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Say "I love you".
Say I love you Blu-ray cover.png
Cover of the second Blu-ray volume released by StarChild in Japan on January 23, 2013.
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 13 + 1 OAD
Original network Tokyo MX
Original release October 6 – December 29, 2012

Say "I love you" is a 2012 romance Japanese anime based on the manga written and illustrated by Kanae Hazuki.[1] Mei Tachibana is a socially awkward teenager who not only believes that friendships end in betrayal, but has also never had a boyfriend in all of her 16 years of existence. One day she has a fateful encounter with the most popular boy at her high school: Yamato Kurosawa San, when she kicks him straight in the palm of his hand and bruises him. Despite this an intrigued Yamato embarks on a campaign to get to know Mei better. The story follows Mei and the new experiences she finds herself in as she slowly allows Yamato to get closer to her while meeting and finally getting a boyfriend Yamato and making new friends along the way because of him helping her.[2]

The anime is produced by Zexcs and directed by Toshimasa Kuroyanagi with series composition by Takuya Satō, character designs by Yoshiko Okuda, art direction by Yuka Hirama and soundtrack music by Yuuji Nomi.[3] The series premiered on October 6, 2012 on Tokyo MX with later airings on Chiba TV, tvk, Sun TV, KBA, TV Aichi, TVh, AT-X and BS11.[4] The thirteen episode series was followed by an OAD episode on July 24, 2013.[5] The series was picked up by Crunchyroll for online simulcast streaming in North America and other select parts of the world.[6] The Anime Network later obtained the series for streaming in an English dub.[7] StarChild released the series in Japan on six Blu-ray and DVD volumes between December 26, 2012 and May 22, 2013.[8][9] The anime was licensed by Sentai Filmworks for distribution via select digital outlets and a home media release in North America.[10] The series was also acquired by Hanabee Entertainment for release in Australia.[11]

The opening theme is "Friendship ~for Say 'I Love You'." (Friendship ~for 好きっていいなよ。) by Ritsuko Okazaki.[12] The ending theme is "slow dance," by Suneohair. "Sarari" (さらり, "Without Hesitation") by Suneohair is used as the insert song of episode 12.

Episode list[edit]

