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List of San Diego Historic Landmarks

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This is a List of San Diego Historic Landmarks. In 1967, the City of San Diego established a Historical Resources Board with the authority to designate and protect landmarks from inappropriate alterations. In total, the city has designated more than 1,000 structures or other properties as Historic Landmarks. Many of the properties have also received recognition at the federal level by inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places or by designation as National Historic Landmarks.

Listing of San Diego Historic Landmarks

SDHL #[1] Landmark name[2] Image Address[2] Designation Date[2] Description[3]
1 El Prado Area Balboa Park
32°43′52″N 117°9′7″W / 32.73111°N 117.15194°W / 32.73111; -117.15194 (El Prado Complex)
9/7/1967 Long, wide promenade running through the center of Balboa Park, lined with Spanish Revival buildings including the Museum of Us, the San Diego Museum of Art, the Museum of Photographic Arts, the San Diego Art Institute, the Natural History Museum, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, and Timken Museum of Art
2 Old Mission Dam & Flume (Padre Dam) Mission Trails Park, Fr. Serra Trail
32°50′24″N 117°2′32″W / 32.84000°N 117.04222°W / 32.84000; -117.04222 (Old Mission Dam)
2/1/1968 The first major irrigation project on the Pacific coast, this stone and cement dam was used for a sawmill and irrigation at the Mission San Diego de Alcalá; now part of Mission Trails Regional Park, the largest municipal park in California
3 Fort Stockton Presidio Park, Old Town February 15, 1968 Site fortified by Carlos Carrillo in 1828; named Fort Stockton and became headquarters for ending the Californio revolt of 1847
4 Presidio of San Diego Site Presidio Park
32°45′31″N 117°11′36″W / 32.75861°N 117.19333°W / 32.75861; -117.19333 (San Diego Presidio)
February 29, 1968 Fort established by Spanish forces in 1769 was the first permanent European settlement on the Pacific Coast; the first of the presidios and base of operations for the Spanish colonization of California
5 Calvary Cemetery Site Pioneer Park, Mission Hills February 29, 1968 Part of Pioneer Park in Mission Hills, it was in use between 1875 and 1919; converted from a cemetery to a public park in the early 1970s
6 New San Diego (Dunnell's) 348 W. "F" St. January 23, 1969
7 Pantoja Park Downtown, Marina District January 23, 1969 Built in 1850, it is the oldest park in downtown San Diego; located on G Street at India Street.
8 Sherman-Gilbert House Heritage Park, Old Town 8/7/1969 Stick Eastlake house with "widow's walk" and circular window; moved to Heritage Park in Old Town in 1971 through the efforts of Save Our Heritage Organisation
9 Davis-Horton House 410 Island Ave, Gaslamp Qtr. 11/2/1969
10 Torrey Pines Area Torrey Pines State Reserve November 21, 1969 Coastal park La Jolla, it remains one of the wildest stretches of land (8 km2) on the Southern California coast; consists of a plateau with cliffs that overlook Torrey Pines State Beach, and a lagoon used by migrating seabirds
11 Villa Montezuma 1925 K St.
32°42′29.26″N 117°8′45.88″W / 32.7081278°N 117.1460778°W / 32.7081278; -117.1460778 (Villa Montezuma)
2/6/1970 Victorian mansion built in 1887 by musician, spiritualist and author Jesse Shepard (later known as Francis Grierson)
12 San Pasqual Battlefield Site San Pasqual Valley 11/6/1970 Site where, in 1846, Stephen W. Kearny's US Army column battled the Californios, and their Presidial Lancers, led by General Don Andrés Pico; now the San Pasqual Valley community
13 Montgomery Memorial Bounded by Palm Ave, Beyer Blvd, and Coronado Ave 11/6/1970 Park honoring John Joseph Montgomery whose 1883 glider flown at Otay Mesa was the first successful flight of a heavier-than-air craft; monument in the shape of a wing marks the event and symbolizes his continued flights in the region during 1884–1886
14 Old Town San Diego State Historic Park Jct. of US 5 and US 80
32°45′15″N 117°11′47″W / 32.75417°N 117.19639°W / 32.75417; -117.19639 (Old Town San Diego Historic District)
11/6/1970 State historic park preserves and recreates San Diego's old town, from shortly after the Mexican War of Independence during its pueblo Alta California period beginning in 1821, through the Bear Flag Revolt, the American period, and ending in 1872, 22 years after statehood
14A Casa de Estudillo 4000 Mason St., Old Town
32°45′14″N 117°11′45″W / 32.75389°N 117.19583°W / 32.75389; -117.19583 (Estudillo House)
11/6/1970 Adobe house constructed in 1827 by José María Estudillo and his son José Antonio, early settlers of San Diego, was considered one of the finest houses in Mexican California
14B Casa de Cota NW corner of Twiggs and Congress, Old Town 11/6/1970 Built in 1835, removed in 1942.
