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(Season 1: 2009-2010)
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[[tr:Bir Şans ile Sonny Bölümleri Listesi]]
[[tr:Bir Şans ile Sonny Bölümleri Listesi]]
[[pt:Anexo:Lista de episódios de Sonny With a Chance]]
[[pt:Anexo:Lista de episódios de Sonny With a Chance]]

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The following is an episode list for the Disney Channel Original Series, Sonny With a Chance.


Season Episodes First Air Date Last Air Date
1 22 February 8, 2009

Season 1: 2009-2010

Episode# Original title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
1 "Sketchy Beginnings" David Trainer Michael Feldman
Steve Marmel
February 8, 2009 101

Sonny enters the set excited not knowing that she is off for a difficult time with Tawni. Things get worse when she changes one of Tawni's sketches, and accidentally shreds her stuff animal.
So Random! sketches:

"Dolphin Boy" - Grady plays the main character, "Dolphin Boy," who is half-dolphin and half-boy. The sketch's tagline is "Who da mammal?"
"One Bad Bee" - Sonny writes this sketch which is spoken in rap form.
"Clumsy Bee"- Sonny writes this sketch that takes Tawni's sketch place.
"Queen Bee"- Tawni writes this sketch which is replaced by Sonny's "Clumsy Bee" sketch.

Special guest star: Nancy McKeon as Connie
Guest starring: Michael Kostroff as Marshall
Absent: Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper as he wasn't introduced until the second episode which aired immediately after this episode.
US viewers: 4.1 million[1]

2 "West Coast Story" David Trainer Michael Feldman
Steve Marmel
February 8, 2009 104

Sonny meets Chad Dylan Cooper, the star of the hit tween drama MacKenzie Falls and is starstruck until she realizes that "MacKenzie Falls" and So Random! are rivals. In an attempt to promote goodwill between them, Sonny invites the cast from MacKenzie Falls to a so-called peace picnic. But the event doesn't go exactly as planned as the cast from MacKenzie Falls put glue on their chairs, throw egg salad in Sonny's face and take back their Tween Choice Award Cup. This leads the So Random! cast to challenge them to a musical chairs competition where eventually there is one chair left between Sonny and Chad. The music stops and Sonny pretends to break her ankle. Chad forgets all about the game and tries to help her up. Sonny then rushes up while pulling him to the ground and sits in the last chair therefore winning the game. Chad is impressed as he realizes she can act and invites her onto his show. He said that perhaps there would be a spot for her on MacKenzie Falls after Portlyn disapears in a mysterious "ballooning accident". Portlyn comically sobs and walks out of the room. But Sonny stays at So Random!
So Random! sketch:

"Fasty's Really Fast Food" - A restaurant-based sketch where the food items ordered are thrown abruptly at the customers.

First appearance: Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper
Guest starring: Jillian Murray as Portlyn
Title Reference: West Side Story US Viewers: 4.0 million[1]

3 "Sonny at the Falls" Eric Dean Seaton Phil Baker
Drew Vaupen
February 15, 2009 112

The cast members of So Random! get jealous when they're served bad cafeteria food while MacKenzie Falls cast members are dining on lobster and steak. After hearing how So Random! has become more popular with Sonny as a cast member, Chad devises a plan to steal Sonny from them. Things take a turn for the worse when Sonny gets her sketch rejected by her castmates, and turns over to MacKenzie Falls for comfort and support. In order to get Sonny back, The So Random! cast dresses up as characters that they rejected and Sonny joins the So Random! Cast again.
So Random! sketch:

"Loser Force Five" - Sonny wrote this sketch about five pathetic superheroes, but it was rejected by the others.

