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A list of the English language Shadowrun books, with their SKU numbers.


  • Four digit numbers were published by FASA;[1] sometimes prefixed by "FAS"
  • Five digit numbers were published by:
    • FanPro: 106××, 250××, and 2600×; sometimes prefixed with "FPR"
    • Catalyst: 26×××, with the third digit specifying the book type; 0 for core rulebooks, 1 for core supplements, 2 for settings (locations), 3 for general sourcebooks, 4 for Adventure, 6 for Rules Supplement, 7 for premium, 8 for fiction and 9 for misc;[2] sometimes prefixed with "CAT", "CGL" or "CYT"

Core rulebooks and supplements are primarily composed of rules, and tend to be replaced quickly when a new edition of the game is released. They can be difficult to use with other editions. Second and Third edition were pretty similar, and Fourth edition is quite different than the first three. Fifth edition builds on the Fourth.

Sourcebooks are a mix of rules and setting. As such, they contain setting information applicable to any edition of the game, and statistics that may need a little updating. Foreign language editions of sourcebooks often contain additional content relating to local variants on the topic in question. Sometimes even whole original books have been published concentrating solely on providing local source material.

SKU ISBN Rules edition Release date In-universe
Title Notes
7100 1-55560-133-2 1st 1989 2050 Shadowrun Softcover edition
7101 1-55560-110-3 1st 1989 2050 Shadowrun Hardcover edition
7102 1-55560-115-4 1st 1989 2050 Shadowrun GM Screen Bundled with the Silver Angel adventure
7104 1-55560-122-7 1st & 2nd 1989 2050 Street Samurai Catalog Core weapon rules. The first two printings apply to Shadowrun 1st edition. 2nd and later printings have been revised (effectively making this another edition, unfortunately have the same catalog and ISBN) to apply to Shadowrun 2nd edition. This revised edition contains the same content but has a number of items that are marked as being banned in Shadowrun 2nd edition[3] so it can be used for both Shadowrun 1st and 2nd edition rules (just ignore the banned parts for 2nd ed.).
7106 1-55560-127-8 1st 1990 The Grimoire Core magic rules
7107 1-55560-144-8 1st 1991 Virtual Realities Core hacking rules
7108 1-55560-169-3 1st 1991 2052 Rigger Black Book Core vehicle/rigger rules
7900 1-55560-196-0 2nd 1992 2053 Shadowrun Second Edition Hardcover edition
7901 1-55560-180-4 2nd 1992 2053 Shadowrun Second Edition Softcover edition
7902 1-55560-185-5 2nd 1994 Shadowrun GM Screen
7903 1-55560-190-1 2nd 1992 2053 Grimoire Core magic rules. Updated to 2nd edition, plus some content from London Sourcebook, and the Universal Brotherhood books.
7904 1-55560-271-1 2nd 1995 2055 Virtual Realities 2.0 Core hacking rules
7905 1-55560-298-3 2nd 1996 2057 Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows Core rules supplement: miscellaneous rules; revised edition in 1999
7906 1-55560-304-1 2nd 1997 2055 Rigger 2 Core vehicle/rigging rules
7000 - 3rd 1998 2060 Shadowrun Third Edition Limited edition: limited run of 1,000 numbered hardcovers
7001, 10660, 25000 1-55560-371-8 (FASA)
1-932564-46-2 (FanPro)
3rd 1998 (FASA)
2004 (FanPro)
2060 Shadowrun Third Edition Softcover edition
7002, 25008 1-55560-369-6 (FASA) 3rd 1998 (FASA) Shadowrun Gamemaster Screen Bundled with Critters Sourcebook
7003 1-55560-383-1 3rd 1999 Shadowrun Quick Start Rules Simplified 3rd edition rules
7126, 10663, 25001 1-55560-363-7 (FASA)
1-932564-07-1 (FanPro)
3rd 1999 (FASA)
2004 (FanPro)
2061 Man & Machine Core cyberware rules
7905, 10656, 25010 1-55560-380-7 (FASA)
1-932564-48-9 (FanPro)
3rd 1999 (FASA)
2004 (FanPro)
2060 Shadowrun Companion (revised) Core rules supplement: miscellaneous rules
7907, 10658 1-55560-358-0 (FASA) 3rd 1999 (FASA) 2050 Magic in the Shadows Core magic rules
7908, 10659 1-55560-375-0 (FASA)
1-932564-14-4 (FanPro)
3rd 2000 (FASA)
2003 (FanPro)
2061 Cannon Companion Core weapon rules
7909 1-55560-401-3 3rd 2000 2061 Matrix Core hacking rules
7910, 10662 1-55560-402-1 (FASA)
1-932564-04-7 (FanPro)
3rd 2001 (FASA)
2003 (FanPro)
2061 Rigger 3 Core vehicle/rigging rules
26000 1-932564-66-7 (FanPro)
978-0-9792047-8-4 (Catalyst)
4th 2005-10 (FanPro)
2008-02 (Catalyst)
2070 Shadowrun, Fourth Edition Core Rulebook
26001 4th 2070 Shadowrun, Fourth Edition Core Rulebook. Limited Edition: limited to 1,000 numbered copies
2600A 978-1-934857-31-1 4th 2009-08 2072 Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook. Revised core rules with references to previously published 4th edition books, index, and additional art and fiction
2600LE 4th 2072 Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook. Limited Edition: limited to 1,500 numbered copies
26002 1-932564-64-0 4th 2006-12 Shadowrun Gamemaster's Screen with contacts and adventure guidelines
26004 & 26001 1-932564-67-5 (FanPro)
978-1-934857-11-3 (Catalyst)
4th 2006-12 (FanPro)
2008-09 (Catalyst)
2070-04-11 Street Magic Core Magic Rulebook. Expands magic rules + new traditions, spells, adept powers, spirits, and more. Directly expanded by PDF-only Digital Grimoire.
