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List of SRI International spin-offs

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This is a list of spin-offs from SRI International. SRI International (SRI), previously known as Stanford Research Institute, is a research and innovation center. To commercialize its innovative technologies, SRI engages in licensing agreements and collaborates with investment and venture capital companies to initiate a diverse range of business ventures.[1] SRI has launched more than 60 spin-off ventures; this includes four public companies with combined market capitalizations exceeding $20 billion.[2]

Engineering and systems

Name Notability References
Applied Communications Founded around 1967 by Robert Weitbrecht. Created early modems for the deaf community. The company is now known as Weitbrecht Communications. [3][4]
American Microsystems Designed and manufactured integrated circuits and semiconductors. Purchased by Gould in 1982 and now known as AMI Semiconductor, which was purchased by ON Semiconductor. [3]
Anderson-Jacobson First major producer of acoustically coupled modems. Acquired by CXR Telecom in 1988, which changed its name to Microtel International. [3]
Averatek Formed by SRI and CSL LLC, offers products manufactured by a proprietary metal "print and plate" process used to make flexible circuit materials and components. [5]
Confidencial Established in 2022 to secure sensitive information and collaboration for enterprises. [6]
Develco Created general electronics systems. [3]
Electro-Optical Systems Initially established in 1955. Worked on electrooptical shutter, aerial cameras and ion propulsion. Became Xerox Electro-Optical in 1967 and subsequently sold to Loral. [3]
Evergreen Engineering Product development, including medical instrumentation. Established in 1977 by Steve Johnson and George Eilers. [3]
Failure Analysis Associates Analysis of failure modes and causes. Now known as Exponent. [3]
Granger Associates Established in 1956, Granger focused on communications, antennas, and electrostatic dischargers. Acquired by Digital Switch Corporation, which in turn merged with Alcatel-Lucent. [3]
Katun Corporation World's largest supplier of after-market copier parts with $360 million revenue in 2001. Sold to Banc of America Investors and Svoboda Collins Inc. in 2002 [3]
Kimball Resources Provided energy management and trading services. Founded in 1985. [3]
Mirage Systems Develops military stealth technology and "Ground Penetrating Synthetic Aperture Radar" (GPSAR) for Black Hawk helicopters, unmanned and light aircraft. [3][7]
Raychem Established in 1957, Raychem created insulation products, including shrink-wrap wire insulation. It was purchased by Tyco International in 1999 for $2.9 billion. [3]
Scientific Products Created electronic products, one of which was a metronome. [3]
Strategic Business Insights (SBI) Formerly SRI Consulting-Business Intelligence, combines ongoing research with consulting services to create insights that affect customers, business, and technology. [8]
Superflex Robotics project, aiming at human augmentation. [9]
Systems Control, Inc. (SCI) Created engineering systems. [3]
Telecommunications International (TCI) Founded in 1961 to design and manufacture antennas. [3]
Vista Research Remote sensing and signal processing applications, including leak detection and location. [3]

Legal, policy and finance

Name Notability References
Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy Performs long-term studies of the economy of California for both public and private sector clients. [3]
Decision Focus Inc. Analysis-based planning and market analysis. Merged with Aeronomics in 1997 to make DFI/Aeronomics Inc., which changed its name to Talus Solutions and was acquired by Manugistics in 2000. Manugistics was acquired by JDA Software in 2006. [3][10][11]
Economic Research Associates Performed tourism market analysis, particularly for Disney World and other theme parks. Sold to Planning Research Corporation in 1969. [3]
Fair Isaac Corporation Helps companies win new customers and markets. Their software managed about 85% of credit cards worldwide as of 2006. [3]
Global Business Network Strategy consulting organization. [3]
Harrison Price Company Founded by Harrison Price in 1978. Economic consultants. [3]
Institute for the Future Think tank that assists corporations with long-term planning. [3]
Litigation Risk Analysis Applied decision analysis to legal risk estimation. [3]
Litigation Risk Management Institute Performed risk management and analysis. [3]
SmartOrg Performed business development and research services. [3]
Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) Decision analysis-based planning; bought by Navigent and then returned to SDG via a management buyout. [3]
Strategic Economic Decisions Decision analysis and business strategy. Founded in 1981 by Horace "Woody" Brock. [3]
The Beron Group Created decision analysis services and related tools. Founded in 1985. [3]

