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Sesame Street has many international versions across the world. Each uses some original characters, created specifically to represent their own culture. The following list highlights some of these characters. All characters are Muppets, unless otherwise mentioned.

Open Sesame (Australia)[edit]

  • Ollie - A yellow orange monster who is the cousin of Elmo, and has been stated to be four-and-a-half years old. Segments involving him commonly play before and after episodes of Open Sesame on Nick Jr.

Sésamo first show (Brazil)[edit]

  • Garibaldo - A giant, shy, blue (yellow in the 2007 version) bird. Similar to Big Bird.
  • Gugu - A green Muppet monster with a blue nose and orange cheeks. Similar to Oscar the Grouch.
  • Juca (Armando Bogus) - A toy maker who taught children his craft.
  • Ana Maria (Sonia Braga) - A teacher and Juca's cousin.
  • Gabriela (Aracy Balabanian) - The wife of Juca
  • Funga-funga - A red Muppet elephant who didn't like how others looked at him.
  • Bel - A pink/purple Muppet monster that appeared in the 2007 version

Canadian Sesame Street, later Sesame Park (Canada)[edit]

Zhima Jie (China)[edit]

Sesamstraße (Germany)[edit]

  • Samson - A male bear, similar in role and full-body puppet, to Big Bird (1978–2008, 2013-present)
  • Simson - Samson's cousin and lookalike, often seen with a hat or a tie to distinguish him from Samson (on and off in 1989-1998)
  • Tiffy - A pink female bird (1978–2005)
  • Finchen - A (former male, now female) snail (on and off from 1983, 1989–present)
  • Rumpel - A green Grouch that lives in a rainbarrel. He has Gustav, a pet caterpillar (1989–2008)
  • Buh - A male owl (1989–2002)
  • Feli Filu - A blue female monster reporter (2000–2007)
  • Pferd - A male horse (2002–present)
  • Wolle - A male lamb (2002–present)
  • Lena - A pink monster baby (2005–2009)
  • Moni - A female photographer (2005–2007)
  • Ulli von Bödefeld - An androgyne hedgehog-like creature (1978-early 1986)
  • Wolf vom Wortersee - A green wolf (2007-present)

Humans in Sesamstraße 1978-1986[edit]

  • Henning (Henning Venske, a West German actor - 1978-1979) -
  • Lilo (Lieselotte Pulver, a Swiss actress 1978-1986) -
  • Uwe (Uwe Friedrichsen, a West German actor 1979-1982) -
  • Horst (Horst Janson, a West German actor 1979-1986) -
  • Ute (Ute Willing, a German actress 1979-1986) -
  • Ilse (Ilse Biberti, a German actress 1979-1982) -
  • Elisabeth (Elisabeth Vitouch, a German actress 1979-1982) -
  • Manfred (Manfred Krug, an East German actor - 1982-1986) -

Humans in Sesamstraße 1986-present[edit]

Sesame Tree (Northern Ireland)[edit]

  • Potto - A male 'monster' style Muppet and the cousin of Telly Monster.
  • Hilda - A female Irish Hare
  • Claribelle - A red Muppet bird.
  • Archie - A bespectacled squirrel.
  • Bookworms – A bunch of Bookworms live amongst Potto's books.
  • Weatherberries – A bunch of singing fruit. They often announce the weather whenever Hilda asks what the weather will be like today.

Play with Me Sesame (United Kingdom)[edit]

  • Domby - A male 'monster' style Muppet, originally from Scotland. He and his friend, Kit, live in a castle on top of a hill.
  • Kit - Domby's best friend. They spend most of their time in the castle kitchen, bedroom and living room (very similar to Ernie and Bert sketches). He is originally from Manchester. They sometimes visit schools and playgroups to sing or talk with the children.

Rechov Sumsum / Shalom Sesame (Israel)[edit]

Iftah Ya Simsim (Kuwait)[edit]

  • No'Man - A camel equivalent of Big Bird
  • Melsoon - A light green parrot wearing a tie (blue in the 2015 version)
  • Yaqut - A lavender monster with a long nose
  • Abla - A full-body lavender cat Shams
  • Shams - a yellow monster that appeared in the 2015 version

Sésamo (Mexico)[edit]

Humans in Sésamo[edit]