26002 978-0-9792047-7-7 4th 2008-01 2070-08-20 Augmentation Core cyberware & bioware rulebook. Expanded implants rules for cyberware, bioware, body modification, and more
26003 978-1-934857-05-2 4th 2008-01 2071-04-20 Arsenal Core gear rulebook. Expanded combat rules + loads of new goods like weapons, implants, drones, and more
26004 978-1-934857-08-3 4th 2008-08-23 2071-05-09 Unwired Core Matrix rulebook. Expanded hacking rules
26005 978-1-934857-09-0 4th 2008-08-23 2071-07-15 Runner's Companion Core rules supplement. Miscellaneous rules
26600 PDF only 4th 2008-11-14 2070 Digital Grimoire Core rules supplement. Classified as part of the "supplement" line. Additional magic rules that expand Street Magic. No Jackpoint login page - no specific in game date better than a year.
26S001 PDF only 4th 2010-10-29 2072-07-30 This Old Drone More drones. Classified as part of the "supplement" line.
26S002 PDF only 4th 2011-01-22 2073-02-20 Mil Spec Tech Also labelled as MilSpecTech. Additional vehicles. Classified as part of the "supplement" line.
26S006 PDF only 4th 2011-12-20 2073-12-14 State of the Art: 2073 Classified as part of the "supplement" line.
26S007 PDF only 4th 2011-04-27 2072-08-30 Way of the Adept Classified as part of the "Shadowrun Options" line.
26S009 PDF only 4th 2011-05-27 2072-09-12 Unfriendly Skies Classified as part of the "supplement" line.
26S010 PDF only 4th 2011-06-11 2073-06-15 Gun Heaven More guns. Classified as part of the "supplement" line. Released before Gun Heaven 2, but in-game dated to few months later.
26S011 PDF only 4th 2011-07-02 2073-07-23 Deadly Waves Water vehicles. Classified as part of the "supplement" line.
26S013 PDF only 4th 2012-02-15 2074-08-28 Safehouses Safehouses. Classified as part of the "supplement" line.
26S016 PDF only 4th 2012-05-16 2072-11-29 Gun Heaven 2 More guns. Classified as part of the "supplement" line. Released after Gun Heaven, but in-game dated to few months earlier.
26S017 PDF only 4th 2013-01-12 The Way of the Samurai Classified as part of the "Shadowrun Options" line
26S018 PDF only 4th 2013-05-30 Euro War Antiques More guns.
26S019 PDF only 4th 2012-06-13 2074-02-28 Used Car Lot More guns. Classified as "supplement"
26S021 PDF only 4th 2012-07-24 2074-07-27 Mil Spec Tech 2 Additional vehicles. Classified as "supplement"
26S027 PDF only 4th & 5th 2014-06-02 2076[4] Bullets & Bandages Splatbook about field medicine. Classified as "Shadowrun Options"
26S040 PDF only 4th & 5th 2013-12-14 2075[5] Gun H(e)aven 3 Splatbook - more guns.
26104 4th 2011-09 Runner's Black Book contains "This Old Drone", "MilSpec Tech", "Unfriendly Skies", "Gun Heaven" and "Deadly Waves" + some exclusive new gear
27000 978-1-936876-51-8 English
978-3-941976-67-2 German
5th 2013-09-25 2075[6] Shadowrun, Fifth Edition Core Rulebook
27000LE 978-1-936876-70-9 English
978-3-941976-68-9 German
5th 2013-09-28 2075[6] Shadowrun, Fifth Edition Core Rulebook. Limited edition: limited to 1,000 numbered copies
27050 978-1-936876-91-4 5th 2013-11-09 2075 Shadowrun Gamemaster's Screen
27002 978-1-936876-55-6 5th 2014-04-09 2075[7] Run & Gun Core Combat Rulebook
27003 978-1-936876-63-1 5th 2014-06-30 2075[8] Street Grimoire Core Magic Rulebook ; expands magic rules + new traditions, spells, adept powers, spirits, and more
27004 978-1-941582-86-2 5th 2015-02-18 2076[9] Run Faster Core Character Rulebook ; miscellaneous rules
7103 1-55560-119-7 1st 1989 2050 Sprawl Sites Locations, contacts and adventure hooks in Seattle
7105 1-55560-123-5 1st 1990 2051 Paranormal Animals of North America (Mostly) North American animals and critters
7109 1-55560-159-6 1st 1992 2052 Shadowbeat Guide to pop culture (music, TV/trideo, news biz and pro sports)
7110 1-55560-156-1 1st 1992 2052 Shadowtech Expanded cyberware and first bioware
7112 1-55560-199-5 2nd 1993 2053 Paranormal Animals of Europe European animals and critters
7113 1-55560-211-8 2nd 1993 2054 Corporate Shadowfiles Guide to corporations
7114 1-55560-223-1 2nd 1994 2055 Fields of Fire Mercenaries, military gear, weapons and vehicles
7115 1-55560-230-4 2nd 1994 2054 Lone Star Details on the law enforcement (police) corporation Lone Star Security
7116 1-55560-252-5 2nd 1994 2055 Prime Runners Various high-profile non player characters with stats
7117 1-55560-253-3 2nd 1995 2056 Bug City Chicago taken over by bug spirits
7118 1-55560-261-4 2nd 1995 2055 Corporate Security Handbook Security technology
7119 1-55560-267-3 2nd 1995 2056 Cybertechnology Expanded cyberware
7120 1-55560-273-8 2nd 1995 2057 Awakenings Expanded magic
7121 1-55560-290-8 2nd 1996 2057 Threats Guide to dangerous organizations.
7122 1-55560-306-8 2nd 1996 2057 Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets The last will of the great dragon Dunkelzahn
7123 1-55560-315-7 2nd 1997 2058 Underworld Sourcebook Guide to the criminal underworld
7124 1-55560-301-7 2nd 1997 2059 Cyberpirates Details on the Caribbean League, the Philippines, West Africa and of course pirates
7201 1-55560-111-1 1st 1990 2051 Seattle Sourcebook First Seattle sourcebook.