Guest starring: Jillian Murray as Portlyn, Wendy Worthington as Brenda
US viewers: 3.5 million[citation needed]

4 "You've Got Fan Mail" Philip Charles MacKenzie Phil Baker
Drew Vaupen
February 22, 2009 107

When Tawni trys to bug Sonny about not getting any fan mail, Sonny pretends she doesn't care. Sick of Tawni's bragging, Sonny writes herself her own fan letter using the name Eric. But when Marshall invites Eric to meet Sonny, Sonny has to pretend to be him to hide her lie. Sonny (while she was dressed as Eric)sees Tawni hide her fan mail. Sonny gets upset and pulls off her disguise. Tawni finds out that sonny is pretending to be her own fan, and suggests to Marshall that Sonny should meet Eric on stage after the So Random! shooting in front of a live audience. Chad also finds out that Sonny is 'Wierd Beard (Chad and the mail guy's nickname for Eric)and decides to help Sonny out by dressing up as Eric, showing that he cares about her. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady try and intercept a package meant for Zora, and Chad follows around the mail guy to train for a movie in which he plays a delivery boy.
So Random! sketches:

"So You Think You Can PP Dance?" - Name is a parody on So You Think You Can Dance?. Features contestants who have full bladders while dancing.
"Baby Waa Waa"- Sonny dresses up like a baby. This sketch isn't seen, but parts of it are mentioned. It is said that she spits up on the changing table while getting her diaper changed. Her catch phrase is "Waa Waa Waa." She is seen wearing a bonnet, carrying a giant baby bottle, and (not seen) wearing a diaper.

Guest starring: Michael Kostroff as Marshall, Brent Tarnol as Josh

5 "Cheater Girls" Eric Dean Seaton Dava Savel March 1, 2009 106

Sonny and Tawni are working on a new sketch called the "Check It Out Girls", which they're very excited about. But Sonny's mom finds out about her "D" in math, so Sonny has to pass a major test to prove that she can pull her grade up. She recruits Zora to help her, but is too preoccupied on the "Check It Out Girls" to pay attention. She ends up writing the answers on her hand, but when she is about to take the test, she confesses. Marshall then bans Sonny and Tawni from the Check-It-Out girls sketch until they retake and pass the test without cheating. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady buy a snake to impress a pretty girl on the set, but chaos abounds when the snake escapes on the set.
So Random! sketch:

"Check It Out Girls" - A sketch based in a grocery store where Tawni and Sonny play valley girls and use the phrase "Check out his/her..." to insult various people.

'TitleReference: Cheetah Girls, American girl group'

Special guest star: Nancy McKeon as Connie
Guest starring: Michael Kostroff as Marshall, Vicki Lewis as Mrs. Bitterman
Absent: Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper

6 "Three's Not Company" Eric Dean Seaton Amy Engelberg
Wendy Engelberg
March 8, 2009 109

Sonny's best friend Lucy visits from Wisconsin but when Tawni tags along with them, Lucy enjoys Tawni more and Sonny gets jealous. Lucy wants to go to Chad's birthday party, but Sonny lies and says she wasn't invited, Tawni turns up to take them both to the party, therefore telling Lucy the truth. Sonny tries to get into to Chad's birthday, but because she 'said no' to her invitation she's not allowed in. She sneaks in anyway and ends up being chased by security guards. She eventually manages to apologize to Lucy in front of everyone and ends up ruining Chad's birthday. Meanwhile Nico and Grady devise a plan to get revenge on the security guard who keeps stealing the pizza, and he ends up in the hospital.
'''So Random! sketch:'

"Bully Proof Backpack" - If you get bullied you can whack a bully back with your backpack.
"The hair Salon"- This is a sketch about a hair salon worker from Wisconsin.

Guest starring: Eden Sher as Lucy, Steve Hytner as Murphy
Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora Lancaster Title Reference: Three's Company, the 1977 American Sitcom

7 "Poll'd Apart" David Trainer Amy Engelberg
Wendy Engelberg
March 15, 2009 110

Gossip blogger, Sharona, targets Sonny and Tawni, so Sonny tries to tell Sharona to stop blogging about Tawni. After Sharona keeps blogging about Tawni, Sonny makes a sketch to make fun of Sharona. Sharona sees the sketch and threatens them so they won't come to the "Oh No You Di'nt" Awards. The cast goes anyway to get revenge. They wear the same clothes as Sharona and she gets so mad she falls into a pond. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady try to persuade Chad to drive them to the awards ceremony in his new car by bribing him. Chad takes the bribes and leaves them alone to fight. After, he says no to both of them, angry, Nico and Grady take the battery out of Chad's car and replaces it with a plate of donuts.
So Random! sketch:

"The Wicked Witch of the Web" - A Wizard of Oz parody that pokes fun at Sharona.

