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The Secret Society of Super Villains is a team fictional supervillains appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Over the years they have featured a large number of ne'er-do-wells as they attempt to subvert the superheroic population of the world for a variety of schemes.

Darkseid's Society[edit]

These members of the Secret Society of Super Villains were secretly gathered by Darkseid when the group was first founded in 1976 through their splintering after the discovery of their benefactor's true identity. Since then, various leaders like Lex Luthor, the Wizard and the Silver Ghost have taken over or re-formed the Society, including old and new members in the roster.

In JLA #119 (2005) it was revealed that Catwoman was an early member of the SSOSV briefly as well (Catwoman was mentioned in the text of Secret Society of Super Villains #1 as being a member, though the penciller omitted her from the issue; this brief mention is the only known connection of Catwoman to the SSOSV prior to the present). Also, it was revealed that Despero brought the memories of the members back, and was responsible of the subsequent attack of the Society.

Ultra-Humanite's Society[edit]

The next incarnation of the Secret Society was organized by the Ultra-Humanite, who organized foes of both the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America.


When the JLA resurfaced with the Big Seven members, Brainwave started to gather a new Secret Society to take down the newly formed Justice League (JLA 80-Page Giant #1), but Brainwave was actually Martian Manhunter in disguise—the formation of this Society was a trap made by the League to defeat more supervillains in the same time. (As the tale was told by the Rainbow Raider to Sonar II, it's uncertain whether this tale actually happened. At the very least, there may have been some embellishment.)

Alexander Luthor Jr.'s Society[edit]

Organized by Alexander Luthor, Jr. in the guise of Lex Luthor, the Society formed over rumors of the JLA mindwiping Dr. Light. With a ruling council of six members overseeing a structured roster of 200 strong (Villains United #1), the Society is a grave threat to superheroes of the world. The Joker is notably absent from this roster, because he is the only villain the other villains all feared — and rightly so, as Joker murdered several of the society's roster in revenge for being left out.

The Society's council[edit]

Members of The Society[edit]

Possible Members[edit]

The following had declined to join the Society:

Deceased members[edit]

  • A Hyena was executed as an example in Villains United #3.
  • Doctor Polaris exploded after being subject to the exposed form of an irate Human Bomb towards the beginning of Infinite Crisis #1.
  • Fisherman was gunned down by detectives Marcus Driver and Josie MacDonald in Gotham Central #37.
  • High-ranking members of the Gotham branch of the Royal Flush Gang were seemingly taken out by the Joker in Infinite Crisis #2.
  • Rag Doll (Peter Merkel) was killed by Johnny Sorrow in JSA Classified #7.
  • Black Mask was shot by Catwoman in Catwoman #52.
  • Crispus Allen (as the Spectre) struck down Star Sapphire (Debbie Darnell) in the first half of Infinite Crisis #6.
  • Psycho-Pirate had his "Medusa" mask forcibly pushed through his skull by Black Adam during the finale of Infinite Crisis #6.
  • Professor Amos Fortune had half of his face blown off in Villains United #6, surviving only to be thrown from a moving helicopter in Villains United: Infinite Crisis Special before absorbing energy and exploding in JSA Classified #16.
  • Deuce Canyard (an aspiring "Jack" of the Royal Flush Gang) was sniped by the warden of Enclave M in Villains United: Infinite Crisis Special.
  • Baron Blitzkrieg was incinerated by Superboy-Prime's heat vision during the Battle of Metropolis.
  • Alexander Luthor, Jr. received severe acid and electrocution burns to the face from the Joker before getting shot by him, in the presence of the real Lex Luthor, in the final pages of Infinite Crisis #7.
  • In the novelization, Doctor Spectro is a member as well of the Society and dies in the same explosion that killed Solomon Grundy and the Bloodlines heroes.
  • In an interview DC editor-in-chief Dan DiDio, he confirms that Boss Moxie did indeed die in Infinite Crisis #7 by stating that Superboy Prime snapped his neck.

Wizard's Society[edit]

Some former members of the Wizard's Secret Society, also victims of JLA's mindwiping in the past, had their memories unlocked by Despero and then were summoned back together for revenge by the Wizard. Zatanna reluctantly re-erased their memories of the JLA's identities. Whether they were members of Luthor's Society as well is unknown.

In addition to the Wizard, Felix Faust and Chronos the membership included:

One year later[edit]

One year after the events of Infinite Crisis, Calculator has taken control of the Society with Talia as the only other original leader left. Felix Faust and Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minerva), however, have also been linked to this group.

Libra's Society[edit]

In the lead-up to Final Crisis, the returned Super-Villain Libra (who happens to be the prophet of Darkseid) takes the scattered remnants of Luthor's Secret Society and uses it to create his own Secret Society of Super Villains to serve Darkseid. The following are confirmed members so far.

Cheetah's Society[edit]

Following the Final Crisis, Cheetah has assembled another Secret Society of Super Villains. Among its members are:

The New 52's Secret Society[edit]

It is shown in the issues of Justice League of America Vol. 3 of The New 52, that "The Outsider" has been assembling this incarnation of the Secret Society to deal with the growing superhero community,[1] as well as have members he can offer to the Crime Syndicate to assist them once they arrive.[2] First appearance and any additional info listed in parenthesis.


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