7202 1-55560-130-8 1st 1991 2052 Native American Nations Volume One
7203 1-55560-131-6 1st 1991 2052 London Sourcebook London detailed. Blurbs on other British sprawls, the country side of United Kingdom and Tír na nÓg (Ireland)
7204 1-55560-186-3 1st 1993 2054 Germany Sourcebook Germany (aka the Allied German States)
7206 1-55560-135-9 1st 1990 2052 Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America
7207 1-55560-158-8 1st 1991 2052 Native American Nations Volume Two
7208 1-55560-165-0 2nd 1992 2053 Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life
7209 1-55560-193-6 2nd 1996 2057 California Free State California
7210 1-55560-197-9 2nd 1993 2054 Tir Tairngire Tír Tairngire, an elven nation in former Oregon
7211 1-55560-209-6 2nd 1993 2054 Tír na nÓg Tír na nÓg, the former Ireland
7212 1-55560-236-3 2nd 1994 2055 Denver: The City of Shadows The city of Denver (Boxed Set)
7213 1-55560-257-6 2nd 1995 2056 Aztlán Aztlan, the former Mexico
7214 1-55560-314-9 2nd 1997 2058 Target: UCAS Details on the political system of the UCAS, Boston, Post-Bug City Chicago and Detroit
7215 1-55560-341-6 2nd 1998 2059 Target: Smuggler Havens Details on New Orleans and Vladivostok, and of course, on smuggling hotspots.
7216, 10657, 25009 1-55560-342-4 (FASA)
3-89064-657-3 (FanPro)
3rd 1999 (FASA)
2005 (FanPro)
2060 New Seattle Details on Seattle in the year 2060.
7219 1-55560-476-5 3rd 2000 2061 Target: Matrix
7125 1-55560-362-9 3rd 1999 2061 Corporate Download Guide to Corporations
7127, 10650 1-55560-390-4 (FASA)
3-89064-650-6 (FanPro)
3rd 2000 (FASA)
2003 (FanPro)
2061 Year of the Comet Guide to the year 2061, one of the most eventful in Third Edition.
10651 3rd 2062 Target: Awakened Lands Details on Australia and some magical sites worldwide.
10652 1-55560-426-9 (FASA)
3-89064-652-2 (FanPro)
3rd 2002 (FASA)
2003 (FanPro)
2062 Threats 2 Details on new antagonists, including individuals and groups.
10653 3-89064-653-0 3rd 2003 2062 Target: Wastelands Details on various ecodisasters and naturally inhospitable places.
10655, 25015 3-89064-655-7
3rd 2003
2062 Shadows of North America Details on North America in 2062.
10664, 25013 1-932564-42-X (FanPro) 3rd 2004 (FanPro) 2063 State of the Art: 2063 New rules for genetic engineering, new magic, mercenary work, security measures, and pop culture over the year 2062.
10666 3rd 2063 Dragons of the Sixth World Details and dossiers on the known great dragons as well as new rules for dragons and PC drakes first introduced in Threats 2.
10667 3rd 2063 Sprawl Survival Guide Details on everyday life in 2063, expanded Lifestyle rules.
10673 1-932564-01-2 3rd 2003 2064 Shadowrun Character Dossier 16 page Character record sheets
10744 3rd 2064 Arsenal 2060 only published in German, equals to the Cannon Companion
25002 1-932564-10-1 3rd 2003 2063 Shadows of Europe Details on Europe in 2063.
25003 1-932564-13-6 3rd 2004 2064 Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book A collection of NPC contacts, rules for reputation.
25004 1-932564-43-8 3rd 2004 2064 State of the Art: 2064 Expanded fiction and rules for espionage, adepts, law enforcement, European magical traditions, and pop culture of the year 2063.
25006 1-932564-44-6 3rd 2005 2064 Loose Alliances Details on various factions in Shadowrun, new rules for certain groups, expanded rules for Divination metamagic.
25007 1-932564-22-5 3rd 2005 2064 Shadows of Asia Details on Asia and the Indian Sub-continent in 2064.
25011 1-932564-51-9 3rd 2005 2064 Shadows of Latin America Unpublished, drafts released by the authors. On 16 January 2010, the current Shadowrun Line Developer stated that Shadows of Latin America would not be published. Plans by the writers to self-publish did not succeed, and several writers made their final drafts available for non-commercial use.
25014 1-932564-55-1 3rd 2005 2064 System Failure Fiction and adventures leading up to the end of Shadowrun, 3rd Ed. when the Second Crash rewrites all the old rules of the Sixth World.
26005 1-932564-68-3 4th 2006 2070 Runner Havens Describes Seattle and Hong Kong, and in a minor fashion, Caracas, Istanbul, Hamburg and Cape Town.
26101 4th 2072 Running Wild Classified as "Core supplement" for 4th ed.
26201 4th 2071 Corporate Enclaves Details about Los Angeles and Neo-Tokyo. Blurbs on Dubai, Europort, Manhattan, Nairobi, and Tenochtitlan. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26202 4th 2071 Feral Cities Details about Chicago and Lagos. Blurbs on Bogota, GeMiTo, Geneva, Karavan, and Sarajevo. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26203 4th 2072 Vice Describes organized crime. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26240 4th 2072 Seattle 2072 An updated Seattle sourcebook. Classified as "Core supplement" for 4th ed.
26602 PDF only 4th 2071 The Rotten Apple: Manhattan A New York sourcebook.
26221 4th 2072-05-09 Corporate Guide A guide to corporations. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26301 978-1-932564-86-0 4th 2007 2070 Emergence Classified as "Plot" for 4th ed (part setting, part a campaign framework).
26302 4th 2071 Ghost Cartels Classified as "Plot" for 4th ed (part setting, part a campaign framework).
26205 4th 2072 Sixth World Almanac Briefs on many (but not all) countries. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26241 4th 2073 Attitude Described as "repository of 6th world culture." (includes film/trideo, music, professional sports, BTL, media piracy, clothing and accessories) Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26206 4th 2073 War! Describes the conflict between the Aztlan and Amazonia. Details on the war torn city of Bogotá. Blurbs on Poland, the Council of Marienbad, Somalia, Nepal and the city of Albuquerque in the Pueblo Corporate Council. Classified as "Deep Shadows" for 4th ed.
26207 4th 2073 Spy Games An updated Denver location sourcebook. Classified as "Deep Shadows" for 4th ed.
26208 4th 2073 Conspiracy Theories Classified as "Deep Shadows" for 4th ed.
26209 4th 2011-08-03 Street Legends Describes various individuals of the Sixth World and gives gaming stats for these as NPCs. Classified as "Settings" for 4th ed.
26S015 PDF only 4th 2012-01-02 Street Legends Supplemental Classified as "Supplement".
