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Sonic X is an anime series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. It originally ran consecutively on Sundays from April 6, 2003 to March 28, 2004 with a total of 52 episodes (collectively known as the Japanese "Series 1"). Episodes 53-78 (collectively known as "Series 2") were not aired on TV or released on DVD in Japan, but are available through various streaming services (episodes 53-78 were first broadcast on TV in France before they aired on UK/US television). For the English dub produced by 4Kids (which aired on FOX on the Saturday morning block FoxBox, later renamed 4Kids TV, from 2003 to 2006), episodes 1-52 were referred to as Seasons 1 and 2, each 26 episodes long, and episodes 53-78 were referred to as Season 3, but the Saga Set DVD releases split the episodes into six seasons, each containing 13 episodes. The airdates for TV Tokyo are listed on the left, while the airdates for the 4Kids English dub are on the right.

Episode list[edit]

The below dates are broadcast in North America.

Season Episodes Premiered Finale
1 26 August 23, 2003 (2003-08-23) March 27, 2004 (2004-03-27)
2 26 September 18, 2004 (2004-09-18) March 26, 2005 (2005-03-26)
3 26 September 10, 2005 (2005-09-10) May 6, 2006 (2006-05-06)

Series 1 Part 1/Season 1: The New World and Chaos Emerald Sagas[edit]

# Translated Japanese title (English dub title)
Romaji title (Original Japanese)
Directed by Written by Japanese airdate US airdate
1"Supersonic Hero Appears!" ("Chaos Control Freaks")
"Chōonsoku Hīrō Tōjō!" (超音速ヒーロー登場!)
Hajime KamegakiHiro MasakiApril 6, 2003 (2003-04-06)[1]August 23, 2003
September 6, 2003
At the end of the battle for the Chaos Emeralds with Dr. Eggman, Sonic crosses time and space and ends up in the human world. He rushes through the highway, and is met with the high speed patrol group S-Team who try to stop him, but he easily outruns them. After the chase, Sonic ends up running through the highway's blockade and falls into a mansion's pool, which he can't swim out from. He is then rescued by a boy named Chris, who lives in the mansion.
2"Infiltrate! Area 99" ("Sonic to the Rescue")
"Sennyū! Eria Kyūjūkyū" (潜入!エリア99)
Keiichirō FuruyaHiro MasakiApril 13, 2003 (2003-04-13)[2]September 13, 2003
While watching TV at Chris' house, Sonic learns that his friends Cream and Cheese are captured in a military research facility. Chris speaks to his grandfather Chuck, and finds out the location of the facility. Sonic successfully sneaks in there, but the rescue operation immediately gets a lot more hectic and dangerous. It is then where Tails arrives at the scene and joins the group.
3"Dr. Eggman's Ambition" ("Missile Wrist Rampage")
"Dokutā Egguman no Yabō" (Dr.エッグマンの野望)
Keiko OyamadaHiro MasakiApril 20, 2003 (2003-04-20)[3]September 20, 2003
Dr. Eggman begins wreaking havoc in the city, taking his robot along with him. He then proclaims through a broadcast signal intrusion that he is going to make this world his. Tails and Chris go up against him, but are driven into a corner. That's where Knuckles and Amy make an appearance and join the fight. However, Amy ends up being captured in the struggle. Everybody pins their hopes on Sonic to solve the situation.
4"Get the Chaos Emerald!" ("Chaos Emerald Chaos")
"Kaosu Emerarudo o Te ni Irero!" (カオスエメラルドを手に入れろ!)
Masafumi SatōHiro MasakiApril 27, 2003 (2003-04-27)[4]September 27, 2003
From the previous incident, the President becomes aware of Sonic's existence and views Eggman's scientific power as a threat. Afterwards, an agent (Mr. Stewart) is sent into Chris' school to pose as a teacher. It is then reported that a mysterious stone that causes a machine to malfunction has been discovered. Eggman and Sonic's group arrive at the scene and get in a struggle, knowing that the stone is a (green) Chaos Emerald. Soon after, Chris obtains the Chaos Emerald, but ends up falling from a high place, with Sonic rescuing him in the nick of time.
5"Clash!! Sonic vs Knuckles" ("Cracking Knuckles")
"Gekitotsu!! Sonikku bāsazu Nakkuruzu" (激突!!ソニックvsナックルズ)
Keiichirō FuruyaKiyoko YoshimuraMay 4, 2003 (2003-05-04)[5]October 4, 2003
Having parted with Sonic and the others, Knuckles, who is taking independent action, hides in the city. There, he comes in contact with Eggman, who claims that he wants to collect the Chaos Emeralds to return to their own world and apologizes for the evil deeds he has done until now, asking Knuckles to deal with Sonic. Knuckles is tricked by those words. It is then reported that an unidentified gem has been discovered. It turns out to be a trap Eggman had made up, but Knuckles and Sonic's group fall for it. That's where Sonic and Knuckles begin their fight.
6"Fierce Battle! School Wars" ("Techno Teacher")
"Nessen! Sukūru Wōzu" (熱戦!スクール・ウォーズ)
Naoyuki KuzuyaYoshio UrasawaMay 11, 2003 (2003-05-11)[6]October 11, 2003
Chris and his classmates go outside the school for an extracurricular lesson. Eggman believes that it is necessary to educate children in order to conquer the world, and sends a robot to Chris and the others. The robot is highly enthusiastic about teaching, but goes berserk and puts Chris and the others in danger. That's where Sonic rushes in and begins a heroic battle with the robot.
7"Giant Free-for-All! Chris' House Party" ("Party Hardly")
"Daikonsen! Kurisu no Hōmu Pāti" (大混戦!クリスのホームパーティ)
Keiko OyamadaChinatsu HōjōMay 18, 2003 (2003-05-18)[7]October 18, 2003

Chris, learning of his school's teacher Mr. Stewart's (who is actually a spy sent by the President) sudden calls to his home, is in a huge panic as he can't let anybody know about Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream or Cheese. Of course, they are not known to anyone other than Chuck yet, so the two try their best to hide the secret from Ella and Tanaka. However, Cream and Cheese end up leaving the room without permission and cause an uproar.

