, and the vocal part doesn’t really relate to it very much. Eventually I got it, but it took a lot of practice." ~ Geddy Lee[58]
Tai Shan Hold Your Fire 1987 04:14 Inspired by Mount Tai.
High Water Hold Your Fire 1987 05:32 Inspired by mankind's evolution from water-dwelling creatures.[59]
Rhythm Method, The Show of Hands, A 1989 04:34 Drum solo[60]
Show Don't Tell Presto 1989 05:01 Neil Peart's voice is mixed in low in the background on the lines, ‘I will be the judge / Give the jury direction.'”[61]
Chain Lightning Presto 1989 04:33 "...the whole idea of the song was response and how people respond to things...a lot of the thrust of that song is how things are transferred, like chain lightning or enthusiasm or energy or love are things that are contagious, and if someone feels them, they are easily transferable to another person,...‘Reflected in another pair of eyes’ is the idea that it’s a wonderful thing already,...but if there’s someone else there with you to share it, then it multiplies, you know, it becomes exponentially a bigger experience..." ~ Neil Peart[62]
Pass, The Presto 1989 04:51 Speaks to the friends of those who have committed suicide.[63]
War Paint Presto 1989 05:24 Refers to cosmetic makeup and the psychological masks of youth.[64]
Scars Presto 1989 04:07 “I think it’s part of everyone’s experience that a certain record reflects a certain period of their life, and that’s a pleasurable scar, you know, there’s a mark left on you, a psychological fingerprint left by a very positive experience. And music is an easy one, but it translates to so many other parts of life where it’s a given that, for instance, the sense of smell is one of the strongest forces in your memory, where a given smell will suddenly conjure up a whole time of your life, and again, it triggers another scar, it triggers another psychological imprint that was left by a pleasurable thing...” ~ Neil Peart[65]
Presto Presto 1989 05:45 “I had used ‘Presto’ in an ironic sense, in wishing that I had magic powers to make things right. And I really just liked the word.”[66]
Superconductor Presto 1989 04:47 The line That's Entertainment! refers to the film on musicals with the same name.[67]
Anagram Presto 1989 04:00 Subtitled For Mongo as a tribute to the Mel Brooks film Blazing Saddles which contains a scene when the character Bart calls out "Candygram for Mongo".[68][69]
Red Tide Presto 1989 04:29 Inspired by the phenomenon known as a Red tide.[70]
Hand Over Fist Presto 1989 04:11 Inspired by the game Rock-paper-scissors.[71]
Available Light Presto 1989 05:03 “On a tune like ‘Available Light,’ where the bass just provides some simple, low-end support, I’d rather play the keyboards and sing. It’s just a question of what instrument will be rewarding to play from a player’s point of view...”[72]
Dreamline Roll the Bones 1991 04:38 Inspired by The Trinity Paradox by Kevin Anderson.[73]
Bravado Roll the Bones 1991 04:35 "We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost" is a line from the book The Tidewater Tales by John Barth.
Roll the Bones Roll the Bones 1991 05:30 Geddy Lee performs the rap section using a digitally lowered version of his voice.
Face Up Roll the Bones 1991 03:54 Inspired by card games with a wild card option.[74]
Where's My Thing? Roll the Bones 1991 03:49 "Gangster of Boats" Trilogy: Part IV
Big Wheel, The Roll the Bones 1991 05:13 "...It’s where I’ve looked for a universal of that trade-off between innocence and experience, and (The Big Wheel) certainly addresses that...." ~ Neil Peart[75]
Heresy Roll the Bones 1991 05:26 Inspired by the falling of the Berlin Wall.
Ghost of a Chance Roll the Bones 1991 05:19 ...‘Ghost of a Chance’ fit right in with my overall theme of randomness and contingency and so on, but at the same time it was a chance for me to write about love in a different way, of saying, ‘Here are all these things that we go through in life and the people we meet, it’s all by chance.... ~ Neil Peart[76]
Neurotica Roll the Bones 1991 04:40 "Some people can’t deal with the world as it is, or themselves as they are, and feel powerless to change things—so they get all crazy. They waste away their lives in delusions, paranoia, aimless rage, and neuroses, and in the process they often make those around them miserable, too. Strained friendships, broken couples, warped children. I think they should all stop it." ~ Neil Peart[77]
You Bet Your Life Roll the Bones 1991 05:00 "I particularly like the lyrics in ‘You Bet Your Life.’ I wove together all the different religions and musical styles and everything. Those kinds of things are really fun and satisfying...." ~ Neil Peart[78]
Animate Counterparts 1993 06:05 Addresses man's anima as defined by Carl Jung.[79]
Stick It Out Counterparts 1993 04:30 "I love the riff. It’s a great riff song. I love playing it, and it’s a very bass-heavy song, which always makes me happy." ~ Geddy Lee[80]
Cut to the Chase Counterparts 1993 04:49 "Genius is the fire that lights itself." ~ Neil Peart[81]
Nobody's Hero Counterparts 1993 04:54 Orchestration: Michael Kamen;[21] Inspired in part by the death of a friend of Neil Peart,[82] named Ellis.
Between Sun and Moon Counterparts 1993 04:37 Co-written by Pye Dubois.[32] "Pete Townshend can make an acoustic sound so heavy and powerful. I’ve always admired that. On ‘Between Sun and Moon’ there’s a musical bridge before the solo that’s very Who-ish. I even throw Keith Richards in there. The song is really a tribute to the ’60s." ~ Alex Lifeson[32]
