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This is a list of chapters of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity.

Active chapters and colonies[edit]

The following is a list of active chapters and colonies (prospective chapters) recognized by the fraternity as of September 2018.[1][2] There are currently 55 active groups, including 50 chapters, 4 colonies(^), and 1 interest group(*). Chapters are listed in the order of their original founding.

Chapter University
Beta Cornell University
Theta University of Pennsylvania
Kappa University of Minnesota
Rho University of Illinois
Tau University of Alabama
Psi University of Pittsburgh
Sigma Delta Rutgers University
Sigma Zeta Indiana University
Sigma Theta University of Texas
Sigma Nu ^ University of Washington
Sigma Omicron University of Nebraska
Sigma Pi University of California, Los Angeles
Sigma Sigma University of California, Berkeley
Sigma Tau University of Oregon
Sigma Chi University of Maryland
Mu Epsilon University of Miami (FL)
Mu Zeta Washington State University
Mu Eta Drexel University
Mu Theta University of Southern California
Mu Lambda Pennsylvania State University
Mu Omicron * New York University
Mu Rho University of Rochester
Mu Upsilon ^ Brooklyn College
Mu Chi Michigan State University
Mu Psi Miami University (OH)
Beta Gamma University of Arizona
Beta Iota University of Wisconsin
Beta Psi University of Virginia
Beta Omega Kentucky Wesleyan College
Gamma Epsilon University of Illinois at Chicago
Gamma Theta University of California, Davis
Gamma Kappa Texas A&M University
Gamma Lambda Northern Illinois University
Gamma Rho University of California, San Diego
Gamma Tau University of Florida
Gamma Phi Arizona State University
Gamma Chi Brandeis University
Gamma Psi Temple University
Delta Alpha Hofstra University
Delta Beta American University
Delta Zeta Florida International University
Delta Eta University of West Florida
Delta Theta Stony Brook University
Delta Pi University of Ottawa
Delta Upsilon University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Delta Omega Rochester Institute of Technology
Epsilon Alpha Stephen F. Austin State University
Epsilon Gamma ^ Illinois State University
Epsilon Epsilon State University of New York, Geneseo
Epsilon Eta Louisiana State University
Epsilon Lambda Buffalo State College
Epsilon Nu University of Connecticut
Epsilon Xi Emory University
Epsilon Omicron State University of New York, Purchase
Rhode Island Colony ^ University of Rhode Island

Master List of Sigma Alpha Mu Chapters[edit]

