List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Cleveland

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Roseberry Topping, a site in Cleveland designated as a geological SSSI

This is a list of the Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in Cleveland, England, United Kingdom. In England the body responsible for designating SSSIs is Natural England, which chooses a site because of its fauna, flora, geological or physiographical features.[1] As of 2006, there are 18 sites designated within this Area of Search, of which 12 have been designated due to their biological interest, 4 due to their geological interest, and 2 (Durham Coast and Redcar Rocks) for both.[2]

Natural England took over the role of designating and managing SSSIs from English Nature in October 2006 when it was formed from the amalgamation of English Nature, parts of the Countryside Agency and the Rural Development Service. Natural England, like its predecessor, uses the 1974–1996 county system[3] and as such the same approach is followed here, rather than splitting these sites between the County Durham and North Yorkshire lists. The data in the table is taken from Natural England's website in the form of citation sheets for each SSSI.[4]

For other counties, see List of SSSIs by Area of Search.


Site name Reason for designation Area[A] Grid reference[B] Year in which notified Map[C]
Biological interest Geological interest Hectares Acres
Boulby Quarries Green tickY 40.3 99.6 NZ745200 1989 Map
Briarcroft Pasture Green tickY 1.8 4.3 NZ394193 2004 Map
Cowpen Marsh Green tickY 116.8 288.6 NZ500529 1966 Map
Durham Coast[D] Green tickY Green tickY 765.4 1,891.4 NZ381685NZ495362 1960 Map
Hart Bog Green tickY 1.8 4.4 NZ452354 1968 Map
Hartlepool Submerged Forest Green tickY 19.7 48.6 NZ520315 1988 Map
Langbaurgh Ridge Green tickY 7.0 17.5 NZ560121 1986 Map
Lovell Hill Pools Green tickY 9.2 22.7 NZ596189 1999 Map
North York Moors[E] Green tickY 44,087.7 108,940.7 NZ680000 1998 Map
Pinkney and Gerrick Woods Green tickY 62.7 154.9 NZ708138 1954 Map
Redcar Rocks Green tickY Green tickY 31.1 76.8 NZ612203 1984 Map
Roseberry Topping Green tickY 10.9 26.8 NZ579126 1954 Map
Saltburn Gill Green tickY 18.9 46.7 NZ676205 1986 Map
Seal Sands Green tickY 294.4 727.4 NZ529260 1966 Map
Seaton Dunes and Common Green tickY 312.1 771.2 NZ535285 1966 Map
South Gare and Coatham Sands Green tickY 381.2 941.9 NZ582263 1971 Map
Tees and Hartlepool Foreshore and Wetlands Green tickY 255.6 631.7 NZ516348 & NZ505224 1997 Map
Whitton Bridge Pasture Green tickY 3.2 7.9 NZ385222 2004 Map


A Data rounded to one decimal place.
B Grid reference is based on the British national grid reference system, also known as OSGB36, and is the system used by the Ordnance Survey.[5]
C Link to maps using the Nature on the Map service provided by Natural England.
D The Durham Coast site extends into two other counties and so can be found on lists of SSSIs in County Durham and Tyne and Weir.[4]
E The North York Moors site extends into the county of North Yorkshire and so can be found on the list of SSSIs in North Yorkshire.[4]


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