Guest starring: Elisa Donovan as Sharona, Lily Holleman as Assistant

8 "Fast Friends" David Trainer Michael Feldman
Steve Marmel
March 29, 2009 102

When Sonny is interviewed by "Tween Weekly TV," Chad immediately steps in to focus the publicity on himself. When Sonny realizes this, she gets really angry with Chad and the cameras witness the interaction, making everyone hate her. When Chad refuses to help Sonny's reputation, she fights fire with fire and catches Chad being a jerk on camera. Impressed, Chad gives Sonny 'props' and says they should hang out sometime, and Sonny says he can stop acting since the camera is off. Chad says he knows, implying that he likes her. Sonny smiles in return, causing Chad to smile back. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady sort through Tawni's trash to sell it online, but are caught and punished by Tawni by having to be her slaves.
So Random! sketch:

"Granny Slam!" - A fake wrestling match between grandmas played by Nico and Grady.

Guest starring: Rich Ceraulo as Santiago Geraldo

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora Lancaster.

9 "Sonny With a Chance of Dating"[3] Eric Dean Seaton Cindy Caponera April 12, 2009 111

Sonny is asked out by Tawni's ex-boyfriend James Conroy who is also Chad's Best Friend and guest star on MacKenzie Falls.Tawni doesn't want Sonny to date James because when James broke up with her she broke out and started wearing polyester pants. Tawni tells Chad to tell James to stop hitting on Sonny and later in the conversation find out that Chad likes Sonny. During the date, Tawni and Chad inturrupt because they both don't want Sonny to date James(Tawni, because she wants to protect Sonny from getting dumped, and Chad because he is jealous). When Sonny and Tawni go to play air hockey and argue, James says that she is so cute when she's mad. Chad thinks that he means Sonny and gets jealous and admits he thinks Sonny is cute and that everything she does is cute, but James says that he was talking about Tawni. Chad is shocked when he hears this. James dumps Sonny the next day, and askes out Tawni. Tawni refuses to date him again. Sonny and Tawni devise a plan to get James dumped hoping that he wouldn't do it again. Chad pretends be Sonny's fake date. On the fake date Sonny and Chad actually start to enjoy each others company. After the fake date ends Chad is secretly upset that their fake date ended. She even 'kisses' (its was fake, she put her hand over his mouth) him to make James jealous. The plan works, and then Tawni and Sonny both dump him. Then Chad thinks that it was a real kiss, and askes her "That was some kiss" but she tells him it was fake and asks him if he really thinks that she would kiss him. He replies by saying that's what he is going to put on his blog (that they kissed). He exits with the tuck and roll and says "Peace Out Suckas!" before rolling out, with Sonny staring after.[2] Meanwhile, Zora defends Nico and Grady after they get caught drinking from the tip of the frozen yogurt machine by Murphy.
So Random! sketch:

"Sally Jenson: Kid Lawyer" - Zora mentions this character she played a couple times when trying to convince Nico and Grady to make her their lawyer.
"Life of the Boston Tea Party"- Chad guesses this right before James asks Sonny out. In this sketch, Sonny is a tea pot.

MacKenzie Falls episode:

"Christmas Episode" - Chad mentioned this episode is the one James Conroy starrs in. In the end of the episode, he finds out he had a wonderful life.

Special guest star: Kelly Blatz as James Conroy Guest starring: Steve Hytner as Murphy

10 "Sonny and the Studio Brat"[4] Eric Dean Seaton Amy Engelberg
Wendy Engelberg
April 26, 2009 114

Sonny gives a tour to a under-priviledged girl named Dakota. Shes claims she is from the Children Having A Dream Fundation. Zora points out in the beginning that Dakota was evil and turned out to be right. The little girl turns out to be the daughter of Mr. Condor and the Children Having A Dream Foundation really stands for 'CHAD'. They have to keep her happy or her dad could fire everyone in the studio. Dakota demands to see Chad, but Chad won't do it unless he can go to "The Basement" a fake club Tawni, Nico and Grady created. At "The Basement" Mr. Condor also comes and sees his daughter. '''So Random! Sketch:

"The Basement"- Nico mentions it when Tawni says they're going to use the set to pretend that they got invited to a hot, teen club opening.

"Cheese Pants"- There is a picture of Nico and Grady wearing cheese pants and Nico says it is a picture of them from a sketch.

