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Sailor Moon Crystal
Sailor Moon Crystal Poster Art.png
Japanese promotional poster for Sailor Moon Crystal
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 39
Original network Niconico, Tokyo MX
Original release July 5, 2014 (2014-07-05) – Present

Sailor Moon Crystal is a 2014 original net animation adaptation of the shōjo manga series Sailor Moon written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi and produced in commemoration of the original series' 20th anniversary.[1] Produced by Toei Animation and directed by Munehisa Sakai and Chiaki Kon, the first two seasons of the series were streamed worldwide on the Niconico website from July 5, 2014 to July 18, 2015. They covered the first 26 chapters of the re-release manga.[2][3] In September 2015, Toei announced that a third season was in production. The third season of Sailor Moon Crystal is known as the "Death Busters" arc, which is based on the "Infinity" arc of the manga.[4] The first episode of the third season was previewed at the Animate Ikebukuro store in Tokyo on March 6, 2016. The third season had only 13 episodes. The fourth season (based on the Dreams saga) is said to be released sometime in mid Fall, 2017.

Episode list[edit]

Season I: Dark Kingdom (2014–15)[edit]

No. Official English title
Original Japanese title
Episode director(s) Writer(s) Animation director(s) Original release date
(Niconico streaming)[5]
English release date[6][7]
1 "Usagi -Sailor Moon-"
"Usagi -Sērā Mūn-" (うさぎ -SAILOR MOON-) 
Munehisa Sakai Yūji Kobayashi Kozue Komatsu
Yukie Sakō (Chief Animation Director)
July 5, 2014 (2014-07-05) November 20, 2015
While running to Juban Public Middle School, 14-year-old Usagi Tsukino briefly encounters a cat with a crescent-shaped bald patch on its forehead after tripping over it. Elsewhere, a shadowy man named Jadeite creates a woman out of clay and orders her to steal a "Legendary Silver Crystal". Usagi and her friend Naru Osaka visit her mother's jewelry store, which is undergoing a sudden sale. After a brief encounter with a man wearing a tuxedo, the cat appears again, revealing her ability to speak and introducing herself as Luna. Luna gives Usagi a brooch that allows her to transform into a Sailor Guardian. After transforming, Usagi hears a plea from Naru. Naru's mother had been replaced by a monster named Morga who was using the jewelry family business to drain energy from those who bought them. Calling herself "Sailor Moon", Usagi confronts Morga. With encouragement from the tuxedo-wearing stranger, Usagi kills Morga using her Moon Tiara Boomerang. As Usagi sees off the stranger, who introduces himself as Tuxedo Mask, Jadeite watches over her actions. 
2 "Ami -Sailor Mercury-"
"Ami -Sērā Mākyurī-" (亜美 -SAILOR MERCURY-) 
Hiroyuki Satō Yūji Kobayashi Miho Tanaka
Yumiko Ishii
Yukie Sakō (Chief Animation Director)
July 19, 2014 (2014-07-19) November 20, 2015
Ami Mizuno is a particularly gifted student at Juban Public Middle School. Luna feels that Ami has the potential to become a Sailor Guardian. The next day, Luna makes an opportunity for Usagi and Ami to befriend each other after school. The two go to Game Center Crown arcade, and they win two pens from the Sailor V arcade game machine. Afterwards, Ami goes to the Crystal Seminar, unaware that they have drained their energy as one of Jadeite's plans. Usagi and Luna look into the disk Ami received from the Crystal Seminar and realize that it is a hypnotizing program tricking people into finding information on the Legendary Silver Crystal. Usagi uses the pen she received from the arcade machine to disguise herself as a doctor. She sneaks into the Crystal Seminar to rescue Ami, but is overpowered by a monster. This causes Ami to snap out of her trance, and uses the pen she received from the arcade to transform into a new Sailor Guardian known as Sailor Mercury, and assists Sailor Moon in defeating the monster. 
3 "Rei -Sailor Mars-"
"Rei -Sērā Māzu-" (レイ -SAILOR MARS-) 
Yōko Ikeda Yūji Kobayashi Hiromi Ishigami
Kozue Komatsu
Yukie Sakō (Chief Animation Director)
August 2, 2014 (2014-08-02) November 27, 2015
The leader of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, calls out Jadeite for his failures. She reveals to him and two other dark kings named Nephrite and Zoisite that the Legendary Silver Crystal is said to contain immense power. Meanwhile, Usagi meets a shrine maiden named Rei Hino. They soon realize that a girl has disappeared. They assume that it is connected to a rumor about a "Demon 6:00 P.M. Bus" that is said to spirit people away. While returning to the Hikawa Shrine, Usagi encounters the stranger once again. He reveals his name as Mamoru Chiba. As Rei laments living alone due to her mysterious powers, she sees a vision of Usagi being captured and rushes out. Jadeite captures Rei and takes her inside the Demon Bus. Usagi and Ami enter the portal, but soon realize it is a trap. When Rei attempts to stop Jadeite from using his ice powers to freeze Ami and Usagi, she awakens her own powers and transforms into Sailor Mars. After Usagi launches one final Moon Tiara Boomerang attack to trap Jadeite, Rei overpowers Jadeite's ice abilities with her own flames, forcing him to flee. As the missing children are safely returned to their families, a mysterious chest is flown into Japan. 
4 "Masquerade Dance Party"
"Masukarēdo -Kamen Butōkai-" (Masquerade -仮面舞踏会-) 
Hiroyuki Satō Mutsumi Itō Yasuhiro Namatame
Ken Ueno
Yukie Sakō (Chief Animation Director)
August 16, 2014 (2014-08-16) December 4, 2015
Luna overhears Usagi's classmates talk about how a princess from the kingdom of D will be exhibiting a secret treasure during a dinner party. Luna believes it to be related to the Moon Princess and the Legendary Silver Crystal. Usagi disguises herself, Ami, and Rei as princesses to sneak into the embassy. While Usagi wanders off and ends up briefly dancing with Tuxedo Mask, Ami and Rei discover Princess D's bodyguard is actually Nephrite. His shadow possesses Princess D and has her escape with the kingdom's treasure. The Sailor Guardians confront the possessed princess. Usagi receives a new tiara in the process, and uses it to blast Nephrite's shadow out of Princess D's body. After Nephrite regroups with Jadeite, Zoisite, and Kunzite, they introduce themselves as the Four Kings of Heaven and leaving. As Princess D reveals her kingdom's secret treasure, which turns out to be a diamond carving of herself, Tuxedo Mask gives a sleeping Usagi a kiss. He flees after revealing to Luna that he is also searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal. 