Note: This is the first episode that does not feature Dr. Eggman.
8"Emergency Launch! X-Tornado" ("Satellite Swindle")
"Kinkyū Hasshin! Ekkusu Torunēdo" (緊急発進!Xトルネード)
Makoto BesshoMasahiko ShiraishiMay 25, 2003 (2003-05-25)[8]October 25, 2003
Knowing that he is being monitored by the military, Dr. Eggman uses a pelican-shaped robot (E-11) that ends up swallowing the man-made satellites. Because of this, the surface is in mayhem, with Cream ending up unable to watch the TV program she was enjoying. Sonic goes on to try and solve the issue, but the bi-plane Tornado cannot reach the void of space. That's where Tails and Chuck remodel the Tornado, take Sonic on-board, and head on to take down Eggman's robot.
9"Amy on the Beach" ("The Last Resort")
"Nagisa no Emī" (渚のエミー)
Keiichirō FuruyaKiyoko YoshimuraJune 1, 2003 (2003-06-01)[9]November 1, 2003
Since Chris is going to attend the opening ceremony of a resort establishment, everyone goes to the villa of Chris' house. However, Sonic decides to run off somewhere else. Amy gazes at the sea, wishing to have come here with Sonic. Then, Dr. Eggman arrives at the ceremony's site and wreaks havoc with his robots in order to build an Eggman Sea Park. Amy gets furious at the robot for destroying the charm that she believed would help carry Sonic across the water and deals with it, but ends up falling into the ocean, with Sonic going in to save her despite his aquaphobia.
10"Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team" ("Unfair Ball")
"Gekitō! Sonikku Yakyūgun" (激闘!ソニック野球軍)
Masafumi SatōAtsushi MikuniJune 8, 2003 (2003-06-08)[10]November 8, 2003
A (cyan) Chaos Emerald is discovered in a stadium that is set to be demolished. Sonic and the others come running for it without a moment's delay, but of course, Eggman arrives there as well and takes the emerald for himself, staring the group down. It is then when Chuck proposes a fair and square baseball match, with Eggman and Sonic's team commencing a competition for the Chaos Emerald.
11"The Beautiful and Mysterious Thief Rouge" ("Fly Spy")
"Utsukushiki Kaitō Rūju" (美しき怪盗ルージュ)
Keiko OyamadaHiro MasakiJune 15, 2003 (2003-06-15)[11]November 15, 2003
Due to Chaos Control that happened in episode 1, Rouge is warped into this world as well, where she continues to be a jewel thief. Soon after, in order to defeat Dr. Eggman, the office of the President sets up a plan to get Sonic and his friends on their side. Then, they attempt to capture Sonic by making up a hoax about a Chaos Emerald making an appearance. Rouge ends up falling into that trap. The government tells Rouge to become the President's agent, and to infiltrate Dr. Eggman's base. Rouge, however, finds a (white) Chaos Emerald inside the base and fights against an Eggman's robot while trying to rob it.
12"Attack on the Eggman Base! (Part One)" ("Beating Eggman, Episode 1")
"Egguman Kichi Sōkōgeki! (Zenpen)" (エッグマン基地 総攻撃!(前編))
Naoyuki KuzuyaHiro MasakiJune 22, 2003 (2003-06-22)[12]November 22, 2003
The office of the President is polishing up a plan of attack on Eggman's base. The presidential envoys visit Chris' house and ask for Sonic's help, but their negotiations fail. The government attempts to infiltrate Eggman's base with a special force led by Rouge in the gap they escaped the base from previously. Meanwhile, the battle revolving around the (yellow) Chaos Emerald ensues between Eggman, Tails and Chris' group. Having learned this, Sonic heads out to Chris' group's assistance.
13"Attack on the Eggman Base! (Part Two)" ("Beating Eggman, Episode 2")
"Egguman Kichi Sōkōgeki! (Kōhen)" (エッグマン基地 総攻撃!(後編))
Eiichi KuboyamaHiro MasakiJune 29, 2003 (2003-06-29)[13]November 29, 2003
Sonic comes running to help Chris' group from their predicament, but the Chaos Emerald ends up being robbed by Eggman. When Sonic and the others follow him to his base, a battle between Eggman and the government's military unfolds before them there. Rouge, Knuckles and the others who infiltrated the base set up a bomb in the power sector and attempt to escape, but they are locked up by the shutter door. Sonic has to take it upon himself to obtain the (cyan and yellow) Chaos Emeralds and defeat Eggman.
14"Chase the Hero Sonic!" ("That's What Friends Are for")
"Eiyū Sonikku o Oe!" (英雄ソニックを追え!)
Keiko OyamadaYoshio UrasawaJuly 6, 2003 (2003-07-06)[14]December 6, 2003

Eggman's base is destroyed. However, the press conference's topic is focused on Sonic, who is not present. The presidential aide is upset by this, believing that if this goes on, the President will lose his next election. Wanting to somehow raise the President's popularity, he decides to open up Sonic's victory celebration and have the photo of Sonic shaking hands with the President taken by the media. He immediately sends Sonic a written invitation. Chuck prepares brand new tuxedos for Sonic and the others. However, Sonic says he has something else to do. It turns out he promised to meet with Helen, a girl who is Chris' classmate and wheelchair-bound. Wanting to have Sonic present at any cost, the aide uses special forces to chase after him.

Note: This is the second episode that Eggman does not appear in.
15"Mobile Fortress Egg Fort Attacks!" ("Skirmish in the sky")
"Idōyōsai Eggu Fōto Shūrai!" (移動要塞エッグフォート襲来!)
Toshikiyo IshikawaKiyoko YoshimuraJuly 13, 2003 (2003-07-13)[15]December 13, 2003
After his base got destroyed, Dr. Eggman spreads terror through the city with the mobile fortress Egg Fort that was hidden underground. Sonic rushes in to help, but he can't reach the high-flying Egg Fort. Chris and the others, exasperated at the fact that they could have reached it with the X-Tornado, are met with plane arriving to where they are, brought by Tanaka in a trailer. Sonic boards the X-Tornado and assaults the Egg Fort. The great battle with the Egg Fort starts to unfold.
16"Aim for It! The Sunken Ship in the Southern Sea" ("Depths of Danger")
"Mezase! Nankai no Chinbotsusen" (目指せ!南海の沈没船)
Masafumi SatōChinatsu HōjōJuly 20, 2003 (2003-07-20)[16]January 17, 2004
While above the overseas resort spot, the (green) Chaos Emerald starts reacting, with the fourth (blue) Chaos Emerald appearing to be under the sea. However, Sonic can't swim. That's when the group goes to the diving shop, wears the necessary equipment, and dives into the ocean. The group goes on a search while relying on the Chaos Emerald's signal, and discovers a sunken ship from the age of exploration. When they find the Chaos Emerald there, they are suddenly attacked by Eggman's robot and get in a dire situation.
17"Knuckles! Fist of Fury" ("The Adventures of Knuckles & Hawk")
"Nakkuruzu! Ikari no Tekken" (ナックルズ!怒りの鉄拳)
Hiroshi KimuraMasahiko ShiraishiJuly 27, 2003 (2003-07-27)[17]January 24, 2004

In Oriental City, Knuckles searches for and reunites with a treasure hunter known as Hawk. The two get out of the dungeon, ride the pedicab, and go to the (red) Chaos Emerald's hiding place. That is where they're met with the pedicab driver from earlier, who turns out to be a female ninja robot (kunoichi) Eggman sent in. Knuckles begins his heroic battle revolving around the Chaos Emerald against the female ninja robot.