Chapter University Founding Date
Alpha City College of New York 11/26/1909
Beta Cornell 9/2/1911
Gamma Columbia 11/4/1911
Delta Long Island College Hospital 11/25/1911
Epsilon Columbia Physicians & Surgeons 1/7/1912
Zeta Cornell Medical 12/8/1912
Eta Syracuse 2/8/1913
Theta Penn 2/21/1914
Iota Kentucky 11/1/1915
Kappa Minnesota 12/17/1915
Lambda Harvard 4/2/1916
Nu Buffalo 4/16/1916
Xi MIT 2/11/1917
Omicron Cincinnati 2/24/1917
Pi Yale 6/2/1917
Rho Illinois 5/25/1918
Sigma Dickinson 4/26/1919
Tau Alabama 5/3/1919
Upsilon Utah 6/10/1919
Phi Washington U (St. Louis) 6/21/1919
Chi McGill 11/15/1919
Psi Pittsburgh 12/6/1919
Omega Toronto 2/20/1920
Sigma Alpha Oklahoma 5/22/1920
Sigma Beta Ohio State 5/28/1920
Sigma Gamma Tulane 11/14/1920
Sigma Delta Rutgers 12/17/1921
Sigma Epsilon Illinois Tech 12/4/1922
Sigma Zeta Indiana 4/19/1922
Sigma Eta Purdue 4/20/1922
Sigma Theta Texas 10/14/1922
Sigma Iota Michigan 2/10/1923
Sigma Kappa Lehigh 3/25/1923
Sigma Lambda Kansas 4/15/1923
Sigma Nu Washington 5/19/1926
Sigma Xi Manitoba 5/16/1926
Sigma Omicron Nebraska 12/11/1926
Sigma Pi UCLA 12/11/1926
Sigma Rho Missouri 11/24/1928
Sigma Sigma UC Berkeley 4/21/1929
Sigma Tau Oregon 2/2/1930
Sigma Upsilon Dartmouth 9/13/1930
Sigma Phi Bucknell 1/17/1932
Sigma Chi Maryland 12/16/1933
Sigma Psi Mississippi State 1/10/1937
Sigma Omega NC State 5/7/1938
Mu Alpha SMU 4/16/1939
Mu Beta Alberta 3/30/1941
Mu Gamma Case Western Reserve 6/10/1945
Mu Delta Louisville 11/18/1945
Mu Epsilon Miami (FL) 6/2/1946
Mu Zeta Washington State 9/13/1947
Mu Eta Drexel 10/4/1947
Mu Theta USC 2/29/1948
Mu Iota Butler 6/4/1948
Mu Kappa Wayne State 10/24/1948
Mu Lambda Penn State 10/29/1949
Mu Nu Unknown/Undesignated
Mu Xi British Columbia 11/10/1949
Mu Omicron NYU 12/2/1949
Mu Pi Colorado 10/24/1953
Mu Sigma Queens 12/11/1955
Mu Rho Rochester 3/30/1957
Mu Tau Unknown/Undesignated
Mu Upsilon Brooklyn College 5/5/1957
Mu Phi Long Island 5/3/1958
Mu Chi Michigan State 9/27/1959
Mu Psi Miami (OH) 11/1/1959
Mu Omega Toledo 4/16/1961
Beta Alpha Texas Western 4/29/1962
Beta Beta Ferris State 5/27/1962
Beta Gamma Arizona 12/7/1962
Beta Delta San Jose State 4/27/1963
Beta Epsilon UMass 5/23/1965
Beta Zeta St. Mary’s 10/24/1965
Beta Eta Cal State-Northridge 3/20/1966
Beta Theta New Orleans 3/27/1966
Beta Iota Wisconsin 4/3/1966
Beta Kappa Hunter College 4/16/1966
Beta Lambda Lehman College 11/28/1966
Beta Nu Portland State 2/26/1967
Beta Xi Hartford 5/6/1967
Beta Omicron George Washington U 5/7/1967
Beta Pi Northwestern 11/19/1967
Beta Rho Houston 5/13/1967
Beta Sigma North Texas 5/14/1967
Beta Tau Northeastern 2/11/1968
Beta Upsilon Boston U. 2/11/1968
Beta Phi Youngstown State 3/3/1968
Beta Chi Eastern Michigan 11/10/1968
Beta Psi Virginia 12/8/1968
Beta Omega Kentucky Wesleyan 2/2/1969
Gamma Alpha Oglethorpe 4/13/1969
Gamma Beta Monmouth 4/26/1969
Gamma Gamma Southampton 4/27/1969
Gamma Delta Northern Michigan 10/25/1969
Gamma Epsilon University of Illinois-Chicago 2/1/1970
Gamma Zeta Ohio 5/9/1970
Gamma Eta Southern Illinois 4/24/1971
Gamma Theta UC Davis 2/24/1979
Gamma Iota Towson 4/6/1980
Gamma Kappa Texas A&M 1/31/1982
Gamma Lambda Northern Illinois 2/20/1982
Gamma Nu San Diego State 1/23/1983
Gamma Xi Cal State-Fullerton 2/12/1984
Gamma Omicron Iowa 4/21/1985
Gamma Rho UC San Diego 2/15/1986
Gamma Sigma SUNY-Binghamton 4/19/1986
Gamma Tau Florida 11/9/1986
Gamma Upsilon Stanford 11/15/1986
Gamma Phi Arizona State 4/25/1987
Gamma Chi Brandeis 11/21/1987
Gamma Psi Temple 11/22/1987
Gamma Omega South Florida 1/30/1988
Delta Alpha Hofstra 3/13/1988
Delta Beta American 1/28/1989
Delta Gamma SUNY-Oneonta 4/7/1989
Delta Delta Alfred U 4/8/1989
Delta Epsilon Johns Hopkins 3/11/1990
Delta Zeta Florida International 1/20/1991
Delta Eta West Florida 1/19/1991
Delta Theta SUNY-Stony Brook 3/2/1991
Delta Iota SUNY-Brockport 3/24/1991
Delta Kappa Western Ontario 4/4/1991
Delta Lambda Delaware 11/10/1991
Delta Nu Western Michigan 2/16/1992
Delta Xi Ithaca College 4/25/1992
Delta Omicron York 11/22/1992
Delta Pi Ottawa 1/31/1993
Delta Rho SUNY-Oswego 4/24/1993
Delta Sigma LIU-Post (C.W. Post) 4/26/1993
Delta Tau Florida Atlantic 9/17/1994
Delta Upsilon UNLV 4/29/1995
Delta Phi Adelphi 3/24/1996
Delta Chi St. Johns 3/24/1996
Delta Psi Staten Island 3/24/1996
Delta Omega Rochester Institute of Technology 11/2/1996
Epsilon Alpha Stephen F. Austin 4/27/1997
Epsilon Beta Nova Southeastern 4/26/1998
Epsilon Gamma Illinois State 1/10/1999
Epsilon Delta Johnson & Wales 1/26/2002
Epsilon Epsilon SUNY-Geneseo 5/4/2003
Epsilon Zeta Villanova 11/8/2003
Epsilon Eta LSU 9/25/2005
Epsilon Theta West Virginia 10/21/2006
Epsilon Iota Chapman 3/29/2008
Epsilon Kappa UC Santa Barbara 6/2/2008
Epsilon Lambda Buffalo State 4/29/2011
Epsilon Nu UConn 4/26/2014
Epsilon Xi Emory 4/2/2016
Epsilon Omicron SUNY-Purchase 2/4/2017

