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This is a list of television channels available in Sindhi Language. All of these Sindhi language channels are stationed in Pakistan, but are available in other countries as well.


Television in Pakistan grew its expansion after 2002.[1] Private television channels were allowed during the rule of Pervez Musharraf in 2000.[2] Sindhi media is free, unbiased, reliable professional media in Pakistan.[Media 1] Pakistan has government owned as well as private media (including Print, electronic);[Media 2] which is free and covers every happening in the national and the rest of world.

Current Channels[edit]


General Entertainment[edit]



Former Channels[edit]

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Upcoming Channels[edit]

General Entertainment[edit]

Unknown Status[edit]

It is not confirmed whether these channels have stopped airing or not; this list also includes channels that have been planned for a long time but haven't started broadcasting yet.

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Sindhi TV Channels in abroad[edit]

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