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This is a list of notable Somalis from Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti and other parts of Greater Somalia, as well as the Somali diaspora.



  • Abdulkadir Yahya Ali,(1957 –2005) peace activist, co-director and founder of the Center for Research and Dialogue.
  • Dekha Ibrahim Abdi (1964–2011) – peace activist in Kenya
  • Leila Abukar – political activist
  • Fartuun Adan – social activist; founder and Executive Director of the Elman Peace Centre
  • Elman Ali Ahmed – entrepreneur and social activist
  • Halima Ahmed – political activist with the Youth Rehabilitation Center in Mogadishu
  • Hodan Ahmed – political activist and Senior Program Officer at the National Democratic Institute
  • Ifrah Ahmed – social activist; founder of the UYI NGO
  • Nimco Ahmed – Somali-American political activist; State Director for the DFL
  • Abdirizak Bihi – social activist; Director of the Somali Education and Social Advocacy Center
  • Ilwad Elman – social activist at the Elman Peace Centre
  • Asha Haji Elmi (Caasha Xaaji Cilmi) (b. 1962) – peace activist in Somalia
  • Leyla Hussein – psychotherapist and social activist; Chief Executive of Hawa's Haven; co-founder of Daughters of Eve
  • Ahmed Hussen – Somali-Canadian lawyer and social activist; President of the Canadian Somali Congress
  • Farhiyo Farah Ibrahim – Somali social activist
  • Hanan Ibrahim – social activist based in the UK; founder of the Somali Family Support Group (SFSG)
  • Hirsi Magan Isse (Xirsi Magan Ciise) (1935–2008) – activist, scholar and one of the leading figures of the Somali Revolution
  • Fatima Jibrell (b. 1947) – Somali-American environmental activist; co-founder and executive director of the Horn of Africa Relief and Development Organization ("Horn Relief"); co-founder of Sun Fire Cooking; was instrumental in the creation of the Women's Coalition for Peace
  • Hawa Aden Mohamed – social activist; chairperson of the Galkayo Education Centre for Peace and Development
  • Musse Olol – American social activist and Chairman of the Somali American Council of Oregon (SACOO)
  • Hibaaq Osman – political strategist; chairperson of the ThinkTank for Arab Women, the Dignity Fund, and El-Karama
  • Hawo Tako (d. 1948) – early 20th century female nationalist whose sacrifice became a symbol for pan-Somalism
  • Mohamud Siad Togane (b. 1943) – Somali Canadian poet, professor, and political activist
  • Shadya Yasin – Somali-Canadian social activist and member of the Ontario Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities


  • Alexander Yusuf – Somali-British architect; founder and Director of Villa and Mansion Architects








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