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Below is a list of railroads that were bought, leased, or in other ways had their track come under ownership or control by the Seaboard Air Line Railroad or one of its predecessors.

The Seaboard Air Line Railroad merged with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad on July 1, 1967, to form the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad.


Predecessor lines[edit]

Map of CSX's "A" and "S" lines, inherited from predecessors ACL and SAL, respectively.

The Seaboard main line from Richmond to Tampa, heart of its 2600-mile system in 1900, (today mostly CSX's "S" Line), had been built by the following companies:

Acquired lines[edit]

In the first decades of the 20th century, Seaboard expanded its holdings by acquiring the following lines, some of which were created by the Seaboard to construct new lines it wished to have.

Acquired by purchase:

  • Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad, 1903
  • Tallahassee, Perry and Southeastern Railway, 1909
  • Atlanta and Birmingham Air Line Railway, 1909
  • Atlantic, Suwannee River and Gulf Railway, 1909
  • Florida West Shore Railway, 1909
  • Plant City, Arcadia and Gulf Railroad, 1909
  • Tampa Terminal Railroad, 1922
  • Jacksonville, Gainesville and Gulf Railroad, 1927

Acquired by lease:

  • Kissimmee River Railway, 1917
  • Brooksville and Inverness Railway, 1925
  • Tampa Northern Railroad, 1925
  • Charlotte Harbor and Gulf Coast Railway, 1925
  • Seaboard-All Florida Railway, 1925
  • Naples, Seaboard and Gulf Railway, 1925
  • Tampa and Gulf Coast Railroad, 1927
  • Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railroad, 1928
  • Northern Railway of Florida, 1928

Seaboard Air Line Railway[edit]

American Agricultural and Chemical Company[edit]

Athens Terminal Company[edit]

Atlanta and Birmingham Air Line Railway[edit]

Atlantic, Suwannee River and Gulf Railway[edit]

Brooksville and Inverness Railway[edit]

Carolina, Atlantic and Western Railway[edit]

Carolina Central Railroad[edit]

Catawba Valley Railway[edit]

Central Railway of Georgia (Lyons Branch only)[edit]

Charlotte Harbor and Northern Railway[edit]

Charlotte, Monroe and Columbia Railroad[edit]

Chesterfield and Kershaw Railroad[edit]

Chesterfield and Lancaster Railroad[edit]

Columbus Railroad[edit]

Durham and Northern Railway[edit]

Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad[edit]

Florida, Peninsular and Gulf Railroad[edit]

Florida West Shore Railway[edit]

Gainesville Midland Railroad (bought by Seaboard in 1959)[edit]

Georgia and Alabama Railway[edit]

Georgia, Carolina and Northern Railway[edit]

Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railroad (gained control in 1928)[edit]

Kissimmee River Railway[edit]

Loganville and Lawrenceville Railroad[edit]

Macon, Dublin and Savannah Railroad[edit]

McRae Terminal Railway[edit]

Oxford and Coast Line Railroad[edit]

Line from Dickerson to Oxford, NC

Palmetto Railway[edit]

Plant City, Arcadia and Gulf Railway[edit]

Raleigh and Augusta Air Line Railroad[edit]

Raleigh and Charleston Railroad[edit]

Raleigh and Gaston Railroad[edit]

Richmond, Petersburg and Carolina Railroad[edit]

Roanoke and Tar River Railroad[edit]

Seaboard Air Line Belt Railroad[edit]

Seaboard-All Florida Railway[edit]

Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad[edit]

South Bound Railroad[edit]

Tallahassee, Perry and Southeastern Railway[edit]

Tampa Terminal Company[edit]

Tavares and Gulf Railroad (bought 1926)[edit]

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