List of Sinclair QL clones

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The following is a list of clones of Sinclair Research's Sinclair QL microcomputer:[1]

  • Sandy QLT / Futura (only produced in prototype form)
  • CST Thor series (Thor 1 / Thor 20 / Thor XVI)
  • Qubbesoft Aurora (a replacement QL motherboard)
  • Peter Graf's Qx0 series of motherboards: Q40, Q40i and Q60

The following hardware devices provided QL compatibility for other computer platforms:

The ICL One Per Desk (also sold as the BT Merlin Tonto or the Telecom Australia Computerphone) shared some hardware components with the QL but was not intended to be software-compatible.

In addition, several software emulators of the QL exist including QPC, uQLX, QLay and Q-emuLator.[2]


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