No. Official English title[nb 1]
Original Japanese title
Original air date[nb 2] Refs.
1"We Kissed"
"Kisu o Shita" (キスをした)
October 6, 2012[2]
We are introduced to 16-year-old Mei Tachibana, who, after suffering a traumatic experience in making friends, decides to ditch making friends altogether during high school. She catches the attention of Yamato Kurosawa, the most popular boy among the girls in their high school, who wasted no time in making friends with her, even giving her his number, despite the refusals, and even her accidentally kicking him when she thought Yamato lifted her skirt a bit (it was actually just his pervy friend Kenji Nakanishi), earning the ire of Yamato's girl followers. She tried putting it at the back of her mind, until, one night, when a stalker followed her on the way home from her part-time job. Deciding to hide in a convenience store, she tried calling home, but no one answers. She calls Yamato, who rushes to the scene despite being at karaoke with friends at that time. Yamato wards the stalker away by pretending to be Mei's boyfriend...complete with the "I love you" phrase and what eventually became Mei's first kiss.
2"Fried Chicken Flavored"
"Karaage Aji no" (唐あげ味の)
October 13, 2012[2]
Ever since that rescue by Yamato, Mei started having dreams about him being her protector. Later on she gets to befriend Asami Oikawa, who idolizes Yamato. It was from her that Mei heard rumors about Yamato kissing every cute girl in their school except for one girl named Miki Arai, rumored to be his girlfriend. For this she refuses Yamato's invitation to karaoke. However, because Asami has big breasts, she is being bullied at school, and Mei even stands up for her, at the cost of her cheek. Asami accompanies her to the clinic, though Yamato has bandaged it up prior. Kenji, who is heading for the clinic after being hit by a soccer ball in the face, catches the two bully girls inside the school clinic picking on Asami and defends her, though a little misunderstanding about her breasts and his bleeding nose made her run away. With some encouragement from Mei, Kenji eventually confesses his feelings for her. Meanwhile, bothered by the rumors, Mei secretly follows Yamato at the karaoke (where Arai is flirting with him in full throttle), and eventually feels how Yamato kisses the people he really cares for. When Mei says that she loves him, Yamato kisses her "for real."
3"If You Trust Someone..."
"Hito o Shinjireba..." (人を信じれば…)
October 20, 2012[2]
Yamato tags along as Mei intends to visit the parlor to have her hair cut, eventually becoming a date. On the way they meet Aiko Muto, along with her boyfriend Masashi Tachikawa, and eventually invites the two to a bowling alley. Aiko, who has a crush on Yamato after finding out her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, wonders what did he see in Mei, who looks not interested in him. When the two girls are alone Aiko bluffs Mei into leaving him alone, but it was in vain as Yamato followed Mei on the way out. Yamato momentarily loses Mei, but knew where to find her. Eventually he shows Mei his middle school, where he sheds light on his past, about not caring about anybody else as a middle schooler, even with his best friend who was being bullied. He says it's him who is having a hard time blending with others. For this Mei, who herself needs to trust others, tells him to trust others, else he will lose friends. She decided not to go to the parlor anymore, after learning that trusting others makes people learn about others. Meanwhile, despite Aiko spending some time with Masashi in a love hotel, she has not given up on Yamato, yet.
4"They Have Scars"
"Kizu ga, Aru" (傷が、ある)
October 27, 2012[2]
Mei has attracted the attention of one Kakeru Hayakawa, a guy known to have slept with many other girls, including Aiko. He then wastes no time in asking Yamato if he can hook him up with Mei for lunch with him. Yamato is unaware, though, that Kakeru has other designs for Mei, and, when Yamato was distracted by a phone call, he tried to convince her to be his girlfriend. But Mei sensed his motives and leaves him alone in an instant. Yamato learns of what happened, and when Kakeru starts badmouthing Mei, he punched him, saying she's his girlfriend. Kakeru tells Aiko about this the other day, but, despite being surprised about this development, she instead scolds him, that he will not be like Yamato. Mei appears to them, adding her impression of Kakeru. As he leaves in disgust, Mei, while recognizing Aiko's sacrifices, states that she is not giving Yamato up. Later, Yamato catches up with Mei, and confesses to her that he did sleep with Aiko, but only because back then she was heartbroken and lost. But he swears that he will never do it again with any girl, except if it is Mei.
5"Just Like This"
"Konomama ga" (このままが)
November 3, 2012[2]
Yamato agrees to take care of the abandoned black kitten he and Mei found by the roadside. One day, he invites her over to his house to introduce Kuro, the black kitten, to Mei's white cat Marshmallow. Mei then gets to meet Nagi, Yamato's younger sister. Mei eventually finds out that, despite Nagi's good-naturedness and her talent for cooking and creating stuffed animals, she experienced the same thing when making friends as her. Even if Yamato tried to cheer her up, it did not stop her from skipping school altogether. Realizing that Nagi has forgotten Yamato #2--the pink stuffed bunny her brother gave her, Mei went over to her room and gave it back to her. At first Nagi was hostile to her, but when she finds out that she has something in common with her, Nagi even invited Mei to her room. Eventually Mei and Nagi became friends, especially when Mei assured that Nagi will find someone who shares her passion someday. Yamato, returning after Kenji asked him to get a gift from him and Asami, finds Kuro, Marshmallow, Mei and Nagi sleeping together on the couch in his room.
"Dōshite" (どうして)
November 10, 2012[2]
An amateur model named Megumi Kitagawa transfers to the school where Yamato and Mei goes to. Megumi seems to have fallen for Yamato at first sight, but he has no interest in her. She has to let go anyway because she finds out that he already has a girlfriend. Though she back steps and even befriending Mei, Megumi still aims for him. Whenever she and Yamato are together and everyone talks about them being a perfect pair, she feels outclassed. Things escalate when, later, Yamato becomes a part-time male model and partner for Megumi. Mei watches their first photo-shoot together, and, then, with every romantic pose, feelings of inferiority slowly overwhelm her, with the feeling Yamato is drifting away from her.
7"I Really Love You"
"Suki, nanoni" (好き、なのに)
November 17, 2012[2]
Mei feels even more depressed as the magazine which employs Megumi has asked Yamato to continue to model for them, although she gives her approval. Yamato does find time to text her on the way home from the photo shoot and be with Mei alone, however he is at his modeling job most of the time, and he goes to the shoot with Megumi instead of him going home with Mei. He also seemed to have become cold to Mei and his friends, as Kenji has put it. Later, Mei notices that Yamato is no longer wearing his bracelet, and a few days later, rumors about Yamato and Megumi going out, and his going to Megumi's house (though, for dinner) reached Mei. After days of trying to shrug it off, she finally reaches that time when she really starts to worry, though she tries to keep her friends out of it. Aiko, who was observing from the beginning, scolds Mei for trying to keep it to herself and making Asami worry. With Aiko and Asami becoming her pillars of support, Mei marches towards Yamato and kisses him.
8"New to Love"
"Ren'ai Shoshinsha" (恋愛初心者)
November 24, 2012[2]
