List of Sejm members (2007–2011)

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The sixth term of the Government of the Republic of Poland is the term of the Government that ran from 5 November 2007 to 7 November 2011.

Elections were held on 21 October 2007 to the Sejm, with all 460 members being elected.

18 members of this term were killed in office in the Smolensk air disaster.[1]


Name Party Notes
Senior Marshal Zbigniew Religa Law and Justice [2]
Marshal Grzegorz Schetyna Civic Platform [3]
Deputy Marshals Stefan Niesiołowski Civic Platform
Marek Kuchciński Law and Justice
Jerzy Wenderlich Democratic Left Alliance
Ewa Kierzkowska Polish People's Party

Members of Sejm[edit]

Name Party Constituency Notes
Adam Abramowicz Law and Justice 7 – Chełm
Andrzej Adamczyk Law and Justice
Romuald Ajchler Social Democracy of Poland
Leszek Aleksandrzak Democratic Left Alliance
Bartosz Arłukowicz Social Democracy of Poland
Waldemar Andzel Law and Justice
Iwona Arent Law and Justice
Tadeusz Arkit Civic Platform
Paweł Arndt Civic Platform
Marek Ast Law and Justice 8 – Zielona Góra
Urszula Augustyn Civic Platform
Tadeusz Aziewicz Civic Platform
Zbigniew Babalski Law and Justice
Piotr Babinetz Law and Justice
Dariusz Bąk Law and Justice
Klaudiusz Balcerzak Civic Platform 8 – Zielona Góra Replaced Marek Cebula on 14 December 2010.
Marek Balicki Social Democracy of Poland
Anna Bańkowska Social Democracy of Poland 4 – Bydgoszcz
Barbara Bartuś Law and Justice
Andrzej Bętkowski Law and Justice
Marek Biernacki Civic Platform
Andrzej Biernat Civic Platform
Antoni Błądek Law and Justice
Mariusz Błaszczak Law and Justice
Anita Błochowiak Democratic Left Alliance
Jacek Bogucki Law and Justice
Bogdan Bojko Civic Platform 8 – Zielona Góra
Marek Borowski Social Democracy of Poland
Krzysztof Brejza Civic Platform 4 – Bydgoszcz
Roman Brodniak Civic Platform 1 – Legnica
Joachim Brudziński Law and Justice
Jacek Brzezinka Civic Platform
Beata Bublewicz Civic Platform
Jerzy Budnik Civic Platform
Bożenna Bukiewicz Civic Platform 8 – Zielona Góra
Andrzej Buła Civic Platform
Jan Bury Polish People's Party
Renata Butryn Civic Platform
Marek Cebula Civic Platform 8 – Zielona Góra Resigned on 7 December 2010.
Andrzej Celiński Social Democracy of Poland
Zbigniew Chlebowski Civic Platform 2 – Wałbrzych
Aleksander Chłopek Law and Justice
Stanisław Chmielewski Civic Platform
Zbigniew Chmielowiec Law and Justice
Janusz Chwierut Civic Platform
Janusz Cichoń Civic Platform
Grażyna Ciemniak Democratic Left Alliance 4 – Bydgoszcz Replaced Janusz Zemke on 24 June 2009.
Leszek Cieślik Civic Platform
Andrzej Ćwierz Law and Justice
Piotr Cybulski Law and Justice 1 – Legnica
Tadeusz Cymański Law and Justice
Witold Czarnecki Law and Justice
Arkadiusz Czartoryski Law and Justice
Czesław Czechyra Civic Platform
Andrzej Czerwiński Civic Platform
Edward Czesak Law and Justice
Zdzisław Czucha Civic Platform
Andrzej Czuma Civic Platform
Eugeniusz Czykwin Democratic Left Alliance
Lena Dąbkowska-Cichocka Law and Justice
Alicja Dąbrowska Civic Platform
Andrzej Dera Law and Justice
Zbigniew Dolata Law and Justice
Grzegorz Dolniak Civic Platform
Ludwik Dorn Law and Justice
Marzenna Drab Law and Justice 5 – Toruń
Ewa Drozd Civic Platform 1 – Legnica
Mirosław Drzewiecki Civic Platform
Tomasz Dudziński Law and Justice 7 – Chełm Poland Comes First from 16 November 2010.
