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This is a list of Sim games, their expansion packs, and compilations. Most games were developed by Maxis and published either by Maxis (pre-1997 acquisition by Electronic Arts) or by Electronic Arts (post-1997). EA has marketed and recruited companies such as Bullfrog Productions, Firaxis Games, and Tilted Mill Entertainment to develop several games under the Sim brand.

Timeline of release years
1989 SimCity
1990 SimEarth
1991 SimAnt
1992 SimLife
1993 SimFarm
SimCity 2000
1994 SimTower
1995 SimIsle: Missions in the Rainforest
1996 SimGolf
1997 Streets of SimCity
1998 SimSafari
1999 SimCity 3000
Sim Theme Park
2000 The Sims
2001 SimCoaster
2002 The Sims Online
2003 SimCity 4
2004 The Sims 2
2007 The Sims Stories
SimCity Societies
2008 Spore
MySims Kingdom
The Sims Carnival
2009 MySims Party
The Sims 3
MySims Racing
SimAnimals Africa
MySims Agents
2010 MySims SkyHeroes
2011 The Sims Medieval
The Sims Social
2012 SimCity Social
2013 SimCity
2014 The Sims 4

SimCity series[edit]

Compilation packs[edit]

The Sims series[edit]

Other Sim games[edit]

Compilation packs[edit]

  • Sim Mania (Released in 2000 for Windows, it includes SimCity, SimTower, SimIsle, SimCopter, Streets of SimCity and SimSafari.)
  • The Sim Collection (Released in 2003 for Windows, it includes SimTheme Park, The Sims, SimCity 3000 Unlimited and The Sims Online New & Improved.)
  • Sim Mania 2 (Released on March 19, 2003 for Windows, it includes SimCity 3000, SimTheme Park, SimCoaster and Sid Meier's SimGolf.)
  • Sim Mania 3 (Released on June 21, 2005 for Windows, it includes SimCopter, SimSafari, SimTheme Park, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, SimCoaster and Sid Meier's SimGolf.)

Canceled games[edit]

  • SimsVille - Cancelled almost at completion to focus efforts on The Sims 2 development.
  • SimMars - Same as above, however a reference and some sound effects were recycled into an arcade game in The Sims Vacation. The game was remade by fans as a complete total conversion mod for SimCity 4, and is in beta 3 phase.
  • MySims Social - A game intended to launch on Facebook with Sims and SimCity Social, it never was completed.
  • The Urbz 2 - A game intended to surpass The Urbz: Sims In The City, and turn it into a spinoff sub series to The Sims, but the project went through Development Hell after the original game failed to sell to expectations. It was in development first at Maxis for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube and Xbox, before being sent over to Electronic Arts Chicago in 2006, where it had some design changes such as being moved to next generation platforms PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, but the project was cancelled when the studio closed on November 6, 2007, leaving the project incomplete and never released. Assets, logos and other content could be found on The Sims 2 for PlayStation 2's DVD with model viewers, as the game used the same source code and engine as The Urbz 2.[1]

Shutdown games[edit]

These games are shutdown and no longer possible to play:

Additionally, online modes for The Sims Bustin' Out and the PC version of MySims ceased August 1, 2008 and June 2011 respectively.

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