Alien Shore Counterparts 1993 05:45 The voice in the beginning of the song is Alex Lifeson holding his nostrils closed, saying 'out of my nose'.[83]
Speed of Love, The Counterparts 1993 05:03 "...a song about love, about the subject of it....demythologizing, debunking." ~ Neil Peart[84]
Double Agent Counterparts 1993 04:51 "’s one of the goofiest songs I think we’ve ever written, but I’m quite happy with the result. In its own way, I think it’s an interesting little piece of lunacy." ~ Geddy Lee[85]
Leave That Thing Alone Counterparts 1993 04:06 "I think this is the best instrumental we’ve ever written." ~ Geddy Lee[86]
Cold Fire Counterparts 1993 04:27 "I had been inspired, I think, by a Paul Simon song, where I wanted to couch song lyrics in conversation—he said, she said, and all that. Simon has a song, maybe on Rhythm of the Saints, where it’s in conversation." ~ Neil Peart[87]
Everyday Glory Counterparts 1993 05:10 "This song ended up being an analog-tape mix. For the last few years I’ve mixed only to digital, because I figured it was just a better tape recorder. But certain songs have a heavier midrange content, and on playback the analog recorder softens the midrange a bit, giving it a more likable sound." ~ Geddy Lee[88]
Test for Echo Test for Echo 1996 05:56 Co-written by Pye Dubois.[89] "The lyrics give a video-view of this wacky world of ours and offers this tacit response: ‘Excuse me, does anybody else think this is weird? Am I weird?’ While the answer to those questions might be ‘Yes!’ it’s good to know that you’re not the only one, that you’re not alone." ~ Neil Peart[89]
Driven Test for Echo 1996 04:27 " just from a bass player’s point of view. I wrote that song with three tracks of bass. I brought it to Alex and said, ‘Here’s the song; I did three tracks of bass, but I just did that to fill in for the guitar,’ and he said, ‘Let’s keep it with the three basses.’ So, I said, ‘I love you.'" ~ Geddy Lee[90]
Half the World Test for Echo 1996 03:41 " one of our finest moments as songwriters as far as writing a concise song without being wimpy or syrupy. It’s got a little bit of everything: nice melody, and yet it’s still aggressive. It’s hard for us to write that kind of song, really. You’d have to go back to ‘Closer to the Heart’ to find an example of that.[91]
Color of Right, The Test for Echo 1996 04:48 Inspired by the legal term: colour of right.[92]
Time and Motion Test for Echo 1996 05:04 Inspire by music artists Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins.[93]
Totem Test for Echo 1996 05:00 "The choruses in ‘Totem’ are really interesting. I created a soundscape by using harmonics with a kind of Celtic melody over it that’s quite distant. In the song, in terms of dynamics, it’s a really beautiful shift." ~ Alex Lifeson[94]
Dog Years Test for Echo 1996 04:56 Inspired by the aging profile of dogs.
Virtuality Test for Echo 1996 05:43 Inspired by the concept of virtual reality.
Resist Test for Echo 1996 04:22 The instrument played at the beginning of the song is a hammer dulcimer.[95]
Limbo Test for Echo 1996 05:28 Instrumental with the inclusion of the line "Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?" from the song Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers.[96]
Carve Away the Stone Test for Echo 1996 04:05 Inspired by Sisyphus.[97]
Rhythm Method 1997, The Different Stages 1998 08:19 Drum solo[60]
One Little Victory Vapor Trails 2002 05:08 "We fiddled with the order of the songs on Vapor Trails right up until the last minute. However, we never doubted which song would open the album, for “One Little Victory” made such an uncompromising announcement: “They’re ba-a-a-ack!”" ~ Neil Peart[98]
Ceiling Unlimited Vapor Trails 2002 05:28 Inspired by the weather and aeronautical term referring to the height of the lowest obscuring cloud layer above the ground.[99]
Ghost Rider Vapor Trails 2002 05:41 Based on the self-imposed exile of Neil Peart after losing both his daughter and wife within a 10-month period.[100]
Peaceable Kingdom Vapor Trails 2002 05:23 Inspired by the Peaceable Kingdom series of paintings by Edward Hicks.[101] Inspired by the 9/11 tragedy.[citation needed]
Stars Look Down, The Vapor Trails 2002 04:28 Inspired by the title of a novel with the same name written by A. J. Cronin.[102]
How It Is Vapor Trails 2002 04:05 The line “foot upon the stair, shoulder to the wheel” was inspired by Thomas Wolfe.[103]
Vapor Trail Vapor Trails 2002 04:57 Inspired by the long thin artificial clouds that sometimes form behind aircraft known as a contrail.
Secret Touch Vapor Trails 2002 06:34 The line “secret touch on the heart” comes from Joseph Conrad’s Victory and “there is never love without pain” comes from Sister of My Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.[104]
Earthshine Vapor Trails 2002 05:38 Inspired by the reflected light phenomenon of earthshine.[105]
Sweet Miracle Vapor Trails 2002 03:40 "The lyrics I felt were very moving, and the melody just came out of me." ~ Geddy Lee[106]
Nocturne Vapor Trails 2002 04:49 Inspired by the issue What Do Dreams Want?[107] in the periodical Utne Reader.[108]
Freeze Vapor Trails 2002 06:21 Fear: Part IV
Out of the Cradle Vapor Trails 2002 05:03 Inspired by Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking by Walt Whitman.[109]
O Baterista Rush in Rio 2003 08:54 Drum solo[60] Translates as "The Drummer" in Portuguese.[110]
Summertime Blues Feedback 2004 03:43 Eddie Cochran cover song[111] from Neil Peart's early pre-Rush career reproduced for the album.[21]
Heart Full of Soul Feedback 2004 02:52 The Yardbirds cover song.[112]