Note: This episode's Japanese title is a reference to the 1972 Hong Kong martial arts film of the same name.
18"Huge Shoot-out on the Savanna!" ("The Dam Scam")
"Sabanna no Dai Kettō!" (サバンナの大決闘!)
Makoto MoriwakiHiro MasakiAugust 3, 2003 (2003-08-03)[18]January 31, 2004
Tails and Chris meet the two men who are building a dam right in the middle of the savanna, and question the pointlessness of its construction. They ask for the construction to be stopped, but the men ignore them. After that, Tails and Chris start a protest march in the city while accompanied by the animals. The men oppose them in order to carry out the construction by all possible means. Then, Eggman's robot arrives, finds Sonic and a fight ensues, with the men getting caught up in the mayhem as well.
19"Ghost of the Old Castle King Boom Boo" ("Sonic's Scream Test")
"Kojō no Bōrei Kingu Būbu" (古城の亡霊キングブーブ)
Keiko Oyamada
Sim Sang-il
Hiro MasakiAugust 10, 2003 (2003-08-10)[19]February 7, 2004

Chris and the others arrive at the old castle by the lake shore to watch the making of Chris' mother Lindsay's movie. However, the filming is temporarily stopped due to strange noises that occur during the shooting. It turns out that someone ended up moving the hourglass that sealed the ghosts living in the old castle. Because of that, various mysterious phenomena start happening there.

Note: King Boom Boo is based on a boss with the same name and that Knuckles fought in Sonic Adventure 2.
20"Departure! Egg Fort II" ("Cruise Blues")
"Shutsugeki! Eggu Fōto Tsū" (出撃!エッグフォートⅡ)
Nana HaradaHiro MasakiAugust 17, 2003 (2003-08-17)[20]February 14, 2004
Chris and friends are enjoying a trip on the luxurious passenger boat to the fullest, but Sonic, who runs at supersonic speeds, gets exasperated and anxious at the ship's sluggish pace. When his stress reaches its peak, he resorts to unthinkable actions in an attempt to get home.
21"Speed Match! Sonic vs Sam" ("Fast Friends")
"Supīdo Shōbu! Sonikku bāsazu Samu" (スピード勝負!ソニックvsサム)
Yukio OkazakiYoshio UrasawaAugust 24, 2003 (2003-08-24)[21]February 21, 2004
The leader of S-Team (Sam) suddenly arrives at Chris' house and challenges Sonic to a race showdown. It appears to be a race carried out at the presidential aide's suggestion in order to elevate the President's popularity. Sonic reluctantly participates and the race showdown begins.
22"Summer Vacation, a Chao Observation Diary" ("Little Chao Lost")
"Natsuyasumi Chao~ na Kansatsu Nikki" (夏休み・チャオ〜な観察日記)
Masafumi SatōKiyoko YoshimuraAugust 31, 2003 (2003-08-31)[22]February 28, 2004
On a summer vacation, Chris takes Tails's group and his school friends along to enjoy summer camp in a certain island country. Then suddenly, a giant Eggman mech that's trying to capture Chris' group descends and crumbles a mountain which floods a river, leading to quite a dire situation.
23"Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds" ("Emerald Anniversary")
"Daikonran! Shikkusu Kaosu Emerarudo" (大混乱!6カオスエメラルド)
Keiko Oyamada
Sim Sang-il
Chinatsu HōjōSeptember 7, 2003 (2003-09-07)[23]March 6, 2004
Chris' dad purchases a ring (actually a Chaos Emerald) in a jewelry store intending for it to be a gift to mom for their wedding anniversary. On that day, while mom the actress is filming in the studio, dad calls Chris, Chuck, the leader of S-Team etc. there and secretly plans a flashy surprise party, but having noticed the (purple) Chaos Emerald, Eggman, as well as Rouge and Topaz, surge in as well and cause mayhem.
24"Sonic Goes Wild! Strategic Capture Operation" ("How to Catch a Hedgehog")
"Bōsō Sonikku! Hokaku Daisakusen" (暴走ソニック!捕獲大作戦)
Makoto MoriwakiMasahiko ShiraishiSeptember 14, 2003 (2003-09-14)[24]March 13, 2004
While fighting Eggman, Sonic suddenly starts going wild. Chuck and Tails' group commence a Sonic capture operation in order to stop him as he's running all around. Knuckles, Amy and Sam Speed join in as well and their plans get increasingly more complicated.
25"The Last Chaos Emerald" ("A Dastardly Deed")
"Saigo no Kaosu Emerarudo" (最後のカオスエメラルド)
Yukio OkazakiHiro MasakiSeptember 21, 2003 (2003-09-21)[25]March 20, 2004
Knuckles arrives at Chris' house, intending to persuade Sonic into working with Eggman in order to obtain the seventh Chaos Emerald as soon as possible. However, instead of meeting Sonic, Chris ends up listening to what Knuckles has to say, and the two head into the forest where Eggman is.
26"Birth! Super Sonic" ("Countdown to Chaos")
"Tanjō! Sūpā Sonikku" (誕生!スーパーソニック)
Hajime KamegakiHiro MasakiSeptember 28, 2003 (2003-09-28)[26]March 27, 2004

Chris, wanting to get Sonic and his friends back to their own world as soon as possible, ends up handing the Chaos Emeralds stored by Chuck over to Eggman. Having noticed that, Sonic and the others run after him in a hurry. However, Eggman ends up finding the last (white) Chaos Emerald. A tense battle ensues.

Note: The original Japanese TV broadcast uses an insert song "Kotoba ni Dekinai" by OFF COURSE, while the home video release uses an instrumental of "The Shining Road".

Series 1 Part 2/Season 2: The Chaos, Shadow, Egg Moon, Emerl, and Homebound Sagas[edit]

# Translated original title (English dub title)
Original title (Japanese)
Directed by Written by Original Japanese airdate Original US airdate
27"The Beginning of Disaster" ("Pure Chaos")
"Wazawai no Hajimari" (災いのはじまり)
Kazuyoshi YokotaKiyoko YoshimuraOctober 5, 2003 (2003-10-05)[27]September 18, 2004

With Eggman defeated, it appears that the world has become peaceful again, but not too long after, Eggman resumes activity. He develops the new E-100 series of Eggman robots that have small animals inserted in them as pilot parts, takes along a monster known as Chaos, and is about to start wreaking havoc once again.