Information and computing sciences

Name Notability References
Alterego Created software to customize web page contents to thin clients. Acquired by Macromedia in 2002. [3]
Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII) Contract research organization that specializes in artificial intelligence in Australia. [3]
ANSA Software Built Paradox commercial relational database software. The company was purchased by Borland in 1987 who licensed it to Corel in 1996. [3]
August Systems Created fault-tolerant software. [3]
BusinessLand One of the first companies to sell personal computers; founded in 1982, and by 1988 had over $1 billion sales per year. Sold to JWP, Inc. in 1991 for $54 million. [3][12][13]
China Mobilesoft Created software for mobile device manufacturers, primarily for end users in China. Acquired by PalmSource in 2004, which was acquired by ACCESS in 2005. [3][14]
Cohesive Network Services Provided network engineering services. Purchased for $100 million in 1999 by Exodus Communications. [3]
Communications Intelligence Corporation Supplies electronic signature solutions[buzzword] and biometric signature verification to the financial industry. Founded in 1981 by Hew Crane, Earle Jones, John Ostrem and Peter Edberg. [3][15]
Comware International Built gateways for IBM systems. Moved to sensing storage and display systems. [3]
Cybercash Provided online financial transactions. Acquired by Verisign. [3]
DataQuest Created market surveys and studies of technical fields. Acquired by ACNielsen in 1978 and Gartner Group in 1995. [3]
DenseNet Created optical signal processing and switching devices. [3]
Desti Travel guide based on the CALO artificial intelligence project [16]
Digideck Created data compression software for sound recordings. Founded in 1986 and sold to Datacast in 1996. [3][17][18]
Discern Communications Acquired by Spanlink Communications. Automated question-answering for customer service centers. [19]
E-Trade Online discount equity trading [3]
enVia Partners A venture capital firm that launches companies that focus on wireless technologies. [3][20]
Etak Founded in 1983, this company created digital maps for navigation systems. Acquired by Tele Atlas in 2000. [3]
e-Vue Dissolved company. Offered MPEG-4 compliant encoding and authoring tools. [21]
Firetide Produced network devices for a cheap, rapidly deployable WiFi service. [3]
FX Development Group Founded in 1989, this company created terminals used for foreign exchange, bond and energy trading. They were acquired by Dow Jones & Company in 1991. [3]
GWcom Created two-way pagers and provided cell phone services in China. Split into two companies, GWtech and Byair. [3]
Global Internet Access Services Internet service provider, founded in 1987. Sold to Verio, who subsequently sold it to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone around 1996. [3]
Global Internet Software Wrote network security software for Windows NT machines. Purchased for $40 million in 1997 by Cisco Systems; their technology was integrated into Cisco's PIX firewall. [3]
Grabit Produces industrial automation and materials handling solutions.[buzzword] [22]
Innovation Research of California Created software that helped the creative process in an organization. Renamed to Innovation Engines in 2000. [3]
Interop Specialized in internet communications and enterprise networking equipment. [3]
Kestrel Institute Developed logic programming and AI software. [3]
Kuato Studios Game company developing a platform designed to make learning more entertaining. [23]
Machine Intelligence Corp (MIC) AI application that improved assembly line work. [3]
Metapath Created local area networking equipment; founded in 1984. [3]
Microbot Created miniature robots for teaching. Sold to UMI around 1991. [3][24]
MobileSoft Technology Creator of linux-based embedded systems, based in China. [3]
Netiva Software Created database systems for internet applications. Renamed to Portera Systems in 1998 and was acquired by Exigen Group in 2002. [3][25]
Neural Systems Corp Created "trainable" logic to increase recording density. [3]
Nuance Communications Provides speech, biometrics, automotive, mobile, and imaging solutions[buzzword] for enterprise, healthcare, government, and other industries. [3][26]
Ordinate Created software to measure the quality of spoken language. [3]
Packethop Creates packet routing systems for wireless networks. [3][27]
Reactive Network Solutions Created network security products to protect against denial of service attacks. [3]
Redwood Robotics Acquired by Google in 2013; it was working on a new generation of robot arms that are simple to program, inexpensive, and safe to operate alongside people. [28][29][30]
Rooftop Communications Fixed site wireless internet access. Sold for $57 million in 1999 to Nokia. [3]
SecureSoft Created secure database products. Renamed to Crosslogix in 1997, awarded $22 million in venture capital funds in 2000, and purchased by BEA Systems in February 2003. [3]
Secure Products Develops anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion systems based on material marking and recognition technology. [31]
Siri Acquired by Apple in 2010. Its virtual personal assistant technology was first included in the iPhone 4S. [32]
Skypilot Networks Created wireless internet access products. Acquired by Trilliant Incorporated in 2009. [3][33]
Social Kinetics Acquired by RedBrick Health in 2010, provides methods and technology for driving the success of enterprise social media. [citation needed]
Sportvision Offers virtual advertising and imaging solutions[buzzword] for television, including the yellow line in football and the yellow puck in hockey. Previously known as PVI Virtual Media Services. [34]
Symantec Founded by Gary Hendrix in 1979, this company started as an AI-based database query language and system called QandA; evolved into large antivirus vendor. [3]
Syntelligence Created AI software applications, founded in 1983. [3]
Systar Software applications for computer networking. [3]
Teleos Research Created robotic systems and devices. [3]
Tempo AI Created a smart calendar for the iPhone. [35]
TGV Founded in 1988, this company created communications software and simulation software for VAX computers. TGV stood for "Two Guys and a Vax". The company was sold to Cisco Systems in 1996. [3]
Tout Offers a web application that captures life's "defining moments" via real-time video streaming and sharing. [36]
Trapit Offers a virtual personal assistant that uses artificial intelligence to understand your interests and personalize the web. [37][38]
Verbatim Corporation Established in 1969, created recording media including floppy diskettes. Acquired by Mitsubishi Chemical. [3]
Vocera Communications Created wireless communications systems [3]
Wireless Security Corp Created WiFi security systems. Acquired by McAfee in 2005. [3][39]