For What It's Worth Feedback 2004 03:30 Buffalo Springfield cover song[113] from Alex Lifeson's early pre-Rush career reproduced for the album.[21]
Seeker, The Feedback 2004 03:27 The Who cover song.[114]
Mr. Soul Feedback 2004 03:51 Buffalo Springfield cover song[115] from early Rush band reproduced for the album.[21]
Seven and Seven Is Feedback 2004 02:53 Love cover song.[116]
Shape of Things Feedback 2004 03:16 The Yardbirds cover song[117] from early Rush band reproduced for the album.[21]
Crossroads Feedback 2004 03:27 Robert Johnson cover song[118] from Neil Peart's early pre-Rush career and early Rush band reproduced for the album.[21]
R30 Overture R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour 2005 06:42 I. Finding My Way; II. Anthem; III. Bastille day; IV. A Passage to Bangkok; V. Cynus X-1: The Voyage; VI. Cygnus X-1: Hemispheres
Der Trommler R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour 2005 09:01 Drum solo; Translates as "The Drummer" in German.[119]
Far Cry Snakes & Arrows 2007 05:21 "It was almost like we already knew the song when we wrote it. We just played it. And that was really cool. That doesn’t happen very often. We were high-fiving and the whole thing, because it’s a relief when something like that happens, for sure." ~ Alex Lifeson[120]
Armor and Sword Snakes & Arrows 2007 06:36 "Spiritual yearnings are natural to many people and may give them solace or hope, but extremists of any kind are not content with faith as armor, they must forge it into a sword." ~ Neil Peart[121]
Workin' Them Angels Snakes & Arrows 2007 04:47 "I didn’t think I was foolhardy or irresponsible, but a certain level of risk in life seemed worthwhile for the promised return—excitement and treasured experiences—and though I didn’t really believe in ‘them angels,’ if I had them, I guessed I kept them pretty busy." ~ Neil Peart[122]
Larger Bowl, The Snakes & Arrows 2007 04:07 Pantoum.[123]
Spindrift Snakes & Arrows 2007 05:24 Inspired by Robert Frost’s epitaph, “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.”[124]
Main Monkey Business, The Snakes & Arrows 2007 06:01 Title inspired by a conversation Geddy Lee had with his Polish mother.[125]
Way the Wind Blows, The Snakes & Arrows 2007 06:28 Compares the way our views are shaped as children to the way trees are shaped by the force of the wind over the years. If we grow up with extremist, intolerant views among our parents and others who are influential in our lives, then we can expect our views to reflect that extremism and intolerance.[126]
Hope Snakes & Arrows 2007 02:03 Instrumental for twelve-string guitar performed by Alex Lifeson.[127]
Faithless Snakes & Arrows 2007 05:31 Strings: Ben Mink;[21] "To me there were two kinds of faith: a good kind that could be protective and help people, and a bad kind that was militant and you wanted to kill people." ~ Neil Peart[128]
Bravest Face Snakes & Arrows 2007 05:12 Discusses personality dualism.[129]
Good News First Snakes & Arrows 2007 04:51 "I kind of couch the lyrics in the traditional relationship song of a quarrel between two people, but, again, it’s in fact me arguing with these whole masses of people who just happen to disagree with me." ~ Neil Peart[130]
Malignant Narcissism Snakes & Arrows 2007 02:17 Inspired by the antisocial personality disorder known as malignant narcissism.
We Hold On Snakes & Arrows 2007 04:13 The line “measured out in coffee breaks” is from T.S. Eliot.[131]
De Slagwerker Snakes & Arrows Live 2008 Drum solo; Translates as "Drummer" in Dutch.[132]
Moto Perpetuo Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland 2011 Drum solo; Title is defined as a fast instrumental passage made up of notes of equal length.[133]
O'Malley's Break Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland 2011 Guitar solo
Caravan Clockwork Angels 2012 05:40 Single released 2010; album released 2012; The line “in a world lit only by fire” comes from the title of a history of medieval times by William Manchester.[134]
BU2B Clockwork Angels 2012 05:10 Single released 2010; album released 2012; A soliloquy.[135]
Clockwork Angels Clockwork Angels 2012 07:31 Contains a "bluesy bar band section" midway through the song.[136]
Anarchist, The Clockwork Angels 2012 06:52 Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell.[21]
Carnies Clockwork Angels 2012 04:52 Inspired by Robertson Davies and Herbert Gold.[137]
Halo Effect Clockwork Angels 2012 03:14 Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell.[21]
Seven Cities of Gold Clockwork Angels 2012 06:32 Inspired by the seven cities of gold myth.[138]
Wreckers, The Clockwork Angels 2012 05:01 Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell.[21]
Headlong Flight Clockwork Angels 2012 07:20 Inspired by Freddie Gruber.[139]
BU2B2 Clockwork Angels 2012 01:28 Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell.[21]
Wish Them Well Clockwork Angels 2012 05:25 "We always loved the lyrics, but this was a tough song to figure out," ~ Alex Lifeson[140]
Garden, The Clockwork Angels 2012 06:59 Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell;[21] Piano: Jason Sniderman[21]
Here It Is! Clockwork Angels Tour 2013 Drum solo
Drumbastica Clockwork Angels Tour 2013 Drum solo; interlude during Headlong Flight
Peke's Repose Clockwork Angels Tour 2013 Guitar solo; lead-in to Halo Effect
Percussor, The Clockwork Angels Tour 2013 03:10 Drum solo; I. Binary Love Theme; II. Steambanger's Ball
Story so Far, The R40 Live 2015 04:00 Drum solo; interlude during Cygnus X-1