Note: This episode is a prequel to Sonic Adventure.
28"The Mysterious Life Form Chaos" ("A Chaotic Day")
"Nazo no Seimeitai Kaosu" (謎の生命体カオス)
Masafumi SatōKiyoko YoshimuraOctober 12, 2003 (2003-10-12)[28]September 25, 2004
After fighting an evolved Chaos, Sonic chases after Eggman and is locked in an air battle with the Egg Carrier, but the X-Tornado ends up crashing. Meanwhile Amy, who finds a small bird that fell from the Egg Carrier, gets captured by Eggman's robot E-100.
29"Amy the Captive" ("A Robot Rebels")
"Toraware no Emī" (囚われのエミー)
Keiko Oyamada
Sim Sang-il
Chinatsu HōjōOctober 19, 2003 (2003-10-19)[29]October 2, 2004
Chris and Big find Big's lost friend Froggy, but E-102 (Gamma) ends up capturing him. Chris and Big follow it and infiltrate the Egg Carrier. Eggman orders E-102 to bring the small bird from the prison Amy is in, but E-102 ends up being afflicted in front of her prison and releases both her and the small bird from there. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails once again chase the Egg Carrier, with Knuckles coming along to find the broken pieces of the Master Emerald.
30"Battle on the Egg Carrier" ("Heads Up, Tails!")
"Eggu Kyaria no Tatakai" (エッグキャリアの戦い)
Shigeru YazakiYoshio UrasawaOctober 26, 2003 (2003-10-26)[30]October 9, 2004
After landing on the Egg Carrier on the X-Tornado, Sonic and Tails attempt to defeat E-102, but are stopped by Amy. Meanwhile, Big and Chris find Froggy, but end up being met with Eggman. Sonic arrives at just the right moment to defeat Chaos.
31"Gamma the Wanderer" ("Revenge Of The Robot")
"Sasurai no Ganma" (さすらいのガンマ)
Makoto MoriwakiMasahiko ShiraishiNovember 2, 2003 (2003-11-02)[31]October 16, 2004
Sonic finds and breaks into Eggman's underground base Final Egg. At the same time, Gamma starts going around various places to free the animals from his fellow robots but is soon met with E-101 (Beta), leading to a tense battle between the two.
32"The Scream of Perfect Chaos" ("Flood Fight")
"Pāfekuto Kaosu no Sakebi" (パーフェクトカオスの叫び)
Nana HaradaMasahiko ShiraishiNovember 9, 2003 (2003-11-09)[32]October 23, 2004

It turns out that Chaos survived the previous battle and stops listening to Eggman. After obtaining all seven Chaos Emeralds, he evolves into a ferocious Perfect Chaos and starts rampaging through the city. Then, Sonic's body suddenly shines in a bright light, and the mystery and truth of Chaos is revealed.

Note: This is the last episode to use the plot of Sonic Adventure.
33"The Mystery of Project Shadow" ("Project: Shadow")
"Purojekuto Shadō no Nazo" (プロジェクトシャドウの謎)
Keiko Oyamada
Eom Sang-yong
Hiro MasakiNovember 16, 2003 (2003-11-16)[33]October 30, 2004

While hacking into GUN's computers, Eggman learns that his grandfather (Gerald Robotnik) has connections to GUN's top secret weapon Project Shadow. Then, in order to obtain it, he infiltrates Prison Island, taking Decoe and Bocoe along.

Note: This episode is a prequel to Sonic Adventure 2.
34"Sonic the Fugitive" ("Shadow Knows")
"Tōbōsha Sonikku" (逃亡者ソニック)
Masafumi SatōMasahiko ShiraishiNovember 23, 2003 (2003-11-23)[34]November 6, 2004
Sonic is arrested by GUN, who believe he was the one who stole the secret of Project Shadow and infiltrated Prison Island. Completely clueless, Sonic escapes from GUN's helicopter and starts being chased. Sonic is determined to find out what exactly is going on.
35"Escape from Prison Island" ("Sonic's Big Break")
"Purizun Airando Kara no Dasshutsu" (プリズンアイランドからの脱出)
Ichizō FukushimaChinatsu HōjōNovember 30, 2003 (2003-11-30)[35]November 13, 2004
Sonic is taken to Prison Island's isolation cell. Chris and Tanaka get on board the swan boat and head to rescue Sonic, while Amy and Tails head there via the X-Tornado. Eggman once again attempts to infiltrate Prison Island along with Shadow and Rouge in order to obtain the Chaos Emeralds.
36"Threat from Outer Space" ("Shadow World")
"Uchū Kara no Kyōhaku" (宇宙からの脅迫)
Shigeru YazakiHiro MasakiDecember 7, 2003 (2003-12-07)[36]November 20, 2004
Prison Island blows up, and Chris gets caught up in Shadow's Chaos Control, escaping death. When he comes to, he realizes that he's on the Space Colony ARK. Meanwhile, Eggman shows the world the destructive power of the colony's cannon and gives an ultimatum.
37"Battle on the Space Colony: ARK" ("Robotnik's Revenge")
"Supēsu Koronī ĀKU no Tatakai" (スペースコロニー・アークの戦い)
Mamoru EnomotoKiyoko YoshimuraDecember 14, 2003 (2003-12-14)[37]November 27, 2004
In order to stop Eggman from destroying the Earth, Sonic and the others head to the Space Colony ARK in a rocket. Then, Sonic breaks in, but is captured and thrown out into the void of space, but not before being given a fake Chaos Emerald by Tails that he and Chuck developed.
38"Maria's Wish, Everyone's Wish" ("Showdown In Space")
"Maria no Negai, Minna no Negai" (マリアの願い、みんなの願い)
Nana HaradaKiyoko YoshimuraDecember 21, 2003 (2003-12-21)[38]December 4, 2004

The fight between Sonic and Shadow ensues. However, the Space Colony ARK's computers start going out of control, and trigger an irreversible program that effectively turns the whole colony into a giant bomb. If nothing is done, ARK will collide with the Earth. The group decides to set aside their differences and work together to prevent the disaster, but Shadow is not letting his plan be spoiled that easily.

Note: This is the last episode to use the plot of Sonic Adventure 2.
39"Chaotix Detective Agency" ("Defective Detectives")
"Kaotikusu Tantei Jimusho" (カオティクス探偵事務所)
Makoto MoriwakiYoshio UrasawaDecember 28, 2003 (2003-12-28)[39]December 11, 2004

A detective team consisting of Vector, Espio and Charmy is introduced, who appear to be looking for Cream and start loitering around her location. Meanwhile, Eggman claims to have a change of heart and goes out of his way to repair the moon he previously destroyed with the colony's cannon, but his true motives are unclear.

Note: This episode aired two days before the release of Sonic Heroes in Japan.
40"Eggman Corporation" ("Sunblock Solution")
"Egguman Kabushikigaisha" (エッグマン株式会社)
Masafumi SatōHiro MasakiJanuary 4, 2004 (2004-01-04)[40]December 18, 2004
All of a sudden, Eggman's artificial moon covers the sun, and the world is covered in darkness. The reformed Eggman proposes a sunlight supply service to the President and earns positive feedback from the citizens, but this appears to be what Eggman planned all along.
41"Give Us the Light!!" ("Eggman for President")
"Hikari o Warera ni!!" (光をわれらに!!)
Mamoru EnomotoHiro MasakiJanuary 11, 2004 (2004-01-11)[41]January 22, 2005
The citizens get progressively furious at Sonic's attempts to hinder Eggman's sunlight supply service. Chris cannot confidently defend Sonic and goes to stop him, but deep down he knows that the sunlight's blockade was in fact part of Eggman's evil plan.
42"Amy, Love's Escape!?" ("A Date to Forget")
"Emī Ai no Tōhikō!?" (エミー愛の逃避行!?)
Shigeru YazakiKiyoko YoshimuraJanuary 18, 2004 (2004-01-18)[42]January 29, 2005

Sonic promises a date with Amy, but does not show up no matter how much time passes. Amy is furious and ends up going on a car trip with Sam Speed, who just happened to visit. However, this is where they encounter an Eggman mech that intends to free Eggman, who was imprisoned for his previous actions. Meanwhile, Cream and Cheese discover an unfamiliar face in the garden of Chris' house.

