List of Seattle street fairs and parades

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The Seafair Pirates, depicted here at White Center Jubilee Days (2007) just south of Seattle, are longstanding fixtures of Seattle's Seafair-sanctioned parades.

Seattle, Washington, United States has almost twenty neighborhoods that host one or more street fairs and/or parades.


Dancing in the street at Ballard Seafood Fest (2007)
  • 17 May Festival - Syttende Mai [1]
  • Ballard Seafood Fest: a Seafair-sanctioned event[2]
  • Sustainable Ballard Festival [3]

Capitol Hill[edit]

Central District[edit]

  • Central Area Community Festival[5]



  • Lake Union's LakeFest[10]


Street performer "Reverend Chumleigh" at the Fremont Fair (1993)


  • Georgetown Music Festival[13]

Greenwood and Phinney Ridge[edit]

  • Greenwood-Phinney Seafair Parade: a Seafair-sanctioned event[14]

International District[edit]

  • Chinatown Seafair Parade: a Seafair-sanctioned event[15]
  • Dragon Fest[16]
  • Lunar New Year Celebration[16]
  • Night Market[16]

Lake City[edit]

  • Lake City Pioneer Days: a Seafair-sanctioned event[17]


  • Magnolia Summer Festival and Art Show: a Seafair-sanctioned event[15]

Mount Baker[edit]

  • Mount Baker Day in the Park[18]

Queen Anne[edit]

  • The Crown of Queen Anne Fun Run, Walk & Children's Parade: a Seafair-sanctioned event[15]

Rainier Valley[edit]

  • Rainier Valley SummerFest and Rainier Valley Heritage Parade[19]


  • Roosevelt Bull Moose Festival: a Seafair-sanctioned event[15]

South Lake Union[edit]

  • South Lake Union Block Party[20]

University District[edit]

Crowds on University Way ("The Ave") at U. District Street Fair (2007)
  • University District Street Fair[21]


  • Wallingford Seafair Kiddie Parade & Street Fair: a Seafair sanctioned event[15]
  • Wallingford Wurst Fest[22]

West Seattle[edit]

  • West Seattle Grand Parade: a Seafair-sanctioned event[15]
  • West Seattle Summer Fest[23]

White Center[edit]

  • White Center Jubilee Days Parade: a Seafair-sanctioned event[15]


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