26S014 PDF only 4th 2012-06-15 Magical Societies Classified as "Supplement".
26S003 PDF only 4th 2011-03-11 Parazoology Classified as "Supplement".
26S020 PDF only 4th 2012-11-27 Parageology Classified as "Supplement".
26S024 PDF only 4th 2013-03-13 Sim Dreams & Nightmares Describes simsense.
26S026 PDF only 4th 2012-12-18 Montreal 2074 2074 Montreal. Classified as "Supplement".
26S035 PDF only 5th 2013-12-14 2075[10] Coyotes Splatbook - describes people smuggling.
26S032 PDF only 4th & 5th 2014-11-29 2076[11] Aetherology Splatbook - describes metaplanes.
26S048 PDF only 4th & 5th 2014-09-25 2076[12] Shadow Spells Splatbook - describes spells.
26S033 PDF only 4th 2013-08-28 Parazoology 2
26S034 PDF only 4th 2013-02-25 2075-06-15 10 Mercs
26S043 PDF only 5th 2015-02-17 2077[13] Shadows in Focus: Cheyenne Splatbook - describes the Cheyenne sprawl in the Sioux Nation
26S042 PDF only 5th 2015-01-06 2076[14] Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation Splatbook - describes the Sioux Nation and creating characters from there.
26210 4th Hazard Pay An updated Denver location sourcebook. Classified as "Deep Shadows".
26211 4th The Clutch of Dragons An updated Denver location sourcebook. Classified as "Deep Shadows".
26212 4th Dirty Tricks An updated Denver location sourcebook. Classified as "Deep Shadows".
26213 978-1-936876-50-1 4th 2013-03-13 2075[15] Storm Front Classified as "Plot" for 4th ed (part setting, part a campaign framework).
26100 4th Runner's Toolkit A boxed supplement to the core game that includes a game-master's screen, a starter adventure and several quick-reference cards.
26504 PDF only 4th 10 Gangs Profiles of 10 famous gangs.
26651 PDF only 4th 2072 10 Jackpointers Profiles of 10 famous shadowrunners.
26230 4th 2050 Shadowrun 2050 A historical setting sourcebook, updating the world of 2050 for 4th edition / 20th anniversary rules.
26451 4th Corporate Intrigue Classified as "Campaign Book" (part setting, part a campaign framework).
26452 4th Jet Set Classified as "Campaign Book" (part setting, part a campaign framework).
27101 5th 2014-04-23 2075 Beginner Box Set A boxed supplement to the core game that includes a quick start guide, a quick adventure and an exploration booklet.
27102 5th 2014-04-23 2075 Runner's Toolkit - Alphaware A boxed supplement to the core game that includes a game-master's screen and several maps, six adventures set in Seattle and tools.
7205 1-55560-024-7 1st 1990 Universal Brotherhood Adventure.
7301 1-55560-113-8 1st 1989 DNA/DOA Adventure.
7302 1-55560-116-2 1st 1989 Mercurial Adventure.
7303 1-55560-120-0 1st 1989 Dreamchipper Adventure.
7304 1-55560-117-0 1st 1990 Queen Euphoria Adventure.
7305 1-55560-124-3 1st 1990 Bottled Demon Adventure.
7306 1-55560-125-1 1st 1990 Harlequin Adventure.
7307 1-55560-137-5 1st 1991 Dragon Hunt Adventure.
7308 1-55560-151-0 1st 1991 Total Eclipse Adventure.
7309 1-55560-150-2 1st 1992 Imago Adventure.
7310 1-55560-170-7 1st 1991 Elven Fire Adventure.
7311 1-55560-145-6 1st 1991 Ivy & Chrome Adventure.
7312 1-55560-192-8 2nd 1992 One Stage Before Adventure.
7313 1-55560-194-4 2nd 1993 Dark Angel Adventure.
7314 1-55560-195-2 2nd 1993 A Killing Glare Adventure.
7315 1-55560-221-5 2nd 1993 Celtic Double Cross Adventure.
7316 1-55560-232-0 2nd 1994 Eye Witness Adventure.
7317 1-55560-227-4 2nd 1994 Paradise Lost Adventure.
7318 1-55560-233-9 2nd 1994 Divided Assets Adventure.
7319 1-55560-240-1 2nd 1994 Double Exposure Adventure.
7320 1-55560-248-7 2nd 1994 Harlequins Back Adventure.
7322 1-55560-303-3 2nd 1996 Super Tuesday! Adventure.
7323 1-55560-307-6 2nd 1996 Shadows of the Underworld Adventure.
7324 1-55560-294-0 2nd 1998 Predator and Prey Adventure.
7325 1-55560-181-2 2nd 1997 Missions Adventure.
7326 1-55560-328-9 2nd 1997 Mob War! Adventure.
7327 1-55560-346-7 2nd 1998 Blood in the Boardroom Adventure.
7328 1-55560-347-5 3rd 1998 Renraku Arcology: Shutdown Adventure.
7329 1-55560-323-8 3rd 1999 First Run Adventure.
7330 1-55560-385-8 3rd 2000 Corporate Punishment Adventure.
7331 1-55560-410-2 3rd 2000 Brainscan Adventure.
10654 3rd Wake of the Comet Adventure.
10665 3-89064-665-4 3rd 2003 Survival of the Fittest Adventure.
26003 1-932564-65-9 4th 2006 On The Run Adventure. Not reprinted by CGL, who used the SKU for Arsenal.
26400 4th Dawn of the Artifacts 1: Dusk Adventure.
26401 4th Dawn of the Artifacts 2: Midnight Adventure.
26402 4th Dawn of the Artifacts 3: Darkest Hour Adventure.
26403 4th Dawn of the Artifacts 4: New Dawn Adventure.
26404 4th Artifacts Unbound Adventure.
26405 4th Horizon Adventure 1: A Fistful of Credsticks Adventure.
26406 4th Horizon Adventure 2: Anarchy: Subsidized Adventure.
26407 4th Horizon Adventure 3: Colombian Subterfuge Adventure.
26463 4th The Twilight Horizon Adventure.
26408 4th Boardroom Backstabs 1: Damage Control First in "Boardroom Backstabs" series of adventures.