Artur Dunin Civic Platform
Zenon Durka Civic Platform
Bronisław Dutka Polish People's Party
Janusz Dzięcioł Civic Platform 5 – Toruń
Jan Dziedziczak Law and Justice
Waldy Dzikowski Civic Platform
Joanna Fabisiak Civic Platform
Jacek Falfus Law and Justice
Jerzy Fedorowicz Civic Platform
Arkady Fiedler Civic Platform
Marian Filar Democratic Party – 5 – Toruń
Krzysztof Gadowski Civic Platform
Andrzej Gałażewski Civic Platform
Ryszard Galla German Minority
Tomasz Garbowski Democratic Left Alliance
Adam Gawęda Law and Justice
Stanisław Gawłowski Civic Platform
Magdalena Gąsior-Marek Civic Platform 6 – Lublin
Grażyna Gęsicka Law and Justice
Łukasz Gibała Civic Platform
Artur Gierada Civic Platform
Zyta Gilowska Law and Justice
Witold Gintowt-Dziewałtowski Democratic Left Alliance
Zbigniew Girzyński Law and Justice 5 – Toruń
Szymon Giżyński Law and Justice
Tomasz Głogowski Civic Platform
John Godson Civic Platform Since 2010.
Mieczysław Golba Law and Justice
Henryk Gołębiewski Democratic Left Alliance 2 – Wałbrzych
Marian Goliński Law and Justice
Kazimierz Gołojuch Law and Justice
Artur Górski Law and Justice
Tomasz Górski Law and Justice
Jerzy Gosiewski Law and Justice
Przemysław Gosiewski Law and Justice
Jarosław Gowin Civic Platform
Cezary Grabarczyk Civic Platform
Krystyna Grabicka Law and Justice
Aleksander Grad Civic Platform
Mariusz Grad Civic Platform 7 – Chełm
Paweł Graś Civic Platform
Rafał Grupiński Civic Platform
Krzysztof Grzegorek Civic Platform
Eugeniusz Grzeszczak Polish People's Party
Andrzej Grzyb Polish People's Party
Andrzej Gut-Mostowy Civic Platform
Iwona Guzowska Civic Platform
Kazimierz Gwiazdowski Law and Justice
Andrzej Halicki Civic Platform
Agnieszka Hanajczyk Civic Platform
Jolanta Hibner Civic Platform
Czesław Hoc Law and Justice
Adam Hofman Law and Justice
Stanisław Huskowski Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław
Tadeusz Iwiński Democratic Left Alliance
Dawid Jackiewicz Law and Justice 3 – Wrocław
Jarosław Jagiełło Law and Justice
Elżbieta Jakubiak Law and Justice
Wiesław Janczyk Law and Justice
Grzegorz Janik Law and Justice
Zdzisława Janowska Social Democracy of Poland
Tadeusz Jarmuziewicz Civic Platform
Michał Jaros Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław
Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka Democratic Left Alliance
Wojciech Jasiński Law and Justice
Danuta Jazłowiecka Civic Platform
Krzysztof Jurgiel Law and Justice
Dariusz Kaczanowski Law and Justice
Roman Kaczor Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław Replaced Andrzej Łoś on 23 November 2007.
Jarosław Kaczyński Law and Justice
Stanisław Kalemba Polish People's Party
Jarosław Kalinowski Polish People's Party
Ryszard Kalisz Democratic Left Alliance
Jan Kamiński Polish People's Party
Mariusz Kamiński Law and Justice
Tomasz Kamiński Democratic Left Alliance
Andrzej Kania Civic Platform
Lucjan Karasiewicz Law and Justice
Sebastian Karpiniuk Civic Platform
Grzegorz Karpiński Civic Platform 5 – Toruń
Włodzimierz Witold Karpiński Civic Platform 6 – Lublin
Karol Karski Law and Justice
Mieczysław Kasprzak Polish People's Party
Jarosław Katulski Civic Platform 4 – Bydgoszcz
Jan Kaźmierczak Civic Platform
Beata Kempa Law and Justice 3 – Wrocław
Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska Civic Platform
Ewa Kierzkowska Polish People's Party 5 – Toruń
Wiesław Kilian Law and Justice 3 – Wrocław Replaced Aleksandra Natalli-Świat on 5 May 2010. Poland Comes First from 16 November 2010.
