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List of notable members of Sigma Phi Epsilon.


Name Original chapter Notability References
Kenneth Arrow City College of New York Nobel Laureate in Economics; Professor [1]

Jason Williams - Painted The Mona Lisa

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Robert L. Bartley Iowa State University Editor, 'The Wall Street Journal' [2]
John Bell University Of Georgia Musician, Founding member of Widespread Panic [3]
Marc Blucas Wake Forest University Actor [4]
Romero Britto University of Miami Brazilian neo-pop artist [5]
Bob Broeg University of Missouri Hall of Fame baseball journalist/writer for the St. Louis Cardinals
Allen Covert New York University Comedian, actor, writer
Chris DeRose (Author) Northern Illinois University New York Times bestselling author
Brandon Ebel Owner of Tooth and Nail, Solid State and BEC record companies
Andy Fickman Texas Tech University Director
Theodor Seuss Geisel Dartmouth College (Dr. Seuss) – Children's author [2]
Christopher George Actor and star of The Rat Patrol [6]
Tod Goldberg Author
John Goodman Southwest Missouri State University Actor [2]
Adam Gregory Northern Kentucky University Actor
Brady Hicks La Salle University Wrestling journalist and Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributing writer
Steve Hofstetter Comedian/Radio Personality
Josh LaBove Actor
Tom Llamas Reporter/Anchor [citation needed]
Mark Long University of Florida MTV Personality/Host [1]
John Lutz Valparaiso University writer, Saturday Night Live, and actor, 30 Rock
James McDaniel University of Pennsylvania actor, Lt. Arthur Fancy on NYPD Blue
Hal Needham Stuntman and Director [citation needed]
Carroll O'Connor University of Montana Actor [2]
Mike O'Meara American University Radio personality [2]
Lucas Prata University of Miami Dance musician
Danny Pino Florida International University Actor
Walter Plunkett Academy Award winning costume designer
Mike Rich Oregon State University screenwriter, best known for Finding Forrester and Secretariat
Andy Richter University of Illinois Actor, Co-Host of Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Travis Rush Country musician
Rob Scoggins Jr Davis & Elkins College/Virginia Commonwealth University Talk Radio Show Host & Voice Actor
Carl Williams Pennsylvania State University DJ, DJ Carl Entertainment


Name Original chapter Notability References
James L. Clayton University of Tennessee Founder & Retired CEO, Clayton Homes [7]
Christian Claudio Puerto Rican athlete, Healthcare Consultant [citation needed]
Kenneth T. Derr Cornell University Chairman, Chevron Oil [7]
Richard DeVos Grand Valley State University President & Co-Founder, Amway Corporation [7]
Steven Hicks University of Texas at Austin Principal Owner, Capstar Partners LLC [citation needed]
Tom Hicks University of Texas at Austin Leveraged buyout billionaire [citation needed]
Jeffrey O. Henley University of California, Santa Barbara Chairman, Oracle Corporation [citation needed]
John Kotter MIT Professor, Harvard Business School [citation needed]
Terry J. Lundgren University of Arizona President & CEO, Federated Department Stores [citation needed]
Alexander Muse President & CEO, Architel [citation needed]
Kent C. "Oz" Nelson Ball State University Retired Chairman & CEO, United Parcel Service [7]
Michael Pocalyko CEO of Monticello Capital, financial novelist [citation needed]
Harold A. Poling Monmouth College Retired Chairman & CEO, Ford Motor Company [7]
William Schreyer Pennsylvania State University Retired Chairman & CEO, Merrill Lynch & Co. [7]
Robert Stempel Retired Chairman and CEO, General Motors Corporation [7]
Fred L. Turner Drake University Chairman, McDonald's Corporation [7]
R. David "Dave" Thomas Founder & Former CEO, Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers [7]

Government and politics[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Sam Arora Columbia University Maryland State Delegate, Montgomery County, Maryland [8][9]
Steve Bartlett University of Texas at Austin Former U.S. Congressman, Mayor of Dallas [8]
Ronald H. Brown Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce [8]
Harvey Locke Carey U. S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, 1950-1952 [10]
Ward Connerly Civil rights activist, regent of the University of California
John E. Douglas Former Chief, FBI Investigative Support Unit [8]
Brian Dubie Lt. Governor, State of Vermont
John Engler (Honorary Member) Michigan State University Governor, State of Michigan [8]
Lowe Finney University of Tennessee-Martin Tennessee State Senator, Gibson County, Carroll County, Madison County [11]
Vito John Fossella, Jr. University of Pennsylvania U.S. Congressman, Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York, 1997—2009
John Arthur Love University of Denver Governor, State of Colorado
Scott McClellan University of Texas at Austin White House Press Secretary, 2003–2006
Roy R. Romer Colorado State University Governor, State of Colorado [8]
Cecil H. Underwood Governor, State of West Virginia [8]
Alexander Wiley Senator, Wisconsin 1939-1963