27480 4th & 5th 2013-07-11 2075[16] Sprawl Wilds Convention missions compilation - five Seattle adventures.
26601 PDF only 4th Bad Moon Rising Adventure.
26S005 PDF only 4th 2011-09-16 99 Bottles Classified as "enhanced fiction".
26S022 PDF only 4th Another Rainy Night Classified as "enhanced fiction" Adventure.
26S025 PDF only 4th The Land of Promise Describes Tír Tairngire. Classified as "enhanced fiction" Adventure.
26S038 PDF only 5th 2014-09-10 2076[17] Nothing Personal Classified as "enhanced fiction" Adventure.
26S041 PDF only 5th 2014-04-22 2074[18] Sail Away, Sweet Sister Classified as "enhanced fiction" Adventure.
27481 PDF only 4th & 5th 2013-08-23 2075[19] Firing Line Convention missions compilation - four adventures in Seattle, Manhattan, St. Louis and Bogotá.
27400 5th 2013-09-30 2075[20] Splintered State Adventure set in Seattle.
27M0501 5th 2013-09-30 2075 Shadowrun: Missions: Chasin' the Wind Adventure set in Chicago, 1st season 5 mission.
27M0502 5th 2014-04-30 2075 Shadowrun: Missions: Critic's Choice Adventure set in Chicago, 2nd season 5 mission.
27M0503 5th 2014-08-10 2075 Shadowrun: Missions: Gone Long Gone Adventure set in Chicago, 3rd season 5 mission.
27M0504 5th 2014-12-24 2075 Shadowrun: Missions: Liberation Adventure set in Chicago, 4th season 5 mission.
27M0505 5th 2015-03-19 2075 Shadowrun: Missions: While the City Sleeps Adventure set in Chicago, 5th season 5 mission.
27482 978-1-942487-44-9 4th & 5th 2014-11-29 2075[21] London Falling Convention missions compilation - four adventures in London.
27450 5th 2015-05-08 2077[22] Bloody Business Campaign book, building blocks for nineteen adventures.
27005 5th 2015-06-29 2077[23] Chrome Flesh Core Cyberware/Augmentation rulebook.
27006 5th 2015-05-26 2076[24] Data Trails Core Decking/Matrix rulebook.
26CMP10 PDF only 4th 2012-09-17 2074[25] Elven Blood Convention missions compilation - five adventures in Tír Tairngire, Seattle, and Portland.
27300 978-1-941582-00-8 5th 2015-05-08 2076[26] Lockdown "Crossover" plot book and campaign, includes three adventures set in Boston.
26501 978-1-936876-25-9 4th 2013-01-12 Sprawl Sites: High Society and Low Life Sprawl locations and maps.
26500 978-1-936876-21-1 4th 2012-06-19 Sprawl Sites: North America Sprawl locations and maps.
27200 978-1-936876-54-9 5th 2014-05-14 2076[27] Stolen Souls "Deep Shadows" sourcebook.
26S037 PDF only 5th 2015-04-24 Ten Terrorists Profiles of terrorist groups.
26S036 PDF only 5th 2013-10-25 The Assassin's Primer Expanded rules for "assassin" characters.
26410 978-1-934857-96-0 4th 2012-10-09 Boardroom Backstabs 2: Sacrificial Limb Second in "Boardroom Backstabs" series of adventures.
27409 978-1-936876-18-1 5th 2015-02-21 2076[28] Boardroom Backstabs 3: Battle of Manhattan Adventure set in Manhattan, Third in "Boardroom Backstabs" series.
26S044 5th 2015-04-07 Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation: Starving the Masses Adventure set in Cheyenne, Sioux Nation
Miscellaneous items
7111 1-55560-132-4 1st 1991 D.M.Z.: Downtown Militarized Zone Box set board game
7401 1-55560-216-9 2nd 1994 Sprawl Maps Also for use with DMZ
7701 1-55560-327-0 N/A 1997 High Tech and Low Life - The Art of Shadowrun


There were two short lived, FASA approved, paper magazines for Shadowrun. The first—KA•GE—was published by The Shadowrun Network, with thirteen issues. The second—Shadowland—was published by Sword of the Knight Publications, with seven issues.

Publication Date
Real World In Game
Issue Zero Origins ’91 2052-Jun-23
Vol.1, Issue One October 1991 2052-Sep-20
Vol.1, Issue Two Winter 1991 2052-Dec-05
Vol.1, Issue 3 First Quarter 1992 2053-Mar-12
Vol.1, Issue 4 Second Quarter 1992 Summer 2053
Vol.1, Issue 5 Third Quarter 1992 Fall 2053
Vol.1, Issue 6 Fourth Quarter 1992 Winter 2053
Vol.1, Issue 7 First Quarter 1993 Spring 2054
Vol.1, Issue 8 Second Quarter 1993 Summer 2054
Vol.1, Issue 9 Third Quarter 1993 Fall 2054
Vol.1, Issue 10 Fourth Quarter 1993 Winter 2054
Vol.1, Issue 2 First Quarter 1994 Spring 2055
Vol.1, Issue 12 2nd Quarter 1994 Summer 2055

If there was no in game date on the cover, the most recent date-stamp within the issue is listed.
This was Issue 11, but somehow the eleven was misinterpreted as a Roman numeral and changed into a "2".

Publication Date
Real World In Game
Vol. 1 Oct/Nov/Dec 1995 2056-Oct-21
Vol. 2 December 1995 2056-Dec-22
Vol. 3 April 1996 2057-Mar-04
Vol. 4 August 1996 2057-Jul-25
Vol. 5 December 1996 2057-Aug-17
Vol. 6 April 1997 2058-Feb-27
Vol. 7 October 1997 none listed

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FASA published the original trade paperback through Contemporary Books. All subsequent novels were published by ROC, 40 with FASA (1990–2001), and six with WizKids (circa 2006). When the FASA era novels were re-released in 2003 the ISBNs were updated to include FASA's four digit SKU (ISBN ×-×××-×FFFF-×), prior to this the FASA SKU and ISBN were generally unrelated. The six novels produced by WizKids circa 2006 were loosely linked to Shadowrun Duels.