5 "Makoto -Sailor Jupiter-"
"Makoto -Sērā Jupitā-" (まこと -SAILOR JUPITER-) 
Takahide Ogata Mutsumi Itō Naoko Kuwabara
Yukie Sakō (Chief Animation Director)
September 6, 2014 (2014-09-06) December 11, 2015
Usagi is saved from being hit by a car by a girl wearing another school's uniform. She reveals herself to be a transfer student named Makoto Kino. Although the others in Makoto's class are too intimidated by her assumed superhuman strength to approach her, Usagi easily befriends her and takes her to the arcade. Usagi and the others hear about a bridal shop that is said to be cursed by a possessed mannequin that seduces grooms and kidnaps them. That night, Tuxedo Mask appears before Usagi. He leads her and the others to Makoto as she is cornered by Motoki Furuhata, who has been possessed by the "cursed bride" monster commanded by Nephrite. However, Makoto awakens her powers as Sailor Jupiter and defeats Nephrite and his monster. With Makoto joining the Sailor Guardians, Luna gives a new magical item known as the Moon Stick to Usagi, assigning her the leader of the Sailor Guardians. 
6 "Tuxedo Mask"
"Takishīdo Kamen -Takishīdo Masuku-" (タキシード仮面 -TUXEDO MASK-) 
Yōko Ikeda Yūji Kobayashi Miho Tanaka
Yukie Sakō (Chief Animation Director)
September 20, 2014 (2014-09-20) December 18, 2015
Tuxedo Mask announces that he has committed various crimes in search of the Legendary Silver Crystal to discover information. Usagi hears a voice from the Sailor V arcade game. Zoisite uses the media to hypnotize citizens into searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Luna takes the girls to her secret base underneath the arcade, and manages to locate the source of the controlling signal. Usagi runs off on her own when Luna implies it may be Tuxedo Mask's doing. As the other Sailor Guardians confront Zoisite, Usagi comes across Tuxedo Mask. He apologizes for things turning out like this and states that he desires to search for the Legendary Silver Crystal despite lacking any special power of his own. After Zoisite overpowers the Sailor Guardians with his attacks, Queen Beryl arrives and prepares to turn the Earth into part of the Dark Kingdom, but Usagi uses the Moon Stick's Moon Healing Escalation technique to critically damage Zoisite, forcing him and Queen Beryl to flee. Usagi restores the citizens to normal. After exhausting her energy, Usagi wakes up the next day in Mamoru's apartment. Usagi learns Mamoru's true identity as Tuxedo Mask, who already knows Usagi is Sailor Moon. 
7 "Mamoru Chiba -Tuxedo Mask-"
"Chiba Mamoru -Takishīdo Masuku-" (地場衛 -TUXEDO MASK-) 
Narumi Kuroda Mutsumi Itō Paul Año-nuevo
Aries Nario
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Director)
October 4, 2014 (2014-10-04) December 25, 2015
Mamoru explains to Usagi that he needs the Legendary Silver Crystal to regain his memories, which he lost in a car accident that killed his parents. He asks her to keep his identity a secret. Meanwhile, Queen Beryl meets with her master, Queen Metalia. Queen Beryl recalls when she first released her from the seal the Sailor Guardians previously placed upon her. Beryl then dispatches Zoisite once again to steal the Legendary Silver Crystal. As Usagi and the others do some research on Sailor V, they soon discover that a DVD rental shop set up by Zoisite is brainwashing citizens into searching for Sailor Moon. After Usagi uses her Moon Healing Escalation to cure the brainwashed citizens, she is attacked by Zoisite. Mamoru rescues Usagi. Zoisite singlehandedly knocks out Mamoru. Usagi is saved from certain death by Sailor V and her white cat companion named Artemis
8 "Minako -Sailor V-"
"Minako -Sērā Bui–" (美奈子 -SAILOR V-) 
Hiroyuki Satō Yūji Kobayashi Hiroshi Shimizu
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Director)
October 18, 2014 (2014-10-18) January 1, 2016
As Artemis says that Sailor V is Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, Usagi's tiara suddenly changes shape and shows her a brief glimpse of a forgotten memory. After both Zoisite and Mamoru retreat, Sailor V introduces herself as Minako Aino. She explains about the Dark Kingdom's ambitions to gather energy from innocent people and conquer Earth and her mission to seal Queen Metalia once again. After having a dream about a man named Endymion, Usagi runs into Mamoru. He offers to trade Usagi's lost handkerchief for the return of his pocket watch some time. Artemis reveals to Luna that she had some of her own memories sealed. Later that night, Kunzite demands that Minako bring the Legendary Silver Crystal to him alone or else everyone in Tokyo will be killed. The other Sailor Guardians soon catch on and join Minako in fighting against Kunzite. When he launches an attack at everyone, Mamoru steps in to take the hit and protect Usagi. 
9 "Serenity -Princess-"
"Sereniti -Purinsesu-" (セレニティ -PRINCESS-) 
Kumiko Habara Mutsumi Itō Momoko Makiuchi
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Director)
November 1, 2014 (2014-11-01) January 8, 2016
In his dying moments, Mamoru comes to realize that his true identity is Endymion. Usagi's sorrow over Mamoru's death transforms her into the true Serenity. She regains memories of her past life in the process and shows how she fell in love with Endymion despite their being laws against people from the Earth and Moon seeing each other. When the Earth Kingdom attacked Silver Millennium, Endymion sacrificed himself to protect Serenity. Usagi's tears bring forth the Legendary Silver Crystal and that power drips into Mamoru's body. Queen Beryl arrives, and she and Kunzite take Mamoru back to the Dark Kingdom. Afterwards, Minako reveals she is the true leader of the Sailor Guardians, while Artemis shows the other Sailor Guardians their past lives. In order to locate the Dark Kingdom where Mamoru is being held, all of the Sailor Guardians decide to travel to the Moon and learn the whole truth. 
