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This is a list of Slovenes and people from Slovenia that are notable.

Artists including performing arts[edit]



  • Alojz Knafelc (1859–1937) – creator of Slovenian trail blaze.
  • Janez Puh (German Johann Puch) (1862–1914) – inventor, innovator, industrial designer and manufacturer.
  • Janez Auguštin Puhar (1814–1864) – priest, photographer, painter and poet – invented a photography on the glass in 1842.
  • Herman Potočnik – Noordung (1892–1929), one of the founders of astronautics.
  • Edvard Rusjan (1886–1911) – pilot and aeronautic pioneer.
  • Richard Fuisz (b 1939) – pharmaceutical inventor of controlled release drug beads, quick dissolve tablet systems, thin film drug delivery systems as well as various medical devices, diagnostic devices and electronic mail patents.
  • Japec Jakopin (b 1951) – yacht designer
  • Ivo Boscarol (b 1956) – light aircraft designer and manufacturer
  • Joseph Fuisz (b 1970) – inventor on thirty five patents relating to drug delivery and computer fields.

Military personnel[edit]

Film, radio and television[edit]

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  • Andrej Bajuk (1943–2011) – third prime minister of independent Slovenia.
  • John Blatnik (1911-1991) – U.S. Congressman
  • Leonard J. Bodack – former Pennsylvania State Senator
  • Jože Brilej (1910–1981) – Yugoslav politician, diplomat and ambassador, President of the United Nations Security Council (1956)
  • Leo von Caprivi (1831–1899) – German major general and statesman who served as German Chancellor from March 1890 to October 1894 (His family (original surname Kopriva) was of Slovenian and Italian origin)
  • Janez Drnovšek (1950–2008) – 2nd prime minister of independent Slovenia, 3rd president of Slovenia 2003–2008.
  • Tom Harkin – US Senator
  • Janez Janša (1958–) – fifth prime minister of independent Slovenia.
  • Boris Kidrič (1912–1953) – communist, politician, statesman and economist.
  • Amy Jean Klobuchar (1960–) – United States Senator from Minnesota.
  • Anton Korošec (1872–1940) – prominent Yugoslav politician.
  • Milan Kučan (1941–) – first and second president of independent Slovenia 1991–2002.
  • Frank Lausche – former U.S. Senator, Governor of Ohio & Mayor of Cleveland
  • Vladko Maček (1879–1964) – Croatian politician of Slovene origin from the first half of the 20th century. He led the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS)
  • James Oberstar – U.S. Representative from Minnesota
  • Lojze Peterle (1948–) – first prime minister of independent Slovenia.
  • Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti (1948–) – leader of the Slovenian national party (SNS).
  • Tanya Plibersek – Australian politician – House of Representatives
  • Anton Rop (1960–) – fourth prime minister of independent Slovenia.
  • Gregorij Rožman (1883–1959) – Bishop of Ljubljana (1930–1945), collaborator with Italian and German occupying forces during the Second World War.
  • Edvard Kardelj Sperans (1910–1979) – prewar communist, politician, statesman and publicist.
  • Josip Broz Tito (1892–1980) – president of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia between 1945 and 1980 (son of a Croat father, Franjo Broz, and a Slovenian mother, Marija Javeršek)
  • Danilo Türk (1952–) – President elect of Slovenia
  • Walter Veltroni (1955–) – Mayor of Rome (Slovenian mother)
  • George Voinovich – U.S. Senator, former Governor of Ohio and Mayor of Cleveland, (Slovenian Mother)
  • Anton Vratuša (1915–) – politician and diplomat, who was the Prime Minister of Slovenia from 1978–80 and of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, also its ambassador to the United Nations


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