Alongside translations of the English-language novels and RPG books, German publishers Heyne and Fantasy Productions put out a number of original German-language novels, written exclusively by German authors and also set in Germany. Even after publication of English-language novels stopped in 2001 both publishers continued to put out original novels in Germany until license shifts occurred in 2008.

By that time, Catalyst Game Labs announced that new English Shadowrun novels would be released starting in 2009. As of mid-2011, only one (a 2010 short story anthology) has been published. A stand-alone novella was released in November 2012, perhaps with more to come.

FASA Novels
Title Author ISBN Date Notes
0 7601 Into the Shadows Weisman, Jordan K.Jordan K. Weisman (editor) 1-55560-118-9 1990-02 First Shadowrun fiction-only release. A trade paperback short story anthology set in 2050. The stories loosely interacted with one another.
1 5078 Never Deal with a Dragon Charrette, Robert N.Robert N. Charrette 0-1401-5239-3
1990-12 (Secrets of Power #1) The year is 2050. The power of magic and the creatures that accompany it have returned to Earth. For Sam Verner, living in the womb of the Renraku conglomerate was easy, until his sister disappeared and reality began to disintegrate. Now Sam wants out, but he must face the world of Shadowrun.
2 5125 Choose Your Enemies Carefully Charrette, Robert N.Robert N. Charrette 0-1401-5240-7
1991-02 (Secrets of Power #2) When magic returns, its power calls Sam Verner. As Sam searches for his sister through the slick and scary streets of 2050, his quest leads him across the ocean to England, where druids rule the streets... and the throne. But all is not what it seems, and Sam and his new shadow friends are plunged into a maze of madness on the trail of destruction. Only when Sam accepts his destiny as a shaman can he embrace the power he needs. But what waits for him in the final confrontation of technology and human flesh is a secret much darker than anything he knew waiting in the shadows...
3 5145 Find Your Own Truth Charrette, Robert N.Robert N. Charrette 0-451-45082-5
(Secrets of Power #3) He was only a beginner shaman, but Sam Verner had to find a cure to ward off the curse on his sister. Only something of great magic would do the trick.
4 5210 2XS Findley, NigelNigel Findley 0-451-45139-2
(2052 A.D.) Private Detective Dirk Montgomery thinks he knows the streets. He watched the change of the world, as magic grows and alter the balance of power, he thinks he understands the deepest shadows and the darkest of hearts. He was wrong….
5 5218 Changeling Kubasik, ChristopherChristopher Kubasik 0-451-45163-5
(2038 A.D. & 2052 A.D.) Chicago - Peter Clarris was a human boy who changed into a troll. He grows up surviving as a shadowrunner.
6 5220 Never Trust an Elf Charrette, Robert N.Robert N. Charrette 0-451-45178-3
When Kham, an ork living in the Seattle ghetto in the year 2053, is suddenly snatched from his day-to-day existence and thrust into a world of dragons, he learns the hard way whom to trust.
7 5143 Into the Shadows Weisman, Jordan K.Jordan K. Weisman (editor) 0-451-45189-9 1992-10 Anthology (reprint of above). “Into the Shadows” by Robert Charrette was replaced by “A Plague of Demons” by Tom Dowd since the former had been expanded into Never Deal with a Dragon.
Some sites list a FASA SKU of 5189 based on the ISBN, although the generally reliable Dumpshock Bookstore listed 5143.
8 5199 Streets of Blood Sargent, CarlCarl Sargent
& Marc Gascoigne
0-451-45199-6 1992-12 Murder, Mystery, Intrigue and Betrayal! A story in foggy old England of 2054, the 1st book with elven mage Serrin Shamander and British Lord Geraint Llanfrechfa.
9 5302-1 Shadowplay Findley, NigelNigel Findley 0-451-45228-3 1993-02 (November, 2053) - Sly is a veteran. She's run more shadows than she cares to remember, and has the physical and emotional scars to prove it. But no matter how violent it became, it had always been business as usual. Until now. Falcon is a kid. He thinks he hears the call of magic, and the voice of one of the Great Spirits seems to whisper in his hear. He's gone to Seattle, the urban jungle, to seek his calling. Thrown together, veteran and novice, Sly and Falcon find themselves embroiled in a deadly confrontation between the world's most powerful corporations. If this confrontation is not stopped it could turn into all-out warfare, spilling out of the shadows and onto the streets themselves.
10 5310 Night's Pawn Dowd, TomTom Dowd 0-451-45238-0
(2053?) Jason Chase is a longtime shadowrunner. After many good years, he is trying to get out. While he can...
11 5313 Striper Assassin Smith, NyxNyx Smith 0-451-45254-2
Prey for the hunter. For the world of humans knows her as Striper, the deadly Asian assassin and kick-artist. She has come to the City of Brotherly Love seeking revenge and made it her killing ground. But she is not the only predator stalking the dark underbelly of the Philadelphia metroplex. There are other hunters prowling the night, and some possess a power even greater than hers.
12 5367 Lone Wolf Findley, NigelNigel Findley 0-451-45272-0
With gangs conquering the streets of Seattle, Rick Larson, doing undercover work for Lone Star, Seattle's contracted police force, finds himself on the wrong side of the law.
13 5365 Fade to Black Smith, NyxNyx Smith 0-451-45287-9
(2054) Newark Megaplex - Rico and his shadow runners are hired to retrieve a scientist who is being held against his will by a corporation. This simple retrieval becomes ever so more complicated, endangering their lives.
14 5427 Nosferatu Sargent, CarlCarl Sargent
& Marc Gascoigne
Mage and part-time shadowrunner Serrin Shamander and his companions desperately flee a relentless, demonic enemy out to eliminate humankind from the face of the earth. This is the 2nd book with renegade elven mage Serrin Shamander and British Lord Geraint Llanfrechfa.
15 5445 Burning Bright Dowd, TomTom Dowd 0-451-45368-9 1994-11 (2055) Chicago - Kyle Teller tries to find a missing megacorp giant CEO's son, and discovers more than he bargained for, a threat that could ultimately engulf all of metahumanity.