14C Casa de Bandini 2660 Calhoun St., Old Town 11/6/1970 Large U-shaped house built in 1829 by Juan Bandini; later converted to use as a store and, in 1869, the Cosmopolitan Hotel
14D Casa de Pedrorena 2616 San Diego Ave., Old Town 11/6/1970
14E Casa de Machado-Silvas (de la Bandera) 2741 San Diego Ave., Old Town 11/6/1970
14F Congress Hall Site 426 Calhoun St. & 408 Wallace St., Old Town December 6, 1932 Demolished in 1939
14G Casa de Machado-Stewart 2724 Congress St., Old Town 11/6/1970
14H Mason Street School 3960 Mason St., Old Town 11/6/1970
14I The Exchange Hotel Site San Diego Ave (Southside facing Plaza), Old Town Lost in a April 1872 fire,
15 Chapel of the Immaculate Conception 3950 Conde Street, Old Town 11/6/1970 Other than the San Diego Mission, the oldest church in San Diego; built in the 1850s as a home; converted to a church by Don Jose Antonio Aguirre in 1858; the fictional lovers in the novel "Ramona" were married here
16 Whaling Station Site Ballast Point Peninsula 11/6/1970 Shore station where whale blubber was boiled down for the oil in the 1850s and 1860s, halfway out on the inner beach of Ballast Point
17 Lighthouse of 1854 Cabrillo National Monument 11/6/1970 Lighthouse built at the mouth of San Diego Bay from 1854–1855; remained in service until 1891; restored and re-lit by the National Park Service in 1984
18 Gill House 3776 Front St. 7/2/1971 Single-story house designed in 1907 by noted modern architect Irving Gill for Melville and Amy Salz Klauber
19 Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery Point Loma Peninsula 11/6/1970 National military cemetery overlooking the bay and the city; remains of U.S. soldiers killed in the Battle of San Pasqual were moved there in 1882
20 Ballast Point La Playa Peninsula 11/6/1970
21 Casa de Lopez 3890 Twiggs, Old Town 11/6/1970
22 Old La Playa Site Bayside of Pt. Loma 11/6/1970
23 Fort Rosecrans Site Point Loma Peninsula 11/6/1970 Fort established in 1852; designated as a monument after World War II
24 Whaley House 2482 San Diego Ave., Old Town 11/6/1970
25 Serra Palm Site Taylor St. (Presidio Gardens), Old Town 11/6/1970
26 Old Spanish Cemetery San Diego Ave and Arista St., Old Town 11/6/1970
27 Fort Guijarros Near base of Ballast Point Peninsula 11/6/1970 Spanish fort built in 1797 on Ballast Point as the first defensive fortifications for San Diego Bay; name means "Fort Cobblestones"; involved in the Battle of San Diego, a naval battle with an American trading vessel
28 Derby Dike Site Foot of Presidio Hill, Old Town 11/6/1970
29 Mule Hill Site Four miles SW of Escondido 11/6/1970
30 San Diego Barracks Site Kettner Blvd. "G" and Market Street 11/6/1970
31 Kate O. Sessions Nursery Site Pico and Balboa, Pacific Beach 11/6/1970
32 Derby-Pendleton House 2482 San DiegoAve/4017 Harney, Old Town 11/6/1970
33 Spanish Landing Site North Shore of San Diego Bay near old mouth of S.D. River 11/6/1970
34 Gatewood House 2515 San Diego Ave, Old Town 11/6/1970
35 Presidio Excavation Site Presidio Park, Old Town 11/6/1970 Excavation project at the Presidio begun by the San Diego Historical Society in 1965, uncovered chapel foundations, animal bones, sea shells, potsherds and other material