10 "Moon"
"Mūn –Tsuki–" (Moon –月–) 
Masato Mitsuka Yūji Kobayashi Akira Takahashi
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Director)
November 15, 2014 (2014-11-15) January 15, 2016
Usagi and the others land on the Moon, and they are greeted by a hologram of Queen Serenity. The Queen shows them their past lives in Silver Millennium. She assures Usagi that Mamoru is still alive as she had willed the Legendary Silver Crystal to save him. She asks Usagi to think about the true power of the Legendary Silver Crystal before her time runs out. Meanwhile, the Four Dark Kings learn that they were once righteous knights who served under Endymion in their past lives. However, they are discovered by Queen Beryl and once again put under her control. Beryl sends them to Earth to freeze Tokyo and obtain the Legendary Silver Crystal from Usagi. Recognizing the four knights' true identities, Minako and the other Sailor Guardians combine their powers into the Sailor Planet Attack in order to try and free the knights from Beryl's control, but fail. Beryl uses her power to put Mamoru under her control too, and sends him to kill Usagi. 
11 "Reunion -Endymion-"
"Saikai -Endimion-" (再会 -ENDYMION-) 
Miho Hirayama Mutsumi Ito Miho Tanaka
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Director)
December 6, 2014 (2014-12-06) January 22, 2016
Usagi and the others try out the sword they obtained from the Moon. Usagi sneaks out and discovers someone strongly resembling Mamoru. Usagi is unaware it is actually Mamoru under Queen Beryl's control. He has used hypnotism to make himself Motoki's friend. Makoto attempts to figure out his true identity. She is hypnotized into leading the others to the command center and drawing out Usagi and the Legendary Silver Crystal. At the command center, the Sailor Guardians are confronted by Queen Beryl and the brainwashed Mamoru. 
12 "Enemy -Queen Metalia-"
"Teki -Kuin Metaria-" (敵 -QUEEN METARIA-) 
Hiroyuki Satō Yūji Kobayashi Paul Año-nuevo
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Director)
December 20, 2014 (2014-12-20) January 29, 2016
Queen Beryl states that Mamoru had died and has been resurrected as the strongest warrior of the Dark Kingdom. As Ami takes everyone to an alternate dimension to protect the command center, Minako explains to the others how Queen Metalia is the one controlling Beryl. In Beryl's previous life, she was in love with Endymion but killed him out of jealousy. Minako manages to call forth the holy sword and Usagi manages to break the necklace that sends Metalia's power to Beryl, destroying the latter in the process. Afterwards, Metalia has Mamoru steal the holy sword. This forces Usagi to chase after him through a portal taking them to the North Pole. As Usagi confronts Mamoru, who has the power of Queen Metalia behind him, the other four Sailor Guardians end up having to confront the Four Dark Kings in order to reach her. The Sailor Guardians manage to purify the Four Dark Kings and remind them of their true purpose, but Metalia kills the four kings. Learning from Luna that a piece of the Legendary Silver Crystal is inside Mamoru's body, Usagi fails to purify him with the Moon Healing Escalation. Usagi strikes Mamoru with the holy sword before stabbing herself with it. 
13 "Final Battle -Reincarnation-"
"Kessen -Riinkānēshon-" (決戦 -REINCARNATION-) 
Yukio Kaizawa Mutsumi Itō Yoshiyuki Ishikawa
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Director)
January 3, 2015 (2015-01-03) February 5, 2016
With Usagi and Mamoru's death, the Legendary Silver Crystal takes its true form. Mamoru and Usagi are sucked in by Queen Metalia. The other Sailor Guardians attempt to fight in Usagi's place, to no avail. Metalia uses the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal to spread her evil all over Earth. Meanwhile, Luna has Artemis take her to the command crystal to ask for Queen Serenity's help. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, the other Sailor Guardians sense that Usagi is still alive and use their own life force to awaken her. She survived her suicide attempt thanks to Mamoru's pocket watch. Using the Legendary Silver Crystal's power, Usagi breaks free from Metalia's grasp. She is relieved to find Mamoru is still alive. Usagi struggles to seal Metalia by herself. The spirits of the Four Dark Kings, whose gems had protected Mamoru from the holy sword, inform Mamoru of Metalia's weak point. This allows Mamoru to give Usagi the courage to bring out the Legendary Silver Crystal's true form as the Moon Stick. 
14 "Conclusion and Commencement -Petite Étrangère- [a]"
"Shūketsu Soshite Hajimari -Puchit Etoranjēru-" (終結 そして 始まり -PETITE ÉTRANGÈRE-) 
Munehisa Sakai Yūji Kobayashi Akira Takahashi January 17, 2015 (2015-01-17) February 12, 2016
As Usagi tries to use the strength of her heart to overpower Queen Metalia, the power of the other Sailor Guardians restores the Crystal Tower on the Moon. Luna uses the Crystal Tower to grant Usagi the power of the Moon. Using this power, Usagi manages to destroy Queen Metalia with the Moon Stick. This shatters her own transformation brooch in the process and restores the Silver Millennium to its former glory. After being awakened by a kiss from Mamoru, Usagi is summoned by Luna to the Moon. Usagi is told she will become the new queen. However, Usagi states that she wants to return to living on Earth with her friends and lover. Queen Serenity gives her a new transformation brooch. This allows Usagi to become Sailor Moon once more and use Moon Healing Escalation to restore the planet to normal and bring back her friends. As the girls return to their peaceful everyday lives, Usagi and Mamoru's private time is suddenly interrupted when a pink-haired girl suddenly falls out from a portal in the sky. The girl is also named Usagi. The young girl points a gun at Usagi. She demands she give her the Legendary Silver Crystal. 