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Victor (Alex Lifeson)[edit]

Song Album Year Time Notes
Don't Care Victor 1996 04:04 Vocals: Edwin;[21] Drums: Blake Manning[21]
Promise Victor 1996 05:44 Vocals: Edwin;[21] Drums: Blake Manning[21]
Start Today Victor 1996 03:48 Vocals: Dalbello;[21] Drums: Blake Manning[21]
Mr. X Victor 1996 02:21 Bass: Peter Cardinali;[21] Drums: Blake Manning[21]
At the End Victor 1996 06:07 Vocals: Edwin;[21] Programming: Adrian Zivojinovich[21]
Sending Out a Warning Victor 1996 04:11 Vocals: Edwin;[21] Drums: Blake Manning[21]
Shut Up Shuttin' Up Victor 1996 04:02 Bass: Peter Cardinali;[21] Drums: Blake Manning[21]
Strip and Go Naked Victor 1996 03:57 Drums: Blake Manning[21]
Big Dance, The Victor 1996 04:14 Vocals: Edwin;[21] Bass: Les Claypool;[21] Programming: Adrian Zivojinovich[21]
Victor Victor 1996 06:25 Vocals: Edwin[21] Bass: Peter Cardinali;[21] Horns: Colleen Allen;[21] Drums: Blake Manning;[21] From collected poems of W.H. Auden[21]
I Am the Spirit Victor 1996 05:31 Vocals: Edwin;[21] Drums: Blake Manning[21]