  • Carlos
  • José - The Storekeeper
  • Alicia
  • Fernando (Justo Martinez) - The police officer
  • Mercedes
  • Teresa (Romelia Aguero) -
  • Sandra (Ana Silvia Garza) -
  • Sebastian (Jaime Garza) -
  • Miguel (Alejandro Ibarra) -
  • Ana (Rocio Ortiz) -
  • Goyo (Raoul Rossi) -
  • Pepe (Salvador Sanchez) -
  • Paula (Rosalia Valdez) -
  • La Abuela (Evita Muñoz, Beatriz Aguirre) -
  • Don Boni (Edgar Vivar, Sergio Corona) -
  • Carmen (María Del Sol) -
  • Gertrudis (Socorro Bonilla, Leonorilda Ochoa) -
  • Pablo (Ariel López Padilla, Benjamin Rivero) -
  • Maria (Paty Díaz, M'Balia Marichal Ibar) -
  • Susana (Liza Echeverria, Mariana Garza) -
  • Juan (Alberto Mayagoitia, Raúl Magaña) -
  • Neftalí (Héctor Hernández, Pedro Romo) -
  • Daniela (Maria Fernanda Urdapilleta, Mariana Botas, Paula Gutiérrez) -
  • Manuel (Manuel Bermudez, Charlie Santana, Alan Sanchez, Santiago Hernández) -
  • ToNo (Isaac Castro) -
  • Romina (Anahí Sánchez) -

Sesamstraat (Netherlands)[edit]

Humans in Sesamstraat[edit]

Sesam Stasjon (Norway)[edit]

  • Max Mekker - A big blue monster who owns a train station called "Sesam Stasjon".
  • Alfa - A female yellow monster.
  • Bjarne - A pink man who owns a ticket booth.
  • Py - A red monster who hatched from a blue egg.

Humans in Sesam Stasjon[edit]

  • O. Tidemann - A kind but somewhat blustery grandfatherly-type of a station master who generally manages to keep the station running smoothly, even if he doesn't always get the peace and quiet he wants.
  • Leonora Dorothea Dahl - A former world-famous singer who used to travel around the world. She still likes to sing at any opportunity, and is a good cook.

Sesame! or Batibot (Philippines)[edit]

Humans in Batibot[edit]

  • Kuya Bodjie (played by Luisito Pascua) - His name is translated as Big Brother Bodjie.
  • Ate Sienna - Her name is translated as Big Sister Sienna.

Former Sesame (Philippines) Human Characters[edit]

Rua Sésamo (Portugal)[edit]

  • Poupas - An orange bird and the cousin of Big Bird.
  • Ferrão - A brown-colored version of Oscar the Grouch that lived inside a bottomless barrel in the town square on the street.
  • Tita - A gray Muppet cat.

Ulitsa Sezam (Russia)[edit]

  • Zeliboba - A 9-foot furry blue tree spirit who enjoys dancing
  • Businka - A bright pink monster who finds joy in everything
  • Kubik - An orange monster who is the resident pensive problem-solver who used to be a school teacher

Takalani Sesame (South Africa)[edit]

  • Kami - A yellow monster who raised controversy in the USA due to her HIV+ status
  • Moshe - A four year old, vegetarian meerkat who is extremely optimistic and loves to dance. He is Takalani Sesame's equivalent to Big Bird.
  • Zikwe - A blue monster who owns a taxi cab with no wheels
  • Kupukeji - A green worm found by Zikwe and cared for by Moshe
  • Neno - A South African version of Elmo
  • Zuzu - A young purple monster who loves acting

Barrio Sésamo (Spain)[edit]

  • Espinete - A large pink hedgehog.
  • Don Pimpón - A monster of an unknown species who is another Full-Bodied Muppet that works as a farmer.
  • Caponata - A chicken equivalent to Big Bird.
  • Perezgil - A male green snail.
  • Bluki - A blue cat-like Muppet.
  • Gaspar - A red-haired man who works at a market.
  • Vera - A female yellow monster who is similar to Elmo, serving the same role.
  • Bubo - A brown owl.
  • Epi y Blas - Two characters serving the same roles as Ernie and Bert

Susam Sokağı (Turkey)[edit]

Alam Simsim (Egypt)[edit]

  • Nimnim - A tall furry green creature with orange legs, having a similar role to Big Bird.
  • Filfil - A fuzzy-bearded purple monster who likes to eat 'Asilaya (honey sesame sticks), similar to Cookie Monster.
  • Khokha - A furry peach-colored monster who likes to play pretend.
  • Am Gherghis - A human who is the local shopkeeper.
  • Am Hussein - A human who is a carpenter.
  • Ama Keireya - A human. Also called Um Kareem, he is the wife of Am Hussein, mother of Mona and Kareem.
  • Mona - A human who is the teenage daughter of Kheireya and Hussein.
  • Kareem - A human who is the pre-teen brother of Mona.
  • Ama Nabila - A human who is the proprietress of the bookstore/library.

Jalan Sesama (Indonesia)[edit]

  • Momon - A five-year-old yellow monster who learns to draw letters and loves drawing and counting.
  • Putri - An active young girl who is always asking Momon for help.
  • Tantan - A wise female orangutan that settles every dispute on Jalan Sesama.
  • Jabrik - A baby rhinoceros that is always complaining and laughing.
  • Agen Rahasia 123 (Secret Agent 123) - A James Bond-like agent who have a mission to solve a problem caused by a Goat

Ulica Sezamkowa (Poland)[edit]

Humans on Ulica Sezamkowa[edit]