Season II: Black Moon (2015)[edit]

No. Official English title
Original Japanese title
Episode director(s) Writer(s) Animation director(s) Original release date
(Niconico streaming)
English release date
O[b] S[c]
15 1 "Infiltration -Sailor Mars-"
"Shinnyū -Sērā Māzu–" (侵入 -SAILOR MARS-) 
Naoyuki Itō Mutsumi Itō Miho Tanaka
Yumiko Ishii (Assistant Animation Supervisor)
Yoshiko Minamihara (Assistant Animation Supervisor)
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
February 7, 2015 (2015-02-07) February 19, 2016
Mamoru stops the smaller Usagi, who only had a fake gun. She is subsequently referred to as "Chibiusa". Another evil group, the Black Moon Clan, seeks to target the Legendary Silver Crystal, which could stand in the way of their plans. Upon being taken back to Usagi's house, Chibiusa hypnotizes Usagi's family into letting her stay with them. Meanwhile, Rei helps out with her school's Supernatural Research Club for a school fair, and learns about alleged incidents of people being abducted or spontaneously combusting. Rei's fortune telling booth is challenged by another fortune teller, Koan Kurozuki, who is later revealed to be one of the Spectre Sisters, servants of Black Moon. As the Sailor Guardians confront her, Koan traps Rei in an inextinguishable blue flame. Though Usagi destroys Koan, the blue flames remain unbroken, and Koan's leader Rubeus captures Rei and takes her away. 
16 2 "Abduction -Sailor Mercury-"
"Yūkai -Sērā Mākyurī-" (誘拐 -SAILOR MERCURY-) 
Yōko Ikeda Yūji Kobayashi Paul Año-nuevo
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
February 21, 2015 (2015-02-21) February 26, 2016
Usagi thinks Chibiusa knows who captured Rei, while Mamoru tries to get to know Chibiusa better. Chibiusa wants Usagi to rescue her mother. The next of the Spectre Sisters, Berthier, challenges Ami to a chess match, demanding from Ami to give up Chibiusa should she win. Ami wins the match; however, she is caught in Berthier's water sphere. Usagi destroys Berthier, but Rubeus captures Ami and takes her away. 
17 3 "Secret -Sailor Jupiter-"
"Himitsu -Sērā Jupitā–" (秘密 -SAILOR JUPITER-) 
Kumiko Habara Mutsumi Itō Momoko Makiuchi
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
March 7, 2015 (2015-03-07) March 4, 2016
The Sailor Guardians realize Chibiusa is Black Moon's true target. Asanuma, an underclassman of Makoto, overhears a curious conversation between Usagi, Mamoru, and Luna. The oldest of the Spectre Sisters, Petz, spreads a virus across the city and sends an army of Droids to replace everyone in their weakness. As Makoto is weakened by the virus, Asanuma looks after her, and learns her true identity as Sailor Jupiter. Despite Usagi managing to defeat Petz, Makoto is caught by her own thunder and captured by Rubeus. 
18 4 "Invasion -Sailor Venus-"
"Shinryaku -Sērā Vīnasu-" (侵略 -SAILOR VENUS-) 
Yukihiko Nakao Yūji Kobayashi Akira Takahashi
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
March 21, 2015 (2015-03-21) March 11, 2016
Artemis analyzes one of Petz's Malefic Black Crystal earrings, of which Chibiusa is terrified. Rubeus sends the fourth and final Specter Sister, Calaveras. Calaveras uses her medium powers to channel Rubeus and call upon the powers of her fallen sisters by possessing others. While Minako faces Calaveras, Rubeus confronts Usagi and Chibiusa, but they are saved by Mamoru. Calaveras manages to capture Minako, but Usagi defeats her and manages to save Minako. Chibiusa explains that she comes from 30th century Earth to seek Usagi's help in saving her time. 
19 5 "Time Warp -Sailor Pluto-"
"Taimu Wāpu -Sērā Purūto-" (タイム・ワープ -SAILOR PLUTO-) 
Yukio Kaizawa Mutsumi Itō Yoshiyuki Ichikawa
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
April 4, 2015 (2015-04-04) March 18, 2016
Usagi and the others decide to go to the future to rescue the other Sailor Guardians and to help Chibiusa. Chibiusa uses her space-time key to open up the doorway to the future. They become separated from Chibiusa and wound up across a door Luna has recalled from a dream. The Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto, guards this door. Pluto fights them until Chibiusa intervenes. Pluto grants Usagi and the others safe passage to the 30th century Earth. They see a large black crystal has robbed energy from all of Crystal Tokyo's citizens. Before they can reach the Crystal Tokyo Palace, the Boule Brothers, also servants of Black Moon, confront them and trap everyone inside a magnetic field from which they cannot escape, but are later defeated by Mamoru. Usagi and the others reach the palace. They come across Chibiusa's mother, Neo Queen Serenity, who is frozen in the crystals. Another Tuxedo Mask greets Usagi and the others. 
20 6 "Crystal Tokyo -King Endymion-"
"Kurisutaru Tōkyō -Kingu Endimion–" (クリスタル・トーキョー -KING ENDYMION-) 
Hideki Hiroshima Yūji Kobayashi Miho Tanaka
Yoshiko Minamihara (Assistant Animation Supervisor)
Yumiko Ishii (Assistant Animation Supervisor)
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
April 18, 2015 (2015-04-18) March 25, 2016
The future Tuxedo Mask appears as a projection of his soul. He reveals himself as King Endymion who is Mamoru's future self, Neo Queen Serenity is Usagi's future self, and Chibiusa is their daughter. King Endymion also explains what happened to everyone in the future, the origins of Black Moon, and where the captured Sailor Guardians may be. Pluto gives Usagi a key so that they can freely travel between the past and the future Earth, and Usagi and the others return to their time. However, Chibiusa pays a visit to the future on her own, and is targeted by Black Moon's Esmeraude. Mamoru destroys Esmeraude, but the Clan's leader Prince Demande suddenly appears and captures Usagi. 
21 7 "Complication -Nemesis-"
"Sakusō -Nemeshisu-" (錯綜 -NEMESIS-) 
Hiroyuki Satō Yūji Kobayashi Keiko Iwata
Paul Año-Nuevo
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
May 2, 2015 (2015-05-02) April 1, 2016