Witold Klepacz Democratic Left Alliance
Józef Klim Civic Platform
Izabela Kloc Law and Justice
Eugeniusz Kłopotek Polish People's Party 4 – Bydgoszcz
Sławomir Kłosowski Law and Justice
Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska Law and Justice
Magdalena Kochan Civic Platform
Witold Kochan Civic Platform
Jan Kochanowski Democratic Left Alliance 8 – Zielona Góra
Lech Kołakowski Law and Justice
Robert Kołakowski Law and Justice
Longin Komołowski Law and Justice
Bronisław Komorowski Civic Platform
Zbigniew Konwiński Civic Platform
Ewa Kopacz Civic Platform
Domicela Kopaczewska Civic Platform
Tadeusz Kopeć Civic Platform
Sławomir Kopyciński Democratic Left Alliance
Leszek Korzeniowski Civic Platform
Roman Kosecki Civic Platform
Bożena Kotkowska Social Democracy of Poland
Paweł Kowal Law and Justice
Henryk Kowalczyk Law and Justice
Bogusław Kowalski Law and Justice
Jacek Kozaczyński Civic Platform
Zbigniew Kozak Law and Justice
Jerzy Kozdroń Civic Platform
Agnieszka Kozłowska-Rajewicz Civic Platform
Mirosław Koźlakiewicz Civic Platform
Maks Kraczkowski Law and Justice
Janusz Krasoń Democratic Left Alliance 3 – Wrocław
Leonard Krasulski Law and Justice
Robert Kropiwnicki Civic Platform 1 – Legnica Replaced Janusz Mikulicz on 16 December 2010.
Elżbieta Kruk Law and Justice 6 – Lublin
Adam Krupa Civic Platform
Jacek Krupa Civic Platform
Marek Krząkała Civic Platform
Adam Krzyśków Polish People's Party
Piotr Krzywicki Law and Justice
Marek Kuchciński Law and Justice
Włodzimierz Kula Civic Platform
Jan Kulas Civic Platform
Tomasz Kulesza Civic Platform
Jan Kuriata Civic Platform
Jacek Kurski Law and Justice
Kazimierz Kutz Civic Platform
Marek Kwitek Law and Justice
Stanisław Lamczyk Civic Platform
Marek Łatas Law and Justice
Tomasz Latos Law and Justice 4 – Bydgoszcz
Tomasz Lenz Civic Platform 5 – Toruń
Izabela Leszczyna Civic Platform
Krzysztof Lipiec Law and Justice
Adam Lipiński Law and Justice 1 – Legnica
Dariusz Lipiński Civic Platform
Bogdan Lis Democratic Party –
Krzysztof Lisek Civic Platform
Arkadiusz Litwiński Civic Platform
Jan Łopata Polish People's Party 6 – Lublin
Andrzej Łoś Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław Resigned 10 November 2007.
Mieczysław Łuczak Polish People's Party
Elżbieta Łukacijewska Civic Platform
Marzena Machałek Law and Justice 1 – Legnica
Krzysztof Maciejewski Law and Justice
Antoni Macierewicz Law and Justice
Beata Małecka-Libera Civic Platform
Krystyna Łybacka Democratic Left Alliance
Ewa Malik Law and Justice
Mirosław Maliszewski Polish People's Party
Michał Marcinkiewicz Civic Platform
Barbara Marianowska Law and Justice
Wacław Martyniuk Democratic Left Alliance
Gabriela Masłowska Law and Justice 6 – Lublin
Mirosława Masłowska Law and Justice
Jerzy Materna Law and Justice 8 – Zielona Góra
Katarzyna Matusik-Lipiec Civic Platform
Zbigniew Matuszczak Democratic Left Alliance 7 – Chełm
Marek Matuszewski Law and Justice
Kazimierz Matuszny Law and Justice
Jarosław Matwiejuk Democratic Left Alliance
Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk Democratic Left Alliance
Beata Mazurek Law and Justice 7 – Chełm
Antoni Mężydło Civic Platform 5 – Toruń
Krzysztof Michałkiewicz Law and Justice 6 – Lublin
Janusz Mikulicz Civic Platform 1 – Legnica Resigned on 30 November 2010.