36 Emmet House Site 3919 Twiggs St, Old Town 11/6/1970
37 Long-Waterman House 2408 1st Ave.
32°43′49″N 117°9′48″W / 32.73028°N 117.16333°W / 32.73028; -117.16333 (Long-Waterman House)
12/4/1970 Queen Anne style Victorian mansion built in the late 19th century for John Long, president of the Coronado Fruit Package Company; later owned by Robert Whitney Waterman, 17th governor of California
38 Timken House 2508 First Ave 12/4/1970 Queen Anne style Victorian mansion where the art collection in the Timken Museum was originally displayed
39 Quartermass Wilde House 2404 E. Broadway 12/4/1970 Built in 1896, a classic revival style castle containing 8,800 square feet (820 m2). Built in 1896, it is now used as professional offices
40 George W. Marston House 3525 7th Ave.
32°44′29″N 117°9′26″W / 32.74139°N 117.15722°W / 32.74139; -117.15722 (Marston, George W., House)
12/4/1970 Arts and crafts mansion designed by Irving Gill and completed in 1905; operated as a museum starting in 1987; closed due to lack of funding, February 2009
41 Frederick R. Burnham House 3563 Seventh Ave.
32°44′34″N 117°9′23″W / 32.74278°N 117.15639°W / 32.74278; -117.15639 (Burnham--Marston House)
12/4/1970 American Craftsman style bungalow home built in 1907 for Frederick Russell Burnham; also known as the Burnham-Marston House
42 Casa de Aguirre 2604 San Diego Ave, Old Town 12/4/1970
43 Gila House Site 3940 Harney St., Old Town 12/4/1970
44 Franciscan Garden Site Taylor St. (Presidio Gardens) Old Town 12/4/1970
45 San Pasqual Grave Site Trias bet. Hancock and Moore, Old Town 12/4/1970
46 Cobblestone Jail Site Haraszthy Jail, Old Town 12/4/1970
47 Protestant Cemetery Site Ampudia Street, OldTown 12/4/1970
48 Hebrew Cemetery Site Kenyon Street 12/4/1970
49 Melville-Klauber House 3060 Sixth Ave January 22, 1971 House designed by Irving Gill and built from 1907–08; its smooth walls and clean openings became trademarks of Gill's later works
50 Arthur Marston House 3575 7th Ave January 22, 1971 Built in 1907, one of several houses designed by Irving Gill in the 3500 block of 7th Ave.
51 Horton Plaza and Broadway Fountain Broadway between 3rd and 4th Avenues March 19, 1971
52 Britt-Scripps House 406 Maple St. 10/1/1971 Victorian mansion built by E. Britt 1887 and purchased by E.W.Scripps 1897 in the Scripps family for 40 years. Now a private residence.
53 Florence Hotel Tree Grape between Third and Fourth 12/3/1971
54 Brooklyn Hotel (Kahles Saddlery) (Horton Grand Hotel) 325 Island Ave 1/7/1972
55 Jennings House 1018 Rosecrans 1/7/1972 Simple frame house built in 1886
56 Santa Fe Depot 1050 Kettner St.
32°43′1″N 117°10′7″W / 32.71694°N 117.16861°W / 32.71694; -117.16861 (Santa Fe Depot)
2/4/1972 Train station built in 1915 by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway to accommodate visitors to the Panama-California Exposition; still an active depot for Amtrak, San Diego Trolley, and San Diego buses
57 H.E. Watts House 1767 Second Ave. 5/4/1972
58 Livingston House Site March 3, 1972
59 Litgow-Hackett Torrey Pine 1534 First Ave March 3, 1972
60 Ford Building Balboa Park, Palisades Area
32°43′34″N 117°9′13″W / 32.72611°N 117.15361°W / 32.72611; -117.15361 (Ford Building)
4/7/1972 Streamline Moderne structure in Balboa Park designed by Walter Dorwin Teague and sponsored by Ford Motor Company for the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935; stylized after a V8 engine; now home to the San Diego Air & Space Museum
61 Horton's Addition Block 252 Bounded by First Ave., Grape, Front and Fir Streets 5/10/1972
62 Lee House No. 2 3353 Albatross St. 5/10/1972
63 Lee House No. 4 3367 Albatross St. 5/10/1972
64 Teats House No. 2 3415 Albatross 5/10/1972
65 Teats House No. 3 3407 Albatross St. 5/10/1972
66 Backesto Block 614 Fifth Ave. 6/2/1972 Built in 1873, it was at the heart of New Town's business district; grocery and general merchandise store in the 1870s and 1880s; later San Diego Hardware
67 Hubbell Building 813 Fifth Ave. 6/2/1972
68 Marston Building 809 Fifth Ave. 6/2/1972
69 McGurck Block 611 Fifth Ave. 6/2/1972 Italiante Revival commercial building in Gaslamp Quarter was site of the Ferris and Ferris Drug Store from 1903–1984; upper floors were as a hotel; now houses Z Gallerie