Name Original chapter Notability References
James T. Conway
Iven Carl Kincheloe, Jr. Captain, United States Air Force, Korean War ace and the first to fly above 100,000 feet and Mach 3. Nicknamed "America's No. 1 Spaceman"
Anthony "Nuts" McAuliffe General, United States Army [12]
Kiffin Rockwell First documented American to score a victory in aerial combat
Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. Former Chief of Naval Operations & Member of Joint Chiefs of Staff [12]
Duane Francies First lieutenant

Religion and theology[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff Navy chaplain, National Director of Interreligious Affairs (American Jewish Committee), and Special Assistant (for Values and Vision) to the Chief of Staff and Secretary of the United States Air Force
  • The Most Reverend Victor Arceneaux, Graduate Theology Union, UC Berkeley First African American Charter Founder and First African American to hold an executive office within a chapter.

Science and medicine[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Karol Bobko Space Shuttle Commander, NASA
Douglas C. Engelbart Inventor of the computer mouse [13]
Drew Feustel NASA astronaut; Purdue University
Brian Werner Tiger Conservationist


Name Original chapter Notability References
Kenny Albert New York University Sportscaster
Bill Brown Professional football player; Pro Bowl running back, Minnesota Vikings
Hubert A. Caldwell Olympic crew, 1928 gold medalist
Sean Casey Professional baseball player; first baseman, Boston Red Sox [14]
Chris Chike eSports competitor; Former #1 ranked Guitar Hero player in the world; Current DanceDanceRevolution world champion
Will Correa Ping-Pong Player; SPE Intramurals. Attended Wake Forest University, won 2012 Ping-Pong intramural championship [14]
Bill Cubit Head football coach, Western Michigan University
Bill Doba Former head football coach, Washington State University
John Fina Professional football player; Tackle, Buffalo Bills [14]
Richard J. Gannon University of Delaware Professional football player; quarterback, Oakland Raiders, NFL MVP 2002 [14]
Orel Hershiser Professional baseball player; pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cy Young Award Winner, 1988, World Series Champion [14]
Tom Hicks University of Texas at Austin Former owner of the Dallas Stars, Liverpool F.C. and Texas Rangers [14]
James Johnson Professional basketball player; Chicago Bulls. Attended Wake Forest University [14]
Gene Keady Former Head Coach, Purdue University Men's Basketball
Don Laz Olympic pole vaulter, 1952 Summer Olympics
Bob Lilly Texas Christian University Professional football player; Pro Football Hall of Fame Tackle, Dallas Cowboys [14]
Emil Liston Former head coach, Baker University, Michigan Technological University
Dallas Long Olympic shot putter, 1960 silver medalist, 1964 gold medalist
Ryan Mathews Fresno State University Running Back, San Diego Chargers, formerly of California State University at Fresno, NCAA Football Leading Rusher of 2009
John Matuszak University of Tampa An NFL Hall of Famer who was the 1st Overall pick in the 1973 NFL Draft of the Houston Oilers. Played with the Oakland Raiders for the majority of his career and led the Raiders to two Super Bowl Championships (XI & XV).
Keith Moreland Professional baseball player; outfielder, Chicago Cubs
James Naismith Inventor of the sport of basketball
Davey O'Brien Texas Christian University Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, 1938
Adrian Peterson Professional football player, Running Back, Minnesota Vikings
Jon Rauch Professional baseball player; pitcher, Morehead State University
Dean Refram Professional golfer, Florida Southern College
Alma Richards Olympic high jumper, 1912 gold medalist
Roy Riegels Member of the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame, famed for 1929 Rose Bowl where he was dubbed "Wrong Way"
Johnny Robinson Professional football player; strong safety, Kansas City Chiefs, All-Time All-AFL Team
Alvin F. Rylander Olympic crew, 1928 gold medalist
Sandy Sandberg Iowa Wesleyan University Professional football player
J. C. Snead East Tennessee State University Professional golfer [14]
Bob Todd Ohio State University baseball coach [15]
Jonnie Stewart University of Memphis AWA professional wrestler, unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Representative in Illinois in 1999 and 2005 [16]
Ron Zook Miami University Former head football coach, University of Illinois and University of Florida
Victor Ortiz Professional Boxer and former WBC Champion, Kansas University
Shawn Powell Florida State University NFL Punter, Buffalo Bills
Bobby Hurley Duke University Former NBA Player, NCAA Coach


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