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This is a list of video game franchises published or developed by Sega or a subsidiary of the company. All series spanning multiple games are listed here. Games that were developed and published by third parties but released on Sega consoles are not listed here. Almost all of these titles and series have been published by Sega with the exception of a couple of franchises in which Sega was the developer. In the case of a franchise in which there are multiple games but no series article exists, the first game in the series is the main article and is linked to this list.

Among the franchises listed here are franchises now owned by 2K Sports, as those franchises were originally published by Sega until Sega sold the rights to the franchises in 2005.[1] In the case of these games, the latest release date given for the franchise shall be that of the last game in which Sega was involved in its publishing.

Also included in the franchise list is Total War. While this series did not begin with Sega as either a developer or a publisher, Sega did publish later games in the series. In 2016, Sega acquired the intellectual properties of Technosoft.[2]


Franchise or game Main developer Genre First release Latest release
After Burner Sega AM2 Combat flight simulator, rail shooter 1987 2010
Alex Kidd Overworks Platformer, adventure 1986 1990
Altered Beast Overworks Beat 'em up 1988 2005
Bayonetta PlatinumGames Action, hack and slash 2009 2018
Beyond Oasis Ancient Action role-playing game, action-adventure 1994 1996
Blazing Heroes Sega Tactical role-playing game 1995 1996
Bug! Realtime Associates Platform game 1995 1996
Border Break Sega Third-person shooter, action 2009 2018
Clockwork Knight Sega Platform game 1994 1995
Columns Sega Puzzle 1990 1997
Condemned Monolith Productions Action game 2005 2008
Crazy Taxi Hitmaker Racing game, action game 1999 2007
Daytona USA Sega AM2, Amusement Vision Racing game 1993 2017
Derby Owners Club Hitmaker Horse racing 2000 2002
Dinosaur King Sega Trading card game 2005 2007
Doki Doki Penguin Land Sega Puzzle game 1987 1991
Dragon Force Sega Real-time strategy, tactical role-playing game 1996 1998
Dynamite Cop Wow Entertainment Beat 'em up 1996 1998
Ecco the Dolphin Appaloosa Interactive Action-adventure game 1992 2001
Eternal Champions Sega Fighting game 1993 1995
Fantasy Zone Sega Shoot 'em up 1986 2014
Fighting Vipers Sega AM2 Fighting game 1995 2001
Football Manager Sports Interactive Sports game, business simulation 2004 2019
Full Auto Pseudo Interactive Racing game 2006 2007
Ghost Squad Sega AM2 Rail shooter, light gun shooter 2004 2012
Golden Axe Sega Hack and slash, beat 'em up 1989 2008
Gunstar Heroes Treasure Co. Ltd Run & gun shooter 1993 2005
Hang-On Sega AM2 Racing game 1985 1995
Headhunter Amuze Action-adventure game 2002 2004
Head-On Sega Action game 1979 2005
Hero Bank Sega Role-playing video game 2014 2014
House of the Dead Wow Entertainment Rail shooter, light gun shooter 1996 2018
Jet Set Radio Smilebit Action game, platform game 2000 2012
Last Bronx Hitmaker Fighting game 1996 2006
Let's Go Sega AM3 Rail shooter, Educational game 2006 2015
Love and Berry Sega Collectible card game 2004 2006
Monaco GP Sega, Gremlin Industries Racing game 1979 1992
Mushiking: King of the Beetles Sega Collectible card game 2003 2015
NiGHTS Sonic Team Action-adventure, action game 1996 2007
Out Run Sega AM2, Sumo Digital Racing game 1986 2014
Panzer Dragoon Team Andromeda, Smilebit Rail shooter, third-person shooter 1995 2006
Phantasy Star Sega, Overworks, Sonic Team Role-playing game, massively multiplayer online role-playing game 1987 2014
Rent-A-Hero Sega Role-playing video game, action role-playing game 1991 2000
Rez United Game Artists, Q Entertainment Rail shooter 2001 2008
Sakura Wars Sega Tactical role-playing game, visual novel, dating sim 1996 2008
Sangokushi Taisen Sega Real-time strategy, collectible card game 2005 2010
Scud Race Amusement Vision Racing game 1996 1997
Seaman Vivarium Inc., Jellyvision Simulation 1999 2007
Sega All-Stars Sonic Team, Sumo Digital Party, sports game 2004 2012
Sega Bass Fishing Wow Entertainment, SIMS Co., Ltd. Fishing, Sports game 1998 2008
Sega Worldwide Soccer Sega, Silicon Dreams Studio Sports game 1995 2000
Shenmue Sega AM2 Action-adventure, life simulation, social simulation 1999 2010
Shining Climax Entertainment, Amusement Vision, Camelot Software Planning, Neverland Co. Role-playing game, tactical role-playing game, action role-playing game 1991 2014
Shinobi Sega, Overworks Action game, hack and slash, platformer 1987 2011
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Team Action game, Platformer, Action-adventure 1991 2017
Space Channel 5 United Game Artists Music video game, rhythm game 1999 2003
Space Harrier Sega AM2 Rail shooter, third-person shooter 1985 2013
Spikeout Sega, Dimps Beat 'em up 1997 2005
Starhorse Sega Horse racing, racing 2000 2011
Streets of Rage Sega, Overworks Beat 'em up 1991 1994
Super Monkey Ball Amusement Vision, Realism Ltd, Sega, Marvelous AQL Party, platformer 2001 2019
Tempo Red Company Action 1995 1998
Thunder Blade Sega Rail shooter, third-person shooter, action 1987 1988
The Conduit High Voltage Software First-person shooter 2009 2011
Valkyria Overworks Tactical role-playing game, turn-based strategy 2008 2018
Vectorman BlueSky Software Platform game 1995 1996
Virtua Cop Sega AM2 Rail shooter, light gun shooter 1994 2002
Virtua Fighter Sega AM2 Fighting game 1993 2012
Virtua Striker Sega AM2, Amusement Vision Sports game 1994 2006
Virtua Tennis Hitmaker Sports game 1999 2011
Virtual On Hitmaker, Sega Third-person shooter, action 1995 2003
Yakuza Sega Action-adventure, action role-playing game, beat 'em up 2005 2017
Zaxxon Sega Isometric shooter, shoot 'em up 1982 1995


Franchise or game Main developer Genre First release Latest release Acquisition date
Company of Heroes Relic Entertainment Real-time strategy 2006 2013 2013
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Relic Entertainment Real-time strategy 2004 2017 2013
Herzog Technosoft Real-time strategy, Real-time tactics, Tactical shooter, Real-time strategy, MOBA 1988 1990 2016
Puyo Puyo Compile/Sonic Team Puzzle 1991 2018 1998
Thunder Force Technosoft Side scrolling shoot-em-up 1983 2008 2016
Total War The Creative Assembly Strategy, turn-based strategy, real-time tactics 2000 2019 2005

Licensed properties[edit]

Franchise or game Main developer Genre First release Latest release
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Sega Rhythm game 2009 2017
Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai Sega Rhythm game 2012 2015
Initial D Arcade Stage Sega Rosso Racing game 2001 2017
Joe Montana Football Sega Sports game 1991 1994
Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! Sega Sports game 1996 2018
Pro Striker Sega Sports game 1993 1995
Sega GT Wow Entertainment Racing game 2000 2003
Sega Rally Sega Rosso, Hitmaker Racing game 1995 2008
Sega Touring Car Championship Sega AM3 Racing 1996 1998
World Club Champion Football Sega Sports game 2002 2019
World Series Baseball BlueSky Software, Visual Concepts Sports game 1994 2003

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