70 I.O.O.F. Building 526 Market St.
32°42′42″N 117°9′31″W / 32.71167°N 117.15861°W / 32.71167; -117.15861 (Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building)
6/2/1972 Commercial building in the Gaslamp Quarter built in 1882
71 Keating Building 432 "F" St. 6/2/1972 Romanesque style commercial structure in Gaslamp Quarter built in 1890; early tenants included the San Diego Savings Bank, the public library and the Humane Society
72 Nesmith–Greely Building 825–831 Fifth Ave 6/2/1972
73 Louis Bank of Commerce 835-345 Fifth Ave 6/2/1972
74 Yuma Building 631–633 Fifth Ave 6/2/1972 Structure in Gaslamp Quarter built in 1886 with ornate facade
75 Johnson-Taylor Adobe of Rancho de los Peñasquitos Rancho Peñasquitos 8/4/1972
76 Spreckels Theater 123 W. Broadway
32°42′55″N 117°9′45″W / 32.71528°N 117.16250°W / 32.71528; -117.16250 (Spreckels Theatre Building)
8/4/1972 Theater designed by Harrison Albright for John D. Spreckels; touted as "the first modern commercial playhouse west of the Mississippi" at opening in 1912
77 Balboa Theatre 868 4th Ave.
32°42′50″N 117°9′38″W / 32.71389°N 117.16056°W / 32.71389; -117.16056 (Balboa Theatre)
8/4/1972 Built in 1924 as a grand movie palace; converted to housing for the U.S. Navy during World War II; re-opened in 2005 as a live theater and concert venue
78 Weldon Glasson House (Chateau de Toman) 3139 Franklin Ave 11/3/1972 Built in 1880, the oldest house in the Logan Heights area
79 La Jolla Women's Club 715 Silverado St 3/2/1973 Clubhouse building designed by Irving Gill and built in 1914
80 Adobe Falls Portion Lot 67 Part. Map of Ranch Mission 4/6/1973 Adobe Falls is a multi-level waterfall on the San Diego River, north of Interstate 8 and San Diego State University. The rocks have been covered with graffiti.
81 Piedras Pintados Northwest corner Rancho Bernardo 4/6/1973
82 Temple Beth Israel Heritage Park, Old Town 6/1/1973 Temple Beth Israel is San Diego's first synagogue. It is located in Heritage Park in San Diego's Old Town area. The first services held here were on September 25, 1889.
83 San Diego Steam Laundry 1157 Columbia 6/1/1973
84 Green Dragon Colony Site 1258–1274 Prospect St, La Jolla 7/6/1973 Group of 12 coastal cottages built by German immigrant Anna Held Heinrich; became an artists colony
85 Hayward-Patterson House 2148 Broadway 9/7/1973
86 La Jolla Recreational Center 615 Prospect Street, La Jolla 9/7/1973 Built in 1915 by Ellen Browning-Scripps and dedicated that same year to the City of San Diego for the children of La Jolla