Geddy Lee[edit]

Song Album Year Time Notes
My Favorite Headache My Favorite Headache 2000 04:45 Drums: Matt Cameron[21]
Present Tense, The My Favorite Headache 2000 03:25 Drums: Matt Cameron[21]
Window to the World My Favorite Headache 2000 03:02 Drums: Matt Cameron;[21] Steel Guitar: Waylon Wall[21]
Working at Perfekt My Favorite Headache 2000 05:00 Drums: Matt Cameron;[21] Cellos: John Friesen[21]
Runaway Train My Favorite Headache 2000 04:30 Drums: Matt Cameron[21]
Angel' Share, The My Favorite Headache 2000 04:33 Drums: Matt Cameron[21]
Moving to Bohemia My Favorite Headache 2000 04:25 Drums: Matt Cameron[21]
Home on the Strange My Favorite Headache 2000 03:46 Drums: Jeremy Taggart[21]
Slipping My Favorite Headache 2000 05:06 Drums: Matt Cameron;[21] Vocals (backward): Pappy Rosen[21]
Still My Favorite Headache 2000 04:30 Drums: Matt Cameron[21]
Grace to Grace My Favorite Headache 2000 04:59 Drums: Matt Cameron[21]

Neil Peart[edit]

Song Album Year Time Notes
Momo's Dance Party Anatomy of a Drum Solo 2005 03:08 Drum solo audio track
Pieces of Eight Anatomy of a Drum Solo 2005 04:54 Drum solo audio track


Duo projects[edit]

Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee
Song Album Year Time Notes
O Canada[141] South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut 1999 01:10 With Terrance and Phillip
I Fought the Law[141][142] Trailer Park Boys: The Movie 2006 03:47 The Big Dirty Band; Supergroup formed by Alex Lifeson

Trio projects[edit]

Song Album Year Time Notes
Battle Scar[142] Universal Juveniles 1980 05:48 Max Webster featuring Rush

Alex Lifeson[edit]