Usagi awakens in Planet Nemesis, Black Moon's hideout. Prince Demande explains Black Moon's past as well as his intentions for Usagi's time. King Endymion states that Chibiusa cannot utilize the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, and deduces that members of Black Moon are descendants of Death Phantom, an evil that Neo Queen Serenity sealed away on Nemesis long ago. Unable to transform due to Nemesis' influence, Usagi decides to cast aside her doubts and focus on her desire to protect others. Usagi's voice manages to awaken Ami, Rei, and Makoto before they are once again restrained by Demande. Meanwhile, Chibiusa struggles with thoughts of how her actions affected everyone and starts feeling lonely and confused. She ends up wandering into Wiseman's clutches and falls under his influence. 
22 8 "Hidden Agenda -Nemesis-"
"Omowaku -Nemeshisu-" (思惑 -NEMESIS-) 
Nozomu Shishido Yūji Kobayashi Akira Takahashi
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
May 16, 2015 (2015-05-16) April 8, 2016
Usagi is still stuck on Nemesis, but as she is about to be killed by Saphir and two of his droids, she receives strong will power, which prevents Saphir from stabbing her and destroys his two droids. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and finds Ami, Rei, and Makoto, who are now able to transform and escape their imprisonment. They reach Nemesis' reactor, where they face Demande, Saphir, and Rubeus. The Legendary Silver Crystal's power causes Nemesis' reactor to melt down. Rubeus tries to escape to safety, but Wiseman kills him. The Sailor Guardians escape to the door of Time and Space. Usagi learns that Mamoru ran after Chibiusa. Neither one has a space-time key. 
23 9 "Covert Maneuvers -Wiseman-"
"An'yaku -Waizuman-" (暗躍 -WISEMAN-) 
Yukihiko Nakao Yūji Kobayashi Paul Año-Nuevo
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
June 6, 2015 (2015-06-06) April 15, 2016
While Usagi and her friends try to go out into the storm to look for Mamoru and Chibiusa, a new Black Moon member introduces herself as Black Lady to Prince Demande and Saphir. After she passes out in the storm, Usagi wakes up in the 20th century, but she and the Sailor Guardians return to the future. Black Lady enters the crystal palace and is about to attack Usagi, but Neo Queen Serenity, still inside the Silver Crystal, sends a powerful light that causes Black Lady to be locked out of the palace. The five Sailor Guardians prepare to fight Black Lady and Wiseman. 
24 10 "Attack -Black Lady-"
"Kōgeki -Burakku Redi-" (攻撃 -BLACK LADY-) 
Miho Hirayama Mutsumi Ito Miho Tanaka
Aki Yamauchi (Assistant Animation Supervisor)
Yumiko Ishii (Assistant Animation Supervisor)
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
June 20, 2015 (2015-06-20) April 22, 2016
Black Lady summons Saphir and Prince Demande to subdue the Sailor Guardians, and reveals Mamoru is under her control. Mamoru attacks Usagi, while Black Lady summons another Black Crystal. Wiseman orders Black Lady to summon another Black Crystal. Demande, who had kept a lucid mind all along, objects to the summoning of another Black Crystal because this would destroy the 30th century Earth. Demande is forced to kill his brother who attacks him by orders of Black Lady, and seemingly defeats Wiseman as well. It is revealed that Wiseman's real identity is the planet Nemesis itself, which descends upon the palace. Black Lady manages to obtain both the past and present Legendary Silver Crystals, but Demande steals them from Black Lady just as Sailor Pluto arrives to help. Demande attempts to have both Legendary Silver Crystals touch each other, which would result in the destruction of the Earth. 
25 11 "Showdown -Death Phantom-"
"Taiketsu -Desu Fantomu-" (対決 -DEATH PHANTOM-) 
Nozomu Shishido Yūji Kobayashi Yoshiyuki Ichikawa
Yukie Sako
Kozue Komatsu (Chief Animation Supervisor)
July 4, 2015 (2015-07-04) April 29, 2016
Sailor Pluto stops time to prevent Prince Demande from attempting to have the past and present Legendary Silver Crystals to touch each other. She unfreezes everyone but Demande. Pluto breaks Black Lady's control over Mamoru. Usagi retrieves the past and present Legendary Silver Crystals from Demande. Pluto recalls Queen Serenity telling her that stopping time will result in her own death. Pluto's death unfreezes time and breaks Nemesis' control over Black Lady, where she becomes Chibiusa again. Chibiusa transforms into a Sailor Guardian: Sailor Chibi Moon. Prince Demand dies protecting Usagi from Nemesis, who reveals to be Death Phantom, who has merged his spirit with the planet to become one entity. Just as Nemesis engulfs the future Earth, the Sailor Guardians, Mamoru, and King Endymion prepare for their final battle against the Death Phantom. 
26 12 "Replay -Never Ending-"
"Saisei -Nebā Endingu-" (再生 -NEVER ENDING-) 
Munehisa Sakai Yūji Kobayashi Akira Takahashi
Yukie Sako
July 18, 2015 (2015-07-18) May 6, 2016
Usagi, Death Phantom, and later Mamoru vanish to an unknown place, while the Sailor Guardians and King Endymion return to Crystal Tokyo. Neo Queen Serenity awakens from her longtime slumber inside the palace due to Chibiusa accepting her destiny as a princess of the future Moon Kingdom and as a Sailor Guardian. Usagi and Mamoru hug and kiss before Chibiusa arrives to help them. Usagi and Chibiusa both use the Moon Princess Halation attack to defeat the Death Phantom successfully. Once the Death Phantom is defeated, Neo Queen Serenity bestows the Sailor Guardians new transformations and planet powers. Neo Queen Serenity uses her powers to restore the future Earth and all its residents back to normal. Before Usagi leaves Crystal Tokyo, she meets and speaks to her future self, Neo Queen Serenity, face to face. In the past, Chibiusa, Usagi and Mamoru go to the water fountain to where they first met and say a goodbye to Chibiusa, who must return to the future. Mamoru and Usagi were about to kiss before Chibiusa teleported back to the past. Chibiusa gives Mamoru a letter from her mother, which says Chibiusa has returned so that they can train and spend more time with her. 