87 El Cuervo Adobe West end of Rancho de los Penasquitos 10/5/1973
88 First National Bank Fifth Ave & E Street 10/5/1973
89 Plunge Belmont Park, Mission Beach 12/7/1973
90 Mission Beach Roller Coaster 3000 Mission Blvd.
32°46′18″N 117°15′0″W / 32.77167°N 117.25000°W / 32.77167; -117.25000 (Mission Beach Roller Coaster)
12/7/1973 Wooden roller coaster built in 1925 in Belmont Park on Mission Beach; also known as the Giant Dipper
91 Merry-go-round Belmont Park, Mission Beach 12/7/1973
92 Spencer Ogden Building 750 Fifth Ave 3/1/1974
93 Llewelyn Building 722–728 Fifth Ave 4/5/1974
94 Judge Torrance House 136 Juniper Street 4/5/1974
95 Grand-Horton Hotel 325 Island Ave 4/5/1974
96 Golden West Hotel 720 Fourth Ave 9/6/1974
97 Mary Cassitt House (No. 4) 3526 Seventh Ave 10/4/1974
98 Teats House (No. 1) 3560 Seventh Ave 10/4/1974
99 Alice Lee Residence 3578 Seventh Ave 10/4/1974
100 House Lot D, Block 234 Horton Addition 1929 Front Street 11/1/1974
101 Red Roost and Red Rest 1187 and 1179 Coast Blvd., La Jolla
32°50′59″N 117°16′18″W / 32.84972°N 117.27167°W / 32.84972; -117.27167 (Red Rest and Red Roost Cottages)
1/3/1975 Built in 1894, oldest surviving examples of late-Victorian beach cottage architecture; vacant since 1917 and subject of controversy over "demolition by neglect"
102 Tyrolean Terrace Colony 1290–1298 Prospect St, La Jolla 2/7/1975 Demolished for Coast Walk Shopping Center
103 Cole Block 660 Fifth Ave. 5/2/1975 Commercial block in Gaslamp Quarter built in 1892 by Albert Cole; early tenants included Theopile Verlaque, who ran a liquor store at the corner and developed San Diego's wine-making industry
104 Sherman-Doig House 136 W Fir Street 7/11/1975
105 San Diego Rowing Club 525 E Harbor Drive 7/11/1975
106 Waldo Waterman Monument Corner of Maple & Albatross Streets (northerly terminus) 8/1/1975
107 Cliff Mansion 1203 Sunset Cliffs Blvd 12/5/1975 Mediterranean style house built from 1926–1928 by John Mills
108 Pottery Canyon Park 2725 Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla 2/6/1976
109 Buckner Hotel 765 10th Avenue 4/2/1976
110 Kiessig Corner 1401–1419 2nd, 222 Ash 7/9/1976
111 U.S. Custom and Court House 325 West F Street 7/9/1976
112 Theosophical Institute 3900 Lomaland Drive 8/6/1976 Commune based on theosophy founded at Point Loma in 1897 by Katherine Tingley; became known as Lomaland, a regional center for the arts; now the site of Point Loma Nazarene University; buildings include Spaulding Home, Greek Theatre, Beaver Home, Lotus Home, and Madam Tingley Home
113 Mission San Diego de Alcalá 5 mi (8.0 km). E of Old Town San Diego on Friars Rd.
32°47′4″N 117°6′23″W / 32.78444°N 117.10639°W / 32.78444; -117.10639 (Mission San Diego de Alcala)
8/6/1976 Site of the first Christian burial in Alta California; Father Luís Jayme, "California's First Christian Martyr", lies entombed beneath the chancel floor; the current church is the fourth to stand on this location
114 McConaughy House Heritage Park, Old Town 11/5/1976
115 Hearne Surgical Hospital (Ashforth Building) 420 Ash Street 12/3/1976
116 Spruce Street Suspension Bridge Spruce Street between Front & Brant Streets 1/7/1977
117 El Pueblo Ribera 230–248 Gravilla St. 2/4/1977
118 Charles A. Martin House 3147 Front Street 3/4/1977
119 George H. Scripps Memorial Marine Biological Laboratory 8602 La Jolla Shores Dr.
32°51′54″N 117°15′12″W / 32.86500°N 117.25333°W / 32.86500; -117.25333 (Scripps, George H., Memorial Marine Biological Laboratory)
5/6/1977 Oldest oceanographic research building in continuous use in the United States built in 1909, as part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the nation's first oceanographic institute founded in 1903
120 Tucker House 2470 Union Street 7/8/1977
121 Rynearson House/Mansion 2441-43 E Street 8/5/1977
122 Faulk-Klauber House 3000 E Street 1/6/1978
123 Residence at 1632 Union Street 1632 Union Street 2/3/1978
124 Fulford Bungalow No.14 2516 San Marcos Ave. 6/2/1978
125 Fulford Bungalow No. 24 2518 San Marcos Ave.
32°43′58″N 117°7′43″W / 32.73278°N 117.12861°W / 32.73278; -117.12861 (Fulford Bungalow No. 24)
126 Fulford Bungalow No. 34 2520 San Marcos Ave.
32°43′58″N 117°7′42″W / 32.73278°N 117.12833°W / 32.73278; -117.12833 (Fulford Bungalow No. 34)
127 Gaslamp Quarter Historic District 4th & 6th Avenues, Broadway and the Santa Fe R.R. Tracks
32°42′42″N 117°9′33″W / 32.71167°N 117.15917°W / 32.71167; -117.15917 (Gaslamp Quarter Historic District)
6/2/1978 Historical neighborhood in Downtown San Diego; development began in 1867, when Alonzo Horton bought the land in hopes of creating a new city center closer to the bay; underwent urban renewal in the 1980s and 1990s
128 Heritage Place La Jolla 7210 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla July 7, 1978
129 Sherman Judson House 1930 First Avenue 9/1/1978
130 Greater Golden Hill Historic District Russ Blvd on North, Hwy 94 on South, 25th St on East, and 24th on West 10/6/1978
131 Western Metal Building 215 Seventh Ave 11/3/1978 This building was rehabilitated and incorporated into Petco Park, including the brick facades, wood windows, vault and heavy timber frame.