Yamato realizes that he and Mei haven't gone home together for a long time, and so they do. It ends, however, in a misunderstanding when an indecisive Mei turns Yamato off. It is too late when she realizes she made a mistake. Rumors about Yamato and Megumi continue to circulate and depress her, especially when the latest issue of a magazine reveals that Megumi has feelings for Yamato. Even with Aiko and Asami giving their continued support, her doubts overwhelm her, and she decides to go home early that day. Before doing so, she stops by her part-time job at the bakery where she meets a customer named Kai Takemura. Mei is shocked when he tries asking about the special edition key chain Asami gave her. Meanwhile, Aiko, thinking that Yamato is getting too full of himself, talks to him about the rumors and how it is affecting Mei, and tells him what he needs to do in order to solve the misunderstanding. Realizing that he also made a mistake, he misses a photo shoot and searches for Mei in several places, including her house. Yamato finds Mei standing on a desolate street in tears, standing over her torn bracelet and beads. There, she confesses her feelings Yamato as he tries to reassure and apologize to Mei for being thoughtless. Yamato then gathers the scattered beads of her bracelet. She bends down to help him, but as their emotions threaten to overwhelm them both, they hug instead.
9"Each and Every"
"Sorezore no" (それぞれの)
December 1, 2012[2]
Megumi was surprised to hear from Yamato that he is quitting the modeling business because it makes Mei sad. It's because of this that Megumi starts to ignore Mei with a bit of a hatred, while wondering why Yamato chose Mei over her. However, just as Yamato gets to meet Mei's mother, and, eventually, as things start to look better between the two, Kai doubles his efforts towards Mei, but he, through that key trinket, eventually knows she has a boyfriend, which he later knew to be Yamato when he returned to school. Mei gets to know of Kai's plans to gain revenge against his former tormentors, so she gives him some advice. With his mission of gaining revenge against his bullies looking bleak, Kai, as he declares in front of Yamato, fully turns to another mission: winning Mei's heart.
10"I really love you"
"Hoka ni wa Nani mo" (他には何も)
March 17, 2012[2]
Megumi continues her quest for Kitito by trying to make use of Asami and Aiko to alienate and destabilize Mei (without them knowing it); and Kai in order to break her up with Yamato. Kai notices Mei being in pain and lonely, so he tries to cheer her up by giving the tickets Megumi gave him the other day, with the faint thought that this is part of some plan hatched by Megumi, as evidenced by her watching from afar--though he uses the time to declare to Mei that he has a crush on her. Yamato, taking note of Megumi's misleading information that Kai invited Mei to a date; and hearing the rumors about Mei and Kai, catches the two together, and an argument ensues. Kai scolds Yamato for not sensing that Mei is in pain and is lonely. Yamato admits to him that there are things he doesn't understand about Mei, but is willing to make them all clear by getting to know her even more. After hearing Yamato's side, Kai, despite hating some of his traits, gains more respect for him, and, after apologizing for punching him, leaves the two alone, with an advice for him: never make Mei feel uneasy and worried again.
"Parēdo" (パレード)
December 15, 2012[2]
Kai confronts Megumi for pretending to befriend everyone, saying she hates things if she is not the center of attention. Even Aiko sees through her behavior when she tries to shut Mei out of the topic. When she later reads some negative comments about her on the Internet, she ditches her current photo shoot, and, after buying some junk food, later shuts herself in her apartment obviously depressed. Meanwhile, Mei and Yamato go on a date to Land where Nagi also comes after convincing her older brother Daichi to take her there, since she says she wanted to see Mei very much. After going on a few rides, Yamato realizes that Mei is scared but she is trying to be strong and fight those fears. At night, Nagi falls asleep and Yamato brings the two to a hotel. He places Nagi in a bed and pretends to fall asleep on a couch. When Mei gets near, he catches and holds her in an embrace. The next morning, she is in her own bed as Yamato comes into the room and answers his phone. It is the folks at the magazine where Megumi is modeling on the phone, telling him that Megumi is nowhere to be found and won't answer her phone.
12"I'll Protect You"
"Mamotteru yo" (守ってるよ)
December 22, 2012[2]
Upon arriving at the station Yamato leaves Nagi in Mei's care and hurries to Megumi's apartment. There he meets Momo, Megumi's best friend. Megumi shut herself in her apartment because of the same reason that Mei and Nagi shunned making friends before, and won't come out even if it is Yamato knocking at her door. He and Momo says that her fears do not matter, for there are people that is behind her and are there for her. From the moment she opened the door for Momo and Yamato, she changed in a couple of days, into her true self, one who does not make shallow friendships, as that false facade actually hurts those around her. It was a challenge at first, but it took her only awhile to adjust. Kai smiles to himself upon seeing the new Megumi. Seasons pass by, and things become stable for everyone, especially Yamato and Mei. Mei has already gotten out with Yamato and her friends during the summer festival, but, on the insistence of her mother, she asks Yamato to watch the fireworks with her. Even if Mei arrives late and the fireworks over, it did not matter to Yamato, as he kissed her at the now-empty shrine.
13"Say[nb 3]" (Say "I love you".)December 29, 2012[2]
Yamato catches a fever and skips school. Seeing that she's bashful again, Mei's friends urge her to go and see him. However, on the way to Yamato's house the next day, Mei calls Yamato only to hear Nagi's voice, telling her that he does not want to see her today. In reality Nagi wants to pamper Yamato and have him all to herself. Mei's insecurity kicks in as a result. Later, as Yamato worries about the consequences of Nagi's acts, Kakeru calls him, telling him that he has a girlfriend who works at the place where Mei works part time. Thinking that the girl is Mei because he is unaware that the bakery has now two part-time assistants, he panicked and rushed out of his bed to go and see for himself, escaping Nagi, distracted by a boy classmate of hers who came to visit, in the process. He unknowingly passes by Mei, who is hiding behind a telephone pole just outside his house. Yamato's fears are allayed upon seeing that it is not Mei who's going out with Kakeru. After seeing Kai at the bakery, he and Mei later cross paths at their usual meeting spot, as they apologize to each other and spend the rest of the day together afterwards. At the end of the closing credits, Mei is heard saying "I love you", conveniently ending the series by fulfilling the title...
"Dareka ga" (誰かが)
July 24, 2013[5]
Mei, Aiko, Asami, and Nagi are making cookies at Mei's house. Knowing that the process could take a while, Nagi chases Yamato out of the house. He receives a text from Kai, who asks him if he wants to meet up at the park. When Yamato arrives, it is revealed that the rundown park was where the two of them first talked and bonded for the first time. After bantering a bit, Kai asks Yamato why he, who had always seemed to be having fun with a large crowd around him, was always the first one at the park after school. Yamato admits that he used to feel like he was a chameleon; someone who didn't have his own personality and just changed himself to please others. Kai tells Yamato that he used to hate the town, but thanks to Yamato, he now finds it to be beautiful. Kai reassures him that he is his own person, and Yamato confesses that after he met Mei, he realized just how lonely he was. Kai later runs into Megumi at the bus stop. They start talking, and Kai tells her that he thinks she's cool for staying true to herself while modelling. Megumi snaps back at him, and Kai, offended, leaves. When Momo comes, Megumi regrets lashing out on Kai and later becomes embarrassed when Momo suggests that Megumi likes him. At Mei's house, the cookies are done and turn out to be delicious. Mei's mom shoos Mei and Yamato out of the house. Yamato hugs Mei and tells her he's glad she's with him. They watch the sunset together before continuing their walk, holding hands.