Guest Starring: Genevieve Hannelius as Dakota, Daniel Roebuck as Mr. Condor

Note: The actress who Nico dances with is Demi Lovato's sister Dallas Lovato.
11 "Promises, Prom-misses"[5] David Trainer Dava Savel May 3, 2009 109

After Sonny is upset about missing her prom in Wisconsin, she asks Marshall if she can have a prom for all the shows on the lot on the So Random! set, but after he refuses, they send him on a wild goose chase with his GPS and throw the prom in secret. Sonny uninvites Chad because he says the idea of a prom is dumb.Then, Sonny is too busy running around to actually enjoy it. Afterwards, Sonny finds out that Marshall was coming and the So Random! cast cleans everything up. When Marshall gets there (everything is cleaned up) he sees the cast practicing for the supposed Prom Sketch. Marshall changes his mind and says that they can have a real prom. Sonny is sad that she didn't get to enjoy her prom she created. Chad waits behind for Sonny and comes out and asks her to dance with him, which she thinks is sweet.Meanwhile, to prepare for their prom, Nico teaches Grady how to slow dance, and Tawni wants to be prom queen.

'''So Random! Sketches:

"The Prom"- Marshall guesses that Sonny is thinking of doing a prom sketch when he sees her twirling around in a pretty dress. Sonny and the rest of the cast later actually think of doing a prom sketch.

"Princess Girl"- This is the dress Sonny wears that angers Tawni.

"Mermaid Girl"- This is the dress Sonny wears to keep Tawni happy.

Guest starring: Michael Kostroff as Marshall Pike
12 "The Heartbreak Kid"[8] Eric Dean Seaton Cindy Caponera May 17, 2009 TBA

When Sonny sees that Marshall and Ms. Bitterman are both lonely, she arranges a date for them. However, Ms. Bitterman gets too involved with the show So Random!. For example, changing Grady's Scotland's Next Top Model sketch and coming up with sketches that aren't funny. Sonny realizes that her match making idea was a huge mistake when Marshall and Ms.Bitterman tell her that she's in a sketch were she has to eat real worms. Sonny asks Chad for help, but Chad says he will only do it if she goes to Lookout Mountain, with him. Sonny does not want to go because it's a date spot,then Chad asks if he wants Bitterman and Marshall broken up then Sonny says yes, then Chad told her, "Pick you up at eight." Sonny has a mixed reaction - First she pretends to be angry, but she smiles after. Sonny and Chad go to Lookout Mountain and Sonny is first a little bit nervous, but Chad relaxes her. This is the episode where Sonny's feelings for Chad start to show. Just when they are getting closer, Bigfoot(Nico & Grady) jumps out and scares them, and Sonny is so scared, she holds hands with Chad. In the end, with Nico,Grady (Bigfoot) and Chad's help, they use material from Episode 319 of MacKenzie Falls "Bigfoot" to try and break them up. But much to their dismay it just ties Marshall and Mrs.Bitterman closer. Ms.Bitterman beats up Bigfoot (Nico & Grady)to protect Marshall.

MacKenzie Falls Episode:

"Episode 319 - Bigfoot Gets The Girl"- This is the episode Nico, Chad, and Grady use to break Marshall and Ms.Bitterman up. The episode is about Bigfoot wanting to get this girl, and he scares her boyfriend away to get her.

'''So Random! Sketches:

"Scotland's Top Model"-This is the sketch where Sonny, Tawni, Nico are dressed up in kilts and Grady is the announcer.

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora Lancaster [6] [7]

Guest starring: Michael Kostroff as Marshall Pike, Vicki Lewis as Ms. Bitterman.
13 "Battle of the Networks' Stars"[11] Eric Dean Seaton TBA June 7, 2009 116

Chad hires teen star Selena Gomez to play Sonny in a movie he is producing about his life. Selena insists that Sonny and Chad like each other, and in the end uses reverse psychology to make them admit that they do. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady meet lookalikes of themselves and Tawni ends up thinking they are the real thing. [9]

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora Lancaster

Guest Starring: Selena Gomez as Herself (playing: Sonny in the documentary)[10]
TBA "Sonny In The Middle"[12] TBA TBA TBA TBA
Sonny's Awesome Gift Almost Wrecks Nico And Grady's Friendship!