Note: This episode is a prequel to Sonic Battle.
43"Huge Home Electronics Panic!" ("Mean Machines")
"Kaden Dai Panikku!!" (家電大パニック!!)
Jōhei MatsuuraHiro MasakiJanuary 25, 2004 (2004-01-25)[43]February 5, 2005
While the imprisoned Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe are put to work in a home electronics factory, they insert a mysterious chip in a many of the products. Due to that, the whole city's home appliances start moving on their own and attacking humans. Sonic and the others have to find a solution to this problematic situation.
44"The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle" ("Sewer Search")
"Okashi na Okashi na Supai Daisakusen" (おかしなおかしなスパイ大作戦)
Nana HaradaYoshio UrasawaFebruary 1, 2004 (2004-02-01)[44]February 12, 2005
Stewart commences a search for Eggman, who escaped from jail, in order to catch him. However, he ends up being found by Chris and his friends, and all of them decide to go on a search together.
45"Sonic Battle - Face Off!!" ("Prize Fights")
"Sonikku Batoru Kaisai!!" (ソニックバトル開催!!)
Kenichi MaejimaHiro Masaki
Chinatsu Hōjō
February 8, 2004 (2004-02-08)[45]February 19, 2005
The President proposes a martial arts tournament with the Chaos Emerald as the prize as part of a larger plan to capture Eggman. Sonic, as well as Knuckles and Chris, and even Emerl all end up participating.
46"Sonic Battle - Finale!!" ("A Wild Win")
"Sonikku Batoru Kesshō!!" (ソニックバトル決勝!!)
Kazuyoshi YokotaHiro Masaki
Chinatsu Hōjō
February 15, 2004 (2004-02-15)[46]February 26, 2005

It is time for the finals, however Emerl reacts to the Chaos Emerald and starts going berserk, with everyone joining in the fight to stop him. With his Skill Get ability that makes him able to copy the moves of others, he is quite a formidable threat.

Note: This is the last episode to use the plot of Sonic Battle.
47"Big Decisive Battle on Latitude 0!!" ("Map Of Mayhem")
"Ido Zero Dai Kessen!!" (緯度0大決戦!!)
Makoto MoriwakiMasahiko ShiraishiFebruary 22, 2004 (2004-02-22)[47]March 5, 2005

Eggman declares that he will destroy the planet by using a giant battleship and triggering the "navel of the world" that runs through the submarine volcanic range. Sonic and the others try to stop him, but they are met with a lot more hardships and shocking discoveries than they anticipated.

Note: This episode's Japanese title is very similar to the Japanese title of the 1969 science fiction film Latitude Zero and there are several homages to the movie throughout the episode itself.
48"Sonic Versus the Underground Monster" ("The Volcanic Venture")
"Sonikku tai Chitei Kaijū" (ソニック対地底怪獣)
Yoshihiro YamaguchiMasahiko ShiraishiFebruary 29, 2004 (2004-02-29)[48]March 12, 2005

Eggman escapes to the volcanic island's crater via the Egg Giant-Makan. When Sonic and the others follow him and go from the crater to the underground world, they end up meeting giant ferocious beasts.

Note: This episode's Japanese title is very similar to the Japanese title of the 1965 science fiction kaiju film Frankenstein Conquers the World and there are several homages to the movie throughout the episode itself.
49"The Day the World Stood Still" ("Beginning Of The End")
"Sekai ga Seishisuru Hi" (世界が静止する日)
Mamoru EnomotoMasahiko ShiraishiMarch 7, 2004 (2004-03-07)[49]March 12, 2005

According to the government, if Sonic and friends continue to stay in their world, it will trigger a time stagnation phenomenon, causing abnormalities in the world. It is then suggested that Sonic and the others should be returned into their own world, but Chris does not appear willing to let Sonic go.

Note: This episode's Japanese title is similar to the title of the 1951 science fiction film The Day the Earth Stood Still.
50"Morning of Farewells" ("Running Out Of Time")
"Wakare no Asa" (別れの朝)
Masami FurukawaChinatsu HōjōMarch 14, 2004 (2004-03-14)[50]March 19, 2005
In order to return Sonic and the others back into their own world, Tails and Chuck rush to develop the device necessary to make it happen. Then, Eggman's base is suddenly attacked by GUN's forces, which was not the President's intent.
51"Chris' Long Journey" ("Friends 'Till The End")
"Kurisu no Nagai Tabi" (クリスの長い旅)
Shigeharu TakahashiKiyoko YoshimuraMarch 21, 2004 (2004-03-21)[51]March 19, 2005
As soon as Sonic is about to return to his own world, Chris takes his hand and runs off with him. The duo then goes out on a journey, with Chris eventually coming to accept the truth.
52"Memories of the Wind" ("A New Start")
"Kaze no Omoide" (風の思い出)
Hajime KamegakiYoshio UrasawaMarch 21, 2004 (2004-03-21)
March 28, 2004 (2004-03-28)[52]
March 26, 2005

Sonic returns to his own world. Meanwhile Chris, who is now 18 years old, looks back on all the memories he had with him.

Note: The original TV broadcast uses insert songs "Natsu no Hi" and "Midori no Hibi" by OFF COURSE, while home video releases use "The Shining Road" and "Event: The Last Scene" from Sonic Adventure 2.

Series 2/Season 3: The Metarex, Cosmo, Return Of Shadow Sagas[edit]