The following special episodes are included on the Blu-ray and DVD volumes of the series. The episodes are titled "Mei and Meowrsmellow" with a few including content-specific titles.

No. English title Release date
1"Mei and Meowrsmellow 1"December 26, 2012
Mei stresses over a dream of herself and Yamato attending a meet-up.
2"Mei and Meowrsmellow 2"January 23, 2013
Mei tries to imitate Yamato's mannerisms.
3"Mei and Meowrsmellow 3"February 27, 2013
Marshmellow meows to the tune of the opening theme, which coincidentally causes Mei to meow as well.
4"Mei and Meowrsmellow 4"March 27, 2013
An animation glitch shows Mei as a moving wire-framed character.
5"Mei and Meowrsmellow 5"April 24, 2013
Mei mentions the Japanese play on words involving Yamato's black kitten "Kuro", and his last name "Kurosawa."
6"Mei and Meowrsmellow 6"May 22, 2013
Marshmewllow tries to teach Kuro the 'laws' of being a cat but they have to pretend to be 'normal cats' when Mei returns.
7"Mei and Meowrsmellow 7"TBA
Mei tries to practice singing karaoke. Marshmellow then tries to sing but his bass shatters the mic.
8"Mei and Meowrsmellow 8"TBA
Mei tries on 3D glasses and complains of her eyes hurting.
9"Mei and Meowrsmellow 9"TBA
Marshmellow expresses his dislike of Yamato but Kuro deeply defends him before escaping Mei's cookie tasting.
10"Mei and Meowrsmellow 10"TBA
Mei expresses her thanks to the audience for watching her story with Yamato unfold.