Henryk Milcarz Democratic Left Alliance
Konstanty Miodowicz Civic Platform
Henryk Młynarczyk Law and Justice 7 – Chełm Replaced Wojciech Żukowski on 14 December 2010.
Aldona Młyńczak Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław
Wojciech Mojzesowicz Law and Justice 4 – Bydgoszcz
Kazimierz Moskal Law and Justice
Tadeusz Motowidło Democratic Left Alliance
Czesław Mroczek Civic Platform
Izabela Katarzyna Mrzygłocka Civic Platform 2 – Wałbrzych
Joanna Mucha Civic Platform 6 – Lublin
Arkadiusz Mularczyk Law and Justice
Jan Musiał Civic Platform
Tadeusz Naguszewski Civic Platform
Witold Namyślak Civic Platform
Grzegorz Napieralski Democratic Left Alliance
Aleksandra Natalli-Świat Law and Justice 3 – Wrocław Died 10 April 2010.
Sławomir Neumann Civic Platform
Stefan Niesiołowski Civic Platform 8 – Zielona Góra
Sławomir Nitras Civic Platform
Maria Nowak Law and Justice
Sławomir Nowak Civic Platform
Tomasz Piotr Nowak Civic Platform
Andrzej Nowakowski Civic Platform
Mirosława Nykiel Civic Platform
Marzena Okła-Drewnowicz Civic Platform
Stanisław Olas Polish People's Party
Jan Ołdakowski Law and Justice
Alicja Olechowska Civic Platform
Danuta Olejniczak Civic Platform
Wojciech Olejniczak Democratic Left Alliance
Paweł Olszewski Civic Platform 4 – Bydgoszcz
Marek Opioła Law and Justice
Andrzej Orzechowski Civic Platform
Maciej Orzechowski Civic Platform
Jacek Osuch Law and Justice
Artur Ostrowski Democratic Left Alliance
Konstanty Oświęcimski Civic Platform
Stanisław Ożóg Law and Justice
Zbigniew Pacelt Civic Platform
Witold Pahl Civic Platform 8 – Zielona Góra
Janusz Palikot Civic Platform 6 – Lublin Resigned on 10 January 2011.
Anna Paluch Law and Justice
Andrzej Pałys Polish People's Party
Mirosław Pawlak Polish People's Party
Waldemar Pawlak Polish People's Party
Bolesław Piecha Law and Justice
Janusz Piechociński Polish People's Party
Sławomir Jan Piechota Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław
Elżbieta Pierzchała Civic Platform
Danuta Pietraszewska Civic Platform
Jarosław Pięta Civic Platform
Stanisław Pięta Law and Justice
Jacek Pilch Law and Justice
Teresa Piotrowska Civic Platform 4 – Bydgoszcz
Grzegorz Pisalski Social Democracy of Poland
Julia Pitera Civic Platform
Maciej Płażyński Law and Justice
Kazimierz Plocke Civic Platform
Marek Plura Civic Platform
Jerzy Polaczek Law and Justice
Marek Polak Law and Justice
Piotr Polak Law and Justice
Wojciech Pomajda Democratic Left Alliance
Paweł Poncyljusz Law and Justice
Krzysztof Popiołek Law and Justice
Sławomir Preiss Civic Platform
Stanisława Prządka Democratic Left Alliance
Krzysztof Putra Law and Justice
Norbert Raba Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław
Józef Racki Polish People's Party