Song Album Year Time Notes
Crying Over You[141][142] Alien Shores 1985 03:39 Guitar solo for Platinum Blonde
Holy Water[141][142] Alien Shores 1985 03:41 Guitar solo for Platinum Blonde
Beyond Borders[142] N/A 1987 06:02 Guitar for Canadian Guitar Summit for Guitar Player Magazine. Written by Rik Emmett.
In the Danger Zone[142] Serious Business 1988 04:08 Guitar solo for Greenway. Features Aldo Nova on keyboard.
All the Lovers in the World[143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 04:16 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
Lost Brotherhood[142][143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 04:13 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
Call It a Mission[142][143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 05:14 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
The Dragon[142][143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 05:31 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
Love Makes You Believe[142][143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 03:37 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
Fire It Up[142][143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 03:56 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
Out of a Deeper Hunger[142][143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 03:44 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
Tender Young Hero[142][143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 04:29 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
Message from Heaven[142][143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 04:47 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
Holding This Rage[142][143] Lost Brotherhood 1990 05:21 Guitar for Lawrence Gowan
Just Scream[141][142][144] Ragged Ass Road 1995 04:53 Guitar solo for Tom Cochrane
Crawl[141][142][144] Ragged Ass Road 1995 04:15 Guitar for Tom Cochrane
Will of the Gun[141][142][144] Ragged Ass Road 1995 04:46 Guitar for Tom Cochrane
Like a Girl[141][142] Scenery and Fish 1996 04:40 Guitar for I Mother Earth
March of the High Guard[141][145] Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda 2000 00:58 Television series soundtrack composed 2000; released 2002
Star 24 (No Apologies)[141] Born 4 2006 03:00 Guitar for Jakalope
Anesthetize[141] Fear of a Blank Planet 2007 17:42 Guitar solo for Porcupine Tree
Sacred and Mundane[141] Fly Paper 2008 05:28 Guitar for Tiles
Don't Look Back[141] The Double 2011 03:16 Outro for the movie The Double
Losin'[141] All is More Than Both 2012 03:21 Guitar solo for Jason Plumb
The Little Drummer Boy[146] The Classic Christmas Hard Rock Album 2014 In collaboration with multiple hard rock artists
Once A Warrior Disconnect 2014 Guitar solo for John Wesley[147]

Geddy Lee[edit]

Song Album Year Time Notes
Take Off[141][142] Great White North 1981 04:43 Vocals for comedians Bob and Doug McKenzie

The highest charting Hot 100 single for any member of Rush (#16; 03-27-1982)[148]

All the Horses Running[142] Vignettes 1983 03:06 Bass for Marie-Lynn Hammond
Over Queen Charlotte Sound[142] Vignettes 1983 04:37 Bass for Marie-Lynn Hammond
Good for Sule[142] Blue Green Orange 1999 05:35 Bass for I Mother Earth
Tears Are Not Enough[141][142] We Are the World 1985 04:21 Vocals (supporting) for Northern Lights
When I Close My Eyes[141] Transylvania Avenue 2010 04:49 Bass for The Black Sea Station
March of the Shikker[141] Transylvania Avenue 2010 03:23 Vocals for The Black Sea Station

Neil Peart[edit]

Song Album Year Time Notes
Champion[141][142] Champion 1985 04:42 Drums for Jeff Berlin
Mariba[141][142] Champion 1985 05:37 Drums for Jeff Berlin
Cottontail[141][142] Burning for Buddy Volume 1 1994 04:36 Tribute to Buddy Rich
One O'Clock Jump[141][142] Burning for Buddy Volume 2 1997 07:46 Tribute to Buddy Rich
Save Me From Myself[141] Burning the Days 2009 04:17 Drums for Vertical Horizon
Welcome to the Bottom[141] Burning the Days 2009 05:47 Drums for Vertical Horizon
Even Now[141] Burning the Days 2009 06:43 Drums and Lyrics for Vertical Horizon
Instamatic[141] Echoes from the Underground 2013 04:46 Drums for Vertical Horizon
South for the Winter[141] Echoes from the Underground 2013 07:10 Drums for Vertical Horizon

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