# Translated Japanese title (English dub title)
Romaji title (Original Japanese)
French airdate US airdate
53"The Messenger from a Meteor Shower" ("A Cosmic Call")
"Ryūseiu no Shisha" (流星雨の使者)
March 12, 2005September 10, 2005
Sonic and his friends' planet is attacked by a new formidable enemy called the Metarex. Sonic struggles in the fight and scatters the seven Chaos Emeralds across the galaxy, and a Metarex robot, Metarex Spike, ends up robbing the planet of its life source, the Planet Egg. Then, an 18 year old Chris warps to Sonic's planet using a machine he created, but ends up reverting to the body of a 12 year old due to a time dilation between the worlds.
54"The Spaceship Blue Typhoon" ("Cosmic Crisis")
"Uchūsen Burū Taifūn-gō" (宇宙船ブルータイフーン号)
March 12, 2005September 17, 2005
The group meets Cosmo, who claims to have come to their planet to find Sonic in order to reclaim the Planet Eggs of various planets from the Metarex. Hearing that, Sonic and his friends decide to depart into space. However, they are once again attacked by Metarex Spike while building the space ship. Sonic is then used as a bullet for the space ship's primary weapon, the Sonic Driver, to defeat Metarex Spike.
55"The Water Planet Hydo" ("H2Whoa")
"Mizu no Wakusei Haidō" (水の惑星ハイドー)
March 13, 2005September 24, 2005
The space ship boarded by Sonic and his friends, the Blue Typhoon, arrives on the planet Hydo, which was robbed of its Planet Egg and became flooded as a result. Sonic and Chris board a landing vessel to find the Planet Egg, but Sonic gets captured by the Metarex. Chris ends up having to save Sonic using the skills he had acquired over the past six years in his own world.
56"Dr. Eggman Joins the War!" ("An Enemy In Need")
"Dokutā Egguman Sansen!" (Dr.エッグマン参戦!)
March 14, 2005October 1, 2005
During the brief period of planet Hydo's people thanking Sonic and his friends for defeating the Metarex, Eggman tricks Knuckles and tries to obtain the Chaos Emerald. However, a frog-shaped Metarex appears and swallows it. The group must prevent the Metarex from stealing the Planet Egg again.
57"The Battle on the Ice Palace" ("A Chilling Discovery")
"Aisu Paresu no Tatakai" (アイスパレスの戦い)
March 15, 2005October 8, 2005
Sonic and his friends arrive on a snowy planet Breezer to look for the Chaos Emerald and arrive at an ice palace where the Metarex are. There, they find what appears to be a research procedure of some sort as well as a Chaos Emerald, or at least, what looks like it.
58"The Maidens' Jungle Trap" ("Desperately Seeking Sonic")
"Otome no Janguru Torappu" (乙女のジャングルトラップ)
March 16, 2005October 15, 2005
On the way to a jungle planet, Sonic and his friends are attacked by the Metarex. They end up being repelled by the Sonic Driver, but Sonic is hurled towards the planet from the weapon's sheer force. Amy, Cream and Cosmo decide to look for him, but on the way they meet Metarex King Ape, who keeps a stolen Planet Egg.
59"Chaotix, Go into Space" ("Galactic Gumshoes")
"Kaotikusu, Uchū e Iku" (カオティクス、宇宙へ行く)
March 17, 2005October 22, 2005
The Chaotix detective agency receives a request from Cream's mother. She was sent various items from Chris' world via the warp machine and wants them delivered to the Blue Typhoon. The Chaotix reach it via their own space ship, but there ends up being a huge misunderstanding, leading to the trio getting into various painful situations by Chris and friends.
60"Shadow Rebirth" ("Trick Sand")
"Shadō Ribāsu" (シャドウ・リバース)
March 18, 2005October 29, 2005
Blue Typhoon arrives on an already dead planet Hobidon. There, Sonic and friends find the remains of a colony and an abandoned building, entering the latter to find the Chaos Emerald. However, the entire abandoned building is that of Metarex Deserd, who can transform at will. The group gets in a tight spot, and is then met with Shadow, much to their surprise.
61"Metarex Battleship Attacks!" ("Ship of Doom")
"Metarekkusu Senkan Shūrai!" (メタレックス戦艦襲来!)
March 19, 2005November 5, 2005
Eggman's ship, the Crimson Egg, is attacked by Metarex Hellship, which previously assaulted the immigration ship of Cosmo and her family. Its next target is Blue Typhoon, which is boarded by Sonic and friends. With even Shadow driven into this predicament, Sonic and the others are forced to find a way to combat the new threat.
62"The Secret of the Underground Ravine" ("An Underground Odyssey")
"Chika Keikoku no Himitsu" (地下渓谷の秘密)
March 20, 2005November 12, 2005
On planet Alabasta, Tails and Cosmo are separated from Sonic and the others and find a facility in the cave they fall into. To their shock, they find that the Chaos Emeralds are copied by the Metarex there. They are then pursued by Metarex Viper and have to think fast in order to escape.
63"Space Fortress Metal Plant" ("Station Break-in")
"Uchū Yōsai Metaru Puranto" (宇宙要塞メタルプラント)
March 21, 2005November 19, 2005
Having learned that the remaining two Chaos Emeralds are located in the Metarex's fortress, Eggman decides to team up with Sonic and the others in an attempt to infiltrate it. They locate the Chaos Emeralds and a Planet Egg, but this is where they realize the situation is a lot more complicated.
64"Clash! Sonic vs Shadow" ("A Metarex Melee")
"Gekitotsu! Sonikku bāsasu Shadō" (激突!ソニックvsシャドウ)
March 23, 2005November 26, 2005
Sonic and the others are met with a Metarex army led by Dark Oak, who watched them in wait. The group is then surrounded by the Metarex army that circled the fortress, realizing this was all a trap. Sonic attempts to escape, but with the Chaos Emeralds all in one place, he and Shadow are locked in a showdown.
65"The Chaotix's Great Shocking Lovey-Dovey Operation" ("Mission: Match-Up")
"Kaotikusu Dengeki Rabu-Rabu Dai Sakusen" (カオティクス電撃ラブラブ大作戦)
April 5, 2005December 3, 2005
The Chaotix arrive on the Blue Typhoon once again. Observing Tails and Cosmo's friendly chat, Vector is convinced that Tails is in love with Cosmo. In an attempt to support Tails, whom Vector calls a "late bloomer," a strange operation planned by him is put in motion.
66"Cross the Galaxy Corridor!" ("Clash in the Cloister")
"Ginga Kairō o Watare!" (銀河回廊をわたれ!)
April 6, 2005February 4, 2006
The Blue Typhoon finally breaks into the galaxy corridor. Its interior is a mysterious tunnel-shaped space, and with the sprouting space rubbish that looks like roots of a plant in the way, the ship cannot proceed further. The stalling Blue Typhoon is then attacked by one of the four Metarex bosses, the power-boasting Yellow Zelkova.
67"Black Trap" ("Teasing Time/Testing Time")
"Burakku Torappu" (ブラック・トラップ)
April 7, 2005February 11, 2006
The group locates large amounts of Chaos Emerald signals from an asteroid. The Blue Typhoon heads for it and locates an old factory. To their shock, the factory contains a Chaos Emerald production plant. One of the four Metarex bosses, Black Narcissus, is there.
68"On a Destroyed Planet" ("A Revolutionary Tale")
"Kowareta Hoshi no Ue de" (こわれた星の上で)
April 8, 2005February 18, 2006
The Crimson Egg arrives on planet Cascade, where a girl named Molly is fighting the Metarex to restore her homeworld. She shows interest in Shadow, who is as strong as the legendary hero Black Wind. Shadow, Rouge and Molly follow the Chaos Emerald's signal and head to Cascade's mining site, but this is where they learn that one of Molly's comrades could potentially be working with the Metarex.
69"Please Marmolim!" ("The Planet of Misfortune")
"Onegai Marumorin!" (お願いマルモリン!)
April 9, 2005February 25, 2006
The Blue Typhoon boarded by Chris encounters a trio of Marmolians; Momo, Lue, and Lylem, who possess a Chaos Emerald. Instead of securing the Chaos Emerald, Sonic and his friends return the trio's ship to their home planet Marmolim, which the group learns is struck with a disease that encases its Planet Egg.
70"The Eggman Fleet Appears!" ("Terror on the Typhoon")
"Egguman Kantai Arawaru!" (エッグマン艦隊現る!)
April 10, 2005March 4, 2006
Sonic and friends rescue a mysterious space ship chased by the Metarex, but it turns out that the ship's pilot was Eggman's robot helper Decoe. Then, the Metarex's fleet attacks Sonic's group. To their shock, Metarex and Eggman joined forces.
71"Cafe Chaotix" ("Hedgehog Hunt")
"Kafe Kaotikusu" (カフェ・カオティクス)
April 11, 2005March 11, 2006
The Chaotix detective group opens a cafe on some planet in the Metarex space. On the same day, a new guest makes a visit there. However, the guest they got this time around was Eggman, who had just assumed the role of one of the four Metarex bosses.
72"The True Form of the Metarex!?" ("Zelkova Strikes Back")
"Metarekkusu no Shōtai!?" (メタレックスの正体!?)
April 12, 2005March 18, 2006
Chased by the Metarex, the Blue Typhoon suffers a blow from Yellow Zelkova's surprise attack and lands on planet Thunderbolt. None of the attacks appear to land on Yellow Zelkova. In the midst of the fierce fight, Sonic and Chris are hurled far away, which is where they find a potential solution to Yellow Zelkova's seemingly invincible state.
73"Assassin Shadow!" ("The Cosmo Conspiracy")
"Ansatsu-sha Shadō!" (暗殺者シャドウ!)
April 13, 2005April 1, 2006
An intruder arrives on the Blue Typhoon, turning out to be Shadow, who is aiming to kill Cosmo. Tails is in a desperate struggle to protect her, but Shadow drives the two into a corner.
74"Lost Planet" ("Eye Spy")
"Rosuto Puranetto" (ロスト・プラネット)
April 14, 2005April 8, 2006
Sonic and his friends learn that Cosmo had been used by Dark Oak as a "living spy tool" to transfer everything she saw and heard to him. They are shocked by this, but when Cosmo attempts to leave the group, they stop her and swear that they will fight together.
75"The Day of the Forestation" ("Agent of Mischief")
"Shinka no Hi" (森化の日)
April 15, 2005April 15, 2006
Blue Typhoon heads to Double Triple 0, leaving planet Green Gate behind. There, they find planet Acrius which requires Chaos Emeralds and a giant Planet Egg. They finally break into the final showdown with the Metarex armada.
76"Decisive Battle! Dark Oak" ("The Light in the Darkness")
"Kessen! Dāku Ōku" (決戦!ダーク・オーク)
April 16, 2005April 22, 2006
Chris and the others stake everything on the Master Emerald to recover from a hopeless situation. Their plan is to strike the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald's energy via the Sonic Driver's mechanism. Shadow and the Chaotix join the group as well, and initiate the operation while forcing back Final Mova's attacks the best they can. In the midst of the fight, Eggman informs Chris the shocking truth.
77"What I Can Do For You" ("A Fearless Friend")
"Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto" (君のためにできること)
April 17, 2005April 29, 2006
Final Mova turns into a giant nut-like entity. As if they're responding to Cosmo's prayers, the Chaos Emeralds get back their power once again, and Super Sonic and Super Shadow stand tall, shining in gold. The duo's fierce attacks destroy the outer layer of the nut, finally blowing it up into pieces, but this is not at all the end of their problems. Cosmo learns of her true purpose and Tails is forced to make a difficult decision.
78"The Place Where Planets Are Born" ("So Long Sonic")
"Hoshi no Umareru Tokoro" (星の生まれるところ)
April 18, 2005May 6, 2006
The battle is over, and the group reflects on what they've just been through. With the Master Emerald not restoring any time soon, Chris gives up on returning to Earth, but is then delivered an envelope from Eggman. In it was a single ticket with "One-Way Trip to Earth" written on it.