Season III: Death Busters (2016)[edit]

No. Official English title
Original Japanese title
Episode director(s) Writer(s) Animation director(s) Original air date English release date
O[b] S[c]
27 1 "Infinity 1 Premonition - Part 1"
"Mugen Ichi Yokan - Zenpen" (無限1 予感・前編) 
Chiaki Kon Yūji Kobayashi Akira Takahashi April 4, 2016 September 28, 2017
An inter-dimensional entity of pure evil, called Pharaoh 90, which plans to overtake the Earth instructs a woman named Kaolinite to destroy "the great power of the light that will ensure his annihilation." At the same time, Rei, Mamoru and a teenage girl, all have a disturbing vision about three shadowed Sailor Guardians, accompanied by a voice that calls for the girl's awakening and "the beginning of doom." A news report airs concerning students being transformed into monsters in a process called "Reversion." Usagi and her friends meet a famed auto racer named Haruka Tenoh, while Mamoru encounters a prominent violinist named Michiru Kaioh. Makoto and Minako recognize their school uniforms from the prestigious Infinity Academy, a school for elite students. Suddenly, another student from Infinity Academy is transformed into a monster in front of the Sailor Guardians, who transform and use their powers to bring her back to normal. Haruka and Michiru are seen observing the altercation from afar. Usagi and her friends later learn that all victims so far have been students from Infinity Academy and decide to investigate the school. 
28 2 "Infinity 1 Premonition - Part 2"
"Mugen Ichi Yokan - Kōhen" (無限1 予感・後編) 
Nozomu Shishido Yūji Kobayashi Yukiko Akiyama
Akira Takahashi (Chief Animation Director)
April 11, 2016
Mamoru escorts Chibiusa and her friends to an amusement park near Infinity Academy. Kaolinite instructs the Witches 5 to find and eliminate the Sailor Guardians. Usagi and her friends investigate Infinity Academy, but they encounter Haruka and Michiru who tell them not to get in their way. Chibiusa finds a girl crouching on the ground, apparently in pain, and offers help, but she tells her to go away. A cat transforms into a Daimon, and the Sailor Guardians face it off, freeing the cat it was possessing. As Chibiusa checks on the girl to make sure she was not hurt, the girl instead points out the injury on Chibiusa's arm. Usagi turns quickly sensing someone watching, and everyone sees two figures of unfamiliar Sailor Guardians silhouetted in the moonlight. 
29 3 "Infinity 2 Ripples"
"Mugen Ni Hamon" (無限2 波紋) 
Yashiro Shun Yūji Kobayashi Paul Año-Nuevo
Akira Takahashi (Chief Animation Director)
April 18, 2016
As the two unknown Sailor Guardians leave, the girl Chibiusa saved uses a mysterious power to heal her wound. She introduces herself as Hotaru Tomoe. Soon after, Hotaru's father Professor Souichi Tomoe presents her with an amulet he says will ease her pain. Kaolinite receives the same omen as Hotaru, Mamoru and Rei regarding the gathering of three talismans. Usagi notices Haruka and Michiru resemble the two unidentified Sailor Guardians. Rei leaves for the mountains to undergo purification training and monitor activities held there by Infinity Academy but is unexpectedly joined by her friends to celebrate her 15th birthday. Eudial of the Witches 5 holds a ceremony involving several students where she has them offer their life energy, or "Hostes" to Master Pharaoh 90. However, Eudial is confronted by the Sailor Guardians and killed by Usagi. Afterwards, she sees one of the unknown Sailor Guardians fleeing the scene and rushes after her. Just when Usagi thought she had lost her, the Sailor Guardian appears behind her and warns her that she and her friends should not interfere. She then kisses Usagi. 
30 4 "Infinity 3 Two New Soldiers"
"Mugen San Futari Nyū Sorujāzu" (無限3 2人 NEW SOLDIERS) 
Daisuke Kurose Yūji Kobayashi Etsushi Mori
Norifumi Okuno
Yuriko Ikehara
Akira Takahashi (Chief Animation Director)
April 25, 2016
Usagi realizes that the Sailor Guardian she met was in fact, Haruka. The Sailor Guardians, Mamoru and Hotaru have the same ominous dream regarding the three talismans and the destruction of the city. Mimete, the second of the Witches 5, plans to gather hosts for Master Pharaoh 90 disguised as a Infinity Academy student and pop idol, Mimi Hanyu. Chibiusa visits Hotaru at her home. When Hotaru suddenly collapses, Chibiusa uses her Legendary Silver Crystal to ease her pain. On her way home, Haruka and Michiru offer Chibiusa a ride in one of their helicopters. During their conversation, Michiru reveals to Chibiusa that her hand mirror is a talisman. Usagi and her friends attend a concert by Michiru, while Minako sneaks into Mimi Hanyu's concert. Mimete casts a spell on the crowd, but Minako confronts Mimete, who summons three Daimons to attack her. Usagi and the others join the battle and destroy each of the monsters, and Mimete is killed by the two mysterious Sailor Guardians, who introduce themselves as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. 
31 5 "Infinity 4 Sailor Uranus, Haruka Tenoh; Sailor Neptune, Michiru Kaioh"
"Mugen Shi Sērā Uranusu Ten'nō Haruka Sērā Nepuchūn Kaiō Michiru" (無限4 SAILOR URANUS 天王はるか SAILOR NEPTUNE 海王みちる) 
Nozomu Shishido Yūji Kobayashi Ayaka Shimoji
Paul Año-Nuevo
Akira Takahashi (Chief Animation Director)
May 2, 2016
Usagi and the others question Sailor Uranus and Neptune about their objectives, but Uranus states that she and Neptune are not their allies, and the two of them attack the group. Luna reveals that the two of them were Sailor Guardians who were assigned to protect Silver Millennium from afar and were not supposed to interact with them. Mamoru and Usagi assist Chibiusa on her school project, a replica of the "Legendary Holy Grail". After the replica is completed, Usagi and Mamoru both confess to feelings of jealousy regarding their interactions with Haruka and Michiru and reconcile. Some time later, Ami decides to take the test for the Infinity Preparatory School, in order to meet Yui Bido, a student from Infinity Academy whose grades always surpass her own. However, Yui, who is actually Viluy of the Witches 5, realizes that Ami is a Sailor Guardians and attacks her. Ami is joined by her friends, but their fight is interrupted by Haruka and Michiru. Haruka then reveals her talisman, the Space Sword, and uses it to finish Viluy. Meanwhile, at Motoki and Reika's university, a physics student resembling Sailor Pluto appears, introducing herself as Setsuna Meiou. 
32 6 "Infinity 5 Sailor Pluto, Setsuna Meioh"
"Mugen Go Sērā Purūto Meiō Setsuna" (無限5 SAILOR PLUTO 冥王せつな) 
May 9, 2016
Setsuna investigates disruptions in the spacetime. Master Pharaoh 90 summons Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite, demanding them to obtain more Hostes for the Taioron Crystal, whose power is weakening, and the power of Sailor Moon's Legendary Moon Crystal in order to replenish its energy. Kaolinite then calls for Ruru Teruno, or rather Tellu from the Witches 5 to gather Hostes for her. Makoto hears from a classmate about Tellun, a new kind of flower created by Infinity Academy that does not require watering, and later decides to buy a Tellun herself. The next day, Makoto is visited by Minako at her apartment and suddenly falls asleep, dreaming about her long lost love, until she awakens and Minako realizes that the Tellun had bloomed in an instant, killing all plants around it. The Sailor Guardians go to Infinity Academy's Botanical Division where Tellu ambushes them. However, the newly awakened Sailor Pluto appears and destroys Tellu with the Dead Scream attack. 
