List of Russian serial killers

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Before 1800[edit]

  • Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova (also known as Saltychikha) (1730–1801) was a Russian serial killer and noble from Moscow who became notorious for torturing and killing over 100 of her serfs, mostly women and girls. Imprisoned for life.

Soviet era (1917–1991)[edit]

  • Vasili Komaroff (AKA "The Wolf of Moscow") killed 33 men. Sentenced to death.
  • Andrei Chikatilo (AKA "The Butcher of Rostov") killed 53 persons. Sentenced to death.
  • Nikolai Dzhumagaliev (AKA "Metal fang") Kazakh who killed and ate 8 women. Judged insane.
  • Valery Asratyan (also known as "The Movie Director") was a serial killer who raped and killed 3 women. Sentenced to death, executed in 1992.
  • Boris Gusakov: (also known as "Student Hunter") committed 15 sexual assaults, including 5 murders, on girls and young women from 1964 to 1968. Sentenced to death.
  • Anatoly Utkin: (also known as "Ulyanovsky maniac") killed 8 girls and 1 man from 1968 to 1973; executed 1975.
  • Aleksey Sukletin: (also known as "The Alligator") killed and cannibalized at least 7 girl and women from 1979 to 1985; executed 1987.
  • Vasiliy Kulik (also known as "The Monster of Irkutsk") raped and killed 13 persons. Sentenced to death.
  • Anatoly Slivko (also known as "Tour guide") killed and butchered 7 boys. Sentenced to death.

After 1991[edit]

  • Artyom Anoufriev and Nikita Lytkin (AKA "Academy maniacs", "Guys with heavy's hammers" and "Mommy's sons") – two teenagers, killed 6 persons in Irkutsk.
  • Sergey Golovkin (known as "Fisher" or "The "Boa") killed and butchered 11 boys in Moscow area (1986–1992). Sentenced to death.
  • Maxim Petrov (known as "The Doctor Death") doctor who killed 12 patients between 1997 and 2000.[1]
  • Sergei Ryakhovsky (known as "The Balashikha Ripper") killed 19 people (2 teenage boys and several elderly women and men) in Moscow area (1987–1993). Sentenced to life imprisonment. Died in 2005.
  • Alexander Tchayka (known as "The Fur Coats Hunter") killed 4 women dressed in fur coats in Moscow (January 31, 1994 – February 16, 1994). Sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Alexander Spesivtsev (known as "The Siberia Ripper") Russian serial killer and cannibal. Judged insane.
  • Alexander Pichushkin (AKA "Chessboard killer") serial killer, convicted with murder of 48 people between the years 1992–2006. Claims to kill 60. Sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Irina Gaidamachuk (AKA "Raskolnikov in skirt") Russian woman who killed 17 elderly women.
  • Sergei Martynov: accused of murdering as many as nine persons between 1992 and 2010.
  • Alexander Bychkov (AKA The Belinsky Cannibal) Russian serial killer and suspected cannibal who killed drunks and homeless in the Penza region of Russia. Found guilty of 9 murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Novosibirsk Serial Murders (AKA "The maniac of Novosibirsk") Russian unidentified serial killer, who killed 17 sex workers in Novosibirsk (1998-2006). On 28 April 2016, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported that an arrest had been made.[4] The suspect was identified as 51-year-old Evgeniy Tchuplisnkiy
  • Artur Ryno (AKA "Ryno-Skachevsky") 17 year old racist killer who murdered 37 immgrants, from 2006-2007. And one of the people who is banned entering the U.K.
  • Pavel Skachevsky (AKA "Ryno-Skachevsky") A 17 year old racist killer who murdered 37 immigrants, from 2006-2007. And one of the people who is banned entering the U.K.