Theme songs[edit]


  • Openings
    • April 6, 2003 - March 28, 2004
    • Lyricist: Takeshi Aida / Composer: Cher Watanabe / Arranger: Cher Watanabe / Singers: Hironobu Kageyama & Hideaki Takatori
    • Episode Range: 1-78
  • Endings
  1. "Fu-tu-re" (ミ・ラ・イ, Mi-ra-i)
    • April 6, 2003 - June 29, 2003
    • Lyricist: Kazuyoshi Baba / Composer: Kazuyoshi Baba / Arranger: Kazuyoshi Baba / Singers: RUN&GUN
    • Episode Range: 1-13
  2. "Shining Road" (光る道, Hikaru Michi)
    • July 6, 2003 - December 28, 2003
    • Lyricist: Shun Taguchi / Composer: Masataka Matsutoya / Arranger: Masataka Matsutoya / Singer: Aya Hiroshige
    • Episode Range: 14-39, 53-78
  3. "T.O.P"
    • January 11, 2004 - March 28, 2004
    • Lyricists: KP / Composer: URU / Arranger: URU / Singers: KP
    • Episode Range: 40-52

United States[edit]


    • "Gotta Go Fast"
  • August 23, 2003 - May 6, 2006
  • By Norman Grossfeld and Russell Velazquez
  • Episode Range: 1-78


    • "Gotta Go Fast" (shortened version)
  • August 23, 2003 - May 6, 2006
  • By Norman Grossfeld and Russell Velazquez
  • Episode Range: 1-78

PAL regions[edit]


    • "Sonic X"
  • August 23, 2003 - May 6, 2006
  • By Mark Biagi and Nikki Gregoroff
  • Episode Range: 1-78


  • PAL Regions has the same melody of the American ending theme, with the pitch either lower, higher, or the same.

South Korea[edit]

South Korea has the same melody of the Japanese opening theme and the first ending theme, with the lyrics translated into Korean.



    • "Sonic"
  • Episode Range: 1-78


France has the same melody of the Japanese opening theme, but it is translated into French lyrics instead.

Home video releases[edit]


A total of 13 DVD and VHS volume compilations was released by Victor Entertainment and Universal Music. "Hi-Spec" editions of volumes 1-10 have also been released, which include bonus features and 5.1 audio.