33 7 "Infinity 6 Three Guardians"
"Mugen Roku San Senshi" (無限6 3戦士) 
May 16, 2016
Sailor Pluto reveals that she was revived by Neo Queen Serenity and returned from the future by her request. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto explain their mission to Usagi, who transforms into Princess Serenity. Infinity Academy is closed by order of the authorities who hold Professor Tomoe responsible for the disappearances that occurred there. To further investigate the professor's involvement with the Death Busters, Luna convinces Chibiusa to act as a spy for them, thanks to her friendship with Hotaru. Chibiusa visits Hotaru's home to check on her, and discovers that Hotaru has some bio-mechanic parts implanted on her body and flees in fear. Soon after, a hailstorm begins, draining the Hostes of those it touches and turning them hostile. Meanwhile, Cyprine, the last of the Witches 5, attacks Haruka who transforms into Sailor Uranus to defend herself, soon after joined by the other Sailor Guardians as well. However, Cyprine uses her power to mind control the Guardians, except for Usagi, and turn them against each other. When Usagi attacks Cyprine to help her friends, Cyprine's other half, Ptilol, appears. Mamoru and Chibiusa then arrive, and by Usagi's request, the three combine their powers together, summoning the Legendary Holy Grail. 
34 8 "Infinity 7 Transformation, Super Sailor Moon"
"Mugen Shichi Henshin Sūpā Sērā Mūn" (無限7 変身 SUPER SAILOR MOON) 
May 23, 2016
The power of the Legendary Holy Grail breaks the Sailor Guardians free from Cyprine and Ptilol's spell and they lend their power to Usagi, who transforms into Super Sailor Moon and defeats the witches. As the Talismans reacted at Usagi's request, the Outer Guardians reveal their fate during the destruction of the Silver Millennium and that they must prevent the awakening of the Guardian of Silence, Sailor Saturn, by killing her reincarnation: Hotaru. As Usagi and her friends disagree, Chibiusa rushes to Hotaru's house to check on her, but Mistress 9, the entity within Hotaru emerges, taking control of her body and stealing Chibiusa's Legendary Silver Crystal, leaving her unconscious. 
35 9 "Infinity 8 Infinite Labyrinth 1"
"Mugen Hachi Rabirinsu Mugen Ichi" (無限8「無限迷宮」1) 
May 30, 2016
The Outer Guardians insist that the only way to retrieve Chibiusa's soul while preventing Sailor Saturn's awakening is by killing Hotaru, and depart to do so. Mamoru stays behind to keep Chibiusa alive with his powers while Usagi and the others also leave to the Mugenzu area, where Mistress 9 rejoins Master Pharaoh 90 and orders Kaolinite to get rid of the Sailor Guardians. When Usagi and her friends storm the Infinity Academy building, they are attacked by the Witches 5, revived by Kaolinite, which end up destroyed by the Outer Guardians who come to their aid. Once reunited, the eight Sailor Guardians decide to fight together and confront Kaolinite, who transforms into a Daimon but is destroyed by Usagi. Meanwhile, Hotaru's spirit inside Mistress 9 watches powerless as she swallows Chibiusa's Legendary Silver Crystal. 
36 10 "Infinity 9 Infinite Labyrinth 2"
"Mugen Ku Rabirinsu Mugen Ni" (無限9「無限迷宮」2) 
Masashi Abe June 6, 2016
Enticed by the power of Chibiusa's Legendary Silver Crystal, Master Pharaoh 90 destroys the Taioron Crystal and prepares himself for his advent. The Sailor Guardians then split up to search the building, with Usagi accompanying the Outer Guardians on an elevator to the basement, where they confront Professor Tomoe, who transforms into an alien-human hybrid and is destroyed by Usagi. Soon after, the whole building collapses, and as she flees with the Outer Guardians, Usagi's transformation dispels, making her fearing for the safety of the other Sailor Guardians left behind, when Master Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9 appear before her. 
37 11 "Infinity 10 Infinite–Upper Atmosphere"
"Mugen Jū Mugendai–Jōkū" (無限10 無限大―上空) 
June 13, 2016
Master Pharaoh 90 begins to merge with Earth to turn it into the next Tau System, but Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto project a barrier to contain him. Mistress 9 tries to leave Hotaru's body, but Hotaru still lives inside her and prevents her from doing so. To gain more power, Mistress 9 consumes the other four Sailor Guardians’ souls. Determined to save Chibiusa, Hotaru is able to leave her body, returning Chibiusa and the Sailor Guardians’ souls, and giving the Silver Crystal to Chibiusa. Mistress 9 transforms into her true form, destroying Hotaru's body and weakening the Outer Guardian's barrier. The newly awakened Chibiusa arrives to the battle and her desire to be strong like her mother causes a second Moon Chalice to appear. Both Usagi and Chibiusa transform into their evolved Super forms and face Mistress 9. 
38 12 "Infinity 11 Infinite–Judge"
"Mugen Jūichi Mugendai–Shinpan" (無限11 無限大―審判) 
June 20, 2016
Usagi and Chibiusa defeat Mistress 9 with their combined attack, and the latter merges herself with Master Pharaoh 90. The Sailor Guardians and Mamoru attack Pharaoh 90, but fail. Pharaoh 90 breaks the Outer Guardians' barrier and begins to cover the Earth, while a portal to the Tau Star System is opened in the sky. Usagi uses the Moon Chalice with the last energy of her friends and throws herself into Pharaoh 90, seemingly sacrificing herself. The Talismans react, which causes the spirit of Sailor Saturn herself to awaken within Hotaru, to emerge from Pharaoh 90 in a ray of purple light. Sailor Saturn begins unleashing her vastly powerful apocalyptic abilities to fatally wound and weaken Pharaoh 90 from the inside out. The Guardian of Doom then prepares to lower her Silence Glaive down, which according to the other Outer Guardians, will not only obliterate the enemy but result in the complete annihilation of the Earth as well. Panic-stricken, Super Sailor Chibi Moon calls out to Super Sailor Moon, as the Silence Glaive is sharply swung down on its edge. 
39 13 "Infinity 12, Infinite–Journey"
"Mugen Jūni Mugendai–Tabidachi" (無限12 無限大―旅立ち) 
June 27, 2016
With the awakened Sailor Saturn bringing about the annihilation of the world, Usagi liberates the power she amassed to deal a fatal blow on the already fatally damaged Pharaoh 90. As Pharaoh 90 attempts to escape by a portal back to the Tau Solar System, Sailor Saturn chases after him and urges Sailor Pluto to close it in order to trap both on the other side, which she regrettably does. By the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, the other Sailor Guardians obtain upgraded costumes, evolving into their Super Sailor forms. Usagi briefly transforms into Neo Queen Serenity, using her power from the Spiral Heart Moon Rod to restore the city. Soon after, Hotaru reappears (with Sailor Saturn's spirit once again within her), reborn as a baby. the Outer Guardians decide to take care of her before bidding farewell to the others and leaving to parts unknown. One year later at the end of April, Usagi and her friends, now 16, become high school students, while Mamoru enrolls into a university. The day comes for Chibiusa to return to 30th century Earth after completing her Sailor Guardian training. However, while watching a solar eclipse with Mamoru, Usagi and Chibiusa hear the clear and mysterious sound of a bell. 

