List of Scottish loch-monsters

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List of Scottish loch-monsters is a list of lochs in Scotland said to contain monsters in Scottish folklore.

Loch Monster's name/nickname
Loch Arkaig Water-horse
Loch Awe Beathach mór
Loch Duich
Loch Linnhe
Loch Lochy Lizzie
Loch Lomond Lomond monster
Loch Maree Muc-sheilch[1]
Loch Morar Mòrag[2]
Loch Ness Nessie/Niseag[2]
Loch Oich Wee Oichy
Loch Quoich Lizzie
Loch Shiel Seileag[2]
Loch Suainaval (Lewis) Searrach Uisge (Water Colt)


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