16 5448 Who Hunts the Hunter Smith, NyxNyx Smith 0-451-45369-7
(2055) - Striper's cub is stolen from her, only through betrayal could this happen. Now guided by her instincts, the werecat resumes her human guise, reclaims her cub and a strong dose of vengeance, leading her down the trail to dangers of the Rotten Apple aka New York Megaplex (Manhattan). This semi-sequel to Striper Assassin introduces characters from previous Nyx Smith SR novels.
17 5495 House of the Sun Findley, NigelNigel Findley 0-451-45370-0
Venturing to the Kingdom of Hawaii when a megacorporate exec demands payment of an old debt, shadowrunner Dirk Montgomery finds himself having to outrun the corrupt factions battling for control of the island.
18 5496 Worlds Without End Spector, CarolineCaroline Spector 0-451-45371-9
(2056) Aina is an immortal elf, she has woken into a reawakened era of magic (the 6th World) to stop ancient evil from destroying the world.
This story was originally written to conclude the Immortals trilogy; of which the first two parts were Earthdawn novels still unpublished at the time. Scars (ISBN 0-9745734-2-6) was published in 2005, and Little Treasures remains unpublished in English.
19 5537 Just Compensation Charrette, Robert N.Robert N. Charrette 0-451-45372-7
Becoming accidentally involved with shadowrunners, Andy and his disenchanted army major brother, Tom, uncover a sinister web of corrupt politicians and officers that threatens to dismantle the UCAS government.
20 5539 Black Madonna Sargent, CarlCarl Sargent
& Marc Gascoigne
0-451-45373-5 1996-04 (2057) - MegaCorp enlists an elite decker, who reunited with old friends from England to try to keep a megacorp from being blackmailed by a super hacker. They come to discover that ancient powers are clashing to prevent a secret from being told. This is the 3rd book with renegade elven mage Serrin Shamander and British Lord Geraint Llanfrechfa.
21 5540 Preying for Keeps Odom, MelMel Odom 0-451-45374-3 1996-07 A small-time mobster wants to go legit—and what better way than manipulating two biogenetic engineering corporations into corporate war? So when a shadowrunning team is brought in by one of the companies to recover vital computer chips believed stolen by the competition, they uncover a tangled plot more devious than anything they could have imagined.
22 5542 Dead Air Koke, JakJak Koke 0-451-45375-1 1996-10 (2057) Jonathan and Tamara, two elven bikers try to survive a megacorp rigging their sport, Combat Biking!
23 5594[29] The Lucifer Deck Smedman, LisaLisa Smedman 0-451-45377-8 1997-01 In its efforts to control all information in the Shadowrun universe, a giant corporation inadvertently calls up a violent spirit from another dimension, and only a young girl can save the universe from the ensuing havoc.
24 5627[29] Steel Rain Smith, NyxNyx Smith 0-451-45593-2 1997-03 (2057) - A corporate security samurai must fight to defend her megacorp from being taken over by a relentless enemy.
25 5628 Shadowboxer Pollotta, NicholasNicholas Pollotta 0-451-45600-9
(2058) Miami - Adam Two Bear, a dwarf mercenary accustomed to running in the shadows, is given a job that sounded like an easy run and a way to make a huge stack of cash: track down and discover the meaning of the word of "IronHell". But when a decker he approached gets her brain fried in the Matrix, Two Bears knows he up to his stout little shoulders in drek.
26 5629 Stranger Souls Koke, JakJak Koke 0-451-45610-6
Dragon Heart #1 In this first book of "The Dragonheart Saga", the shocking assassination of newly elected President Dunkelzahn shatters the dawn of a new era for the denizens of the Shadowrun universe. Now as shadowrunners, Secret Service agents, and mega-corp execs scramble for the reins of power, only a miracle can save the world from total annihilation!
27 5630 Headhunters Odom, MelMel Odom 0-451-45614-9
Jack Slater and his shadowrunner team are hired to penetrate the high-tech security around a funeral home and retrieve the corpse of a double agent—a hot property that holds the key to an assassination. Original.
28 5631 Clockwork Asylum Koke, JakJak Koke 0-451-45620-3
Dragon Heart #2 The maelstrom of cyber-magic and political intrigue following President Dunkelzahn's assassination rages out of control. Ryan Mercury, Dunkelzahn's secret agent, is torn between his duty and his desire to find a killer. But when a spirit wrongly concludes that Ryan is working for the enemy, he anoints a cyberzombie to carry out a hit of its own. Now with an impressive arsenal of allies, weaponry, and the Dragon Heart, Ryan just might pull off the save of the century—if he doesn't lose his life first!
29 5709 Blood Sport Smedman, LisaLisa Smedman 0-451-45625-4
Mama Grande streaked into Leni's life like a nightmare on wheels. Arriving out of nowhere, she claimed to be the ex-Lone Star detective's grandmother, and spouted dire prophecies of rivers of blood and a world in flames. But her bizarre murder prompts Leni and Combat Biker wannabe Rafael to investigate Mama Grande's past...straight into the dark heart of Aztlan-a lost civilization where human sacrifice is all the rage, and ancient ceremonial games could trigger the end of the world!
30 5710 Beyond the Pale Koke, JakJak Koke 0-451-45674-2
(Dragon Heart #3) - (2057) The Enemies with unlimited powers, ultimate evil is about to arrive, Ryan Mercury and his runners have only two options left: Victory or Death
31 5711 Technobabel Kenson, StephenStephen Kenson 0-451-45699-8
(2059) - Boston Metroplex - Babel awoke in a body bag, his brain fried, a black hole where his memory should be. If not for his cool carbon-fiber blade concealed in his bones, he would've been dead for sure. What he does know, is that he not who he was anymore. He is now otaku, a technoshaman of the Matrix, with powers over the Matrix similar to what a traditional shaman of magic has over spirits and the natural world. Now, everyone is after him, he doesn't know why.
32 5712 Wolf and Raven Stackpole, Michael A.Michael A. Stackpole 0-451-45995-4
The adventures of Wolfgang Kies, soldier of fortune. Together with a group of cyborg bounty hunters and computer wizards, he assists elf lord Dr. Richard Raven in keeping humanity safe from preying monsters—both magical and technological! But crime lord Etienne LaPlante interferes with their vigilantism, preparing to strike at Raven and those who serve him....
33 5713 Psychotrope Smedman, LisaLisa Smedman 0-451-45708-0
(2060) - Seattle's Matrix suddenly goes down, and only 5 deckers can save it and possibly the Matrix from collapsing completely.