Former Chapters[edit]

The Delta Gamma chapter at the State University of New York at Oneonta, founded in 1985, disaffiliated with the National office in 1995 after recognized fraternities were no longer allowed to give bids to first semester freshmen.

The Delta Nu chapter was founded at Western Michigan University (WMU). ΣΑΜ began there as a colony in 1989, and was fully admitted as a chapter in 1992. The fraternity shut down in 1999 due to hazing. (The updated date and notation why is from the pledge who turned them in)

The Sigma Omega chapter at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC dissolved in June 2007 after a fire at the chapter house in 2005.

The Sigma Phi chapter at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania was suspended due to lack of pledges in 2008.

The Chi chapter, founded in 1919 at Montreal's McGill University, was ordered to shut down in 2008 after refusing to pay for the National insurance policy because of its failure to comply with Canadian law. The Chi Chapter continued to operate as "an independent chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu in Quebec." The Chi chapter's "loyalist policy" indicates that it still recognizes all other active chapters and alumni including those initiated into the Delta Pi chapter in Ottawa, Ontario. Chi Chapter is the oldest chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu to be established outside of the United States. As the oldest Canadian chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu, the chartering of Chi chapter on November 25, 1919 made Sigma Alpha Mu an international fraternity for the first time in its history.

The Xi chapter at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology disaffiliated from the national fraternity and is now a co-ed Independent Living Group known as Fenway House.[1]

The Delta Iota chapter at the State University of New York College at Brockport disaffiliated from the national fraternity.

The Gamma Sigma chapter at Binghamton University had its charter revoked in 2001. The Delta Delta chapter at Alfred University in Alfred, NY was dissolved in 2002 when the university disallowed Greek letter organizations on campus.

Canadian Chapters[edit]

The National office forced all four Canadian chapters to cease operations or disaffiliate from the fraternity from August 2006 to August 2008. Delta Pi Chapter at the University of Ottawa informed the Octagon that the American insurance provider failed to comply with Canadian law in 2005. They requested permission to secure an alternative and equivalent Canadian provider. Their request was denied in August 2006 and their Charter was revoked. Delta Omicron at York University and Delta at the University of Western Ontario were forced to shut down in 2007 due to impecuniosity, which was a direct consequence of the National insurance policy. In 2008 Chi at McGill University was the only surviving Canadian Chapter. It demanded that the National office allow Delta Pi's 2005 appeal and establish a Canadian insurance alternative pursuant thereto. It further demanded that the National office act to quash the Octagon's 2006 expulsion order issued against Delta Pi. The National office offered to consider the former but rejected the latter out of hand. Chi responded by ceasing all financial transfers to Indianapolis. The National office subsequently ordered Chi Chapter to cease operations in August 2008. However, Chi refused to comply and has continued to operate notwithstanding the order. In 2012, Delta Pi Chapter was reinstated and is once again active at the University of Ottawa.


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