Damian Raczkowski Civic Platform
Elżbieta Radziszewska Civic Platform
Elżbieta Rafalska Law and Justice 8 – Zielona Góra
Stanisław Rakoczy Polish People's Party
Grzegorz Raniewicz Civic Platform 7 – Chełm
Ireneusz Raś Civic Platform
Jan Religa Law and Justice
Zbigniew Religa Law and Justice
Jerzy Rębek Law and Justice 7 – Chełm
Adam Rogacki Law and Justice
Józef Rojek Law and Justice
Nelly Rokita Law and Justice
Tadeusz Ross Civic Platform
Grzegorz Roszak Civic Platform 4 – Bydgoszcz
Halina Rozpondek Civic Platform
Jarosław Rusiecki Law and Justice
Jakub Rutnicki Civic Platform
Arkadiusz Rybicki Civic Platform
Sławomir Rybicki Civic Platform
Stanisław Rydzoń Democratic Left Alliance
Zbigniew Rynasiewicz Civic Platform
Andrzej Ryszka Civic Platform
Jan Rzymełka Civic Platform
Małgorzata Sadurska Law and Justice 6 – Lublin
Wojciech Saługa Civic Platform
Marek Sawicki Polish People's Party
Grzegorz Schetyna Civic Platform 1 – Legnica
Mirosław Sekuła Civic Platform
Dariusz Seliga Law and Justice
Jarosław Sellin Law and Justice
Joanna Senyszyn Democratic Left Alliance
Edward Siarka Law and Justice
Henryk Siedlaczek Civic Platform
Izabella Sierakowska Social Democracy of Poland 6 – Lublin
Anna Sikora Law and Justice
Radosław Sikorski Civic Platform 4 – Bydgoszcz
Witold Sitarz Civic Platform
Aleksander Skorupa Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław Resigned 28 December 2010.
Krystyna Skowrońska Civic Platform
Joanna Skrzydlewska Civic Platform
Bożena Sławiak Civic Platform 8 – Zielona Góra
Tadeusz Sławecki Polish People's Party 7 – Chełm
Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska Civic Platform
Andrzej Smirnow Civic Platform
Tomasz Smolarz Civic Platform 2 – Wałbrzych
Anna Sobecka Law and Justice 5 – Toruń
Wojciech Sokołowski Civic Platform 1 – Legnica Entered Sejm on 16 December 2010
Krzysztof Sońta Law and Justice
Andrzej Sośnierz Law and Justice
Lech Sprawka Law and Justice 6 – Lublin
Piotr Stanke Law and Justice
Lidia Staroń Civic Platform
Marian Starownik Polish People's Party 6 – Lublin Replaced Edward Wojtas on 20 May 2010.
Jarosław Stawiarski Law and Justice 6 – Lublin
Stanisław Stec Democratic Left Alliance
Franciszek Stefaniuk Polish People's Party 7 – Chełm
Elżbieta Streker-Dembińska Democratic Left Alliance
Adam Struzik Polish People's Party
Michał Stuligrosz Civic Platform
Marek Suski Law and Justice
Paweł Suski Civic Platform
Miron Sycz Civic Platform
Wojciech Szarama Law and Justice
Wiesław Szczepański Democratic Left Alliance
Michał Szczerba Civic Platform
Aleksander Szczygło Law and Justice
Jolanta Szczypińska Law and Justice
Adam Szejnfeld Civic Platform
Andrzej Szlachta Law and Justice
Jerzy Szmajdziński Democratic Left Alliance 1 – Legnica Died on 10 April 2010.