Health science

Name Notability References
Artificial Muscle Acquired by Bayer MaterialScience. Develops, designs, and manufactures actuator and sensing components based on electroactive polymers. In 2011, AMI announced ViviTouch, bringing sensory vibration to the mobile gaming experience. [40][41]
CCS Associates Founded in 1985 on analysis and risk assessment of chemicals in the environment; moved to drug development and toxicology. [3]
CONSULT it Provides consulting services, primarily in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical fields; also serves as a venture capital firm. [3]
DaVinci Healthcare Partners Performed healthcare research and development, focusing on cancer care and related areas. [3]
Genetrace Systems Created drug leads through genetic profiling. [3]
Intuitive Surgical Creates systems for robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery, most notably the da Vinci Surgical System. [3][42]
Health Industries Research Company Performed market research for healthcare companies, with offices in several states. [3]
Health Strategies Group Provided research and consulting services for healthcare products companies. [3]
Intuity Medical Offers diabetes management solutions. They are developing a blood glucose monitoring system designed to make testing easy, convenient and discreet. [43]
Locus Pharmaceuticals Accelerates discovery and development of novel, small molecule drug therapies. [citation needed]
Menlo Biomedical Global pharmaceutical and healthcare research organization. Purchased by Isis Research in 2000 and Synovate Healthcare in 2003. [3]
Orchid CellMark Offers proprietary pharmacogenetics and microfluidics platform technologies [44]
Pangene Corporation Created anticancer and antiviral enzyme inhibitors. [3]
Redcoat Solutions Created a product to detect the presence of bed bugs in a room. [45][46]
Songbird Hearing Created the world's first disposable hearing aid. [47]
SynVax Pharmaceuticals Created biologically active peptides based on patents granted while at SRI. [3]
Telesensory Systems Created devices to aid handicapped people. [3]
Intuitive Surgical's robotic surgery system, the da Vinci Surgical System

Food science

Name Notability References
AgIndustries Created strategic analyses for crop protection and other agricultural industries. [3]
Ridge Vineyards California winery specializing in premium Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Chardonnay wines. [3]
Tragon Corporation Started as taste testing company in 1974, but expanded into a broad consulting organization for the food industry. [3]

Physical sciences

Name Notability References
4C Technology Created silicon-based preceramic polymers. Failed in 1999. [3]
Electroprint Corp Financed by Sun Chemical in 1971, this company created an electronically controlled stencil screening system to place images on cloth. [3]
Explosives Technology Co. Explosive products including the cutters that separated the ascent and descent vehicles in the first lunar departure. The company was sold to Ducommun in 1971. [3]
Finnigan Instruments Created smaller and cheaper gas chromatograph mass spectrometers. Now known as Thermo Finnigan and Thermo Electronics. [3]
Horner Associates Computer-aided chemical design [3]
Lamina Ceramics Now a subsidiary of Lighting Science Group Corporation. Makes advanced lighting products. [citation needed]
Lightscape Materials Develops and supplies phosphor solutions for the LED industry [48]
Power Survey Company Provides mobile contact voltage detection services to utilities and municipalities worldwide. [49]
Princeton Lightwave Makes high-performance optical components for advanced network applications. [50]
SRI Consulting (SRIC) A division of IHS Inc., SRIC is a leading business research service for the chemical industry. [51]

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