Season IV: Dead Moon (2017)[edit]

No. Official English title
Original Japanese title
Episode director(s) Writer(s) Animation director(s) Original air date English release date
O[b] S[c]
40 1 "Dream 1: Eclipse, Part One"   Fall, 2017 Winter, 2017
41 2 "Dream 2: Eclipse, Part Two"   Fall, 2017
42 3 "Dream 3: Mercury's Dream"  
43 4 "Dream 4: Mars' Dream"  
44 5 "Dream 5: Jupiter's Dream"  
45 6 "Dream 6: Venus' Dream"  
46 7 "Dream 7: New Guardians' Dream"  
47 8 "Dream 8: Mirror"  
48 9 "Dream 9: Elysion"  
49 10 "Dream 10: Dead Moon's Dream"  
50 11 "Dream 11: Princess' Dream"  
51 12 "Dream 12: Earth and Moon's Dream"  
52 13 "Dream 13: TBA"  

Media release[edit]

Japanese release[edit]

King Records released the first two seasons in 13 volumes on DVD and Blu-ray format.[8]

King Records (Japan, Region A/2)
Volume Episodes Limited edition Blu-ray release date DVD/Blu-ray release date
Volume 1 1–2 October 15, 2014[9] November 12, 2014[10][11]
Volume 2 3–4 November 12, 2014[12] December 10, 2014[13][14]
Volume 3 5–6 December 10, 2014[15] January 14, 2015[16][17]
Volume 4 7–8 January 14, 2015[18] February 11, 2015[19][20]
Volume 5 9–10 February 11, 2015[21] March 11, 2015[22][23]
Volume 6 11–12 March 11, 2015[24] April 8, 2015[25][26]
Volume 7 13–14 April 8, 2015[27] May 13, 2015[28][29]
Volume 8 15–16 May 13, 2015[30] June 10, 2015[31][32]
Volume 9 17–18 June 10, 2015[33] July 8, 2015[34][35]
Volume 10 19–20 July 8, 2015[36] August 12, 2015[37][38]
Volume 11 21–22 August 12, 2015[39] September 9, 2015[40][41]
Volume 12 23–24 September 9, 2015[42] October 7, 2015[41][43]
Volume 13 25–26 October 7, 2015[44] November 11, 2015[45][46]

English release[edit]

Viz Media has licensed the first two seasons for release on DVD and Blu-ray format.[47]

Viz Media (United States and Canada, Region A/1)
Volume Episodes DVD/Blu-ray release date
Volume 1 1-14 August 16, 2016[48]
Volume 2 15-26 February 28, 2017[49]


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