Grzegorz Sztolcman Civic Platform
Jakub Szulc Civic Platform 2 – Wałbrzych
Stanisław Szwed Law and Justice
Beata Szydło Law and Justice
Bożena Szydłowska Civic Platform
Jolanta Szymanek-Deresz Democratic Left Alliance
Jan Szyszko Law and Justice
Krzysztof Tchórzewski Law and Justice
Robert Telus Law and Justice
Ryszard Terlecki Law and Justice
Grzegorz Tobiszowski Law and Justice
Jan Tomaka Civic Platform
Piotr Tomański Civic Platform
Irena Tomaszak-Zesiuk Civic Platform
Tadeusz Tomaszewski Democratic Left Alliance
Jacek Tomczak Law and Justice
Cezary Tomczyk Civic Platform
Tomasz Tomczykiewicz Civic Platform
Donald Tusk Civic Platform
Łukasz Tusk Civic Platform
Krzysztof Tyszkiewicz Civic Platform
Robert Tyszkiewicz Civic Platform
Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski Law and Justice 3 – Wrocław
Cezary Urban Civic Platform
Jarosław Urbaniak Civic Platform
Piotr van der Coghen Civic Platform
Jarosław Wałęsa Civic Platform
Andrzej Walkowiak Law and Justice
Teresa Wargocka Law and Justice
Piotr Waśko Civic Platform
Zbigniew Wassermann Law and Justice
Robert Węgrzyn Civic Platform
Jerzy Wenderlich Democratic Left Alliance 5 – Toruń
Waldemar Wiązowski Law and Justice 2 – Wałbrzych
Jan Widacki Democratic Party –
Monika Wielichowska Civic Platform 2 – Wałbrzych
Marek Wikiński Democratic Left Alliance
Wojciech Wilk Civic Platform 6 – Lublin
Jadwiga Wiśniewska Law and Justice
Stanisław Witaszczyk Polish People's Party
Elżbieta Witek Law and Justice 1 – Legnica
Radosław Witkowski Civic Platform
Wiesław Woda Polish People's Party
Jarosław Wojciechowski Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław Replaced Aleksander Skorupa on 19 January 2011.
Zbigniew Wojciechowski Civic Platform 6 – Lublin Replaced Janusz Palikot on 1 February 2011. Poland Comes First from 1 February 2011.
Marek Wójcik Civic Platform
Norbert Wojnarowski Civic Platform 1 – Legnica
Edward Wojtas Polish People's Party 6 – Lublin Died on 10 April 2010.
Michał Wojtkiewicz Law and Justice
Marek Wojtkowski Civic Platform 5 – Toruń
Ewa Wolak Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław
Bogusław Wontor Democratic Left Alliance 8 – Zielona Góra
Tadeusz Woźniak Law and Justice
Waldemar Wrona Law and Justice
Marzena Wróbel Law and Justice
Adam Wykręt Civic Platform
Stanisław Wziątek Democratic Left Alliance
Jacek Zacharewicz Civic Platform
Jarosław Żaczek Law and Justice 6 – Lublin
Stanisław Zając Law and Justice
Jadwiga Zakrzewska Civic Platform 1 – Legnica Replaced Jerzy Szmajdziński on 7 May 2010.
Jacek Żalek Civic Platform
Anna Zalewska Law and Justice 2 – Wałbrzych
Paweł Zalewski Law and Justice
Renata Zaremba Civic Platform
Ryszard Zawadzki Civic Platform
Marcin Zawiła Civic Platform 1 – Legnica
Sławomir Zawiślak Law and Justice 7 – Chełm
Łukasz Zbonikowski Law and Justice 5 – Toruń
Ryszard Zbrzyzny Democratic Left Alliance 1 – Legnica
Hanna Zdanowska Civic Platform Resigned in 2010.
Bogdan Zdrojewski Civic Platform 3 – Wrocław
Stanisław Żelichowski Polish People's Party
Janusz Zemke Democratic Left Alliance 4 – Bydgoszcz Resigned on 10 June 2009.
Anna Zielińska-Głębocka Civic Platform
Jarosław Zieliński Law and Justice
Marek Zieliński Civic Platform
Wojciech Ziemniak Civic Platform
Zbigniew Ziobro Law and Justice
Jerzy Ziętek Civic Platform
Stanisław Żmijan Civic Platform 7 – Chełm
Maria Zuba Law and Justice
Wojciech Żukowski Law and Justice 7 – Chełm Resigned on 7 December 2010.
Józef Zych Polish People's Party 8 – Zielona Góra
Adam Żyliński Civic Platform

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