Home media[edit]

StarChild released the series in Japan on six Blu-ray and DVD volumes between December 26, 2012 and May 22, 2013.[8][9] The complete series was released on Blu-ray and DVD volumes by Sentai Filmworks on December 24, 2013.[13] Hanabee Entertainment released the series on February 5, 2014 on DVD format only.[14] These releases contained English and Japanese audio options and English subtitles.

StarChild (Region 2 - Japan)
Vol. Episodes BD / DVD Release date BD Ref. DVD Ref.
1 1, 2 December 26, 2012 [8] [9]
2 3, 4 January 23, 2013 [8] [9]
3 5, 6 February 27, 2013 [8] [9]
4 7, 8 March 27, 2013 [8] [9]
5 9, 10 April 24, 2013 [8] [9]
6 11, 12, 13 May 22, 2013 [8] [9]
Sentai Filmworks (Region 1 - North America)
Vol. Episodes Blu-ray / DVD artwork BD / DVD Release date BD Ref. DVD Ref.
1 1-13 Mei Tachibana & Yamato Kurosawa December 24, 2013 [13] [15]
Hanabee Entertainment (Region 4 - Australia / New Zealand)
Vol. Episodes DVD artwork DVD Release date DVD Ref.
1 1-13 Mei Tachibana & Yamato Kurosawa February 5, 2014 [14]


  1. ^ All English titles are taken from Sentai Filmworks.
  2. ^ As Say "I love you". premiered in Tokyo MX's Saturday 25:00 (01:00am JST) time slot, the episodes technically aired the days following the ones listed.[4]
  3. ^ This episode is called simply "Say" by Sentai Filmworks. The episode's title was literally Say, "I love you." in Japan.


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