List of Slovak prose and drama authors

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Pavol Janík, Ph.D., Slovak writer, President of the Slovak Writers' Society (2003 - 2007)

The following is a list of the most important authors of Slovak prose and drama; for a list of Slovak poets see Slovak poetry.

Baroque (1650–1780)[edit]

Classicism (1780–1840)[edit]

Romantism (1840–1850)[edit]

Between Romantism and Realism (1850–1875)[edit]

Realism (1875–1905)[edit]

Modernism (1905–1918)[edit]

Between the World Wars (1918–1948)[edit]

Literature after World War II (1948–1964)[edit]

Contemporary literature (1964–1995)[edit]

Contemporary literature (since 1995)[edit]