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River basins in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Navigating the rapids on the Sturgeon-Weir River

This is an incomplete list of rivers of Saskatchewan, a province of Canada.

Principal river statistics[edit]

River Total drainage area Total length
North Saskatchewan[1] 122,800 km2 (47,400 sq mi) 1,287 km (800 mi)
South Saskatchewan (to head of Bow River)[1] 335,900 km2 (129,700 sq mi) 1,939 km (1,205 mi)
Saskatchewan River (to head of Bow River)[1] 146,100 km2 (56,400 sq mi) 1,392 km (865 mi)
Churchill (to head of Churchill Lake)[1] 281,300 km2 (108,600 sq mi) 1,609 km (1,000 mi)
Beaver (to outlet of Beaver Lake)[1] N/A 491 km (305 mi)
Battle River (to head of Pigeon Lake)[1] 30,300 km2 (11,700 sq mi) 570 km (350 mi)
Fond du Lac River (from outlet of Wollaston Lake)[1] 66,800 km2 (25,800 sq mi) 277 km (172 mi)

Source Statistics Canada


The University Bridge over the South Saskatchewan River at Saskatoon
Otter rapids on the Churchill River
Beaver River north of Green Lake

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