132 Watts Building 520 E St.
32°42′53″N 117°9′32″W / 32.71472°N 117.15889°W / 32.71472; -117.15889 (Watts Building)
133 Galusha B. Grow Cottage 7210 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla February 16, 1979
134 Chaplain's Residence 836 Washington St.
32°45′2″N 117°9′20″W / 32.75056°N 117.15556°W / 32.75056; -117.15556 (Chaplain's House)
February 2, 1979
135 Medico-Dental Building 233 A St.
32°43′6″N 117°9′41″W / 32.71833°N 117.16139°W / 32.71833; -117.16139 (Medico-Dental Building)
136 Broderick-Kenny House 2133 Second Ave 5/4/1979
137 Royal Pie Bakery 560 Fourth Avenue 6/1/1979
138 Gorham House 2040–2042 Kearney Ave.
32°42′02″N 117°8′27″W / 32.70056°N 117.14083°W / 32.70056; -117.14083 (Gorham House)
139 Elk's Hall 350 Cedar St.
32°43′19″N 117°9′41″W / 32.72194°N 117.16139°W / 32.72194; -117.16139 (Elk's Hall)
140 Robert E. Lee Hotel, Lyceum Theater, Commodore Hotel 815 3rd Ave. (Hotel); 314 F St. (Theater)
32°42′50″N 117°9′39″W / 32.71389°N 117.16083°W / 32.71389; -117.16083 (Lee, Robert E., Hotel)
1/11/1980 Demolished during construction of Westfield Horton Plaza[4]—portions reproduced
141 Hotel Knickerbocker 315 E Street 1/11/1980
142 Neresheimer-Tingley House 430 Silvergate Ave.
32°42′44″N 117°14′43″W / 32.71222°N 117.24528°W / 32.71222; -117.24528 (Neresheimer-Tingley House)
3/7/1980 Victorian home built for Katherine Tingley, head of the Theosophical Institute
143 Chicano Park From Crosby to Dewey to Evans St. between Logan, National, and Newton.
32°42′01″N 117°8′34″W / 32.70028°N 117.14278°W / 32.70028; -117.14278 (Chicano Park)
3/7/1980 Park located beneath the Coronado Bridge in Logan Heights; contains 67 outdoor murals and other works
144 Pythian Building 211 E St. and 870 3rd Ave.
32°42′52″N 117°9′41″W / 32.71444°N 117.16139°W / 32.71444; -117.16139 (Pythias Lodge Building)
4/8/1980 Demolished during construction of Westfield Horton Plaza
145 McClintock Storage Warehouse 1202 Kettner Blvd.
32°43′5″N 117°10′7″W / 32.71806°N 117.16861°W / 32.71806; -117.16861 (McClintock Storage Warehouse)
7/1/1980 Stucco and concrete storage warehouse built in 1925 in the Mission Spanish Revival style; later known as the Bekings Building
146 Stough-Beckett Cottage 2203 Denver St.
32°47′04″N 117°12′13″W / 32.78444°N 117.20361°W / 32.78444; -117.20361 (Stough-Beckett Cottage)
147 Marin Hotel 552 Fifth Ave.
32°42′39″N 117°9′36″W / 32.71083°N 117.16000°W / 32.71083; -117.16000 (Marin Hotel)
148 Hawthorne Inn 2121 1st Ave.
32°43′38″N 117°9′46″W / 32.72722°N 117.16278°W / 32.72722; -117.16278 (Hawthorne Inn)
149 Garrettson House 2366 Front St.
32°43′48″N 117°9′53″W / 32.73000°N 117.16472°W / 32.73000; -117.16472 (Garrettson House)
150 Chinese Benevolent Society Building 426 3rd Ave.
32°42′35″N 117°9′44″W / 32.70972°N 117.16222°W / 32.70972; -117.16222 (Chinese Benevolent Society Building)

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  1. ^ Numbers are as designated in the San Diego Municipal Ordinance. Blue colors represent higher designations as National Historic Landmarks and listing on the National Register of Historic Places; yellow represents sites that are San Diego Historic Landmarks without a higher designation. No color represents delisted monuments.
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