34 5714 The Terminus Experiment Koke, JakJak Koke
& Jonathan E. Bond
(2060) Seattle - A conspiracy arrives to spread a plague of vampires. Warren Storey must discover the reason for the plague before time runs out.
35 5741 Run Hard, Die Fast Odom, MelMel Odom 0-451-45737-4
Top shadowrunner and street samurai Argent meets with a potential client only to be caught in the middle of a deadly corporation crossfire that leaves corpses scattered across the streets. It turns out the meeting was arranged by Argent's former lover, who is trapped in the Pueblo Corporate Council lands. On the run and hunted by assault teams, she knows that Argent's samurai code of honor will drive him to protect her. But in order to save her, he must confront the secrets of his past, and assemble a rag-tag team of mercenaries to elude the three corporations that have decided everyone involved would be better off dead.
36 5742 Crossroads Kenson, StephenStephen Kenson 0-451-45740-4
[Tommy Talon Series No.#1] - (2060) - Boston Metroplex: Tommy Talon, a member of the elite shadowrunner group Assets, Inc., is drawn back to home by secrets from his past, which lead to conflicts with megacorporations, Yakuza gangsters and a powerful spirit that's hunting him down. Talon must use all his powers and abilities with the aid of shadowrunning friends to unravel the mystery.
37 5749 The Forever Drug Smedman, LisaLisa Smedman 0-451-45747-1
A shapeshifter and freelance agent for the Lone Star police department, Romulus risks his life to save a beautiful amnesiac woman from ruthless drug dealers who are peddling the ultimate high—a magical creature that gives its victims an extraordinary feeling of euphoria before it destroys them.
38 5775 Ragnarock Kenson, StephenStephen Kenson 0-451-45774-9
[Tommy Talon Series No.#2] - (2061) - Germany - Tom Talon and his shadowrunners of Boston have been called in to retrieve a rogue archaeologist who has found ancient artifacts. However, things are more than they seem.
39 5819 Tails You Lose Smedman, LisaLisa Smedman 0-451-45818-4
(2062) - Framed for a crime she didn't commit, she's now trying prove her innocence before time runs out for her.
40 5839 The Burning Time Kenson, StephenStephen Kenson 0-451-45839-7 2001-08 [Tommy Talon Series No.#3] (2061) - Boston Metroplex - Low-level programmer Roy Kilaro wants nothing more but to become a Seraphim, an elite corporation operative, and experience some real live action in the shadow ops between megacorporations. He gets more than he ever wanted when a routine business trip to Boston lands him at ground zero of a running battle for survival. The combatants: a group of hardened 'runners trying to finish a job, the ruthless anti-elven terrorist group known as the Knights of the Red Branch, and a powerful sorceress who wants revenge upon them all...
41  ???? Private Agenda Mulvihill, MichaelMichael Mulvihill N/A N/A announced in Europe, never released
WizKids Novels
# Title Author ISBN Date Notes
1 Born To Run Kenson, StephenStephen Kenson 0-451-46058-8 2005-11 [Kellan Colt Trilogy #1] (2063) Seattle Metroplex - Kellan Colt goes to Seattle to learn how to be a professional shadowrunner and discover her past.
2 Poison Agendas Kenson, StephenStephen Kenson 0-451-46063-4 2006-01 [Kellan Colt Trilogy #2] (2063) Seattle Metroplex - Kellan Colt tries to do her first solo mission, but there's more to it than it seems. Can she handle it?
3 Fallen Angels Kenson, StephenStephen Kenson 0-451-46076-6 2006-03 [Kellan Colt Trilogy #3] (2063) - Kellan Colt's past returns, hidden truths are revealed. Will she survive to discover the truth?
4 Drops of Corruption Hardy, Jason M.Jason M. Hardy 0-451-46083-9 2006-05 (2063) - Burned-out shaman Bannickburn tries to return to glory by working for the Mob.
5 Aftershock Rabe, JeanJean Rabe & John Helfers 0-451-46101-0 2006-07 (2063) - A shadowrun team steal plants for a client, only to be set up for a crime by their client.
6 A Fistful of Data Dedman, StephenStephen Dedman 0-451-46116-9 2006-10 (2063) - Inhabitants of the Crypt must fight for their home as someone tries to get at a secret inside of it.
Catalyst Game Lab Novels[30][31]
# Title Author ISBN Date Notes
1 The Vladivostok Gauntlet Gagnon, OlivierOlivier Gagnon E-CAT26S030 2013-Sep-16 ePub Novel. Classified as "enhanced fiction".
2 Spells & Chrome John Helfers (editor) 978-1-934857-23-6 2010-May-14 Anthology PDF Info Sheet
3 Sail Away, Sweet Sister Goodman, PatrickPatrick Goodman E-CAT26S041 2014-Apr-22 ePub Novel
4 Neat Zimmerman, RussellRussell Zimmerman ASIN:B00A5GSSLC 2012-Nov-10 e-Novella
5 Nothing Personal Gagnon, OlivierOlivier Gagnon E-CAT26S038 2014-Aug-10 ePub Novel
6 Fire and Frost O'Connal, KaiKai O'Connal 978-1-936876-79-2 2014-Aug-26 Novel
7 Another Rainy Night Goodman, PatrickPatrick Goodman E-CAT26S022 2013-Sep-13 ePub Novel
8 Hell on Water Hardy, JasonJason Hardy 978-1-936876-80-8 2014-Dec-25 Novel
9 Dark Resonance Weldon, PhaedraPhaedra Weldon 978-1-936876-81-5 2014-Dec-28 Novel
10 Crimson Czarnecki, KevinKevin Czarnecki 978-1-936876-82-2 2015-Apr-1 Novel
11 Borrowed Time King, R. L.R. L. King 978-1-942487-20-3 2015-May-26 Novel
12 Shaken: No Job Too Small Zimmerman, RussellRussell Zimmerman 978-1-936876-83-9 2015-Jul-13 Novel
13 World of Shadows John Helfers (editor) 978-1-942487-22-7 2016 Anthology
14 Deniable Assets Odom, MelMel Odom 978-1-936876-84-6 2016 Novel


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