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This is a list of famous people from or with origins in the island of Sardinia.

Academic figures and inventors[edit]

Domenico Alberto Azuni
Giovanni Spano
Gianluigi Gessa


Architects and designers[edit]


Wally Schirra


Grazia Deledda, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926


Cinema and TV[edit]

Actors & actresses[edit]

Maria Luisa Pierangeli
Melissa Satta


Showgirls and fashion models[edit]

Police officers[edit]

Emanuela Loi



Mercenaries, soldiers & troops[edit]

Domenico Millelire
  • Mario Aramu (1900 – 1940) aviator.
  • Tercio de Cerdeña, (founded 1564), infantry brigade of the Spanish Army
  • Brigata Cagliari (founded 1862), mechanized infantry brigade of the Italian Army up 1926.
  • Brigata Sassari, (founded 1915), mechanized infantry brigade of the Italian Army
  • Granatieri di Sardegna Mechanized Brigade, (founded 1814), mechanized infantry brigade of the Italian Army
  • Domenico Millelire (1761 – 1827) patriot, navy officer.
  • Antonio Todde (1889 – 2002), oldest man in the world at the date of his death and the third-oldest military veteran ever
  • Efisio Tola (1803 - 1833), patriot.
  • Virgilio Nurchis (1892 - ?) Brigadier-General, one of the Italian Generals of WWII
  • Manoel José Nurchis (1940 - 1972) aka 'Gil', Brazilian guerrillero of Sardinian origin.
  • Justin Tuveri (May 13, 1898 – October 5, 2007), one of the last Italian veterans of the First World War

Musicians and singers[edit]

Goffredo Mameli, author of Italian national anthem (Genoese of Sardinian ancestry).
Giuseppe Anedda

Visual artists[edit]

Painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptors[edit]

Francesco Ciusa

Cartoonists & comics creators[edit]


Eleanor of Arborea, queen of the Giudicato of Arborea (Sardinian: Judicadu de Arbarée)
Giovanni Maria Angioy, Sardinian patriot
Enrico Letta (Pisan of Sardinian ancestry).

Sports figures[edit]


Auto racing drivers[edit]

Basketball Players[edit]

Bicycle racers[edit]


Boxers & wrestlers[edit]


Extreme Sportsmen[edit]


Salvatore Sirigu
Andrea Cossu

Ice hockey players[edit]

Equestrian Champions and Jockeys[edit]

Paolo Angioni in 1968


Speed skaters[edit]

Tennis Players[edit]

Volleyball Players[edit]

Religious figures[edit]

Pope Hilarius
Joseph Toronto

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