VHS/DVD Name Episodes Release Date
ソニックX Vol.1


July 23, 2003[53]
ソニックX Vol.2


August 21, 2003[54]
ソニックX Vol.3


September 26, 2003[55]
ソニックX Vol.4


October 22, 2003[56]
ソニックX Vol.5


November 21, 2003[57]
ソニックX Vol.6


December 17, 2003[58]
ソニックX Vol.7


January 21, 2004[59]
ソニックX Vol.8


February 21, 2004[60]
ソニックX Vol.9


March 24, 2004[61]
ソニックX Vol.10


April 21, 2004[62]
ソニックX Vol.11


May 21, 2004[63]
ソニックX Vol.12


June 23, 2004[64]
ソニックX Vol.13


July 21, 2004[65]

United States[edit]

In the U.S., episodes 1-52 were released in 10 single-disc releases:

DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic X: Vol. 1: A Super Sonic Hero
  • 1. "Chaos Control Freaks"
  • 2. "Sonic to the Rescue"
  • 3. "Missile Wrist Rampage"
  • 27. "Pure Chaos"
June 1, 2004
Sonic X: Vol. 2: The Chaos Factor
  • 4. "Chaos Emerald Chaos"
  • 5. "Cracking Knuckles"
  • 6. "Techno-Teacher"
  • 7. "Party Hardly"
June 1, 2004
Sonic X: Vol. 3: Satellite Swindle
  • 8. "Satellite Swindle"
  • 9. "The Last Resort"
  • 10. "Unfair Ball"
  • 11. "Fly Spy"
October 12, 2004[66]

Sonic X: Vol. 4: Beating Eggman

  • 12. "Beating Eggman (Part 1)"
  • 13. "Beating Eggman (Part 2)"
  • 14. "That's What Friends are For"
  • 15. "Skirmish in the Sky"
  • 16. "Depths of Danger"
December 7, 2004
Sonic X: Vol. 5: Sonic's Scream Test
  • 17. "The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk"
  • 18. "The Dam Scam"
  • 19. "Sonic's Scream Test"
  • 20. "Cruise Blues"
  • 21. "Fast Friends"
January 25, 2005
Sonic X: Vol. 6: Countdown to Chaos
  • 22. "Little Chaos Lost"
  • 23. "Emerald Anniversary"
  • 24. "How to Catch a Hedgehog"
  • 25. "A Dastardly Deed"
  • 26. "Countdown to Chaos"
April 12, 2005
Sonic X: Vol. 7: Revenge of the Robot
  • 28. "A Chaotic Day"
  • 29. "A Robot Rebels"
  • 30. "Heads Up, Tails!"
  • 31. "Revenge of the Robot"
  • 32. "Flood Fight"
June 14, 2005
Sonic X: Vol. 8: Project Shadow
  • 33. "Project: Shadow"
  • 34. "Shadow Knows"
  • 35. "Sonic's Big Break"
  • 36. "Shadow World"
  • 37. "Robotnik's Revenge"
  • 38. "Showdown in Space"
November 15, 2005
Sonic X: Vol. 9: Into the Darkness
  • 39. "Defective Detectives"
  • 40. "Sunblock Solution"
  • 41. "Eggman for President"
  • 42. "A Date to Forget"
  • 43. "Mean Machines"
  • 44. "Sewer Search"
February 7, 2006[67]
Sonic X: Vol. 10: The Beginning of the End
  • 45. "Prize Fight"
  • 46. "A Wild Win"
  • 47. "Map of Mayhem"
  • 48. "The Volcanic Venture"
  • 49. "The Beginning of the End"
  • 50. "Running out of Time"
  • 51. "Friends 'Till the End"
  • 52. "A New Start"
May 16, 2006

They were re-released in "Saga" sets:

DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic X: New World Saga
  • 1. "Chaos Control Freaks"
  • 2. "Sonic to the Rescue"
  • 3. "Missile Wrist Rampage"
  • 4. "Chaos Emerald Chaos"
  • 5. "Cracking Knuckles"
  • 6. "Techno-Teacher"
  • 7. "Party Hardly"
  • 8. "Satellite Swindle"
  • 9. "The Last Resort"
  • 10. "Unfair Ball"
  • 11. "Fly Spy"
  • 12. "Beating Eggman (Part 1)"
  • 13. "Beating Eggman (Part 2)"
November 13, 2007
Sonic X: Chaos Emerald Chaos
  • 14. "That's What Friends are For"
  • 15. "Skirmish in the Sky"
  • 16. "Depths of Danger"
  • 17. "The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk"
  • 18. "The Dam Scam"
  • 19. "Sonic's Scream Test"
  • 20. "Cruise Blues"
  • 21. "Fast Friends"
  • 22. "Little Chaos Lost"
  • 23. "Emerald Anniversary"
  • 24. "How to Catch a Hedgehog"
  • 25. "A Dastardly Deed"
  • 26. "Countdown to Chaos"
May 20, 2008
Sonic X: Chaos & Shadow Sagas
  • 27. "Pure Chaos"
  • 28. "A Chaotic Day"
  • 29. "A Robot Rebels"
  • 30. "Heads Up, Tails!"
  • 31. "Revenge of the Robot"
  • 32. "Flood Fight"
  • 33. "Project: Shadow"
  • 34. "Shadow Knows"
  • 35. "Sonic's Big Break"
  • 36. "Shadow World"
  • 37. "Robotnik's Revenge"
  • 38. "Showdown in Space"
September 9, 2008
September 23, 2008
Sonic X: The Egg Moon, Emerl & Homebound Sagas
  • 39. "Defective Detectives"
  • 40. "Sunblock Solution"
  • 41. "Eggman for President"
  • 42. "A Date to Forget"
  • 43. "Mean Machines"
  • 44. "Sewer Search"
  • 45. "Prize Fight"
  • 46. "A Wild Win"
  • 47. "Map of Mayhem"
  • 48. "The Volcanic Venture"
  • 49. "The Beginning of the End"
  • 50. "Running out of Time"
  • 51. "Friends 'Till the End"
  • 52. "A New Start"
September 22, 2009

Episodes 53-78 made their way to the U.S. in two 13-episode box sets:

DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic X: The Complete 5th Season
  • 53. "A Cosmic Call"
  • 54. "Cosmic Crisis"
  • 55. "H2 Whoa"
  • 56. "An Enemy in Need"
  • 57. "A Chilling Discovery"
  • 58. "Desperately Seeking Sonic"
  • 59. "Galactic Gumshoes"
  • 60. "Trick Sand"
  • 61. "Ship of Doom"
  • 62. "An Underground Odyssey"
  • 63. "Station Break-In"
  • 64. "A Metarex Melee"
  • 65. "Mission: Match-Up"
September 12, 2006
October 31, 2006
Sonic X: So Long, Sonic
  • 66. "Clash in the Cloister"
  • 67. "Teasing Time/Testing Time"
  • 68. "A Revolutionary Tale"
  • 69. "The Planet of Misfortune"
  • 70. "Terror on the Typhoon"
  • 71. "Hedgehog Hunt"
  • 72. "Zelkova Strikes Back"
  • 73. "The Cosmo Conspiracy"
  • 74. "Eye Spy"
  • 75. "Agent of Mischief"
  • 76. "The Light in the Darkness"
  • 77. "A Fearless Friend"
  • 78. "So Long Sonic"
February 13, 2007
DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic X: Collection 1 1-52
November 22, 2016
Sonic X: Collection 2 53-78
December 6, 2016

United Kingdom[edit]


Warner Home Video and Jetix Consumer Products released only 4 volumes with episodes from 1 to 8.

  • Volume 1 - Episode 1-2
  • Volume 2 - Episode 3-4
  • Volume 3 - Episode 5-6
  • Volume 4 - Episode 7-8


In Australia, 17 volumes of the first series were released by MRA Entertainment in 2005-2006, which featured three episodes per disc.


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